Followup to our Kazakhstan campaign


Kirill Buketov writes:

Labourstart is closing its fourth on-line campaign in support of Zhanaozen workers. This campaign was launched on the birthday of Rosa Tuletaeva at the World Human Rights day on December 10, 2013, was run by Labourstart correspondents in 17 languages and became one of the largest in Labourstart history by gaining support of 11,399 activists around the world. This was a strong message to Kazakhstan authorities, which played important role in their decision to transfer Rosa from prison to a settlement colony in January 2014. As long as the workers activists still detained, the struggle for their release will be continued, we will re-launch the campaign after a short break.

Are we feeling lucky?

We never actually win anything, but in recent weeks we’ve submitted LabourStart to three different competitions.

The first and most important is the Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rights.  Every year we’re a candidate but we’ve never won.  There were 14 nominations this year and the committee will announce a winner on 25 April. The prize is NOK 500,000 (approx. EUR 63.000 / USD 84.000).

Second, this year we entered a new competition, the Care2 Impact Award.  The prize is £500 and the winner will be announced on 10 April.

Finally, we’ve pitched LabourStart this year to win the Why I Chose .org prize for $5,000. The winner will be announced sometime after 31 March.

We close another campaign: Kazakhstan

More than 3 months after launching this important campaign, we’ve now closed down the Kazakhstan: Free jailed oil workers campaign.

The campaign was our third-largest current campaign, with 11,399 supporters in 17 languages.

It was the most languages we had in our current campaigns, and possibly the most ever.

We’ll report back once we’ve heard from the campaign partners what effect, if any, the campaign had.

The week in review – 8-17 March 2014

Berlin conference: We’re up to 448 registered participants from 68 countries, a gain of 28 in the last 10 days. (We now have 91 from Germany, a gain of 7.) We’re all working on a wide range of issues now, including the conference party on Saturday night, plenary speakers for all 3 plenary sessions, getting visa invitation letters, getting all the workshops set up, and much more. There’ll even be a conference poster!

Campaigns: We launched one new campaign in the last 10 days in support of call center workers in Casablanca; it’s done very well and after just four days, is already larger than the three previous campaigns. With just under 7,000 messages sent already, it looks poised to be our 4th largest current campaign (out of 10) sometime soon.

News: I’ve written to nearly 600 LabourStart correspondents today asking for their help to put more news up. Of the more than 700 correspondents we have, only 76 have posted news so far this month. A number have already written back promising to post news, or asking for new passwords. There’s now a big yellow ‘Add news’ button on the home page in English — this allows correspondents to quickly add news, for new people to volunteer to be correspondents, and for one-off submissions of news.

New languages: We’re just about to do our first campaign in Hungarian.

Books: Our next book (by Dan Gallin) will be ready for sale at the conference in May. We did a lot of work last week formatting it. It’s currently running at 423 pages, but we might shorten that.

Labour History: I’ve fixed the entry form so it’s now working correctly and we can add more dates to our online calendar. There’s now a list of French language entries in the database.

The weeks in review – 21 Feburary – 7 March 2014

Berlin conference:  The list of participants continues to grow — two weeks ago we had 352 registrants from 58 countries; today that’s 420 from 68 countries.  The number coming from Germany is now 84, up from 77.  The team in Berlin is doing a fantastic job, meeting regularly and building up a solid programme of workshops and plenaries.  We’ve now begun weekly Skype conference calls involving myself, Derek and Gisela and this will continue in the run-up to the event.  We are doing a monthly mailing to all those who registered and in last week’s mailing we made a special appeal for people to volunteer as interpreters.  Our volunteer translators have begun translating the conference website into Spanish (as well as English and German), and the registration form now works in 8 languages.  And we now have a donations page in German (in the hope that our raised profile in the German labour movement may help generate donations).  The ITUC has agreed to promote our conference in their next mailing to delegates to their upcoming world congress in Berlin.

Campaigns:  We launched four new campaigns in the last two weeks after a period of relative calm.  Here they are (with the current number of supporters in brackets): Korea [7,178], Bangladesh [4,007], Peru [838], and Canada [508].  The last of these is a Canada-only campaign; all the others are global.  We closed down the Sri Lanka campaign today and the USA (First Energy) campaign last week.  We’re hoping to launch a Ukraine campaign in the next few days.  Finally, our French language ActNOW RSS feed is greatly improved, with French text replacing the English that remained there.

