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Today's news - Illinois

Chicago Teachers Union suspends city's second charter school strike after winning pay increases 2019-02-18 [Chicgo Tribune]

IL Labor Lawsuit Seeks to Hold Big Pharma Accountable for the Opioid Crisis 2019-02-15 [EC&M]

Symphony musicians authorize strike if no deal by March 10 2019-02-15 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Chicago charter school teachers launch city's latest strike after stalled contract negotiations 2019-02-05 [The Tribune]

A Bad Day for Hoffa: Chicago Teamster Leader Joins Opposition Slate 2019-02-04 [Labor Notes]

And the women shall lead: Female laborers led the charge in Chicago's massive garment workers strike of 1910 2019-01-18 [The Tribune]

Chicago Teachers Union Weighs in on Race for Mayor 2019-01-12 [WTTW]

A Labor Strike at a Chicago Charter School? For more info 2019-01-08 [The Nation]

Chicago teachers hold first U.S. charter school strike 2018-12-22 [UFT]

Chicago Teachers Win First Charter Strike in History 2018-12-15 [Labour Notes]

Old Town School of Folk Music teachers plan to unionize 2018-12-12 [ABC]

Why a historic strike by Chicago charter school teachers matters 2018-12-12 [The Guardian]

Old Town School Of Folk Music Teachers File For Union Representation, Tuesday Rally Planned 2018-12-11 [Block Club Chicago]

Teachers at Acero charter school network in Chicago reach tenative contract, end two-day strike 2018-12-10 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Union says tentative deal reached to end Acero strike, return to class Monday 2018-12-10 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Chicago Charter School Strike Off After Teachers Reach Deal, Union Says 2018-12-09 [Radio]

Privately owned charter school network, Acero Schools, asks state labor board to put an end to teachers strike 2018-12-08 [Chicago Tribune]

The Charter-School Teachers’ Strike in Chicago Was ‘Inevitable’ 2018-12-07 [Atlantic]

Teachers at Chicago charter schools strike, in a first for charter movement 2018-12-06 [Wash Post]

Chicago Teachers Launch First Charter Strike in History 2018-12-05 [Labor Notes]

Nation’s First Teachers’ Strike at Charter Network Begins in Chicago 2018-12-05 [NYTimes]

Chicago: First Charter Chain Strike in History! Sad for Waltons and Reformers! 2018-12-05 [Diane Ravitch]

Nation's first teachers' strike at Charter network begins in Chicago 2018-12-04 [NY Times]

Support our Acero charter CTU members as they prepare for Dec. 4 strike! 2018-12-04 [CTU]

IL Supreme Court Rules Pension Changes Unconstitutional 2018-12-02 [Law360]

Teachers reject pact, authorize strike 2018-12-01 [Daily Jrnl]

Marriott employees strike in IL Medical District over union contact 2018-11-29 [Chicago Sun-Times]

128 Chicago school workers out after background check review 2018-11-21 [FOX]

Temporary hotel workers file lawsuit, say they weren't paid for work during strike 2018-11-19 [ABC]

Local 150 union workers set to protest Algonquin Township highway commissioner 2018-11-14 [NWHerald]

As reform gains traction, Chicago police union pushes back 2018-11-06 [Chicago Tribune]

It was just a huge boom. The house shook: Chicago Metra worker dies, another badly hurt during Northwest Side explosion 2018-11-04 [Chicago Tribune]

Chicago could see first charter school teachers' struke 2018-11-03 [NY Magazine]

Teachers at four more Chicago charter schools join strike threat 2018-11-03 [Sun-Times]

UAW Local offering free rides to polling places in Winnebago and Boone County 2018-11-02 [MyStateline]

UChicago won't recognize grad student union...so members walk out of class 2018-10-30 [Campus Reform]

IUOE Local 150 wants Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser held in contempt of court 2018-10-28 [NWHerald]

Jackson County employees refuse to back down 2018-10-27 [AFSCME Council 31]

Court rules against Rauner in AFSCME contract dispute 2018-10-25 [Island Packet]

AFL-CIO launches “massive” digital ad buy 2018-10-20 [Capitol Fax]

Geneva school board, union continue contract negotiations 2018-10-20 [Daily Herald]

Teamsters hoping for a save to keep union pensions from failing 2018-10-18 [Our Quad Cities]

