Fighting for $15 & Fairness from Bill C-86 to the workplace

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26-02-2019 --- Niagara Falls: Unifor Telecommunications Conference
01-03-2019 Ontario Toronto: First OPSEU Racialized Workers Conference
02-03-2019 British Columbia Abbotsford: Farmworkers Vigil honours three women killed in horrific work accident
16-03-2019 Alberta Calgary: March 16 – St. Patrick’s Day Labour Party!
18-03-2019 --- Saskatoon: CUPE National Bargaining Conference - Moving Forward


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Top stories

Fighting for $15 & Fairness from Bill C-86 to the workplace [] 2019-02-21

Ontario More than 200 Unifor activists storm Canadian Auto Show [Unifor] 2019-02-18

Saskatchewan The scab, his mom, and the soul of the Co-op [Rank and File] 2019-02-12

Ontario Cornwall grocery workers strike: “You don’t need a union to bargain for minimum wage” [Rank and File] 2019-02-12

Saskatchewan Saskatoon Co-op members holding strong as community shows full support [UFCW Canada] 2019-02-10

Stamp Honouring Albert Jackson – Canada’s First Black Letter Carrier [CUPW] 2019-02-10

Ontario UNIFOR's fight against GM Oshawa closure continues to build [RadioLabour] 2019-02-09

Ontario Unifor statement on Save Oshawa GM solidarity event at Lear Whitby [Unifor] 2019-02-09

Ontario Workers at Lear plant supplying GM Oshawa walk off job [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2019-02-09

Northwest Territories Fear and uncertainty across NWT as strike inches closer [Cabin Radio] 2019-02-08


Other news

Dairy Crest takeover: Unite to seek job assurances For more info 2019-02-22 [Unite the union]

Manitoba Union official tells employment minister she doesn't look fat in her pants during press conference exchange 2019-02-22 [CBC]

Ontario $100k retirement packages for Domtar Woodlands employees 2019-02-21 [Unifor]

Ontario District Leaders Express Concerns About Future of Fort Frances Mill 2019-02-21 [Fort Frances Times]

Ontario Canadian auto union faces Catch-22 in General Motors fight 2019-02-21 [Reuters]

Yukon Many Rivers counselling staff get lay off notices, as Yukon gov't withholds funding 2019-02-21 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Union says dispute over OT payments to nurses exacerbating shortages 2019-02-21 [CBC]

Trade Tribunal Agrees with Steelworkers on Foreign Dumping Case 2019-02-21 [USW]

British Columbia BC’s 2019 budget puts working people ahead of the wealthy and well-connected 2019-02-21 [CUPE]

Ontario OPSEU & Unifor members to Ford government: ‘We’re ready to ramp up the fight’ 2019-02-21 [Unifor]

Campeau school bus drivers ratify first collective agreement 2019-02-21 [Unifor]

Yukon Union angry as Many Rivers 'pursuing every option' to keep doors open 2019-02-21 [CBC]

Fighting for $15 & Fairness from Bill C-86 to the workplace 2019-02-21 []

Ontario Unifor calls on Ford government to 'step up' for Fort Frances mill 2019-02-20 [TBNewswatch]

Ontario $100,000 retirement packages negotiated for Domtar workers at Ear Falls 2019-02-20 [TBNewswatch]

Teamsters Applaud Order to Use Train Handbrakes on Mountain Slopes 2019-02-19 [Teamsters]

Rescue of human trafficking victims highlights need for survivor supports, immigration reform, says UFCW Canada 2019-02-19 [UFCW]

Ontario Food and hospitality members at Sodexo achieve higher pay – UFCW 175 2019-02-19 [UFCW]

Ontario Tentative Agreement reached with Ontario Northland 2019-02-19 [Unifor]

If there's a labour shortage, how come some people are still out of work? 2019-02-19 [CBC]

Ontario Domtar and Unifor Announce Ear Falls Retirement Packages 2019-02-18 [NetNewsLedger]

Ontario Thomas: 'Minister of Mean' Lisa MacLeod has lost all credibility, can no longer serve in Cabinet 2019-02-18 [OPSEU]

British Columbia Powell River library workers vote to strike, plan to file for mediation 2019-02-18 [CUPE]

Ontario Unifor and OPSEU Presidents to hold news conference 2019-02-18 [Unifor]

Ontario More than 200 Unifor activists storm Canadian Auto Show 2019-02-18 [Unifor]

Prince Edward Island 'Here we go again': Union frustrated by veterans affairs minister's resignation 2019-02-18 [CBC]

Yukon Strike 'narrowly averted' for Yukon hospital workers after tentative deal reached 2019-02-17 [CBC]

Ontario GM details benefits it will offer Canadian union workers at Oshawa 2019-02-15 [Detroit Free Press]

Sudbury case shows Westray not working, says labour law expert and union leader 2019-02-15 [CBC]

Yukon Yukon hospital workers return strike mandate as mediation talks begin 2019-02-15 [CBC]

