Campaign velocity – and the engagement of our base

The first mass mailing we ever did with Mail Chimp went out 4 hours ago and one result is that we have just under 1,000 messages sent to the Chilean government — coming in at the rate of about 240 per hour.  This is considerably faster than what we were able to achieve in the past.  But it was expected.

A few years ago I wrote about the ‘velocity’ of campaigns and noted that when I demonstrated this in Canada, it took us 40 hours to get from 1 message to 1,000 sent.  Today it takes one-tenth that amount of time – only four hours.

But also interesting to note another number that is persistent over the last four hours.  About 20% of those who open their email — even if only to glance at it — then go on to support the LabourStart campaign we’re promoting.  That’s an extraordinarily high number.  At the moment, we’re talking about 970 people out of 4,550.  Imagine if all 60,000 people were to open their email message — it would mean 12,000 messages sent to the Chilean government, our largest campaign by far.

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