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USA 'People will revolt': Workers say Russia must save sanctions-hit Rusal 2018-04-23 [CNBC]

USA California Laborers union claims Legend Theatrical failed to pay benefits 2018-04-23 [No CA Record]

USA Massachusetts UAW Northeastern grad students demand election agreement 2018-04-23 [Huntington News]

USA Nevada Teachers union launches digital ad attacking conservative Democrat Sisolak 2018-04-23 [Rev Jrnl]

USA Massachusetts Harvard Rep Declines to Say Whether School Will Bargain With New Union 2018-04-23 [Harvard Crimson]

USA Long hours, low pay push some Democratic campaign workers to unionize 2018-04-23 [NPR]

USA New York Michael Fabricant: Not just subways: CUNY, too, suffers from Albany neglect of NYC 2018-04-22 [Crain's]

USA Arizona Why Teachers Plan to Walk Out 2018-04-22 [Diane Ravitch]

USA Reflections on Labor Notes 2018 2018-04-22 [Rank and File]

USA Massachusetts Harvard grad students vote to unionize with UAW 2018-04-22 [WWLP]

USA Connecticut New England SEIU Pres: Workers have postponed strike — for now 2018-04-22 [CT Mirror]

USA Long Hours, Low Pay Push Some Democratic Campaign Workers To Unionize 2018-04-22 [NEPR]

USA California Tesla Factory Safety Under Scrutiny After Worker Is Injured 2018-04-22 [NYTimes]

USA The Trump tax cuts will benefit investors, not workers, this CEO says 2018-04-22 [Yahoo! Finance]

USA The rise of a new labor movement 2018-04-22 [Regiater-Herald]

USA Union leader faces members' protest over sexual misconduct claims 2018-04-22 [The Guardian]

USA Massachusetts Philips Lighting to lay off 160 workers in Fall River as production moves to Mexico 2018-04-21 []

USA Connecticut Foxwoods cleaning, maintenance workers vote to join union 2018-04-21 [The Day]

USA Pennsylvania Conor Lamb Win Energizes Labor Union Approach to Midterms 2018-04-21 [BNA]

USA California Univ CA student-worker union negotiates with UC, demands protections, benefits 2018-04-21 [Daily Bruin]

USA Transport Workers Union, Highly Visible In New York, Looks To Organize More JetBlue Workers 2018-04-21 [Forbes]

USA Pennsylvania Workers comp prescribing rule change awaits governor decision 2018-04-21 [Meadville Trib]

USA Massachusetts In Historic Move, Harvard Teaching and Research Assistants Vote to Unionize 2018-04-21 [Harvard Crimson]

USA Ohio NLRB Sides With OCOPE in Suit Against Oberlin College 2018-04-21 [Oberlin Review]

USA Earth Day: How union workers are driving a cleaner future 2018-04-21 [RedGreen&Blue]

USA A loss of union power has hurt American manufacturing 2018-04-21 [NY Times]

USA Massachusetts UAW wins election at Harvard; student workers organize 2018-04-21 [The Free Press]

Mexico Administration right to revisit NAFTA, must ensure better labor, environmental protections 2018-04-20 [The Hill]

USA Teacher Strikes Continue to Spread - A Symptom of Public Education Underfunding 2018-04-20 [The Real News Network]

USA California Student workers at UCLA protest over ongoing labor talks 2018-04-20 [ABC]

USA Nebraska Troubled Tecumseh prison must return to 8-hour shifts after state loses labor ruling 2018-04-20 [KWBE]

USA California Farm workers rally to change the way they negotiate labor contracts 2018-04-20 [Your Cntrl Valley]

USA Alabama Phillip Tutor: Why Alabama teachers are not going on strike 2018-04-20 [Anniston Star]

USA New York Working Families’ Nod to Nixon Ends a Battle, but the War Awaits 2018-04-20 [NYTimes]

USA New York Jordan Health Center workers vote to strike 2018-04-20 [Democrat & Chronicle]

USA Connecticut Union election at Foxwoods as CT tribes push back against federal labor laws 2018-04-20 [CTMirror]

USA Precarious work affects health, housing and family plans of workers 2018-04-20 [TASC]

USA Florida It’s a Law: Workers Compensation for First Responders 2018-04-20 [FL Channel]

USA Walmart is testing a new dress code for workers 2018-04-20 [MSN]

USA California Univ CA Employee Union Gets Strike Authorization Vote 2018-04-20 [Ny News LA]

USA Tennessee TN: Bus Drivers Union Sues CARTA Over Limits on Speaking to Board 2018-04-20 [Mass Transit]

USA California $1 Billion Eco-Fraud At SF Hunters Point/Treasure Island-Residents and Whistleblowers Speakout For more info 2018-04-20 [LVP]

USA District of Columbia No, Janus Is Not a Trojan Horse 2018-04-20 [Jacobin]

USA Mississippi Why Prison Privatization is Bad: A Case Study 2018-04-20 [AFSCME]

USA Teachers Are at a Breaking Point. And It's Not Just About Pay 2018-04-20 [Education Week]

USA West Virginia Teachers and the Return of Labor Feminism 2018-04-19 [Common Dreams]

USA New York Staff At George Soros’ Foundation secures union contract 2018-04-19 [HuffPo]

USA Massachusetts UMass mood not collegial 2018-04-19 [Boston Herald]

USA Illinois As pay and benefits stagnate, nontenured faculty and graduate students in Illinois, Chicago look to unions 2018-04-19 [Chicago Tribune]

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