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USA Mississippi How Mississippi’s abundant low-wage workers earn less today than 50 years ago 2019-05-21 [Daily Journal]

USA New York Nurses speak: We want a union that cares for nurses and patients 2019-05-21 [Left Voice]

USA Connecticut Attorney General William Tong Okays Captive Audience Bill; May Face Court Challenge if Passed 2019-05-21 [Yankee Institute]

USA Oregon Reed’s Campus Safety Officers Struggle to Unionize, Protest Administration 2019-05-21 [Portland Mercury]

USA Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer opposes Trump administration overtime proposal, saying rules are too weak 2019-05-21 [WWMT]

USA New York Scaffold at Milstein tower didn’t have guardrails when worker fell to his death: Department of Buildings 2019-05-21 [Real Deal]

USA Texas Paid sick leave ordinances stand in Texas, as bill to outlaw them crumbles 2019-05-21 [San Antonio Express-News]

USA Texas American Airlines asks court to block disruptive 'slowdown' by mechanics unions 2019-05-21 [Reuters]

USA California ITF dockers and seafarers unions honour ILWU longshoreman killed in fatal incident in Los Angeles 2019-05-20 [ITF]

USA Walmart charts new course by steering workers to high-quality imaging centers 2019-05-20 [Seattle Times]

USA Ford will lay off 7,000 white-collar workers 2019-05-20 [CNN Wire]

USA New York As Thousands of Taxi Drivers Were Trapped in Loans, Top Officials Counted the Money 2019-05-20 [New York Times]

USA New York 'They Were Conned': How Reckless Loans Devastated a Generation of Taxi Drivers 2019-05-20 [New York Times]

USA Caregivers and takers: investigation uncovers widespread exploitation of workers who tend to the elderly. 2019-05-20 [Center for Investigative Reporting]

USA California New Haven teachers stage first ever strike 2019-05-20 [KPIX]

USA California California legislators expect companies to let workers join a union. So why not their own staff? 2019-05-20 [Sac Bee]

USA Video Game Developers Power Up a High-Stakes Unionizing Campaign 2019-05-20 [Bloomberg]

USA Government workers were kept in the dark about their toxic workplace 2019-05-20 [Natl Catholic Reporter]

USA Massachusetts Macy’s Workers Approve New Contract, Avert Strike 2019-05-20 [CBS]

USA New Jersey Some part-time lecturers not happy with new Rutgers contract 2019-05-20 [NJ Spotlight]

USA Unemployment Is At A 50-Year Low. But Not Everybody's A Winner 2019-05-20 [WBUR]

USA House Passes Bill to Permanently Codify Protections for LGBTQ Feds 2019-05-20 [Gov Exec]

USA Bernie Sanders rolls out education plan that cracks down on for-profit anti-union-charter schools 2019-05-19 [Vox]

USA Texas Challenge To Hoffa's Support For Trump's Tariffs And Trade War With IBT VP John Palmer For more info 2019-05-19 [LVP]

USA Trump's NLRB: Inflatable rats illegal 2019-05-18 [ucommblog]

USA Tennessee UAW trying to organize Volkswagen Chattanooga plant amid battle for new union election 2019-05-18 [Times Free Press]

USA Bernie Sanders will call for ban on for-profit charter schools 2019-05-18 [CNN]

USA Texas United Airlines to lay off 100 workers in Houston, outsource jobs 2019-05-18 [Chicago Tribune]

USA New Perk for Fast-Food Workers: Finish a Shift, Get Cash to Go 2019-05-18 [Bloomberg]

USA Arconic, USW contract talks stalled 2019-05-18 [Daily Times]

USA Hawaii Union protests at Waikiki hotels center around timeshare issues 2019-05-18 [Star Advertizer]

USA Pennsylvania Union workers protest at Wabtec shareholders meeting 2019-05-18 [Pittsburgh Biz Times]

USA California Bernie Sanders Used His Campaign Data To Drive Turnout On Strike Picket Lines 2019-05-18 [Huff Post]

USA Rest In Power, Larry Hanley 2019-05-18 [Labour Notes]

USA New York Building Bridges: It's Time for the Next Economic System - Socialism For more info 2019-05-18 [WBAI Radio]

USA Bernie Sanders used his campaign data to drive turnout on strike picket lines 2019-05-17 [Huff Po]

USA California Teachers union delays May 22 strike at Sacramento City Unified 2019-05-17 [Sac Bee]

USA California Striking workers: UC Davis ‘trying to do a bait-and-switch’ with new Aggie Square hospital 2019-05-17 [Sacto Bee]

USA The couple behind the viral AOC ad plans a streaming channel for socialists 2019-05-17 [Yahoo!]

USA Dumping, Again, on the Lowest-Paid Folks 2019-05-17 [Bacon's Rebellion]

USA 2020 Democrats’ battle for union support, explained 2019-05-17 [Vox]

USA Freezing Executive Salaries to Pay Entry-Level Workers a Better Wage 2019-05-17 [Kottke]

USA Foreign-Born Workers Make Up Highest Percentage of U.S. Employment Since 1996 2019-05-17 [WSJ]

USA Macy*s RI and MA Employee Strike Averted With Tentative Contract 2019-05-17 [Patch]

USA New Jersey Sweeney, jeered off stage by union members, doesn’t back down: ‘I’m ready for a fight’ 2019-05-17 [ROI-NJ]

USA AFL-CIO Budget Is a Stark Illustration of the Decline of Organizing 2019-05-17 [Splinter]

USA Ohio Mercy Health strike day 11: why some union workers are standing their ground 2019-05-17 [NBC]

USA Missouri Judge doubles Steak and Shake misclassification bill to $7.7M 2019-05-17 [HR Dive]

USA A tried and true way to fix inequality in America: unions 2019-05-17 [CNN]

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