New languages: We’ve had an offer to translate LabourStart into Hindi which is great, and something we’ve wanted for a very long time.  Now that we have a Hungarian language edition, we need correspondents, so I wrote to all the Hungarians I could find on our English language mailing list — and the first of them has now volunteered to be a correspondent.

Books:  Andy completed the translation into French of our second book (global labour movements) which is now on sale at Amazon, CreateSpace, etc.  He did a mailing to our French language list which generated a lot of interest (nearly 50 sales in the first few days), and it appears that we’ll need to have copies of all our books, in English and French, in Berlin for sale to delegates.  We’re also working hard on Dan Gallin’s book in order to get it ready well in advance of the Berlin conference — at which we’ll have book launch with Dan speaking.

My new contact details: Please note that I am contactable in many ways, but no longer at the old phone number.  I’ve written up what I’m doing and why and encourage LabourStart correspondents to use email where possible, and in urgent cases only, to use Telegram or Skype to reach me.

And another new campaign: Rana Plaza

Companies have not been good about paying compensation to victims of last year’s catastrophe in Bangladesh, so we’ve been asked by IndustriALL, UNI and the Clean Clothes Campaign to launch a big online campaign — now live here.  Please sign it, translate it, spread the word in your union.

LabourStart in Numbers – February 2014

February was not a good month for our statistics — across the board, we saw notable falls in traffic to our website.

The reason is simple: we launched just one campaign in February, and had fewer mailings than usual.  So while we still have tens of thousands of people who visit our website every day, the main source of traffic is always the campaigns.  New and popular campaigns are the only way to rapidly grow traffic to our site.

The previous month’s numbers are in brackets below. Notable growth is indicated in bold, green.

Mailing lists [with 200 or more subscribers]

English: 85,207 [85,250]
French: 7,603 [7,215]
Spanish: 5,136 [5,156]
Italian: 4,143 [4,146]
German: 4,062 [4,070]
Turkish: 3,253 [3,253]
Norwegian: 2,836 [2,902]
Russian: 2,518 [2,874]
Korean: 1,834 [1,861]
Dutch: 1,400 [1,401]
Chinese: 1,073 [1,074]
Finnish: 622 [630]
Japanese: 390 [391]
Arabic: 319 [321]
Portuguese: 269 [269]
Polish: 269 [280]
Indonesian: 254 [263]
Tagalog: 254 [254]
Hebrew: 246 [247]
Farsi: 242 [242]

Social networks

Twitter followers

English: 11,571 [11,409]
Canada English: 2,853 [2,751]
Canada French: 395 [378]
French: 201 [200]
USA: 187 [168]
Spanish: 67 [67]
German: 42 [38]
Japanese: 23 [23]
Russian: 16 [16]
Portuguese: 7 [7]


Like page (English): 8,475 [8,381]
Members of LabourStart group: 6,843 [6,715]
Like LabourStart page (French): 389 [380]
Like LabourStart page (German): 279 [235]
Like LabourStart page (Turkish): 131 [131]
Like LabourStart page (Hebrew): 105 [104]

Members: 5,737 [5,707]

LabourStart group: 1,562 [1,521]

Union group on Flickr: 744 [743]


Correspondents: 698 [691]

Website traffic (1&1 statistics)

Total visits: 552,898 [671,485]
Peak day: 23,305 [29,980]
Page impressions: 1,425,275 [1,568,434] (Clicky)

Total visitors: 32,524 [58,483]
Peak day: 3,212 [6,041]
Where they come from:
USA – 7,311 [13,091]
Canada – 5,317 [10,499]
UK – 3,408 [9,123]
Australia – 2,083 [4,081]
Norway – 1,791 [2,226]
Germany – 1,126 [1,690]
Indonesia – 849 [949]
India – 828 [--]
France – 721 [1,101]
Sweden – 683 [1,163] (Clicky)

Total visitors: 15,361 [58,832]
Peak day: 3,636 [6,959]
Where they come from:
USA – 2,144 [9,441]
Canada – 1,933 [9,116]
UK – 1,755 [8,750]
Russia – 1,304 [4,739]
Belgium – 1,133 [1,730]
Australia – 882 [3,165]
South Korea – 709 [--]
France – 644 [2,004]
Germany – 554 [2,535]
Spain – 446 [1,933]