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Health care workers, doctors go on strike demanding pay raise, better working conditions

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Health care workers, doctors go on strike demanding pay raise, better working conditions 2023-11-29 [Anadolu Agency]

Palestine Greece: Enormous demonstrations in supportof Palestine 2023-11-01 [WFTU]

Palestine Pro-Palestinian rally held in Greek capital 2023-10-19 [AA]

Greece CITU congradulates PAME and Greek working class on their successful all workers strike 2023-10-01 [CITU]

Murdered, surveilled and sued: decisive action needed to protect journalists and salvage press freedom in Greece 2023-09-28 [EFJ]

Thousands of Greece public workers strike against new labor laws 2023-09-25 [Jurist]

Díaz pide a Sánchez lanzar desde España una 'ola progresista' contra los recortes iniciados en Grecia 2023-09-24 [Publico]

India CITU Congratulates PAME and Greek Working class for their successful All Workers Strike 2023-09-23 [CITU]

Esclavitud capitalista 2023-09-22 [Rel UITA]

Greece Ofensivas patronales y gubernamentales contra la jornada de ocho horas 2023-09-22 [Rel UITA]

Trabajadores estatales de Grecia rechazan posibles cambios en la legislación laboral 2023-09-22 [France 24]

Thousands of Greeks rally as state workers strike over labour law plans 2023-09-22 [Reuters]

WFTU solidarity statement on the general strike in Greece 2023-09-22 [WFTU]

Sindicatos protestan contra nueva ley laboral 2023-09-21 [TeleSUR]

Trade Unions in Greece Strike Against New Labor Bill 2023-09-21 [Greek Reporter]

Swift investigations required after two attacks against journalists 2023-09-05 [EFJ]

Greek water workers achieve success as water companies return to state control 2023-08-07 [EPSI]

Arbeidere ved turistattraksjonen Akropolis går ut i streik 2023-07-19 [VG]

VIDEO  Strage di Pylos, non è mai fatalità 2023-06-21 [Collettiva]

Union organised a two-day Safety Training for journalists 2023-06-01 [EFJ]

Businesses brace for salary hikes 2023-05-25 [Kathimerini]

IFJ board meets Greek President to discuss press freedom 2023-04-22 [IFJ]

IFJ board meets Greek President to discuss press freedom 2023-04-22 [IFJ]

MFRR to fund legal appeal for lawsuit against Alterthess 2023-04-20 [EFJ]

Grèce : une collision ferroviaire à l’origine de l’explosion sociale 2023-04-14 [FO]

Global IFJ prepares for General Assembly and Executive Committee meetings 2023-04-14 [IFJ]

Impunity continues two years after murder of journalist Giorgos Karaivaz 2023-04-13 [EFJ]

WFTU solidarity statement with PAME against the privatization of the water in Greece 2023-03-28 [WFTU]

Jernbanekatastrofen var en ventet katastrofe 2023-03-22 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Cabbies are taking a stand 2023-03-19 [Kathimerini]

VIDEO  Incidente ferroviario in Grecia, ancora scontri tra manifestanti e polizia ad Atene a quasi un mese dal disastro costato la vita a 57 persone 2023-03-17 [Il fatto quotidiano]

Striking Greeks protest over deadly train crash 2023-03-16 [Reuters]

Confrontos com a polícia marcam manifestação de 50 mil pessoas na Grécia após acidente ferroviário 2023-03-09 [Observador]

Kraftige sammenstøt i Aten etter togulykken 2023-03-08 [NRK]

WFTU solidarity statement with strike of Greek working class for the train crash 2023-03-08 [WFTU]

Workers join walkout over deadly train crash 2023-03-08 [Saltwire]

WFTU solidarity statement regarding the train collision in Larissa city 2023-03-04 [WFTU]

Jernbanearbeidere går ut i streik etter togulykken 2023-03-02 [abc nyheter/NTB]

New Training Centre for the Safety of Journalists and Media Professionals established in Greece 2023-01-31 [EFJ]

Doctors and healthcare workers of Greece begin week of strikes in defence of public hospitals 2022-11-29 [WFTU]

Trash piling up on streets of Thessaloniki as striking workers dig in their heels 2022-11-29 [Kathimerini]

Всеобщая забастовка в Греции: митинг в Афинах перерос в беспорядки 2022-11-11 []

Workers stage second 24-hour strike this year over cost of living 2022-11-10 [The Guardian]

Nationwide strike over inflation disrupts transport 2022-11-10 [Al Jazeera]

Clashes in Greece as strikes over inflation disrupt public transport Access to the comments 2022-11-10 [Euronews]

WFTU in solidarity with the national general strike in Greece on November 9th 2022 2022-11-09 [WFTU]

Vinarbeiderne på Malamatina streiker for alle 2022-10-22 [Radikal portal]

SLAPP award winner Grigoris Dimitriadis urged to drop defamation lawsuit 2022-10-21 [EFJ]

WFTU solidarity statement with the workers of Malamatina factory 2022-10-13 [WFTU]

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