When the mere threat of a LabourStart campaign does the trick …

Espen Loken writes:

Also in peaceful Norway workers sometimes have to fight for their basic workers’ rights. Workers in “Bekken & Strøm”, a company producing working clothes, were on strike since 26th of November to get collective agreement. The employer’s answer was that “it is our clear opinion that the company is given a free hand and a collective agreement with your union cannot be imposed on the company. We are fundamentally against any imposed and involuntarily agreement”. Just as we were about to launch a global Labourstart campaign in support of the workers, we got the message that the employer gave up. He had just been notified that the Norwegian court ruled that notified secondary actions and boycot of the company were legal, and expected these actions to take place the next day. Seldom we have been so pleased to not launch a campaign!

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