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USA AFSCME Members Rally to Protect LGBTQ Rights 2019-10-11 [AFSCME]

USA Alaska Already under siege, labor unions face a new threat from Alaska 2019-10-11 [NYT]

USA Restaurants, food banks and union members step up to feed striking UAW workers 2019-10-11 [Forbes]

USA Why Is the American Federation of Teachers Giving Away Educators’ Rights in Puerto Rico? 2019-10-10 [Jacobin]

USA Nevada Why Nevada’s Culinary Union isn’t buying Medicare for All 2019-10-10 [PBS]

USA California Plea to protect PG&E workers goes viral: 'These men and women have families' 2019-10-10 [ABC]

USA Texas Houston Mayor Turner issues order boosting Houston airport worker wages to $12 an hour 2019-10-10 [Houston Chronicle]

USA Home care workers protest over ‘chronic problems’ with getting paid on time 2019-10-10 [Hartford Courant]

USA LGBTQ workers need unions and stronger labor laws to fight discrimination 2019-10-10 [Jacobin]

USA The Radical Manifesto Embraced by Google Workers and Uber Drivers 2019-10-10 [NYTimes]

USA West Virginia Huntington Hospital Affiliates with SIEU 2019-10-10 [Huntington News]

USA Oregon Local AFSCME filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the city of Eugene 2019-10-10 [Eugene Weekly]

USA California San Jose County Union Workers Hit 7Th Day Of Strikes 2019-10-10 [SFGate]

USA Hawaii Honolulu council passes union construction bill 2019-10-10 [Pacific Biz News]

USA Massachusetts MA AFL-CIO Vote to Vet Presidential Candidates on Medicare for All, Breaking With National Labor Federation 2019-10-10 [Intercept]

USA In scathing lawsuit, Southwest pilots’ union says Boeing 737 MAX was unsafe 2019-10-10 [Seattle Times]

Canada Solidarity with UAW Strikers 2019-10-10 [The Bullet]

USA Lufthansa to profit from LSG Sky Chefs sale while its US workers protest poverty wages 2019-10-10 [ITF]

USA West Virginia Registered nurses at Cabell Huntington Hospital announce plans for a union 2019-10-10 [WSAZ]

USA Minnesota Supreme Court rules in favor of Firefighters Union in dispute with Brainerd City Hall 2019-10-10 [Star Tribune]

USA Minnesota City’s Firing of All Full-Time Union Firefighters Broke the Law 2019-10-10 [Bloomberg]

USA Illinois CTU says union contract negotiations should be livestreamed to the public. It has a point 2019-10-10 [IL Policy]

USA Trumka says fast action on trade pact with Canada and Mexico would be 'colossal mistake' 2019-10-09 [Washington Post]

USA California Social workers join sixth day of strike by Santa Clara County workers 2019-10-09 [Mountain View Voice]

USA UAW union pushes GM to boost U.S. auto production 2019-10-09 [Reuters]

USA Illinois Will Chicago Teachers Be Next to Strike? 2019-10-09 [TruthOut]

USA Pennsylvania Pitt files exception to proposed grad union ruling 2019-10-09 [Pitt News]

USA Massachusetts Harvard Advises Faculty to Prepare after Union Moves to Vote for Strike Authorization 2019-10-09 [Harvard Crimson]

USA Washington Labor Dispute Involving Centralia Grocery Warehouse Resolved in Favor of Workers 2019-10-09 [Daily Chronicle]

USA Pennsylvania WHYY says it will not recognize the union. Now what? 2019-10-09 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

USA Alaska Already Under Siege, Labor Unions Face a New Threat From Alaska Governor 2019-10-09 [NYTimes]

USA Employees Report Threatening Anti-LGBT Harassment, Retaliation at National Science Foundation 2019-10-09 [Gov Exec]

USA Massachusetts As Grad Union Vows to Authorize Strike, Organizers Rally for Support 2019-10-09 [Harvard Crimson]

USA More than 5,000 hotels add security devices to protect workers from sexual harassment 2019-10-09 [LATimes]

USA Strike Continues After 22 Days as United Auto Workers Reject GM Offer 2019-10-09 [KTLA]

USA Trump administration tells agencies to restrict unions in the workplace 2019-10-08 [Washington Post]

USA Massachusetts Harvard Graduate Union to Hold Strike Authorization Vote 2019-10-08 [Harvard Crimson]

USA Event focuses on the advantages of unionized labor 2019-10-08 [Citizens' Voice]

USA Restaurants Would Get More 'Flexibility' With Workers' Tips Under Proposed Trump Administration Rule 2019-10-08 [NPR]

USA GE to Freeze Pensions for 20,000 Workers 2019-10-08 [WSJ]

USA Massachusetts Boston Globe workers rally to protest over 100 job cuts 2019-10-08 [Boston Biz Jrnl]

USA California Santa Clara County Employees Enter 5th Day Of Strike 2019-10-08 [KPIX]

USA Meat Workers’ Union Sues Over New Faster Processing Hog Rule 2019-10-08 [Food Processing]

USA Restaurants, Food Banks And Union Members Step Up To Feed Striking UAW Workers 2019-10-07 [Forbes]

USA UAW official charged in corruption probe takes leave of absence 2019-10-07 [Crain's Detroit Biz]

USA 'Laughed out of interviews': Trans workers discuss job discrimination 2019-10-07 [NBC]

USA Biz groups say Warren labor plan would be disaster 2019-10-07 [The Hill]

USA Massachusetts Hundreds march in solidarity with Battery Wharf hotel workers one month into strike 2019-10-07 [BU News Service]

USA Here's why you still can't get a raise, even with unemployment at a 50-year low 2019-10-07 [Markets Insider]

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