LabourStart's Photo of the Day Archive - 2017

20170102 : Around the world, healthcare workers are under pressure to do more with less while facing abuse and violence from patients and the public who blame them for cuts to services. Unions are fighting back from Kenya to Canada to Uruguay. In November French nurses struck over their workloads. This homemade sign reads: 'health at risk, on strike, exhausted.' (Photo: doubichlou14 via Flickr) Click here to read more labour news from France.

20170109 : With Trump about to take office unions and social movements in favour of easier unionization and raising the minimum wage in the USA are preparing new strategies and getting ready to redouble their efforts. Demonstrations like this one last summer are likely to continue. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue) Click here to read more labour news from the USA.

20170116 : 500,000 Italian garment, textile and footwear workers struck work on 13 January to press their demand for the renewal of a national labour agreement. Employer representatives have delayed negotiations for over 10 months. (Photo: IndustriALL) Click here to read more labour news from Italy.

20170123 : This planeload of Canadian women trade unionists was just a tiny proportion of the millions of women around the world who took part in the Women's March on Washington or in one of the hundreds of solidarity marches around the world. (Photo: A. Addario) Click here to read more labour news from the USA.

20170130 : In mid-January workers at The Chronicle-Herald, the major newspaper in eastern Canada, marked one year on the picket lines as they resisted their employer's attempt to gut their collective agreement. (Photo: HTU-CWA) Click here to read more labour news from Canada.

20170206 : Around the world trade unions joined in on the Women's March on Washington and solidarity marches in dozens of cities and towns to protest the inaugeration of the President of the USA. (Photo: USW) Click here to read more labour news from the USA.

20170213 : Barcelona's famous La Rambla was the site of a union-organized 'popular occupation' on 28 January as workers protested government social and economic policies. (Photo: CGT) Click here to read more labour news from Spain.

20170220 : Giulio Regeni was an Italian labour rights activist and researcher whose horribly mutilated body was found beside a road in Egypt. On 3 February 2017 trade unionists and friends marked the first anniversary of his death. Candle-lightings like this one in Cambridge UK took place around the world. (Photo: A. Hickson) Click here to read more labour news from Egypt.

20170227 : On 29 November across France the CGT organized events in support of gender wage equity. In English this poster reads "Me, when I grow up I will have a man's salary!"(Photo: P. Rey) Click here to read more labour news from France.

20170306 : on 25 February unions and their allies organized marches and rallies across the UK, like this one in Norwich, to demand an end to health service cuts. (Photo: R. Blackwell) Click here to read more labour news from the UK.

20170313 : Last week women workers around the world marched, rallied and struck work to mark International Women's Day. Here Canadian workers march through a freezing Toronto on their way to a rally. (Photo: OFL) Click here to read more news about women workers.

20170320 : The Amalgamated Trade Unions of Swaziland (Atuswa) is fighting for recognition of the union at a garment factory, Fashion International. Management at Fashion International has rejected union membership forms signed by 1,600 of the 1,900 employees. Here organizers conduct a meeting 0n 16 March with the workers at the factory gates. (Photo: IndustriALL) Click here to read more union news from Swaziland.

20170327 : On 9 March education workers struck and their unions organized marches across Spain (this one is in Barcelona) to protest cuts to public education. (Photo: Fotomovimiento) Click here to read more labour news from Spain.

20170403 : The global union for transport workers, the ITF, facilitated a first meeting of 3 Kenyan transport workers in late March to co-ordinate their response to the development of bus-based rapid transit in Nairobi. (Photo: ITF) Click here to read more labour news from Kenya.

20170410 : Photo evidence of the abuse of migrants workers in Qatar from camps housing thousands of workers has been collected over many years by the International Trade Union Confederation in support of its global campaign to end modern day slavery. (Photo: ITUC) Click here to read more labour news from Qatar.

20170417 : These members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union in training to become elected Health and Safety Reps and Samantha Bond of Union Aid Abroad joined in the worldwide #StandWithRajendra campaign as part of Global Asbestos Week. (Photo: C. O'Connor/AMWU) Click here to read more labour news from Australia and here to demand a ban on asbestos.

20170424 : On 31 March Brazilian unions organized one in a series of national days of protest against the dismantling of that country's social safety net. (Photo: SINASEFE) Click here to read more labour news from Brazil.

