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USA Colorado Majority of Colorado workers support a COVID-19 liability shield for employers 2020-09-12 [Denver Post]

USA California ‘I am part of the collateral damage’: Trump’s TikTok battle creates nightmare for some tech workers 2020-09-12 [LATimes]

USA Wisconsin Young Workers Committee to Hold Essential Workers Rally 2020-09-12 [Milwaukee Courier]

USA Smithfield Fined for Failing to Protect Workers from COVID-19 2020-09-12 [CFO]

USA Smithfield Foods Cited For Failing to Protect Workers From COVID-19 2020-09-12 [Modern Farmer]

USA Covid Is Clobbering America’s Farm Workers 2020-09-12 [Bloomberg]

USA Maryland Workers react to end of hazard pay amid coronavirus pandemic 2020-09-12 [WBAL]

USA The pandemic is a referendum on the value of work 2020-09-12 [The Globe and Mail]

USA California 9/11 & Maximum Yield: John Sferazo Ironworker 9/11 First Responder For more info 2020-09-12 [LVP]

USA Louisiana New Orleans Sanitation Workers Strike & Solidarity From Seattle and Tacoma For more info 2020-09-12 [LVP]

USA On This Day of Remembrance, We Must Honor Our Heroes By Addressing The Trump Administration’s Draining Of The 9/11 Fund For First Responders 2020-09-11 [Ring Side Report]

USA Union battle over New York school re-opening 2020-09-11 [Workersliberty]

USA Massachusetts ‘Educators will not be silenced’: State teachers union responds to ruling of illegal strike in Andover 2020-09-11 []

USA Mail-in elections, Zoom meetings and countless texts: Unions are mobilizing during the pandemic, even if it's awkward and messy 2020-09-11 [Washington Post ]

USA California Pacifica’s Covid, Race & Democracy On LaborDay 2020 For more info 2020-09-09 [Pacifica]

USA Labor unions plan to turn out an army of poll workers for the election 2020-09-08 [Huff Po]

USA Ohio Labor Unions Launch Website to Encourage COVID Safety 2020-09-08 [WCPN]

USA New York Is Taxing the Rich the Answer to N.Y.’s Budget Deficit? 2020-09-08 [NYTimes]

USA Covid-19 shows factory food production is dangerous for animals and humans alike 2020-09-08 [The Guardian]

USA California Labor Day Unite Here 2 and SEIU 87 Protest Lyft Union Busting & For Healthcare and Income With Covid For more info 2020-09-08 [LVP]

USA A Rebecca Friedrichs Reader 2020-09-08 [Curmudgucation]

USA Michigan With strike averted now, nursing home workers rally in Detroit For more info 2020-09-07 []

USA How Central American Migrants Helped Revive the U.S. Labor Movement 2020-09-07 [Maryland Matters]

USA Unions pledge walkoffs, job actions to support 'Black Lives Matter' before election 2020-09-07 [Fox]

UK Assange should not be extradited 2020-09-07 [NUJ]

USA How gig workers are surviving the pandemic 2020-09-07 [CNBC]

USA Pennsylvania Double Trouble for Service Workers: No Jobs and Little Unemployment 2020-09-07 [Chief Organizer]

USA Educators support Joe Biden’s stance on workers’ rights and unions 2020-09-07 [NEA]

USA Minnesota Allina Health technical workers set to strike at Shakopee, Minneapolis hospitals 2020-09-07 [MN Bring Me the News]

USA Texas In Texas, the lowest-income workers don’t qualify for additional unemployment aid 2020-09-07 [KETK]

USA People with disabilities, families, workers suffer as GOP-Dominated Congress adjourns 2020-09-07 [Boston Herald]

USA California Domestic workers like me deserve health and safety protections like other workers 2020-09-06 [Cal Matters]

USA How Remote Workers Can Recognize Burnout And 6 Actions To Take 2020-09-06 [Forbes]

USA Front-line workers this Labor Day: essential, but not secure 2020-09-06 [AJC]

USA Postmaster Genl DeJoy Pressured Workers to Donate to G.O.P. Candidates, Former Employees Say 2020-09-06 [NYTimes]

USA Arkansas VA AFGE union workers plan Labor Day demonstration 2020-09-06 [AR Times]

USA OSHA Abdicates Duty to Make Worksites Safe 2020-09-06 [OR AFL-CIO]

USA The Impact of Climate Change on American Workers’ Health 2020-09-06 [Giving Compass]

USA Tompkins County Labor Day Broadcast: Essential Workers DESERVE MORE Than Gratitude! 2020-09-06 [TC Workers' Center]

USA Who needs unions, anyway? We all do 2020-09-06 [NJ]

USA Kentucky Union workers at Appliance Park, GE reach a deal on a tentative contract 2020-09-06 [Courier-Journal]

USA Factory Owners Hiking Pay to Lure Workers Even With Jobless Rate 2020-09-06 [Bloomberg]

USA Not much to celebrate this Labor Day because workers need more power 2020-09-06 [WI State Journal]

USA Florida Univ Miami contract workers, faculty stage ‘die-in’ protest demanding response from administration over safety concerns amid the pandemic 2020-09-06 [Miami Hurricane]

USA SGreenhouse: When Republicans and Unions Got Along 2020-09-06 [NYTimes]

USA Massachusetts Labor organizers plan series of socially distanced rallies 2020-09-06 [SFChronicle]

USA Wisconsin AFL-CIO Hosting Labor Day Events All Around Wisconsin 2020-09-06 [Spectrum]

USA Student and worker visa restrictions do nothing to help the country 2020-09-06 [Courant]

USA Lee Saunders: To honor Labor Day, aid our front-line workers 2020-09-06 [Courier Times]

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