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USA Pennsylvania Black Garbage Workers Go on Wildcat Strike in Pittsburgh as General Strike Wave Spreads 2020-03-26 [Payday Report]

USA Georgia 'This is not a playing matter': Perdue plant employees walk out over COVID-19 concerns 2020-03-26 [13WMAZ]

USA New York UPS Workers, The IBT, H/S and The Coronavirus with NYC Local 804 Former Health and Safety Director For more info 2020-03-26 [Labor Video Project]

USA Amazon workers have been infected with coronavirus in 10 warehouses across the U.S. 2020-03-25 [Boing Boing]

USA N.F.L. Labor Deal Trades Pension Gains for Disability Payment Hit 2020-03-25 [NY Times]

USA New York 109th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire 2020-03-25 [Jewish Labor Committee]

USA Here's How To Help Laid-Off Shift & Gig Workers During The Coronavirus Pandemic 2020-03-25 [The Elite Daily]

USA AFSCME endorses Joe Biden 2020-03-24 [Washington Post]

USA Maryland Baltimore Police union says department lacks hand sanitizer and other basic supplies amid coronavirus spread 2020-03-23 [Baltimore Sun]

USA Make a call: Working People's Demands in Response to Coronavirus 2020-03-23 [AFL-CIO]

USA New York Laid-off eatery workers face health-insurance crisis amid coronavirus 2020-03-23 [NYPost]

USA Americans urged to cheer from their windows Sunday night to show support for health care workers 2020-03-23 [CNN]

USA Robert Reich: Bail out families, not corporations 2020-03-22 [Union Bulletin]

USA Managing COVID-19 in a Union Workforce in the US 2020-03-22 [Global Compliance News]

USA Pennsylvania Union Grocery Workers and Retail Workers to Get Increased Wages 2020-03-22 [Erie News Now]

USA Coronavirus a 'public health disaster' for struggling rideshare drivers and gig economy, organizer says 2020-03-21 [ABC]

USA Indiana NWI unions donating masks to health care workers in COVID-19 battle 2020-03-21 [The Times]

USA Put Workers First in any Airline & Airport Bailout! 2020-03-21 [Unite Here]

USA Organizing in a Pandemic: Labor Notes Resources 2020-03-21 [Labor Notes]

USA California At Port of Oakland, ILWU Tells SAA We Want Health & Safety For COVID-19 To Protect Our Members and Community NOW! For more info 2020-03-21 [LVP]

USA Trump Accused of Exploiting Coronavirus Pandemic to Advance 'Truly Disgraceful' Union-Busting Effort 2020-03-20 [Common Dreams]

USA New York NY Gov Issues Statewide Stay-At-Home Order For All Non-Essential Workers 2020-03-20 [BingePost]

USA California Netflix sets up $100-million coronavirus relief fund for Hollywood workers 2020-03-20 [LATimes]

USA New York Hospitality labor union estimates COVID-19 pandemic will wipe out 90% of jobs 2020-03-20 [KTSA]

USA USW: COVID-19 Resources for Workers 2020-03-20 [USW]

USA Unions, Theater Owners Call for Emergency Relief for Entertainment Workers 2020-03-20 [Hollywood Reporter]

USA Even the coronavirus can’t stop union organizing 2020-03-20 [nwLaborPress]

USA Department For Professional Employees Calls On Federal Government To Protect Entertainment Industry Workers 2020-03-20 [Deadline]

USA One astonishing chart shows the carnage underway in the US labor market as a result of the coronavirus 2020-03-20 [Business Insider]

USA Trump is Using the Coronavirus Pandemic as an Excuse For Union Busting, Says Report 2020-03-20 [Daily Beast]

USA California Calif. Calls For Misclassified Worker Benefits Rise Over Virus 2020-03-20 [Law360]

USA Federal Employees Complain Of Unclear Guidance On Telework 2020-03-20 [WAMU]

USA DOJ Settles Claim Against Maryland Construction Firm for Discriminating Against U.S. Workers 2020-03-20 [DOJ]

USA Not everybody can work from home 2020-03-20 [EPI]

USA Restaurant workers scrambling for resources as they face unemployment 2020-03-20 [Boston Globe]

USA Coronavirus Triggers Wave of U.S. Workers Filing for Jobless Benefits 2020-03-20 [WSJ]

USA Everything Restaurant and Delivery Workers Need to Know About the New Paid Sick Leave Laws 2020-03-20 [Eater]

USA New sick-leave law does not hlep workers who need it most 2020-03-20 [Wash Post]

USA RWDSU Pres: Workers on the front lines need our support during crisis 2020-03-20 [Amsterdam News]

USA Illinois Coronavirus Chicago: With venues closed, thousands of union employees are unemployed 2020-03-20 [ABC]

USA Pennsylvania Union: Hundreds of Philadelphia airport layoffs amid virus 2020-03-20 [Yahoo!]

USA California WorkWeek On SF Housing Dean Preston, ILWU Port Safety & UCSF AFSCME 3299 Cancer Cluster For more info 2020-03-20 [WorkWeek]

USA Minnesota and Vermont will classify grocery store employees as emergency workers 2020-03-20 [CNN]

USA Sanders' socialist plan for the pandemic 2020-03-19 [Workersliberty]

USA New York Plight of Retail Workers: ‘I’m Scared to Go to Work’ 2020-03-19 [NYTimes]

USA Verizon Unions Win Model Paid Leave Policy for Coronavirus—Will Other Unions Demand the Same? 2020-03-19 [Labor Notes]

USA New York Coronavirus in NY: Restaurants announce mass layoffs as pandemic puts city in chokehold 2020-03-19 [NYPost]

USA Colorado Colorado workers on front lines of coronavirus say they lack resources, training 2020-03-19 [OutThere]

USA Kentucky UPS workers say company isn't doing enough to protect them from COVID-19 2020-03-19 [WDRB]

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