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Today's news - Ohio

Nurses union at U of Cincinnati Medical Center wants federal review of Facebook live post 2019-07-09 [Becker's Hosp Rev]

Union goes to the feds over UC Health's firing, discipline of nurses 2019-07-02 [Cincinnati]

Voting under way on new agreement between UAW, Mercy Health in Toledo 2019-07-02 [Blade]

KSU Approves Contract, Faculty Gets Salary Increases 2019-06-27 [WCPN]

Shuttering of the GM works in Lordstown will also bury a lost chapter in the fight for workers control 2019-06-24 [TNR]

Union president: State found serious safety concerns after city worker's death 2019-06-24 [Cincinnati]

AFL-CIO President Headlines Youngstown Roundtable 2019-06-12 [Biz Jrnl Daily]

Heat and Frost Insulators local president jailed for embezzling from training fund 2019-06-06 [WOIO]

Workers’ Comp budget may exclude immigrants making injury claims 2019-06-06 [Columbus Dispatch]

Ohio Hospital Attempts to Divide Striking Unionized Workers 2019-06-01 [TruthOut]

Fact-finder recommends 2.3 percent raise at Kent State University, faculty union to vote 2019-05-22 [WCPN]

There’s No Boom in Youngstown, but Blue-Collar Workers Are Sticking With Trump 2019-05-20 [NYTimes]

Mercy Health strike day 11: why some union workers are standing their ground 2019-05-17 [NBC]

Toledo: Sherrod Brown to join striking workers in the Mercy Health picket line 2019-05-10 [WTOL 11 CBS]

SEIU in Cleveland wins master contract for downtown buildings hiking wages 23 percent to $15 an hour 2019-04-29 [Cleveland Scene]

Cuyahoga County agrees not to fire union nurses at jail after picket threat at Democratic dinner 2019-04-25 [The Plain Dealer]

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stops in Lordstown, talks with union workers 2019-04-15 [WFMJ]

Bernie Sanders challenges President Trump to end GM’s federal contracts during Lordstown appearance 2019-04-15 [Ohio]

Ohioans seeking change after recent string of layoffs 2019-04-14 [FOX]

Pilots who fly DHL, Amazon flights, protest near CVG for pay raise 2019-04-12 [Cincinnati]

Union for pilots who fly for DHL, Amazon, plans protest near CVG Thursday 2019-04-12 [Cincinnati]

Cuyahoga County busts jail nurses union, awards contract for troubled prison to nonunion Metrohealth 2019-04-10 [WEWS-TV]

Cleveland teachers union wins half percent pay hike, one-year extension, and reduced focus on tests 2019-04-10 [The Plain Dealer]

GM seeks dismissal of union lawsuit on closures 2019-04-02 [Detroit News]

SEIU Local 1 Janitors Unanimously Ratify New Contract at Tri-C, Paving Way for $15 Wage 2019-04-02 [Cleveland Scene]

The Plain Dealer lays off a third of its unionized newsroom 2019-04-02 [The Plain Dealer]

Backer of right-to-work-for-less in Ohio says he'll stop pushing a bill 2019-04-01 [WCPN]

GM Squeezed $118 Million From Its Ohio Workers, Then Shut The Plant 2019-03-31 [Bloomberg]

President Trump says Ohio workers 'better love me,' renews McCain feud 2019-03-21 [WKYC]

Factory workers at GM see layoffs, not benefits, after tax cuts 2019-03-23 [NBC]

Donald Trump erroneously says Lordstown workers could have saved plant by lowering union dues 2019-03-21 [Cleveland]

Local UAW Leader Responds to Trump Tweet: I'm Trying to Stay Out of the Feud 2019-03-21 [FOX]

Trump lashes out at GM and UAW official, calling for ‘fast’ action to reopen Ohio plant 2019-03-19 [CNBC]

Black workers describe *living hell* at UPS center in Ohio 2019-03-17 [Channel 3000]

Lawsuit: Black UPS workers targeted with racist taunts and harassment 2019-03-16 [Fast Company]

Black workers in Ohio accuse UPS of allowing hate at work 2019-03-14 [CNN]

UPS sued by 19 workers claiming the company did not stop racial harassment 2019-03-14 [The Hill]

Lorain unions join teachers for rally against House Bill 70 (VIDEO) 2019-03-03 [Chronicle]

Teacher strike at Summit Academy in Parma ends with ratification of first union contract 2019-03-03 [ABC]

Teachers win recognition after nine-day strike at Summit Academy Parma 2019-03-02 [The Plain Dealer]

Teachers at Summit Academy in Painesville unionize with AFT, becoming second Summit charter school local 2019-02-27 [Cleveland Scene]

UAW sues GM to keep Lordstown and two other plants open 2019-02-27 [Vindicator]

Striking Summit Academy charter school teachers say talks are going backward 2019-02-26 [WEWS-Cleveland 5]

Local Union Leaders Pledge to Back News Guild, May Boycott Plain Dealer, Cleveland.com to Support Journalism Jobs 2019-02-22 [Cleveland Scene]

Striking Parma charter school teachers seek better teaching and learning conditions 2019-02-19 [The Plain Dealer]

411 jobs lost by abrupt closure of 90-year-old Kroger bakery in Columbus 2019-02-18 [AP]

Federal workers honored in Boardman after government shutdown avoided 2019-02-17 [WFMJ]

Teacher’s union at Summit Academy in Parma, Ohio, announce strike beginning February 19 2019-02-14 [Cleveland Scene]

Cleveland Orchestra Will Pay its Union Facilities Workers $15 per hour by 2021 2019-02-13 [Cleveland Scene]

Cleveland City Council OKs two more labor deals with $15 minimum wage clauses, raising total to 25 city contracts 2019-02-12 [The Plain Dealer]

This month in labour history

4-07-1840 Tenants in upstate New York issue a 'Declaration of Independence', beginning a five-year Anti-Rent War [more]

5-07-1934 Two strikers are killed fighting police, scabs, and the National Guard during the San Francisco longshoremen's strike [more]

6-07-1892 Striking workers defeat and force the surrender of Pinkerton agents during the Homestead Strike in Pennsylvania [more]

8-07-1966 The largest strike in aviation history begins, shutting down 60 per cent of the US airline industry for six weeks [more]

10-07-1902 112 miners die in an explosion in the Rolling Mill Mine in Pennsylvania [more]

12-07-1933 The Screen Actors Guild holds its first meeting. Among those attending: future horror movie star and union activist, Boris Karloff. [more]

15-07-1959 Half a million steelworkers across the country strike for a pay increase in their new contract [more]

16-07-1934 The San Francisco Labor Council calls a city-wide general strike in support of longshoremen, which succeeds in winning most of the workers' main demands after four days. [more]

18-07-1969 African American hopsital workers in South Carolina win union recognition after a 113-day strike [more]

20-07-1899 Newsboys in New York go on strike against press giants Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst [more]

21-07-1877 The government attempts to violently suppress the great railroad strike in Pennsylvania [more]

22-07-1916 A bomb was is set off during a parade in San Francisco, killing 10 and injuring 40. Labour organizer Tom Mooney,and Warren Billings, a shoe worker, were convicted of the crime, but both were pardoned 23 years later [more]

25-07-1907 Trotskyist labor organizer and leader of the 1934 Minneapolis teamsters' strike Farrell Dobbs is born [more]

26-07-1877 Thirty workers are killed in the Battle of Halsted Street Viaduct during the railroad strike in Chicago. [more]

29-07-1970 The United Farm Workers sign their first collective bargaining agreement with California grape growers [more]

30-07-1975 Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa disappears from a parking lot in Oakland County and is never seen again [more]