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USA West Virginia UMWA rescinds endorsement of Monongalia county commission candidate 2024-06-04 [UMWA]

USA AFL-CIO president on LBGTQIA pride month 2024-06-03 [AFL-CIO]

USA CEOs made nearly 200 times what their workers got paid last year 2024-06-03 [AP]

USA California UC workers strike blends traditional labor stoppage with pro-Palestinian fervor 2024-06-03 [The Times]

USA Starbucks, Union Reach Tentative Agreements for Job Protections 2024-06-02 [Bloomberg Law]

USA District of Columbia Union of American Physicians and Dentists fights for staffing, safety improvements at Unity Health Care 2024-06-01 [Washington Post]

USA Biden campaign HQ staffers finalize union agreement, making it the first presidential reelection campaign to organize 2024-06-01 [CNN]

USA Washington Boeing pays record $11.5M in wages wrongly withheld from WA workers 2024-05-31 [Seattle Times]

USA Sectoral Bargaining Can Support High Union Membership 2024-05-31 [American Progress]

USA Ohio Workers at a Cleveland Walgreens are trying to unionize 2024-05-30 [The Plain Dealer]

USA Corporations Have Very Good Reasons to Break Labor Laws and Bust Unions 2024-05-30 [In These Times]

USA Progressives Urge Biden Administration To Crack Down On ‘Union-Busting’ Industry 2024-05-30 [HuffPost]

USA Starbucks resumes bargaining amid fresh wave of unionized stores 2024-05-30 [The Guardian]

USA New York Legal Worker Union Ratifies Contract Offer After Historic 13-Week Strike 2024-05-30 [AFL-CIO]

USA Green Workers Alliance Fights for Livable Wages, Safe Working Conditions in Renewable Energy Industry 2024-05-30 [Between the Lines]

USA Can unionizing help today’s white-collar workers save their jobs from AI? 2024-05-30 [OSV News]

USA New Jersey Ana Maria Hill is the first Latina to lead Garden State’s sixth largest labor union 2024-05-30 [Today]

USA Wisconsin Wisconsin judge to weigh lawsuit brought by public workers over collective bargaining restrictions 2024-05-29 [PBS]

USA South Carolina AFL-CIO's president and secretary-treasurer condemn supreme court's disenfranchisement of black voters in South Carolina 2024-05-29 [AFL-CIO]

USA Alabama Child Workers Found On Poultry Company’s Kill Floor AGAIN Despite Teen’s Death: DOL 2024-05-28 [Huff Post]

USA Alabama Child Workers Found On Poultry Company’s Kill Floor AGAIN Despite Teen’s Death: DOL 2024-05-28 [Huff Post]

USA New rules protect pregnant workers, but red states sue over abortion provisions 2024-05-27 [Chattanooga Times Free Press]

USA The Delivery Business Shows Why Unions Are Struggling to Expand 2024-05-27 [NYTimes]

USA Alabama UAW Files Objection to Mercedes Vote, Alleges Worker Intimidation 2024-05-27 [Inc.]

USA North Carolina How Workers Are Revolutionizing the South 2024-05-27 [Counterpoint]

USA Unions Must Look Beyond Themselves to Save Themselves 2024-05-26 [Common Dreams]

USA California San Diego’s unusual deal to settle asbestos violations? Planting thousands of trees 2024-05-26 [The Union-Tribune]

USA Virginia Collective bargaining rights are spreading across Virginia 2024-05-25 [IAFF]

USA California UC academic workers union calls for strikes at UCLA and UC Davis over campus protest responses 2024-05-25 [NBC]

USA Alabama 'Bama Benz-Style Union-Busting Illegal in Europe 2024-05-25 [LA Progressive]

USA How women are changing labor unions 2024-05-25 [Politico]

USA Brooke Shields is elected president of Actors' Equity 2024-05-24 [New York Times]

USA Ohio Cleveland Labor Groups, Politicians Join REI Worker Push Towards Bargaining Contract 2024-05-24 [Cleveland Scene]

USA Boeing working with union to review employee safety reports 2024-05-24 [Bloomberg]

USA New York Retired New York City Teachers Rise and Run 2024-05-23 [Labour Notes]

USA Starbucks Workers Are Negotiating A New Future 2024-05-23 [The Maple]

USA Illinois Arbitration panel upholds union workers’ rights in landmark decision 2024-05-23 [IEA]

USA Wisconsin Unions Heading to Court To Try To Overturn Wisconsin’s Ban on Collective Bargaining 2024-05-23 [The Sun]

USA Strapped for cash, college undergraduates form labor unions 2024-05-23 [The Times]

USA Alabama Lessons From the UAW’s Alabama Mercedes Loss 2024-05-23 [Jacobin]

USA California University of California academic workers strike to stand up for pro-Palestinian protesters 2024-05-23 [ABC]

USA Vermont How Reformers Doubled Vermont AFL-CIO Membership 2024-05-23 [Labour Notes]

USA How US Labor Law Constrains Unions’ Political Activity 2024-05-23 [Jacobin]

USA Alabama After decisive loss at Alabama Mercedes plants, powerful auto union vows to return and win 2024-05-23 [ABC]

USA As a key labor union pushes into the South, red states push back 2024-05-23 [The Independent]

USA New York Legal Worker Union Ratifies Contract Offer, Calling to End Historic 13-Week Strike 2024-05-23 [UAW]

USA IAM Union Members Will Gather at CBTU Convention in Houston to Champion Worker Equality 2024-05-23 [IAMAW]

USA Alabama Workers at an electric bus plant in Anniston unionized and won double-digit raises 2024-05-23 [The Reporter]

USA April Verrett, New President of SEIU: Championing a Modern, Anti-Racist Labor Movement 2024-05-23 [SEIU]

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