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Today's news - Connecticut

State Board May Approve Two New Charter Schools Wednesday For more info 2018-10-03 [The Courant]

Local labor unions react to Amazon raising minimum wage 2018-10-03 [FOX]

State workers loyal to unions despite right to end dues 2018-09-30 [The Post]

Judicial eliminates Supreme Court police, including position held by union president 2018-09-26 [CT Mirror]

Complaint: General Manager John Bilda threatened NPU union leader 2018-09-26 [Bulletin]

Close to 200 aerospace workers go on strike 2018-09-19 [New Haven Register]

Without agreement, union striking at United Tech Corp in Cheshire 2018-09-17 [My Record Jrnl]

NLRB Orders Fired Terex Corp Workers Reinstated In Union Row 2018-08-23 [Law360]

State employees receive $2,000 bonuses For more info 2018-07-23 [The Courant]

Jewish Community Unites In Support of Unionizing Hotel Employees at Stamford Hilton 2018-07-11 [The Forward]

Teachers’ union files labor complaint 2018-07-10 [CTPost]

State AFL-CIO Backs Outsiders at State Political Convention 2018-06-23 [Hartford Courant]

Advocates to rally for higher wages, anti-poverty programs 2018-06-11 [Bristol Herald Courier]

Advocates to rally for higher wages, anti-poverty programs 2018-06-10 [SFChronicle]

Lawmakers fail to vote on minimum-wage hike 2018-05-11 [WTNH]

Republicans propose amendment to roll back union dominance 2018-05-10 [Yankee Institute]

Union calls off threatened strike after Senate passes raise 2018-05-07 [WTNH]

Female night custodians demand safer work conditions, greater University accountability 2018-05-04 [The Daily]

Thousands of CT health care workers could go on strike 2018-05-04 [News12]

To avert a strike, CT House boosts money for care of the disabled 2018-05-03 [CTMirror]

Black Robe Backlash against Gov's nominees for the bench​​ For more info 2018-04-23 [WTNH-TV Channel 8 News]

New England SEIU Pres: Workers have postponed strike — for now 2018-04-22 [CT Mirror]

Foxwoods cleaning, maintenance workers vote to join union 2018-04-21 [The Day]

Union election at Foxwoods as CT tribes push back against federal labor laws 2018-04-20 [CTMirror]

Union Workers Who Help Disabled Seeking Raises 2018-04-14 [Hartford Courant]

Business, Unions Face Off Over *Captive Audience* Workplace Meetings 2018-04-11 [Hartford Courant]

AFSCME local 3144 in New Haven puts contract vote on hold, demands explanation of medical benefits, fines 2018-04-08 [New Haven Register]

The Women on the Front Lines of Unionization at the Stamford Hilton Hotel 2018-04-06 [Truth Out]

It's hard fighting billionaires, but I'm sticking with the union 2018-03-29 [Hartford Courant]

Labor offers harsh critique of CEO-led commission report 2018-03-21 [Hartford Biz]

Blue educators protest recommended Norwalk Public Schools staff cuts For more info 2018-03-21 [Nancy on Norwalk]

Workers at Porcelen Specrail in Hamden strike for fair wages and benefits 2018-03-10 [New Haven Register]

Homecare Workers Seek A Living Wage 2018-03-08 [CT News Junkie]

Non-Essential State Workers To Be Sent Home Starting At Noon 2018-03-07 [CBS Connecticut]

A national public-sector union fight comes to Connecticut 2018-03-07 [CT Mirror]

In Lawsuit, UAW Accuses Colt's Of Layoffs, Moving Work From West Hartford 2018-03-06 [Hartford Courant]

Foxwoods workers petition for union votes 2018-03-04 [The Day]

Panel of business leaders urges state lawmakers to make sweeping changes, possibly hurting workers pensions 2018-03-02 [New Haven Register]

Union workers rally over Supreme Court case 2018-02-27 [Stamford Advocate]

CT Organized Labor Joins National Fight Over Public Sector Unions 2018-02-27 [Hartford Courant]

Wesleyan: USLAC Demands Fair Construction at Open Facilities Forum 2018-02-16 [Wesleyan Argus]

Hilton Hotel Workers Win Organizing Campaign 2018-02-12 [TalkingUnion]

