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Today's news - Connecticut

Charter Oak Clinic Ordered To Pay Workers Fired For Promoting Safety After TB Scare 2017-06-20 [Hartford Courant]

Yale grad teachers union presses on w/ struggle for negotiated contract 2017-06-16 [Shadow Proof]

Union ad: Stop favoring the wealthy in CT budget 2017-06-03 [CT Mirror]

Senate Republicans say legislature can get better savings without union agreement 2017-06-01 [My Record Jrnl]

Union leaders circulating details of concession deal to state workers 2017-05-29 [My Record Jrnl]

Update on Yale graduate student unionization 2017-05-26 [Yale News]

Hartford Police Union Says Lack Of Contract Straining Department 2017-05-24 [Courant Community]

Union Negotiations Resume Later This Week 2017-05-22 [CT News Lunkie]

Norwalk teachers union, school board remain at odds over health insurance 2017-05-20 [The Hour]

Union to protest Yale commencement in grad student unionization fight 2017-05-20 [Fox]

Yale: Negotiate with your Graduate Teachers 2017-05-15 [MoveOn]

Labor Negotiations Reach A Critical Point As Layoff Notices Go Out 2017-05-15 [CT News Junkie]

23 Grad Student Workers Arrested as Yale Hunger Strike Continues 2017-05-13 [In These Times]

Some Yale teachers are refusing to eat in protest of the university. I'm one of them 2017-05-13 [The Guardian]

Yale graduate student union protests sex harassment, shuts 3 New Haven intersections 2017-05-11 [New Haven Register]

16 Arrested In Yale University Union Protest 2017-05-11 [New Haven Independent]

Two weeks into hunger strike, hundreds march against Yale 2017-05-11 [Yale News]

Why Yale Graduate Students Are on a Hunger Strike 2017-05-09 [NYTimes]

Layoff notices looming with no concession deal For more info 2017-05-08 [WTNH Channel 8 News]

Layoff notices for state workers possible this week 2017-05-09 [MyRecordJournal]

Hundreds gather at Capitol in support of immigrants 2017-04-30 [New Haven Register]

Yale's College Republicans hold BBQ near a hunger strike to increase protesters' anguish 2017-04-30 [Mic]

44 Connecticut Work-Related Deaths in 2015 2017-04-30 [USNews]

Yale Republicans taunt hunger-striking union workers with a barbecue 2017-04-30 [Think Progress]

Yale Republicans taunt hunger-striking union workers with a barbecue 2017-04-30 [Think Progress]

Yale Grad Students Launch Hunger Strike for Better Conditions 2017-04-27 [teleSUR]

Unions push for tuition aid for *Dreamers* 2017-04-27 [CTPost]

Education Unions Unite to Ensure Fairness for Immigrant Students 2017-04-27 [CT AFL-CIO]

Unionized Yale grad students go on hunger strike over school refusal to negotiate 2017-04-26 [New Haven Register]

UNITE HERE Grad Student Union Local 33 members begin hunger strike 2017-04-26 [Yale News]

Labor union wants New Haven to consider contract negotiations, raises for members 2017-03-14 [New Haven Reigster]

After pro-union votes, Yale weighs its options 2017-03-11 [Yale News]

Unions converge on Capitol to oppose legislation 2017-02-22 [My Record Jrnl]

Gov Malloy proposes layoffs or benefit cuts to balance budget 2017-02-21 [Yale News]

Yale May Appeal NLRB Ruling 2017-02-07 [WIN]

Union eligibility rules may lead to delay 2017-02-07 [Yale News]

Yale considers appealing union ruling 2017-02-06 [Yale News]

Prospect lays off more employees For more info 2017-02-04 [Journal Inquirer]

Windham hospital nurses, support staff agree to new contract For more info 2017-02-01 [Journal Inquirer]

Unions continue signing up new members 2017-01-27 [The Hour]

Local GOP Official Arrested for Grabbing Woman by the P***Y: Calls her 'nothing but a bloodsucking, lazy union employee' 2017-01-22 [Care 2]

Recruiting an army of rank and file organizers 2017-01-18 [Labor Notes]

Yale, unions reach tentative contract agreement for 5,000 workers 2017-01-14 [New Haven Register]

Danbury Hospital nurse testifies at OSHA meeting in D.C. For more info 2017-01-10 [WLAD-AM Radio News]

Union issues persist in opening days of Connecticut General Assembly For more info 2017-01-06 [NBC Connecticut]

State AFL-CIO Disappointed in Governor's Call for Labor Concessions in Budget 2017-01-07 [AFL-CIO]

Legislature looking for state union concessions For more info 2017-01-05 [NBC Connecticut]

SEIU Connecticut: $15 Minimum Wage Will Help Erase Budget Deficit 2017-01-06 [WIN]

GOP Effort To Force Vote On Union Contracts Creates First Dispute At Young Legislative Session 2017-01-06 [Hartford Courant]

Union says $15 wage can help fix state deficit 2017-01-05 [McClatchy DC]

This month in labour history

3-06-1900 The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union is founded in New York City. [more]

4-06-1912 Massachusetts becomes the first US state to establish a minimum wage [more]

9-06-1865 Helen Marot, campaigner for working women, is born. [more]

11-06-1913 Police shoot at maritime workers on strike at United Fruit Co. in New Orleans, killing one. [more]

12-06-1904 Defying AFL's Samuel Gompers, 50,000 members of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen walk off their jobs. [more]

16-06-1918 Railroad union leader and socialist Eugene Debs makes his famous speech against capitalism in Canton, OH, which will land him in jail. [more]

19-06-1912 The eight-hour day is adopted for Federal employees [more]

20-06-1947 President Truman vetoes the anti-union Taft-Hartley Act, but his veto is overturned by Congress three days later. [more]

23-06-1999 Workers at Fieldcrest Cannon textile plants in North Carolina vote for union recognition after a 25 year struggle [more]

26-06-1894 American Railway Union members begin to refuse to run trains including Pullman cars, until the strike at Pullmans is settled [more]

27-06-1905 The Industrial Workers of the World, later popularly known as the Wobblies, is founded in Chicago with the aim of uniting all workers in One Big Union [more]

29-06-1894 Over 125,000 workers on two dozen railroads have joined the boycott of Pullman cars [more]

30-06-1918 Socialist anf labor leader Eugene Debs is arrested under the Espionage Act for making an anti-war speech in Canton, Ohio [more]