Ontario Sting and cast of ‘The Last Ship’ Perform in Solidarity with GM workers in Oshawa 2019-02-15 [UNIFOR]

Ontario Campeau school bus drivers reach tentative deal 2019-02-15 [UNIFOR]

Locals contribute to $5.5 million telethon fundraiser for B.C. kids 2019-02-15 [UNIFOR]

Highlighting the work of Unifor Black labour activists 2019-02-14 [UNIFOR]

Unifor funds international Indigenous energy collaboration 2019-02-14 [UNIFOR]

Ontario Cathay Pacific closure at Pearson lets down flight attendants 2019-02-14 [CUPE]

British Columbia CUPE 15 members at the Vancouver Art Gallery vote to ratify settlement agreement 2019-02-14 [CUPE]

British Columbia BC Library Association and CUPE BC partner to support Summer Reading Club 2019-02-14 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia 1 year into code critical campaign, N.S. paramedics union say nothing has changed 2019-02-13 [CBC]

Manitoba Looking back on the Winnipeg General Strike 2019-02-13 [Winnipeg Free Press]

British Columbia Striking workers at Vancouver art gallery vote to return to work 2019-02-13 [Globe and Mail]

Saskatchewan How hard will the Saskatoon Co-op brand be hurt by the ongoing strike? 2019-02-13 [CBC]

British Columbia Vancouver art gallery workers end strike 2019-02-13 [ArtForum]

Ontario Sting Hired by Canadian Labor Union Unifor to Help Save GM Oshawa Plant 2019-02-12 [The Drive]

Saskatchewan The scab, his mom, and the soul of the Co-op 2019-02-12 [Rank and File]

Nasr Ahmed, CWA Canada, on fighting for campus media 2019-02-12 [Rank and File]

Ontario Cornwall grocery workers strike: “You don’t need a union to bargain for minimum wage” 2019-02-12 [Rank and File]

'Losing is not an option': Unifor's fight against GM is a battle for its future 2019-02-11 [CBC]

Why Unifor's battle against GM may really be a fight for its own survival 2019-02-11 [CTV]

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This month in labour history

3-02-1939 The first group of Canadian veterans of the Spanish Civil War disembark at Halifax. Of the more than 1,300 Canadians who fought fascism in Spain, more than 400 were killed. Many of the volunteers were union activists and others radicalized in the 1930s. [more]

3-02-2005 Ontario's Liberal minister Gerard Kennedy describes 'strike' as 'a bit of a five-letter word' in the education sector [more]

6-02-2012 Eleven farmworkers, including nine migrant workers from Peru, are killed in a highway crash at Hampstead, Ontario. The tragedy highlights unsafe conditions in the sector and the exploitation of seasonal workers. [more]

9-02-1869 Birth of James Bryson McLachlan, at Ecclefechan, Scotland. As a union leader in Canada he becomes the champion of the Nova Scotia coal miners and a leading spokesman for the cause of labour radicalism. [more]

10-02-1928 At the Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mine at Timmins, Ontario, the largest in North America, 39 miners are killed when a fire spreads carbon monoxide through the workings. There is no rescue plan in place and it takes five days to put out the fire. [more]

11-02-1963 At Reesor Siding, near Kapuskasing, Ontario, eleven union members are shot, three fatally, in a confrontation over pulpwood supplies for a strikebound mill. Three of the attackers are later fined for possessing dangerous firearms. [more]

11-02-1908 Eight workers are killed in an explosion at the Standard Explosive Company works on Île Perrot, near Montreal. [more]

14-02-1949 In defiance of provincial laws, asbestos workers in Québec begin a four-month strike for better wages and workplace safety. With strong public support for the miners' cause, the strike becomes a forerunner of the province's Quiet Revolution. [more]

15-02-1982 All 84 crew on board are lost when an oil-drilling rig capsizes and sinks in a storm on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland and Labrador. The Ocean Ranger disaster is attributed to failures in structural design and inadequate safety measures. [more]

17-02-1944 Wartime unrest convinces the federal government to bring in an emergency order, P.C. 1003. It requires employers to recognize and bargain with unions supported by the majority of employees. This sets a standard for postwar labour relations law. [more]

19-02-2017 Labour leader Bob White dies at 81 years of age. He is remembered as a founder of the Canadian Auto Workers and a popular president of the Canadian Labour Congress. [more]

21-02-1891 At Springhill, Nova Scotia an explosion takes the lives of 125 men and boys in the province's largest coal mine disaster. They leave more than 200 widows and children. [more]

25-02-1931 In Toronto more than 500 women dressmakers protest sweatshop conditions in the needle trades and begin a strike for better wages and union recognition. Large numbers of scabs and police are deployed. [more]

26-02-1979 The Farmworkers Organizing Committee (FWOC) is established at a meeting in a room in the New Westminster library. Eight people are present including: Raj Chouhan, Harinder Mahil, Sarwan Sidhu, Pritam Singh, Amarit Pal Mann, Gurnam Sahota. [more]