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Today's news - Missouri

Letter: Proposition A hurts all workers, union or nonunion 2018-07-15 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

Political mailer that pretends to be pro-union is really from the Koch brothers 2018-07-13 [KSCity Star Editorial]

Could Missouri RTW vote be a turnaround for labor? Unions hope so 2018-07-11 [Kansas City Star]

RTW supporters simply want weaker unions 2018-07-09 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

Workers in this town may become victims of the Trump trade war, but they're behind him no matter what 2018-07-06 [LATimes]

Workers fear steel tariffs could be nail in the coffin 2018-07-02 [Straits Times]

Trump ignored pleas from Harley-Davidson workers to save their jobs 2018-06-27 [Vox]

MO Democrats, labor join forces against right-to-work and to help McCaskill, Galloway 2018-06-25 [St Louis PR]

AFL-CIO President fires up union members to vote no on RTW 2018-06-24 [FOX]

Union members rally against RTW Proposition A in midtown St Louis Saturday morning 2018-06-23 [KPLR]

Kansas City area nurses picket over nurse-patient ratio, want change 2018-06-23 [KSHB]

Univ MO system president plans to appeal judge*s decision on MO Univ graduate workers 2018-06-23 [KMIZ]

More benefits for union workers 2018-06-21 [Cedar Republican]

Workers killed at downtown St. Louis construction site were using lift for first time after installation 2018-06-06 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

Still not clear how 2 workers fell to their death in an elevator shaft 2018-06-05 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

Voters to decide fate of right-to-work issue in August 2018-06-04 [Joplin Globes]

GOP-controlled MO legislature passes bill requiring unions to get annual permission from workers to withhold dues from paychecks 2018-05-20 [Republic]

Missouri GOP-controlled Senate OKs prevailing wage bill 2018-05-18 [WTOP]

Missouri GOP lawmakers reschedule election, change union rules 2018-05-18 [Hastings Tribune]

Missouri Senate passes regulations against public unions 2018-05-18 [News Tribune]

Letter Carriers: Stamp Out Hunger brings in 250,000 pounds of food for local pantries 2018-05-16 [KSPR]

Legislator says Right-to-work movement started by ‘known racist’ 2018-05-15 [MO Net]

Union believes some of Kansas City Harley-Davidson jobs heading to Thailand 2018-05-14 [KCTV]

Univ WA Postdocs Form Union 2018-05-14 [Inside Higher Ed]

Union: Harley-Davidson will ship work to Thailand from closing U.S. plant 2018-05-11 [USAToday]

50 houses get free electrical repairs, thanks to St. Louis area union and contractors 2018-04-29 [Today]

Wash Univ Graduate Workers Union, Fossil Free protest Saturday 2018-04-16 [Student Life]

Democrats hope blue wave will buoy McCaskill and Galloway — and drown RTW 2018-04-08 [News-Leader]

State Senate Passes Bill on Government Whistleblowers 2018-04-06 [USNews]

Labor issues will likely be a focus for Democrats in 2018 2018-03-30 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

Union workers rally in Jefferson City against ‘right-to-work’ 2018-03-29 [Fox 2 St. Louis]

Union members rally against right-to-work law 2018-03-29 [News Tribune]

Union members rally at Missouri Capitol against right-to-work 2018-03-29 [MO Net]

Labor to Rally Wednesday at Missouri Capitol 2018-03-28 [Ozarks First]

U.S. Steel to bring back 500 workers in Granite City 2018-03-07 [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Wash Univ Grad Workers Union rallies, advocates for summer funding, more leave 2018-02-19 [Student Life]

Labor board officer legitimizes Dollar General union vote 2018-02-10 [Missourian]

Lawmakers revive efforts to eliminate Missouri’s prevailing wage law 2018-01-26 [KBIA]

SEIU workers will try mediation with Ferguson nursing home 2018-01-12 [St Louis American]

Proposal would make it harder for people to sue corporations 2018-01-09 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

A Dollar General voted to unionize -- then a manager at another store asked about it and was fired 2018-01-09 [Intercept]

Anti-union effort nets $750,000 from Greitens-linked group 2018-01-05 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

Labor, lawsuits on GOP agenda for 2018 Legislature 2018-01-03 [Albany Times Union]

Throughout Columbia, a small cadre of workers keeps things running on Christmas 2017-12-26 [Missourian]

Union for striking nursing home employees says they're being replaced 2017-12-23 [KMOV]

Ferguson Christian Care nursing home tells striking workers they'll be replaced 2017-12-23 [St Louis PR]

Dollar General in Auxvasse requests union vote recount 2017-12-17 [Fulton Sun]

Dollar General contests vote to unionize at Auxvasse store For more info 2017-12-16 [Missourian]

Union manager, City manager react to Water Protection union vote 2017-12-13 [The News-Press]

City water workers could unionize 2017-12-12 [The News-Press]

This month in labour history

4-07-1840 Tenants in upstate New York issue a 'Declaration of Independence', beginning a five-year Anti-Rent War [more]

5-07-1934 Two strikers are killed fighting police, scabs, and the National Guard during the San Francisco longshoremen's strike [more]

6-07-1892 Striking workers defeat and force the surrender of Pinkerton agents during the Homestead Strike in Pennsylvania [more]

8-07-1966 The largest strike in aviation history begins, shutting down 60 per cent of the US airline industry for six weeks [more]

10-07-1902 112 miners die in an explosion in the Rolling Mill Mine in Pennsylvania [more]

12-07-1933 The Screen Actors Guild holds its first meeting. Among those attending: future horror movie star and union activist, Boris Karloff. [more]

15-07-1959 Half a million steelworkers across the country strike for a pay increase in their new contract [more]

16-07-1934 The San Francisco Labor Council calls a city-wide general strike in support of longshoremen, which succeeds in winning most of the workers' main demands after four days. [more]

18-07-1969 African American hopsital workers in South Carolina win union recognition after a 113-day strike [more]

20-07-1899 Newsboys in New York go on strike against press giants Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst [more]

21-07-1877 The government attempts to violently suppress the great railroad strike in Pennsylvania [more]

22-07-1916 A bomb was is set off during a parade in San Francisco, killing 10 and injuring 40. Labour organizer Tom Mooney,and Warren Billings, a shoe worker, were convicted of the crime, but both were pardoned 23 years later [more]

25-07-1907 Trotskyist labor organizer and leader of the 1934 Minneapolis teamsters' strike Farrell Dobbs is born [more]

26-07-1877 Thirty workers are killed in the Battle of Halsted Street Viaduct during the railroad strike in Chicago. [more]

29-07-1970 The United Farm Workers sign their first collective bargaining agreement with California grape growers [more]

30-07-1975 Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa disappears from a parking lot in Oakland County and is never seen again [more]