British Columbia LRB rules against unscrupulous employer, rat union

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26-06-2018 Ontario Toronto: Defeating Ford's agenda: Let's get organized!
27-06-2018 Ontario Toronto: Pride Movie Night Fundraiser
05-08-2018 Ontario Port Elgin: 2018 Unifor Women's Conference
02-09-2018 Ontario Lindsay: Labour Day Picnic

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British Columbia LRB rules against unscrupulous employer, rat union [BCFed] 2018-06-22

Ontario Rally for Decent Work [Our Times] 2018-06-22

Ontario How Doug Ford won and how to challenge him [Political Eh-conomy] 2018-06-22

Quebec Crane operators ordered back to work after 4 days of striking [Global] 2018-06-22

Newfoundland and Labrador RNC to start criminal investigation at every workplace where serious injury, death occur [CBC] 2018-06-21

CUPE President calls for suspension of Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement [CUPE] 2018-06-20

Quebec Premier urges crane workers back to work as ‘illegal’ strike continues [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2018-06-20

British Columbia Cleaners defeat boss union opening door for workers to join SEIU Local 2 [SEIU] 2018-06-19

Ontario Thousands rally in support of a $15 minimum wage [OFL] 2018-06-18

Nova Scotia Minimum wage hike good for economy, workers and employers [NSFL] 2018-06-18

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Is the brewing industry going flat? 2018-06-22 [Teamsters]

Teamsters Support Eagle Spirit Energy Corridor 2018-06-22 [Teamsters]

Saskatchewan SFL celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day, encourages members to take part in the KAIROS Blanket Exercise 2018-06-22 [SFL]

PSAC urges changes to election bill to protect free speech 2018-06-22 [PSAC]

PSAC demands justice for Indigenous women and girls 2018-06-22 [PSAC]

Ontario 'Huge win' as Community Living Cambridge workers vote to join OPSEU 2018-06-22 [OPSEU]

Ontario A statement from OSSTF/FEESO President Harvey Bischof on the cancellation of cap-and-trade 2018-06-22 [OSSTF]

Ontario OFL recognizes National Indigenous Peoples Day with permanent land acknowledgement and the launch of new resources for understanding 2018-06-22 [OFL]

NUPGE Pension Webinars available on YouTube 2018-06-22 [NUPGE]

Newfoundland and Labrador WorkplaceNL Report Shows Sustainable Injury Fund & Responsible Management Newfoundland & Labrador Federation of Labour Says “Good Time to Further Improve Benefits for Injured Workers” 2018-06-22 [NLFL]

British Columbia LRB rules against unscrupulous employer, rat union 2018-06-22 [BCFed]

Alberta Retired teachers: Lend us your power! 2018-06-22 [ATA]

Alberta Statement from AFL President Gil McGowan on arson at Edson Mosque 2018-06-22 [AFL]

Ontario Rally for decent work challenges Ford’s anti-worker agenda 2018-06-22 [Rank and File]

Ontario Rally for Decent Work 2018-06-22 [Our Times]

Ontario How Doug Ford won and how to challenge him 2018-06-22 [Political Eh-conomy]

Newfoundland and Labrador Court grants injunction limiting activity of ironworkers protesting at Corner Brook hospital site 2018-06-22 [The Northern Pen]

Ontario OPSEU Head To Support Strikers In Owen Sound 2018-06-22 [Bayshore Broadcasting]

Workers Past 65 Should Do The Right Thing And Retire 2018-06-22 [Huffington Post]

Quebec Tribunal orders Quebec crane operators ordered back to work 2018-06-22 [CTV]

Quebec Crane operators ordered back to work after 4 days of striking 2018-06-22 [Global]

Alberta Town of Ponoka wants to resume talks with AUPE after July 1 2018-06-22 [Lacombe Online]

Anxiety over Phoenix crippling workers, families 2018-06-22 [CBC]

Steel Workers Union: Don't attack trading partners to solve global trade problems 2018-06-22 [rabble]

Treatment of former Sears Canada workers gets even worse 2018-06-22 [NUPGE]

Quebec Construction commission seeking order forcing Quebec crane operators back to work 2018-06-22 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

We must offer sanctuary for refugees, as U.S. fails the safety test 2018-06-22 [CLC]

CLC President Hassan Yussuff says new Advisory Council has to get pharmacare right 2018-06-22 [CLC]

Unions mark National Indigenous Peoples Day by calling for two-year extension of MMIW public inquiry 2018-06-22 [CLC]

Quebec Employees of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie rally for their voices to be heard 2018-06-22 [CUPE]

Quebec Strike vote taken at TVA Montréal 2018-06-22 [CUPE]

Time for a true national holiday to honour Indigenous peoples 2018-06-22 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Community college staff vote to end relationship with NSTU 2018-06-22 [CBC]

