Union calls for Great Depression-style ‘Green Jobs’ program

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Union calls for Great Depression-style ‘Green Jobs’ program [The New Daily] 2019-10-15

Link between union-bashing bill and public health campaigns [ACTU] 2019-10-15

Queensland Unions gravely concerned at protest laws [Queensland Unions] 2019-10-13

Ensuring Integrity would mean raids on union offices were just the beginning [ACTU] 2019-10-12

ITUC-AP condemns ‘draconian, anti-democratic’ EI Bill [ACTU] 2019-10-09

Victoria Don't work for hate groups, Trades Hall says amid terror listing calls [The Age] 2019-10-08

Morrison Government's 'anti-worker agenda' ignores unions in VET program [Independent Australia] 2019-10-07

Nurses, doctors unite over aged care ‘crisis’ [The New Daily] 2019-09-30

Morrison’s Retirement Income System Review panel a step away from adequate super [ACTU] 2019-09-30

Legal loophole leaves migrant workers with thousands of dollars in unpaid wages [The Guardian] 2019-09-30


Today's labour news

Victoria Victorian aged care facility rostering five staff to more than 100 patients, Royal Commission hears 2019-10-16 [ABC]

Victoria White supremacist concert in Melbourne cannot be stopped , Premier says 2019-10-16 [ABC]

Repeal of ANL Act Highlights Liberal Government Failure to Support Australian Shipping 2019-10-15 [MUA]

Anti-asbestos push would be illegal: ACTU 2019-10-15 [7 News]

Aged care staff report understaffing as top issue 2019-10-15 [AAA]

Deaths of Uber Eats drivers forces rival Deliveroo to increase rider safety - as thousands of workers complain about being injured on the job 2019-10-15 [The Daily Mail]

New South Wales Labor Right’s might in balance 2019-10-15 [The Australian]

Union calls for Great Depression-style ‘Green Jobs’ program 2019-10-15 [The New Daily]

Hundreds of truck drivers to strike over safety fears at Aldi 2019-10-15 [9 News]

80% of migrant visa holders paid less than minimum wage 2019-10-15 [Macro Business]

Victoria 'Disaster': Union boss slams private sector involvement in VicRoads 2019-10-15 [The Age]

CFMEU and AMWU - two unions who see the need for transition planning 2019-10-15 [The Argus]

Michaelia Cash, invalid union raids and 'Ensuring Integrity' legislation 2019-10-15 [Independent Australia]

Link between union-bashing bill and public health campaigns 2019-10-15 [ACTU]

Union slams Telstra chief's $5M pay packet as 6,000 jobs axed 2019-10-15 [CIO]

Victoria Crown Casino staff to strike in Melbourne 2019-10-15 [Now]

Union push to recruit visa workers 2019-10-15 [The Australian]

Aged care royal commission told nursing homes understaffed, most would receive one-star rating 2019-10-14 [ABC]

Aged care workers stretched and cutting corners, survey finds 2019-10-14 [The Morning Herald]

Nurses' union urges Labor to block free trade deals that hurt working conditions 2019-10-14 [The Guardian]

Northern Territory Alice needlessly in the dark again, ETU calls for heads to roll For more info 2019-10-14 [ETU]

New South Wales Blitz finds almost half of NSW building sites have dodgy scaffolding 2019-10-13 [The New Daily]

Union regulator’s probe of AWU donations to GetUp! was invalid: Federal Court 2019-10-13 [The New Daily]

Dealing with head lice – some HSA tips 2019-10-13 [HSA]

Queensland Unions gravely concerned at protest laws 2019-10-13 [Queensland Unions]

Western Australia Murdoch University attempts to “shoot the messenger” 2019-10-13 [NTEU]

NSW rejects industrial manslaughter laws as 'little more than a catchy title' 2019-10-13 [The Morning Herald]

Ensuring Integrity would mean raids on union offices were just the beginning 2019-10-12 [ACTU]

Boot on other foot over wages 2019-10-12 [The Australian]

Queensland Queensland's proposed anti-protest laws a 'slippery slope' to suppress unions 2019-10-11 [Guardian]

Queensland QLD Labour passes laws to arrest protestors like Sir Joh did to them when they were lefties 2019-10-11 [The Betoota Advocate]

Western Australia Permanency win for Hospital Staff! 2019-10-10 [United Voice]

Tasmania Superannuation Amnesty Bill Submission 2019-10-10 [Tasmanian Unions]

Sexual harassment – Kimberley shares her story 2019-10-10 [HSA]

News: Mat Ryan and Chris Ikonomidis unveiled as PFA Major award winners 2019-10-10 [PFA]

More than $1 million recovered for members in 2018-19 2019-10-10 [MEAA]

Q and A with your new National Secretary 2019-10-10 [CPSU]

Emirates make pay offer significantly below industry averages as company profits rise 2019-10-10 [ASU]

For a top-shelf education, students need school libraries 2019-10-10 [AEU]

Victoria 50 Years And Still Going Strong! 2019-10-10 [AEU]

ITUC-AP condemns ‘draconian, anti-democratic’ EI Bill 2019-10-10 [ACTU]

JSCOT waves through secret trade agreements that would cost jobs 2019-10-10 [ACTU]

Voters concerned about protections for local workers and sovereignty under new Free Trade Agreements 2019-10-10 [ACTU]

How top chefs take care of their mental health 2019-10-10 [SBS]

New South Wales Safety concerns for workers at school construction sites over holidays 2019-10-10 [The Morning Herald]

Quad bike roll-over protection to be compulsory on new models 2019-10-10 [The Advertiser]

Labor MPs resist trade deal 'explicitly at odds' with national platform 2019-10-10 [The Guardian]

ITUC-AP condemns ‘draconian, anti-democratic’ EI Bill 2019-10-09 [ACTU]

Queensland ETU members tell Queensland Government to get moving on Just Transition, now For more info 2019-10-09 [ETU]

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