Top US opera company reaches deal with striking musicians 2018-10-17 [The Post]

Protests continue at McDonald’s headquarters in West Loop 2018-10-16 [The DePaulia]

Lyric Opera of Chicago musicians ratify new contract less than week after strike 2018-10-15 [ABC]

Treasure Island sued again by fired workers; attorneys seek class-action status 2018-10-14 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Lyric Opera says it has reached labor deal with musicians union 2018-10-14 [Chicago Tribune]

Chicago Teamsters Mull Strike at UPS 2018-10-13 [Labor Notes]

Lyric Opera of Chicago Forced to Cancel Performances Amid Contract Dispute with Labor Union Representing Orchestra 2018-10-11 [Opera News]

Chinatown job agency accused of exploiting Latino workers to shut down 2018-10-11 [Chicago Sun-Times]

This month in labour history

1-02-1864 The Collar Laundry Union was formed in New York, the first women's union in US history, led by Kate Mullany. Over the next few years the women increase their wages from $2 to $14 a week. [more]

4-02-1924 IWW members took on the Ku Klux Klan, patrolling the streets of Greenville, Maine, after the KKK tried to threaten IWW union organisers: “We are going to stick, and if the Klan wants to start something, the IWW are going to finish it” [more]

4-02-1869 IWW and SPUSA leader Big Bill Haywood is born in Salt Lake City, Utah. [more]

4-02-1919 The General Strike Committee meets in Seattle, and makes preparations for an all-out labour stoppage [more]

5-02-1913 17-year-old Ida Braiman is shot dead by a contractor during the garment workers' strike in Rochester, NY. [more]

6-02-1919 A total of 60,000 of Seattle's population of 315,000 join the general strike on its first day [more]

8-02-1919 Workers in Butte, Montana responded to a dollar per day wage cut by launching a general strike. To prevent disunity, workers formed a Workers and Soldiers Council to conduct the strike. [more]

11-02-1937 The 6 week-long sit-down strike at General Motors in Flint Michigan ends as GM agrees to recognize the UAW. [more]

12-02-1968 Sanitation workers in Memphis begin a strike for recognition. During this strike Martin Luther King Jr is murdered [more]

12-02-1968 The Memphis sanitation strike by African-American workers began in protest against mistreatment, discrimination, dangerous working conditions, and the recent deaths of two workers. They held out until April and won. [more]

13-02-1913 82-year-old labour activist Mother Jones was arrested in West Virginia for supporting a coal miners strike. Convicted in a military court she was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Pardoned after serving 85 days. [more]

14-02-1818 Frederick Douglass is born into slavery in Maryland. He will go on to become a titanic figure in the struggle against slavery, and in favour of universal suffrage and women's rights. [more]

14-02-1936 Goodyear workers in Ohio strike. They defy union orders to leave the plant & resist 150 sheriff's deputies. Threatening a general strike if a vigilante army was used, they won after a month. [more]

15-02-1913 A strike of rubber workers in #Akron organised by @_IWW union grew to 3,500 strikers. Earlier that month 300 workers at Firestone walked out and were eventually joined by 20K others but police violence & repression forced them to end it. [more]

18-02-1935 Tens of thousands of New Yorkers were stranded by a wildcat strike of elevator operators in the city. [more]

19-02-1866 The first union in Mississippi was created by African-American washerwomen. [more]

19-02-1986 The Farm Labourers Organizing Committee wins recognition at Campbell's Soup farms after years of struggle [more]

20-02-1919 The Elaine massacre took place in Arkansas. After black farm workers tried to organise for better pay, hundreds of African-Americans were murdered and tortured by white racists and security forces [more]

23-02-1910 Workers at the soon to be infamous Triangle Shirtwaist factory decided to end their five month long strike. They had won higher wages and reduced hours but failed to get union recognition. [more]

24-02-1944 320 men, mostly African-Americans were killed in explosion at the Port Chicago naval base. 50 African-American servicemen who then protested against unsafe conditions were court-martialed and sentenced to 8-15 years hard labour. [more]

24-02-1939 US Supreme Court ruled sitdown strikes illegal. [more]

27-02-1881 African-American laundresses in Atlanta, Georgia, went on strike and were successful in raising wages and establishing a union. [more]

27-02-1939 Supreme Court rules that sit-down strikes violate property owners' rights and are therefore illegal. [more]