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Today's news - Ohio

Public-employee pensions face cutbacks 2017-06-13 [Canton Rep]

Rising costs eat into public-employee pension systems 2017-06-12 [Columbus Dispatch]

State Workers' Union Members Protest Over Pensions At Statehouse 2017-06-08 [WCPN]

State Board: Police union didn't commit unfair labor practices 2017-06-06 [Review]

Right to work law is wrong 2017-06-03 [Newark Advocate]

Utility workers union endorses Schiavoni for governor 2017-06-02 [Vindy]

NetJets’ mechanics union members told not to wear ‘WTF - Where’s the Fairness’ buttons 2017-06-02 [Columbus Dispatch]

Cleveland officer who shot Tamir Rice is fired, union gears up for a fight 2017-05-31 [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Cuyahoga Community College, faculty approve new contract - 2 years early 2017-05-27 [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

JCPenney lays off more than 100 workers in Ohio 2017-05-26 [Dayton Daily News]

Bill limiting workers’ compensation heads to Ohio Senate 2017-05-24 [Washington Times]

Republic Steel faces $279,578 in fines at Canton plant for safety violations, exposing workers to lead 2017-05-20 [Crain's Cleveland Business]

What's been simmering for several months between Youngstown schools CEO Krish Mohip and the teachers union, boiled over this week 2017-05-20 [WFMJ]

Teachers at Stepstone Charter School unionize; fifth charter to vote for representation by Ohio Federation of Teachers 2017-05-18 [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Youngstown district, union lawyers mull best way to grant teacher pay raises 2017-05-17 [Vindy]

Youngstown schools CEO, teachers union remain at odds over raises, contract control 2017-05-17 [Vindy]

Union rejects CEO Mohip's offer to reopen Youngstown teacher's contract 2017-05-11 [WFMJ]

Ford lays off 130 workers temporarily at its Avon Lake plant 2017-05-07 [Crain]

Former Akron fire union treasurer indicted, accused of stealing $600,000 2017-04-30 [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Discord grows between local Dem chair, unions 2017-04-29 [Blade]

OSU students: We are called to honor human dignity for all, to honor the dignity of work 2017-04-29 [CIW]

200-plus Ohio workers killed on the job in a year: AFL-CIO report 2017-04-27 [Cleveland]

Committee peels back benefits of Elyria overtime for non-union workers 2017-04-26 [Chronicle]

Teamsters NetJets Workers Call on Company to Provide Fair Wages, Limit Subcontracting 2017-04-22 [Teamsters]

Hospital to challenge NLRB jurisdiction over union election dispute 2017-04-22 [Reuters]

Scholarships available at Columbus State Community College to unemployed retail workers 2017-04-12 [Fox28]

Keep your word! Cut the contract with Wendy*s! -- OSU students put President Drake on blast at BoT meeting 2017-04-12 [Student Farmworker Alliance]

Akron Public Schools teachers, board reach contract agreement 2017-03-24 [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

City council opposes State House's 'right-to-work' bill 2017-03-23 [Mansfield News Jrnl]

State Senator Skindell Introduces Retail, Restaurant Employee Rights Act 2017-03-16 [Cleveland Patch]

USW Members Ratify Labor Agreement For Mansfield Works 2017-03-14 [Yahoo! Finance]

OCOPE Files Unfair Labor Practices Complaint 2017-03-11 [Oberlin Rev]

In Ohio, union workers supported Trump. So what's in store for them? 2017-03-07 [Circa]

Sen. Sherrod Brown endorses national $15 minimum wage 2017-03-03 [Cleveland Plain-Dealer]

Brecksville-Broadview Heights schools reach impasse with teachers' union 2017-03-01 [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

What Unions Want in the Trump Era 2017-03-01 [WKSU]

Legislator says one Ohio mayor skirted wage-requirement law by having a buddy construct a building for his village 2017-03-01 [Dayton Daily News]

What Ohio unions want to achieve in the Trump era 2017-02-27 [WCPN]

GOP effort could ax prevailing wage rule for construction workers 2017-02-25 [Cincinnati]

Cleveland Teachers Union has a new contract, six months after rejecting the last proposed CBA 2017-02-14 [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Right-to-work bill introduced in Ohio 2017-02-14 [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Growing pains at Fuyao plant as employees consider union as concerns grow about workersafety 2017-02-04 [Dayton Daily News]

Ohio Union Membership Grows Slightly in 2016 2017-01-30 [WCPN]

In first-ever pension cut before exhaustion, financially strapped Iron Workers Local 17 pension fund cuts benefits promised to retirees 2017-01-28 [Washington Post]

Iron Workers pension cuts approved; retirees to get smaller checks 2017-01-28 [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

2,000 GM workers to lose jobs on Trump Inauguration Day 2017-01-21 [CNN]

Toledo Glass Workers Vote to Accept New Contract, Strike Ends 2017-01-13 [Military-Tech]

'Right-to-work' or ‘right to work for less'? Union workers stand against West Chester 2017-01-12 [WLWT]

RTA STRIKE: Negotiations end, RTA workers picketing 2017-01-09 [Dayton Daily News]

Small Local Group Uncovers Widespread Opposition to Confirmation of DeVos as U.S. Education Secretary 2017-01-07 [Jan Resseger]

This month in labour history

3-06-1900 The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union is founded in New York City. [more]

4-06-1912 Massachusetts becomes the first US state to establish a minimum wage [more]

9-06-1865 Helen Marot, campaigner for working women, is born. [more]

11-06-1913 Police shoot at maritime workers on strike at United Fruit Co. in New Orleans, killing one. [more]

12-06-1904 Defying AFL's Samuel Gompers, 50,000 members of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen walk off their jobs. [more]

16-06-1918 Railroad union leader and socialist Eugene Debs makes his famous speech against capitalism in Canton, OH, which will land him in jail. [more]

19-06-1912 The eight-hour day is adopted for Federal employees [more]

20-06-1947 President Truman vetoes the anti-union Taft-Hartley Act, but his veto is overturned by Congress three days later. [more]

23-06-1999 Workers at Fieldcrest Cannon textile plants in North Carolina vote for union recognition after a 25 year struggle [more]

26-06-1894 American Railway Union members begin to refuse to run trains including Pullman cars, until the strike at Pullmans is settled [more]

27-06-1905 The Industrial Workers of the World, later popularly known as the Wobblies, is founded in Chicago with the aim of uniting all workers in One Big Union [more]

29-06-1894 Over 125,000 workers on two dozen railroads have joined the boycott of Pullman cars [more]

30-06-1918 Socialist anf labor leader Eugene Debs is arrested under the Espionage Act for making an anti-war speech in Canton, Ohio [more]