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Uttarakhand Unsung diggers of city sewers become heroes of Silkyara

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Punjab Overworked, say ASHA workers 2023-12-01 [The Tribune]

Why gig work platforms must implement India’s workplace sexual harassment law 2023-12-01 [Scroll]

Gujarat Fire at chemical plant in Surat, 24 workers injured 2023-12-01 [Express News Service]

Uttarakhand Unsung diggers of city sewers become heroes of Silkyara 2023-11-30 [TNN]

Middle East Unions stand with Palestine, reject sending workers to Israel 2023-11-29 [Arab News]

Uttarakhand All 41 workers rescued from tunnel in India after 17 days ays 2023-11-28 [Associated Press]

Uttarakhand Vertical drilling of Uttarkashi tunnel begins to rescue 41 trapped workers 2023-11-27 [HT]

Uttarakhand Manual horizontal digging to start soon in addition to the ongoing top-down drilling to rescue the 41 trapped workers 2023-11-27 [PTI]

Green Building Congress joins BWI’s pledge of healthy and safe workplaces in extreme heat 2023-11-27 [BWI]

Kerala Creches in Peril as Centre ‘Withholds’ Funds for 22 Months 2023-11-26 [Newsclick]

Uttarakhand Digging to rescue 41 workers trapped in a collapsed tunnel in India is in the final stretch 2023-11-23 [AP]

New federation of Indian metro unions set to transform sector 2023-11-22 [ITF]

Uttarakhand Unions seek safe rescue of tunnel workers, call for increased workplace health and safety 2023-11-22 [BWI]

Punjab Employees' unions protest in support of expelled labourers 2023-11-22 [The Tribune]

Uttarakhand First images show Indian workers trapped in collapsed tunnel 2023-11-21 [Guardian]

As Trade Unionist, Parliamentarian, Basudeb Acharia Dedicated His Life to Working Classes 2023-11-21 [Wire]

Telangana Gig Workers apologise to customers hit by strike 2023-11-21 [The Siasat Daily]

Haryana Fabric to Fury: Women Workers Protest in Gurgaon 2023-11-21 [Newsclick]

Maharashtra Pune: General Motors Employees Union Hunger Strike Surpasses 50th Day Mark 2023-11-21 [The Free Press Journal]

Maharashtra Worker unions protest at Market Yard 2023-11-21 [The Times]

Uttarakhand Five-option action plan to rescue 41 workers trapped inside a collapsed tunnel for over a week 2023-11-20 [NDTV]

Uttarakhand India Considering New Shaft To Free Trapped Tunnel Workers 2023-11-19 [Barron's]

Punjab State Ministerial Services Union has decided to extend their pen down strike till November 20 2023-11-19 [The Express]

Kerala Mid-day meal cooks in Kerala to suspend work, seek steps to release pending salary 2023-11-19 [The Hindu]

Odisha Workers’ rally seeking equal pay in Odisha's Talcher 2023-11-19 [The Express]

Meghalaya ASHA workers to stage indefinite strike 2023-11-19 [The Post]

Kerala MNREGA Workers Protest Against Central Govt; Condemn Delay in Payment of Wages 2023-11-19 [Newsclick]

Haryana MCG sacks 13 safai workers on strike 2023-11-19 [The Times]

Police summon former politician for harassing journalist 2023-11-17 [IFJ]

Israel Unions denounce gov’t plan to send migrant construction workers to Israel 2023-11-17 [BWI]

Uttarakhand Workers trapped in Uttarkashi tunnel complain of headache, nausea 2023-11-16 [Indian Express]

Uttarakhand How 3-ft pipe will rescue workers trapped inside tunnel; what's the plan? 2023-11-16 [HT]

Uttarakhand Uttarkashi tunnel collapse: Workers protest after landslide hits rescue op 2023-11-15 [India Today]

Tunnel collapse: fears rise for trapped construction workers as some fall ill 2023-11-15 [Guardian]

Uttarakhand Rescuers hope bigger drill will reach 40 trapped in tunnel 2023-11-15 [Reuters]

West Bengal Tea Garden Workers Against Land Missue in Hills and Terai Region 2023-11-14 [Newsclick]

Telangana Ahead of Telangana Elections, Gig Workers' Union Demands a Rajasthan-Like Welfare Law 2023-11-14 [The Wire]

Uttarakhand Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Race to save 40 trapped workers 2023-11-13 [BBC]

Meghalaya Health activists’ strike: HYC warns Govt against sacking 2023-11-13 [The Post]

Maharashtra 580 BMC sanitation workers win case for job permanency after 24 years 2023-11-13 [The Times]

Digital Technology and New Age Labour Market: Supporting and empowering the workers 2023-11-13 [Organiser]

Israel Trade Unions Denounce Israeli Call to Replace Palestinian Workers, Urge India to Reject Request 2023-11-13 [The Wire]

Recognizing women in green jobs in the informal economy 2023-11-13 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

India Taiwan-india worker deal planned For more info 2023-11-12 [Taipei Times]

Uttarakhand Under-construction tunnel collapses, 36 workers feared trapped 2023-11-12 [India News]

Uttarakhand At least 40 Indian workers trapped in tunnel collapse: rescue worker 2023-11-12 [Dawn]

Jammu and Kashmir AITUC shows concern over ban on strikes 2023-11-12 [The Daily Excelsior]

Andhra Pradesh Non-regular staff of APTDC in ASR district in Andhra Pradesh go on indefinite strike seeking regularisation of services, better wages and incentives 2023-11-12 [The Hindu]

Punjab Seeking benefits under welfare schemes: 91k applications of construction workers gather dust 2023-11-12 [The Times]

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This month in labour history

3-12-1984 Bhopal chemical disaster, leading to hundreds of deaths. [more]

25-12-1968 Forty-four Dalits are burnt to death in Kizhavenmani village, Tamil Nadu. Retaliation for a campaign for higher wages by Dalit laborers. [more]

29-12-1948 Hind Mazdoor Sabha (Workers Assembly of India) national trade union centre is founded. [more]