Stamford Workers Show How to Transform Our Unions and Rebuild the Labor Movement 2018-02-11 [Truth Out]

Union leaders fire back at Capitol after attacks 2018-02-11 [CTPost]

*Time to Raise Up Workers!* Unions Declare at Start of Legislative Session 2018-02-09 [AFSCME]

Local 33 members dissent 2018-02-03 [Yale News]

In New Britain, union honors 50th anniversary of Memphis trash workers' deaths For more info 2018-02-02 [The Courant]

Does Vernon Have Too Many Paras? For more info 2018-02-01 [The Courant]

Stanford service workers’ friction with University has long history 2018-01-25 [The Daily]

Dining workers asked to remove stickers worn in protest of job conditions 2018-01-14 [The Daily]

This month in labour history

2-10-2007 Starbucks Workers Union baristas at an outlet in East Grand Rapids, Mich., organized by the Wobblies, win their grievances after the National Labor Relations Board cites the company for labor law violations, including threats against union activists. [more]

3-10-1932 The state militia is called in after 164 high school students in Kincaid, Ill., go on strike when the school board buys coal from the scab Peabody Coal Co. [more]

9-10-2003 Chicago sanitation workers end a nine-day strike, winning a 28% pay rise. [more]

9-10-1888 United Hebrew Trades founded in New York by socialist shirt-maker Morris Hillquit. [more]

10-10-1933 Pixley, CA: 18,000 cotton workers strike & ultimately win a pay raise; 4 workers killed during the strike. [more]

10-10-1933 Four workers are killed by cotton growers during a strike in Pixley, California. [more]

11-10-1873 The Miners’ National Association is formed in Youngstown, Ohio, with the goal of uniting all miners, regardless of skill or ethnic background. [more]

12-10-1898 The Battle of Virden massacre takes place in Illinois, as striking United Mine Workers fight scabs & guards. 11 killed. [more]

13-10-1934 American Federation of Labor votes to boycott German good to protest Nazi policies. [more]

15-10-1914 President Woodrow Wilson signs the Clayton Antitrust Act, often referred to as "Labor’s Magna Carta,"establishing that unions are not conspiracies under the law. [more]

16-10-1859 John Brown leads anti-slavery raid on Harper's Ferry. [more]

17-10-1939 Labor activist Warren Billings is released from California's Folsom Prison. Along with Thomas J. Mooney, Billings had been pardoned for a 1916 conviction stemming from a bomb explosion during a San Francisco Preparedness Day parade. [more]

18-10-1927 IWW Colorado Mine strike; first time all coal fields are out. [more]

18-10-1648 Shoemakers & coopers in Boston form guilds, first American workers orgs, though they focus on work quality not work conditions. [more]

19-10-1980 The J.P. Stevens textile company is forced to sign its first union contract after a 17-year struggle in North Carolina and other southern states. [more]

20-10-1926 Eugene V. Debs, leading American Socialist and trade unionist, dies. [more]

21-10-1902 In the United States, a five-month strike by United Mine Workers ends. [more]

22-10-1887 John Reed, the author of Ten Days That Shook the World, is born. [more]

22-10-1981 The US Federal Labor Relations Authority votes to decertify the Air Traffic Controllers Organization for its previous strike. [more]

24-10-1892 Black & white teamsters, salesmen & packers strike in New Orleans. Quickly turns into general strike for 10hr work day. [more]

25-10-1934 Strike by 23,000 silk dye workers in Paterson, NJ. [more]

25-10-2011 Workers at Bonus Car Wash in Santa Monica, CA, win a union contract for pay rises & improved benefits after a 2 year struggle. [more]

25-10-1949 Longshore workers in Hawaii win a strike for pay parity with their colleagues on the mainland. [more]

27-10-1951 The National Negro Labor Council is formed in Cincinnati to unite black workers in the struggle for full economic, political and social equality. [more]

30-10-1986 Ed Meese, attorney general in the Ronald Reagan administration, urges employers to begin spying on workers "in locker rooms, parking lots, shipping and mail room areas and even the nearby taverns" to try to catch them using drugs. [more]

31-10-1891 Tennessee sends in leased convict laborers to break a coal miners strike in Anderson County. The miners revolted, burned the stockades, and sent the captured convicts by train back to Knoxville [more]