Canada, France, the UK, and more – the last 10 days at LabourStart

Canada: LabourStart will have a presence at the upcoming convention of the public sector union CUPE in Ontario; we’ve developed a dedicated welcome page for delegates to introduce them to LabourStart.

France: We have a new campaign coming up, from the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), in support of French railway workers in their fight against privatisation. We hope to launch this today.

UK: At the request of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), we did a mailing our UK list (12,190 addresses), which quickly generated over 500 additional responses to their campaign in support of striking workers at the TGI Fridays restaurant chain. We had earlier met with some people from the union on the TUC march for a new deal for workers and discussed ways LabourStart can help.

GDPR: We will be sending out mailing to our lists this week about the General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force this week. Learning about this, asking around, and getting a sense of what other campaigning organisations are doing has consumed a greal deal of time and energy in recent weeks.

Global Solidarity Conference 2019: We’re having a lot of conversations with people about holding a LabourStart conference in the USA next year. More details coming soon.

Wikipedia: Thanks to everyone who offered to help maintain the LabourStart pages on Wikipedia and to translate them – we’ll be getting back to all of you shortly.

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  • Stop me from writing something disrespectful about the FIOT which prefers it’s English acronyme ITF (Fédération Nationale du Transport) rather than include the word WORKER in Englsih as in French: (Fédération Internationale des OUVRIERS du Transport. Despite my (our) warner, they did nothing to promote this campaign. Translating their stuff is like whipping a dead horse.

    Comment | May 30, 2018

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