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USA Education key to American workers adapting to a new business world 2018-03-16 [Mercury]

USA Robots are shifting income from workers to owners 2018-03-16 [Axios]

USA Toys R Us tells workers it will liquidate and sell or close all stores 2018-03-16 [USAToday]

USA What If Companies Were Required to Tell Workers What Their Colleagues Earn? 2018-03-16 [Harvard Biz Rev]

USA Will Employment Keep Growing? Disabled Workers Offer a Clue 2018-03-16 [NYTimes]

USA Colorado Higher pay, bathroom breaks among guarantees for RTD bus drivers, train operators in new 3-year contract 2018-03-16 [Denver Post]

USA California St. Joseph Hospital nurses picket to call attention to staffing issues 2018-03-16 [KIEM]

USA Are Disney Workers Having a Hard Time Making Ends Meet? 2018-03-16 [The Nation]

USA Disney Workers Fight for a Living Wage 2018-03-16 [NPQ]

USA Oregon New leadership at New Seasons — CEO is out, and so are union-busters, for now 2018-03-16 [nwLaborPress]

USA West Virginia Local union members say they're locked out of work 2018-03-16 [WTRF]

USA Union leaders team up to support graduate student workers union rights 2018-03-16 [Michigan NPR]

USA Texas Study On Labor Standard Violations Reports Misclassification Of Workers In Texas 2018-03-16 [Houston Public Media]

USA We need stronger labor unions to protect the middle class 2018-03-16 [Newsweek]

Canada For Women Behind The Camera, Sexual Harassment Is Part Of The Job 2018-03-15 [Huffington Post]

USA A new era in American unionism 2018-03-15 [NWLaborPress]

USA California SEIU Votes to Leave Working Families Council 2018-03-15 [Voice of SD]

USA All Hands on Deck: The West Virginia Teachers’ Strike 2018-03-15 [The Bullet | Jane McAlevey]

China Workers building Saipan casino say Chinese firms misled them 2018-03-15 [timesunion]

USA Illinois Chicago UPS drivers fight to keep talking 2018-03-14 [Labor Notes]

USA Florida Orthodox Jews in Greater New York area Send Undocumented Domestic Workers On Risky Passover Trip to Florida 2018-03-14 [The Forward]

USA Drones Are Watching: Railroad Irks Workers With Unmanned Aircraft 2018-03-14 [Wall Street Journal]

USA McDonald's workers quit as mobile-app orders and new offerings create chaos 2018-03-14 [Bloomberg]

USA For gig economy workers in these states, rights are at risk 2018-03-14 [CNN]

USA New York State workers union questions the use of leaves for job promotions 2018-03-14 [Albany Times Union]

USA 2 Remedies for Reducing Burnout Among Healthcare Workers 2018-03-14 [Gallup]

USA For some workers, that paycheck could be in cryptocurrency sooner than later 2018-03-14 [CNBC]

USA McDonald’s High-Tech Makeover Is Stressing Workers Out 2018-03-14 [Bloomberg]

USA New York Tipped workers invoke #MeToo in fight to raise minimum wage 2018-03-14 [Denver Post]

USA West Virginia Cold weather, lack of pay doesn't deter Frontier strikers 2018-03-14 [WVVA]

USA New Mexico CWA: Verizon’s Home-Based Agent Model Costs Thousands of Call Center Jobs 2018-03-14 [Channel Partners]

USA Arkansas Union criticizes Verizon call center closures, including in Little Rock 2018-03-14 [ARTimes]

USA Ohio Union workers at Gradall in New Philadelphia are on strike 2018-03-14 [WTOV]

USA Wisconsin Union workers stand up to Northwestern Mutual over job security concerns 2018-03-14 [WDJT]

USA New York Construction unions seek NY prevailing wage loophole fix 2018-03-14 [News&Observer]

USA East and West Coast farmworkers unite for labor rights 2018-03-14 [The City Paper]

USA Wisconsin Office workers union at Northwestern Mutual HQ resists use of temps, change in bargaining rights 2018-03-14 [Biz Journal]

USA Kentucky Teacher Discontent Swells in Kentucky Over Proposed Cuts to Benefits 2018-03-14 [NPR]

USA Pennsylvania Unions Show Their Force In District Won By Trump 2018-03-14 [Yahoo]

USA Illinois U of I Provost Apologizes for Behavior During Strike 2018-03-14 [NPR]

USA Tipped workers in U.S. invoke #MeToo in fight to raise minimum wage 2018-03-14 [JT]

Global UN Women chief warns sexual harassment cases ‘tip of iceberg’ 2018-03-14 [suntimes]

USA Lawsuit claims sexual harassment rife in Microsoft's 'boys' club atmosphere' 2018-03-14 [theguardian]

USA Illinois Campaign Workers Guild Pushes To Unionize Illinois Staff 2018-03-13 [NPR]

USA This CEO Makes 900 Times More Than His Typical Employee 2018-03-13 [Time]

USA Unions are the solution to a rigged economy 2018-03-13 [Sun Gazette]

USA Union dues support benefits for workers 2018-03-13 [HeraldNet]

USA California How the most vulnerable workers are targeted for sexual abuse 2018-03-13 [The Guardian]

USA Michigan Tom Ultican: How DeVos and Her Allies Destroyed the Public Schools of Detroit 2018-03-13 [Diane Ravitch]

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