Liberals' pension reforms fall woefully short for Canadian workers

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Canadian trade union leader dies 2017-02-21 [The Globe and Mail]

More than 100 workers sacked following pro-immigration protest 2017-02-21 [BBC]

Nova Scotia premier on striking teachers: 'The frustration here is real' 2017-02-20 [Toronto Metro]

Restoring jobs at Canadian General Motors plant essential to new contract: union 2017-02-20 [Sppedlux]

Clark: Comments 'unprofessional' on Betances arbitration 2017-02-20 [Yahoo]

Old ways of trying to fix the military aren't working. The Canadian Armed Forces should unionize 2017-02-20 [CBC]

CETA: backward step for the environment, global inequalities and workers' rights 2017-02-20 [PSI]

Surveillance of Railway workers 2017-02-19 [Teamsters]

Essex County Library strike ends, but tension with employer continues 2017-02-17 [CBC]

Cambridge's inside workers hit the picket line 2017-02-17 [CBC]

N.S. teachers walk off job, protest imposed contract outside legislature 2017-02-17 [CTV]

McNeil says he's taken teachers' struggles to heart but won't budge on Bill 75 2017-02-17 [CBC]

Restoring jobs at Canadian GM plant key to new contract: union 2017-02-17 [Reuters]

Ceta Deal Blow For UK Sovereignty 2017-02-17 [GMB]

Liberals' pension reforms fall woefully short for Canadian workers 2017-02-17 [Rabble ]

Nova Scotia teachers to strike for 1 day on Friday 2017-02-16 [CBC]

Cambridge's inside workers could strike Friday 2017-02-16 [CBC]

Striking workers in Canada won’t stop until Molson Coors drops demands 2017-02-16 [Beverage Daily]

Pallister begins lining Crown corporations up at the chopping block 2017-02-16 [The Manitoban]

Government of Canada settles Seafarers’ International Union of Canada lawsuits alleging systematic breaches of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program 2017-02-16 [SIU]

Tight vote possible tomorrow as European Parliament votes on Canada's trade deal 2017-02-15 [CBS]

Trudeau talks trade with Trump as Ivanka promotes women workers 2017-02-15 [AFP]

CEZinc's Concession Demands Provoke Strike at Quebec Refinery 2017-02-14 [CNW]

Teachers' act of civil disobedience should inspire us all 2017-02-14 [LocalXpress]

Alberta government considers changing labour laws 2017-02-14 [CBC]

Hundreds attend solidarity BBQ for striking workers at Molson Coors 2017-02-14 [NUPGE]

Storm delays legislation to impose contract on Nova Scotia's teachers 2017-02-14 [CBC]

Dearness allowance is part of international workers’ basic income 2017-02-13 [Mint]

Manitoba Public sector unions make statement on consultations with government 2017-02-12 [NUPGE]

New Brunswick NBU members help in aftermath of ice storm 2017-02-12 [NUPGE]

Postal Union Works to Hold Liberals to Door-to-Door Delivery Promise 2017-02-12 [The Tyee]

Ontario ATU Trusteeship, Unifor Raid, CLC Crisis 2017-02-12 [Rank and File]

Newfoundland and Labrador There's no room for profit in seniors' care 2017-02-12 [CUPE]

Ontario Open 40 permanent hospital beds in Sudbury to deal with critical bed shortage 2017-02-12 [CUPE]

On NAFTA, Trudeau must protect public services, workers and our environment 2017-02-12 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Legislature being recalled to end ongoing teachers dispute 2017-02-12 [CTV]

Ontario TTC union battle far from over 2017-02-12 [The Sun]

Alberta Police union and city reach deal on one-year collective bargaining agreement 2017-02-12 [The Herald]

Ontario OPSEU to take Community Living Tillsonburg to court over pay equity issues 2017-02-12 [Global]

Ontario Tentative agreement reached between CUPE 4155 and the Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l'Est ontarien 2017-02-12 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Liberal government to legislate end to teachers dispute 2017-02-12 [Local Xpress]

Nova Scotia Liberals to start imposing contract on teachers Monday 2017-02-12 [CBC]

Ontario Picket line outside of La Citadelle 2017-02-11 [Seaway News]

Ontario County library board ratifies deal to end 231-day strike 2017-02-11 [The Star]

Newfoundland and Labrador Tell the Ball Government there's no room for profit in seniors' care Rally February 13 in Corner Brook 2017-02-11 [CUPE]

Manitoba Union leaders say Pallister pushing ahead with civil service cuts 2017-02-11 [CBC]

Ontario Medical marijuana workers fight for labour rightS 2017-02-11 [UFCW]

Ontario 'Molson American' has no place in Canada, union leader says 2017-02-11 [OPSEU]

Ontario Showdown over TTC union averted 2017-02-11 [The Star]

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This month in labour history

3-02-2005 Ontario's Liberal minister Gerard Kennedy describes 'strike' as 'a bit of a five-letter word' in the education sector [more]

6-02-2012 Eleven farmworkers, including nine migrant workers from Peru, are killed in a highway crash at Hampstead, Ontario. The tragedy highlights unsafe conditions in the sector and the exploitation of seasonal workers. [more]

9-02-1869 Birth of James Bryson McLachlan, at Ecclefechan, Scotland. As a union leader in Canada he becomes the champion of the Nova Scotia coal miners and a leading spokesman for the cause of labour radicalism. [more]

10-02-1928 At the Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mine at Timmins, Ontario, the largest in North America, 39 miners are killed when a fire spreads carbon monoxide through the workings. There was no rescue plan in place and it takes five days to put out the fire. [more]

11-02-1963 At Reesor Siding, near Kapuskasing, Ontario, eleven union members are shot, three fatally, in a confrontation over pulpwood supplies for a strikebound mill. Three of the attackers are later fined for possessing dangerous firearms. [more]

14-02-1949 In defiance of provincial laws, asbestos workers in Québec begin a four-month strike for better wages and workplace safety. With strong public support for the miners' cause, the strike becomes a forerunner of the province's Quiet Revolution. [more]

15-02-1982 All 84 crew on board are lost when an oil-drilling rig capsizes and sinks in a storm on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland and Labrador. The Ocean Ranger disaster is attributed to failures in structural design and inadequate safety measures. [more]

17-02-1944 Wartime unrest convinces the federal government to bring in an emergency order, P.C. 1003, which requires employers to recognize and bargain with unions supported by the majority of employees. This breakthrough sets a standard for postwar labour relations. [more]

21-02-1891 At Springhill, Nova Scotia an explosion takes the lives of 125 men and boys in the province's largest coal mine disaster. They leave more than 200 widows and children. [more]

25-02-1931 In Toronto more than 500 women dressmakers protest sweatshop conditions in the needle trades and begin a strike for better wages and union recognition. Large numbers of scabs and police are deployed. [more]