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A leader in Swedish education is remembered for his lifetime’s work 2018-02-13 [Education International]

Sweden’s smooth energy transition Sweden's smooth energy transition 2018-01-15 [Equal Times]

The robots are coming, and Sweden is fine 2017-12-30 [The Record]

The robots are coming 2017-12-28 [NY Times]

The Robots Are Coming - and Sweden is Fine 2017-12-28 [NYT]

The pitfalls of a 28-hour week 2017-12-03 [Handelsblatt]

Nordea Bank’s 6,000 Job Cuts Are Just the Beginning, Union Says 2017-12-01 [Bloomberg]

More than 4,000 women working in Swedish law speak out about harassment in the industry 2017-11-16 [The Local]

Unemployment in Sweden reaches record low 2017-11-14 [The Local]

Swedish secrets to a strong economy 2017-11-08 [CUPE]

Agreement on what constitutes minimum rates of pay for construction workers in Sweden 2017-10-16 [Nordic Labour Journal]

IUF signs agreement on rights in the supply chain with Sweden's government-owned retail alcohol monopoly 2017-09-07 [IUF]

Labor dispute puts Gothenburg port traffic in freefall 2017-08-26 [JOC]

IFJ/EFJ deeply saddened by death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall 2017-08-24 [IFJ]

Can a new Nordic online portal help protect digital economy workers? 2017-07-13 [Equal Times]

Stockholm waste collectors quit as strike hits one-week mark 2017-07-12 [The Local]

Stockholm waste collector strike continues as trash starts to pile up 2017-07-07 [The Local]

Port conflict could lead to change in legislation 2017-06-22 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Layoffs the latest escalation of Gothenburg port dispute 2017-06-21 [JOC]

APM Terminals to cut 160 staff at Gothenburg container terminal 2017-06-21 [The Shipping News]

Eight out of ten new jobs in Sweden go to immigrants 2017-06-14 [The Local]

Gothenburg dockworkers to vote on APMT lockout 2017-05-13 [JOC]

May Day rallies for Muslim women's labour rights 2017-05-02 [AJ]

Strike averted as hotels return to the bargaining table for new national agreement 2017-04-24 [IUF]

Fighting against Welfare Cuts and Ikea’s Housing Speculations 2017-04-19 [transnational strike]

Statement of the Subway Workers’ Union in Stockholm on the attack in Sweden 2017-04-08 [WFTU]

Companies start implanting microchips into workers' bodies 2017-04-05 [LATimes]

Swedish government announces inquiry to tackle deportations of foreign workers 2017-03-20 [thelocal]

Why these Swedish construction union bosses wore pink pussyhats for gender equality 2017-03-18 [The Local ]

Sweden FIRST: Moves to crackdown on migrant labour as euroscepticism rises 2017-02-16 [The Express]

Strike threatens Gothenburg port 2017-01-19 [JOC]

Study predicts the Swedish women poised to close gender pay gap first 2017-01-16 [The Local]

Dockworkers’ Union imposes a ban on new recruitment and overtime at APM Terminals in Gothenburg 2017-01-12 [Port News]

Top union drops support for health profit cap 2017-01-15 [The Local]

More Time Off Helps Nurses Get More Done 2017-01-03 [Inverse]

More Bad News for Riksbank: Biggest Union Boss Hates Inflation 2016-12-07 [Bloomberg]

Dockers strike in Scandinavia’s largest port 2016-11-17 [The Shipping News]

Campaign against 'mansplaining' by major trade union triggers social media backlash 2016-11-16 [The Local]

Condescending ‘mansplaining’ to women triggers union hotline 2016-11-16 [The Irish Times]

Swedish dockers strike in Scandinavia's largest port 2016-11-15 [The Local SE]

PSI meets with Swedish State Secretary for Migration 2016-09-22 [PSI]

Swedes With Big Pay Dreams Are Snubbing Aging Labor Market Model 2016-08-22 [Bloomberg]

Victory for construction workers’ strike in Sweden – new agreement promoting equality and diversity 2016-04-26 [BWI Global Union]

Honour the workers killed 2016-04-23 [ITUC]

Swedish foodworkers fighting Findus factory closure by asset strippers Nomad Foods 2016-04-11 [IUF]

Strike chaos averted after pilots sign deal 2016-02-27 [The Local]

Women managers overtake men in Sweden's wage race 2016-02-26 [The Local]

Nordic travellers poised for more strike chaos 2016-02-25 [The Local]

In 2016 the Swedish wage setting model is being put to its biggest test 2016-02-12 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Union Detains Unseaworthy Ship Loaded with Explosives 2016-02-01 [Maritime Executive]

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