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Today's news - Illinois

 VIDEO Labor Beat: Larry Duncan - - Leader for Labor Media (Part 2 of 2) For more info 2018-06-19 [Labor Beat TV]

 VIDEO Labor Beat: Larry Duncan - - Leader for Labor Media (Part 1 of 2) For more info 2018-06-19 [Labor Beat TV]

Teamsters: Desperate To Prevent Employees From Exercising Free Speech, American Bottling Resorts To Harassment 2018-06-19 [Longview News-Journal]

Chicago Teachers Union Negotiates Right to Block Tests That Are Not Mandated by the State 2018-06-18 [Diane Ravitch]

IL labor board moves forward with union employee pay raises 2018-06-15 [Sauk Valley]

Landmark Supreme Court Decision Coming, And Illinois is Center Stage 2018-06-14 [WTTW]

Labor board: Taxpayers owe AFSCME union workers $412 million in unpaid step increases 2018-06-14 [WQAD]

State, AFSCME argue over contract impasse 2018-06-14 [SJR]

Chicago labor icon Edward Sadlowski dead at 79 2018-06-11 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Dr Pepper: Its Last, Best And Final Offer To Chicago Teamsters Goes Down In Flames 2018-06-10 [Teamsters]

City of Chicago Requires Airport Service Providers to Enter into Labor Peace Agreements 2018-05-30 [Lexology]

Rauner says Texas is more union job friendly than Illinois 2018-05-25 [PolitiFact]

Teamster Power Amps Up During Unfair Labor Practice Strike 2018-05-24 [Teamsters]

Union to commemorate 1937 'Memorial Day Massacre' on Saturday 2018-05-18 [The Times]

The Southern Illinoisan newsroom votes to form union 2018-05-18 [Southern Illinoisan]

Oreo parent Mondelez sweetens deal, but union is not biting 2018-05-17 [Chicago Tribune]

Illinos House Panel OKs Unionizing for Research Assistants 2018-05-17 [USNews]

Kane County Workers on Strike Face Ultimatum 2018-05-16 [NBC]

Chief judge: Kane County will hire others if striking workers don't return Tuesday 2018-05-15 [Daily Herald]

Local 371 goes on John Deere Road strike 2018-05-04 [QCOnline]

Teamsters Local 371 workers on strike for better wages and pension benefits 2018-05-03 [WQAD]

Remembering the Haymarket Affair and the city's attempts to forget it 2018-05-01 [Chicago Reader]

Workers Memorial ceremony in Springfield honors fallen workers 2018-04-29 [FOX]

Adjunct faculty at Loyola University Chicago ratify first contract 2018-04-28 [Wash Post]

Public Employees Rally for Raises at Statehouse 2018-04-27 [PPR]

State union workers rally to end pay step freezes 2018-04-27 [WAND]

As pay and benefits stagnate, nontenured faculty and graduate students in Illinois, Chicago look to unions 2018-04-19 [Chicago Tribune]

 VIDEO UE Hallcon Drivers Prepare For A Contract For more info 2018-04-16 [LVP]

Kane County probation officers threaten to strike 2018-04-14 [Kane Cty Chronicle]

 VIDEO West Virginia Teachers And The Lessons Of Their State Strike For more info 2018-04-14 [LVP]

 VIDEO Democracy Depends On Journalism, Journalism Depends On The Union-Digital Media Workers Speak Out For more info 2018-04-12 [LVP]

In Historic Move At Labor-Skeptic Chicago Tribune, Newsroom Pushes To Form Union 2018-04-12 [NPR]

Union says O’Hare city contractor discriminates against African-American workers 2018-04-09 [The Sun-Times]

Loyola defies NLRB ... Pontius Pilate for Provost! 2018-04-08 [Loyola Phoenix]

 VIDEO Former Dep. Secretary Of Labor Jordan Barab At OSHA Say Termination Of OSHA Whistleblower Darrell Whitman Is Still A “live case' For more info 2018-04-08 [LVP]

 VIDEO UAW 551 VP Scott Holdierson On Uniting The Working Class At RWU Convention For more info 2018-04-07 [LVP]

I'm a proud member of the Chicago Teachers Union. Here's why 2018-04-06 [The Tribune]

Adjunct faculty at Chicago-Loyola stage walkout over contract dispute 2018-04-05 [Washington Post]

Adjunct faculty at Loyola University Chicago stage walkout over contract dispute 2018-04-05 [Wash Post]

Adjunct faculty at Loyola University Chicago stage walkout over contract dispute 2018-04-05 [The Post]

Loyola nontenured faculty members stage one-day strike 2018-04-04 [Chicago Tribune]

Rauner conflict with organized labor expands to vacant lot next to governor*s mansion 2018-03-31 [Chicago Tribune]

Lincolnshire Right-to-Work Case Has National Implications 2018-03-28 [Inside Sources]

Court: State worker union to get automatic pay hikes despite Rauner freeze 2018-03-28 [WQAD]

State Supreme Court won’t take up Rauner’s appeal of step pay case 2018-03-23 [SJR]

Labor leader accuses city contractor of not paying prevailing wage 2018-03-20 [SJR]

Chicago UPS drivers fight to keep talking 2018-03-14 [Labor Notes]

U of I Provost Apologizes for Behavior During Strike 2018-03-14 [NPR]

Campaign Workers Guild Pushes To Unionize Illinois Staff 2018-03-13 [NPR]

Grad students: Pritzker absent in union fight 2018-03-13 [IL Home Page]

This month in labour history

3-06-2016 A federal judge ruled that women's soccer players could not go on strike, despite their collective bargaining agreement (which included a no-strike clause) having expired. The women were in dispute over pay discrimination. [more]

3-06-1900 The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union is founded in New York City. [more]

4-06-1912 Massachusetts becomes the first US state to establish a minimum wage [more]

4-06-2012 When National Football League referees failed to agree to a new contract, which included big pension cuts, the NFL locked them out and began hiring scabs to replace them. Bosses came up with a revised offer which was agreed on 26 September. [more]

9-06-1865 Helen Marot, campaigner for working women, is born. [more]

11-06-1913 Police shoot at maritime workers on strike at United Fruit Co. in New Orleans, killing one. [more]

12-06-1904 Defying AFL's Samuel Gompers, 50,000 members of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen walk off their jobs. [more]

16-06-1918 Railroad union leader and socialist Eugene Debs makes his famous speech against capitalism in Canton, OH, which will land him in jail. [more]

19-06-1912 The eight-hour day is adopted for Federal employees [more]

20-06-1947 President Truman vetoes the anti-union Taft-Hartley Act, but his veto is overturned by Congress three days later. [more]

23-06-1999 Workers at Fieldcrest Cannon textile plants in North Carolina vote for union recognition after a 25 year struggle [more]

26-06-1894 American Railway Union members begin to refuse to run trains including Pullman cars, until the strike at Pullmans is settled [more]

27-06-1905 The Industrial Workers of the World, later popularly known as the Wobblies, is founded in Chicago with the aim of uniting all workers in One Big Union [more]

29-06-1894 Over 125,000 workers on two dozen railroads have joined the boycott of Pullman cars [more]

30-06-1918 Socialist anf labor leader Eugene Debs is arrested under the Espionage Act for making an anti-war speech in Canton, Ohio [more]