Tuesday morning updates in brief

  • Mailing lists: I continue the process of migrating our mailing lists over to MailChimp – all languages except for the Scandinavian ones and French are currently in progress. Today I set up mailing list sign-up forms which are links on our pages in Spanish, Turkish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Finnish, Russian, Chinese and Polish. The only languages that remain to do are the ones with much smaller lists – Farsi, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Czech, Creole, Greek, Esperanto, Indonesian, Georgian and Hebrew. Translators will need some help in using MailChimp and I will attend to that before we do our next mailing.
  • Campaigns: We expect to launch the Bahrain campaign later today.  I had a long discussion last night with the IMF about doing some large scale campaigns in the near future. The Our Campaigns page (see link in the upper right corner) now goes back to early 2007.  We will need to find summaries of what happened – especially in cases where we won.
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  • The Campaigns page is going to be incredibly useful.

    Comment | April 19, 2011

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