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USA UFCW President: We Need An Economy That Improves Workers' Lives 2017-04-19 [Workers Independent News]

USA Fix LA Coalition Calls For Keeping 5,000 Jobs Promise 2017-04-19 [Workers Independent News]

USA Democrats and Labor --- Frenemies forever? 2017-04-19 [Boston Review]

USA A Tax Reform That Works For Working People 2017-04-19 [Workers Independent News]

USA Are Proposed EPA Cuts Doing The Bidding Of Special Interest Polluters? 2017-04-19 [Workers Independent News]

USA Whoa! Check Out The $6.2B Wal-Mart Tax We're All Paying 2017-04-19 [Workers Independent News]

USA District of Columbia Airport workers at Reagan, Dulles getting pay bump 2017-04-19 [WTOP]

USA How black college students could benefit from Trump’s order on foreign workers 2017-04-19 [Sacramento Bee]

USA Florida How to spot human trafficking victims? County workers will learn 2017-04-19 [Palm Beach Post]

USA Trump gets tough on skilled foreign workers, but what about carnival, seafood jobs? 2017-04-19 [Sacramento Bee]

USA New Jersey How many N.J. jobs are held by workers with tech visas targeted by Trump 2017-04-19 []

USA New York Long Island - Workers: Firm fired us after ‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest 2017-04-19 [Newsday]

USA New York Bloomingdale’s union workers rally in Manhattan for better pay, benefits 2017-04-19 [amNewYork]

USA New York A Tough Time for Retail Workers to Demand Better Benefits 2017-04-19 [WNYC News]

USA New York Bloomingdale’s Clerks Want Commissions On Showrooming, In-Store Pickup Sales 2017-04-19 [Consumerist]

USA New York Bloomingdale's store clerks demand commissions for online sales 2017-04-19 [CNN Money]

USA New York Bloomingdale's workers rally in NYC to demand contract that includes online sales commissions, other benefits 2017-04-19 [Daily News]

USA Trump targets visa program for highly skilled workers 2017-04-19 [MSN]

USA California Tesla Factory Workers Underpaid, Overworked? 2017-04-19 [Inside EVs]

USA California Labor Organizations Up Pressure To Unionize Tesla 2017-04-19 [Inside EVs]

Canada Steelworkers re-elect Gerard, emphasize solidarity 2017-04-19 [Workday]

USA Indian-American CEO ordered to pay USD 135,000 to former domestic worker for illtreating her 2017-04-19 [PTI]

USA The Return of Commercial Prison Labour 2017-04-18 [The Bullet]

USA The 10 Modern Plagues of Inequality 2017-04-18 [Broke-Ass Stuart]

USA New York NY Unions Push for State ‘Medicare for All’ System 2017-04-18 [LaborPress]

USA With a Hollywood Writers' Strike Looming, Here's What to Know 2017-04-18 [NY Times]

UK Job security is key in Weetabix takeover, says Unite 2017-04-18 [Unite]

USA Exec order: Will be more difficult for tech companies to replace American workers with cheaper foreign labor 2017-04-18 [Washington Post]

USA California Judge slams fruit grower over bad faith bargaining with farmworkers 2017-04-18 [LATimes]

USA New York IBEW workers strike in Sunset Park against Charter Communications 2017-04-18 [Bklyn Eagle]

USA Think teachers can’t be fired because of unions? Surprising results from new study. 2017-04-18 [Washington Post]

USA The Struggle To Defend Public Education, Privatization, Union Democracy and Education Workers For more info 2017-04-18 [Indybay]

USA North Carolina Harvesting Union Rights in the Field 2017-04-18 [Labor Notes]

USA We Need Tax Reform That Works for Working People 2017-04-18 [AFL-CIO]

USA Tennessee Non-tenure track faculty move forward with petition to unionize 2017-04-18 [Vanderbilt Hustler]

USA California Ford’s Chariot bus drivers to weigh joining Teamsters union 2017-04-18 [SFGate]

USA Female Ironworkers' Paid Leave Policy Is A Win For Women In A Male-Dominated Workforce 2017-04-18 [Romper]

USA California Judge finds Gerawan Farming violated state labor law in bargaining dispute with UFW 2017-04-18 [Fresno Bee]

USA XPO workers in Illinois reject union representation; Trenton workers say yes 2017-04-18 [DC Velocity]

USA AFL-CIO: Tax reform should increase taxes for wealthy 2017-04-18 [The Hill]

Haiti Workers build up strike for mayday 2017-04-17 [Rapid Response Network]

USA New York Rally for a new contract at Bloomingdale*s 2017-04-17 [RWDSU / AFL-CIO]

USA Europe could have the secret to saving America’s unions 2017-04-17 [Vox]

USA Labor Board rules in favor of right to organize at Catholic Colleges 2017-04-17 [America]

USA Washington St Martin's Tenured Faculty Members Unionize 2017-04-17 [Inside Higher Ed]

USA Employers Look to Fill Seasonal Jobs; Advocates Look to Protect Workers 2017-04-17 [VOA]

USA Union Says It Organized Ground Service Workers at United and Alaska Subsidiaries 2017-04-17 [Street]

USA Pregnant Uber driver with no maternity leave not alone in America 2017-04-17 [dailyherald]

USA California Bay Area Workers Urge Federal Judge to Rule Quickly to Protect Local Services from Illegal Trump “Sanctuary City” Order 2017-04-16 [SEIU Local 1021]

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