20170501 : Each year on 28 April unions around the globe honour those injured or killed by their jobs. Here a member of the Steelworkers union attends an event in Toronto Canada. His sign reads 'I remember'.(Photo: USW/Metallos) Click here to read more union health and safety news from around the world.

20170508 : May Day is not a public holiday in the USA but in recent years it has become a day of protest by workers. This year International Workers Day was marked by strikes across the country and demands for an increase in the minimum wage, respect for the right to organize and for migrant workers rights.(Photo: C. Goodwin ) Click here to read more union news from the USA.

20170515 : May Day is celebrated across the Philippines. This march took place in Manilla. (Photo: Sentro Unions ) Click here to read more union news from the Philippines.

20170522 : Argentinian workers show solidarity for their colleagues in the ongoing Spanish dockers' dispute. (Photo: ITF) Click here to read more union news from Argentina.

20170529 : On 27 May Spanish unions and their partners organized Marchas de la dignidad (March for Dignity) to demand decent work and to protest the precarious work, low wages and high unemplyment made possible by government austerity policies since 2012. (Photo: Fotomovimiento) Click here to read more union news from Spain.

20170605 : This crowd of 60,000 in Istanbul was one of several across Turkey that marked May Day this year despite government repression. (Photo: DISK) Click here to read more union news from Turkey.

20170612 : Barcelona Spain: On International Sex Workers Day, or International Whores' Day, on June 2 of each year, honours sex workers and recognises their often exploited working conditions. The event commemorates the occupation of Église Saint-Nizier in Lyon France by more than a hundred sex workers on 2 June 1975 to draw attention to their inhumane working conditions. (Photo: Fotomovimiento) Click here to read more health and safety news on our H&S newswire.

20170619 : Cleaning services at the London Scool of Economics have been contracted-out to employers offering working conditions far inferior to those enjoyed by the LSE's own employees. The cleaners, mostly migrants, have already struck won concessions from the university. Their struggle continues. (Photo: UVW) Click here to read more union news from the UK.

20170626 : The International Union of Foodworkers (IUF) organized a demo in solidarity with Algerian unions during the recent ILO conference in Geneva. To highlight ongoing, brutal violations of fundamental worker rights by the government of Algeria trade unionists travelled from Algeria to Geneva and called for an end to the systematic government repression of workers seeking to organize independent trade unions. (Photo: IUF) Click here to read more union news from Algeria.

20170703 : US President Trump has triggered the re-negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Unions across North America like the Communications Workers of America (pictured here in Washington) are organizing to press for a people-friendly NAFTA rather than the current agreement which has forced a downward spiral in labour standards for workers in Canada, Mexico and the USA. (Photo: CWA) Click here to read more union news from North America.

20170710 : Last Monday 13 women died in a Bangladeshi garment factory explosion. On Saturday an unknown number died and were injured in a garment factory fire. The Bangladeshi garment industry supplies clothing to global brands and its products are sold around the world. (Photo: The Solidarity Centre) Click here to read more union news from Bangladesh.

20170717 : Globally, transport workers and their unions like these Dutch airline employees, led by the ITF, are working to collect and distribute information about TISA, the Trade in Services Agreement, and the dangers it poses to workers rights, working conditions and democractic processes in the EU and 22 other countries. (Photo: FNV/ITF) Click here to read more global union news.

20170724 : Union activist and anti-Apartheid hero Emma Mashinini died earlier this month in South Africa. 'Mamma Emma', as she was known, was a key figure in the founding of COSATU. (Photo: UNI) Click here to read more union news from South Africa.

20170731 : Canadian workers are facing a widespread and co-ordinated attack on their pensions and on benefits for retired workers. These members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees were locked-out when they refused to agree to cuts to post-retirement benefits by their employer - an insurance company that provides those benefits. (Photo: D. Gawthrop) Click here to read more union news from Canada.

20170807 : Georgian unions won a victory for worker privacy last month when courts ordered supermarket chain Fresco to stop electronic monitoring of employees. Even changing rooms and washrooms had been under surviellance. (Photo: GTUC) Click here to read more union news from Georgia.

20170814 : The Nepalese trade union centre GEFONT recently celebrated the affiliation of Radisson Hotel workers to its Independent Hotel & Restaurant Workers Union. (Photo: GEFONT) Click here to read more union news from Nepal.