Six months to go

Our conference in Istanbul opens 6 months from today. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Set the date and found a conference venue (Petrol Is headquarters in Istanbul)
  • Setup a conference steering committee in Turkey
  • Created a basic conference website
  • Prepared a simple flyer for distribution at union conferences – being distributed this week at the European Trade Union Confederation’s congress in Athens
  • Setup a Facebook event to which people can indicate whether they will attend (198 have so far said ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’)
  • Have arranged for a live television broadcast of the entire conference
  • Have begun reaching out to partners who will help us with workshops and with bringing participants
  • Contacted Istanbul hotels and will shortly produce a list of 3 that conference participants can choose from

Compared to previous events like this, we’re actually doing well, I think. But it’s important not to lose momentum. The way these things work, it’s suddenly November and nothing is ready …

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  • Can the flyer be made available on the website for general use?

    Any chance of a French translation before next Tuesday or Wednesday?

    Comment | May 18, 2011
  • admin

    I’ll add the flyer to the conference site – But there’s no point in translating it; it’s only a few words long. We’ll do a proper flyer later on.

    Comment | May 20, 2011

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