British TUC promotes our annual survey

My second column for the TUC’s Stronger Unions blog is here.

This morning we’re up to 1,982 participants – that considerably higher than in 2011 (1,336) but we still have a long way to go to beat last year’s number (2,954).

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Our next book

Following upon the success of our first book, Campaigning Online and Winning, we’re now beginning work on a second title.  The working title is The Global Labour Movement: An Introduction, and it aims to provide an introduction to the global union federations, the ITUC and others for our readers.

We are starting from the assumption that the average trade union activist will know very little about the global unions but it is increasingly important that they do so.

This will make our work at LabourStart easier and of course it will benefit the global unions by raising their profiles.

Edd and I have done up an outline for the book, a large part of which will be a guide to the various organizations, and we have some ideas for who to interview, who can write introductions and afterwords, and so on.

If any of you have any thoughts on this, they’re most welcome — we’re in the very early stages.

The book will be written over the next five weeks, with intention of submitting it for publication by 19 April — and launching it in London at the LabourStart May Day party on 4th May.

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