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Today's news - Illinois

State union workers protect the vulnerable 2017-11-19 [The News-Optimist]

Publican O’Hare Workers Walk Out In Labor Dispute 2017-11-18 [Eater]

Second City Has Been a Comedy Mecca for Decades. Now Its Workers Are Voting to Form a Union. 2017-11-16 [In These Times]

Bay Valley Foods employees continue strike 2017-11-16 [WIFR]

Second City service staff to hold union election 2017-11-14 [People's World]

Hotel Workers Union Celebrates Anti-Harassment Ordinance 2017-11-14 [CBS]

Nearly 100 Bay Valley Foods employees strike against contract negotiations 2017-11-13 [WIFR]

Judge: KapStone illegally disciplined employee 2017-11-11 [TDN]

CityLift union to hold strike authorization vote Sunday 2017-11-10 [Jrnl-Star]

Appeals court: State must give union workers their pay raises while negotiating new contract 2017-11-08 [Madison-St.Clair Record]

No walkout planned yet after Univ IL Urbana grad student union authorizes strike 2017-11-04 [News-Gazette]

Danville Teamsters Ratify Newest Contract With First Student 2017-11-01 [Teamsters]

District 15 strike ends; workers to return Monday 2017-10-30 [Daily Herald]

Palatine school staff return to work without a contract after 2 weeks on strike 2017-10-30 [WGN]

Right to work zones here? Not so fast 2017-10-28 [News Tribune]

All support staff can picket in Palatine Dist. 15, judge rules: Judge rules in favor of union, lifts temporary restraining order 2017-10-25 [Daily Herald]

Grad students at Univ Chicago become the latest to unionize 2017-10-24 [Daily Pennsylvanian]

School Support Staff Strike Continues In Palatine; ‘Absolutely No Progress’ On Deal 2017-10-23 [CBS]

Weekend Video: Union Maids 2017-10-22 [Rank and File]

Univ Chicago grad students, after being told their labor was not work, vote on union. 2017-10-22 [Daily Kos]

Plaque dedicated in Woodstock honors union leader Eugene V. Debs 2017-10-22 [NWHerald]

University of Chicago Graduate Workers Affirm Union 2017-10-21 [AAUP]

Union cries foul after Palatine school district cuts benefits to striking workers 2017-10-21 [Chicago Tribune]

Judge orders District 15 nurses, aides back to work 2017-10-18 [Daily Herald]

Grad Student United Rallies Before Unionization Vote 2017-10-17 [Chicago Maroon]

Bernie Sanders Lends Support to U. Chicago Grad Students Unionization Effort 2017-10-17 [Wash Free Beacon]

 VIDEO 'Not One More' Workers and Community Protest Deportations At Gary-Chicago Airport For more info 2017-10-13 [Labor Video Project]

Union members protest work at Menards center in Plano 2017-10-13 [Kendall Cty Now]

More Worker-Friendly Ownership Results In New Contract For Chicago Reader Newsroom Workers 2017-10-09 [Workers Independent News]

Janus v. AFSCME could hurt funding for Democrats in 2018 2017-10-08 [Rrstar]

Chicago Reader newsroom staffers unanimously ratify one-year contract 2017-10-08 [Sun-Times]

 VIDEO Chicago Workers Join Mexico San Quintin Farmworker To Support Driscolls Boycott For more info 2017-10-07 [LVP]

Trump vs. Univ Chicago Graduate Workers 2017-10-03 [Jacobin]

OSHA Cites Chicago Container Manufacturer After 4 Workers Suffer Injuries 2017-09-27 [OSHA]

Unfair Labor Charges Filed By Northwestern Faculty Union 2017-09-21 [Evanston Patch]

Chicago Mechanics Come To An Agreement With Dealerships After Seven Weeks On Strike 2017-09-19 [Jalopnik]

No IL Univ ordered to rescind parking fees as part of union negotations 2017-09-18 [Daily Chronicle]

Agreement With Dealerships Ends Seven Week Strike By Chicago Auto Mechanics 2017-09-18 [Workers Independent News]

Northwestern Nontenure Faculty File Complaint Over University’s Refusal To Bargain First Contract 2017-09-18 [Workers Independent News]

Chicago Auto Mechanics Reach Agreement with Dealerships, End Seven-Week Strike 2017-09-18 [IAM]

Union, car dealerships reach tentative agreement that could end strike 2017-09-17 [Daily Herald]

Labor Board Rules No IL Univ Improperly Raised Parking Fees On Union Members 2017-09-16 [NorthernPR]

Union says Northwestern will not bargain, is violating labor laws 2017-09-15 [Chicago Tribune]

Union rep expects mechanics’ strike to end within a week 2017-09-15 [The Sun-Times]

U of I Hospital nurse strike averted 2017-09-13 [Chicago Tribune]

 VIDEO Nurses strike looms at Univ IL hospital 2017-09-13 [WGN]

8,000 Airport Workers in Chicago Just Won a Wage Raise and the Right to a Union 2017-09-12 [In These Times]

Illinois Home Health Care Workers File Lawsuit Against Governor For Withholding Budget Raises 2017-09-11 [Workers Independent News]

Home Health Workers Sue State to Force Pay Raise 2017-09-08 [Courthouse News]

City Council approves law boosting pay, easing unionization for airport workers 2017-09-08 [Chicago Tribune]

This month in labour history

1-11-1835 Philadelphia - first general strike in US history - for a 10 hour. [more]

1-11-1919 Some 400,000 soft coal miners strike for higher wages and shorter hours. [more]

2-11-1909 150 arrested in IWW free speech fight, Spokane, Washington [more]

2-11-1920 SPUSA and railway workers' union leader Eugene V. Debs receives nearly one million votes for Presidency of the United States. [more]

5-11-1885 Eugene V. Debs, leading figure in the railway workers unions, the IWW and the American Socialist Party, was born. [more]

9-11-1935 The Committee for Industrial Organization is formed, breaking away from the American Federation of Labor. [more]

10-11-1933 America's first Depression-era sit-down strike occurs at the Hormel food plant in Austin, Minnesota. [more]

12-11-1892 Workers in New Orleans win a 10 hour day and overtime pay, after a four-day general strike led by racially integrated unions [more]

18-11-1938 The Congress of Industrial Organisations elects John L. Lewis as its first president [more]

19-11-1915 Joe Hill, a Swedish-American organiser for the Industrial Workers of the World, is framed and executed for murder in Utah. [more]

26-11-1913 Wobblies Joe Ettor Arturo Giovannitti and Joseph Caruso acquitted for murdering picket Anna LoPizzo during the Lawrence textile [more]

27-11-1884 Anarchist A.R. Parsons addresses a Thanksgiving Day hunger march in Chicago. [more]

29-11-1980 Dorothy Day, suffragist, Christian anarchist, and founder of the Catholic Worker movement, dies today in New York City aged 83. [more]