Quebec SAQ managers mobilizing as strike over long weekend looms: report 2018-06-21 [The Gazette]

Ontario 1984 Falconbridge tragedy still echoes for Sudbury residents, mining community 2018-06-21 [CBC]

'I'm not afraid of cancer, I'm afraid of Phoenix' 2018-06-21 [CBC]

Ontario Nurses' union to face public inquiry grilling about Wettlaufer's termination deal 2018-06-21 [CBC]

Former Air Canada Employees Allege Harassment Culture, Intimidation 2018-06-21 [Huffington Post]

Steel Workers Union (Canada) message to the U.S.: Don't beat up your trading partners to solve global trade problems 2018-06-21 [rabble]

Quebec Montreal, Laval daycare workers vote in favour of new collective agreement 2018-06-21 [CBC]

Newfoundland and Labrador RNC to start criminal investigation at every workplace where serious injury, death occur 2018-06-21 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Tentative deal reached with unionized Halifax shipbuilders working on navy vessels 2018-06-21 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

CUPE President calls for suspension of Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement 2018-06-20 [CUPE]

Ontario Workers' Memorial Day tomorrow commemorates 1984 Falconbridge Mine disaster 2018-06-20 []

Ontario Steel mill's second-largest union chinwags tentative agreement 2018-06-20 [Soo Today]

Alberta Ponoka council to discuss labour contract 2018-06-20 [The Advocate]

Quebec Crane operators' wildcat strike continues as they protest new regulations 2018-06-20 [CTV]

Over half of Canadian workplaces are ‘concerned’ about dealing with legal weed: Report 2018-06-20 [Global]

Newfoundland and Labrador Injured Worker Calls for Mining Industry Safety Regulator 2018-06-20 [VOCM]

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This month in labour history

1-06-1986 In Edmonton, Alberta meatpacking workers go on strike against wage and pension rollbacks. One of their slogans is "Gainers makes weiners with scabs". There are more than 400 arrests before an agreement is reached in December. [more]

3-06-1935 Hundreds of unemployed men board boxcars in Vancouver, British Columbia, beginning the historic On-to-Ottawa Trek to protest conditions in the relief camps run by the Department of National Defence. [more]

8-06-2007 The Supreme Court of Canada rules, in a 6 to 1 decision, that collective bargaining rights are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The decision describes collective bargaining rights as "a fundamental aspect of Canadian society." [more]

11-06-1925 Today is Davis Day in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, a memorial day for coal miner William Davis, who was shot and killed by company police during the struggle for control of the Waterford Lake power plant during the historic 1925 strike. [more]

12-06-1934 Immigrant workers go on strike at the Noranda copper and gold mining operations in Québec, led by the Workers' Unity League. Strikebreakers are brought in, and there is no union contract until 1945. [more]

14-06-1912 Union leaders meet at the Lethbridge Labour Temple to establish the Alberta Federation of Labour and encourage solidarity among the province's workers. The meeting is chaired by Donald McNabb, the province's first labour member of the legislature. [more]

15-06-1872 The Trade Union Act comes into force. This is the legislation promised by the prime minister in April in response to the campaign for shorter hours and the arrest of striking Toronto printers. The Act states that unions are legal in Canada. [more]

17-06-1958 In Vancouver, British Columbia the Second Narrows Bridge collapses while under construction, and nineteen lives are lost. It is the city's worst industrial disaster. The bridge is now known as the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing. [more]

18-06-1935 Longshoremen in Vancouver, many of them war veterans, march to protest the use of scabs to unload cargo on the docks. In a three-hour battle, police chase the strikers down on horseback and use tear gas to disperse the protest. [more]

19-06-1938 Relief Project Workers' Union members occupying government buildings in Vancouver are evicted by police. A battle follows. [more]

19-06-1914 A coal mine explosion in the Crowsnest Pass at Hillcrest, Alberta takes the lives of 189 men, mostly immigrants. Canada's worst coal mine disaster leaves 90 widows and more than 250 orphans. [more]

20-06-1959 A sudden violent storm on Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick sweeps away 35 men and boys. The Escuminac Disaster is commemorated at the local wharf by The Fishermen, a monument created by Acadian artist Claude Roussel. [more]

20-06-1984 An earthquake kills four workers at the Falconbridge mine near Sudbury Ontario. [more]

21-06-1919 A silent parade to protest the arrest of leaders of the Winnipeg General Strike is attacked by the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the special police hired by the city. Two men lose their lives on Bloody Saturday, and the strike ends five days later. [more]

27-06-1991 The Supreme Court of Canada issues its decision in Lavigne v Ontario Public Service Employees Union, affirming the constitutional right of unions to spend money on social and political action to advance the interests of workers. [more]