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USA Kentucky Financial health of worst-funded state pension plan got a bit worse 2018-11-09 [Courier Jrnl]

USA Tennessee Tennessee Approves 19 Percent Decrease in Workers’ Comp Rates 2018-11-09 [Insurance Jrnl]

USA Hawaii After a month, no resolution in sight to strike at 5 Hawaii hotels 2018-11-09 [Hawaii News Now]

USA Massachusetts Marriott execs: Room for gloom in walkout 2018-11-08 [Boston Herald]

USA Workers voted for higher pay, healthcare, democracy: Action expected by new House and state leaders 2018-11-08 [NELP]

USA Massachusetts Workers Are Suing Happy Lamb Hot Pot, Alleging Wage Theft and Other Violations 2018-11-08 [Eater]

USA How New Technologies Can Help—and Hurt—Migrant Workers 2018-11-08 [Open Society Foundations]

USA Voters just gave nearly 1 million workers a raise in 2 red states: AR and MO 2018-11-08 [Vox]

USA Pennsylvania Mid-Term Elections Prove Win For Pennsylvania Workers, says Pennsylvania AFL-CIO 2018-11-08 [PA AFL-CIO]

USA Tennessee Jury: Jacobs Engineering endangered Kingston disaster clean-up workers 2018-11-08 [Knox News]

USA Working people are a driving force in mid-term elections 2018-11-08 [AFL-CIO]

USA Voters Overwhelmingly Choose To Raise Wages in Two Red States 2018-11-08 [In These Times]

USA Wisconsin How Labor Helped Bring Down Scott Walker and Bruce Rauner 2018-11-08 [In These Times]

USA Wisconsin Wisconsin governor, bane of labor, loses re-election 2018-11-08 [AFP]

USA Colorado Colorado passes Amendment A, voting to officially abolish prison slavery 2018-11-08 [Vox]

USA We Vote, We Win! Under Assault by Trump GOP and Supreme Court, Unions Lead Massive Get Out the Vote Effort for Midterms 2018-11-07 [Common Dreams]

USA Montana Victory for Boilermakers at Imerys Talc 2018-11-06 [IndustriALL]

USA Google Walkout: International Implications 2018-11-06 [New Politics]

USA Ohio AFL-CIO says more than half of former pro-Trump union votes are voting Democratic in the midterms 2018-11-06 [Cleveland Scene]

USA Unions mobilize ahead of Election Day 2018-11-06 [Politico]

USA Illinois As reform gains traction, Chicago police union pushes back 2018-11-06 [Chicago Tribune]

USA Michigan Book Cadillac workers had support for strike 2018-11-06 [Detroit News]

USA Pennsylvania How the future of labor in Pennsylvania could be shaped by the governor’s race 2018-11-06 [Incline]

USA The US now has more than 56.7 million freelance workers—and they vote 2018-11-06 [Quartz]

USA Robots Keep Workers off Dangerous Tasks 2018-11-06 [Design News]

USA Florida State approves 13.8 percent cut for workers' comp insurance rate 2018-11-06 [Orlando Sentinel]

USA District of Columbia American Univ worker’s controversial removal from AU position sparks calls for reinstatement 2018-11-06 [Eagle]

USA Michigan Michigan Democrats, Republicans battle for blue-collar workers 2018-11-06 [Detroit News]

USA Ohio Many working-class Trump voters in Ohio are casting ballots for Democrats in 2018 2018-11-06 [Vox]

USA Connecticut New Haven non-union workers forced to take furloughs 2018-11-06 [Yale Daily News]

USA California Marriott Worker Strike Ends in Oakland, Continues in SF 2018-11-06 [Eater San Francisco]

USA Trump economic adviser calls federal minimum wage a 'terrible idea' this week in the war on workers 2018-11-05 [Daily Kos]

USA Michigan Detroit hotel workers reach contract deal, end strike 2018-11-05 [13abc]

USA Michigan Workers, hotel reach an agreement at Detroit’s Westin Book Cadillac 2018-11-05 [Curbed Detroit]

USA Connecticut Governor Campaigns Making Final Overtures For more info 2018-11-05 [NBC Connecticut]

USA New York NYC teachers ratify new union contract 2018-11-05 [MRT]

USA California For Bay Area sex workers, a new federal law means less safety and more poverty 2018-11-05 [Salon]

USA Hawaii Some hotel workers in CA reach a deal, but Hawaii’s strike continues 2018-11-05 [Hawaii News Now]

USA Bullying and harassment of health workers endangers patient safety 2018-11-05 [Conversation]

USA What Happens to Workers Focused on Money? 2018-11-04 [Cornell ILR]

USA Illinois It was just a huge boom. The house shook: Chicago Metra worker dies, another badly hurt during Northwest Side explosion 2018-11-04 [Chicago Tribune]

USA Experts: Only Workers’ Rights ‘Revolution’ Will End Slavery 2018-11-04 [VOA]

USA Google Workers’ Walkout Signals Crisis of Faith in Company Culture For more info 2018-11-04 [WSJ]

USA California Marriott workers reach strike deal in Oakland — SF labor action continues 2018-11-04 [SFChronicle]

USA Maryland Two workers have died at an Amazon warehouse in Baltimore: Officials said a 50-foot wall collapsed during a storm 2018-11-04 [Recode]

USA Massachusetts St. Luke’s nurses say they have signatures to form union 2018-11-04 [SouthCoast Today]

USA Michigan Strike ends: Hotel workers reach settlement with Westin Book Cadillac 2018-11-04 [Detroit Free Press]

USA Google walkouts showed what the new tech resistance looks like, with lots of cues from union organizing 2018-11-04 [CNBC]

USA Massachusetts Union ‘loophole’ isn’t a very big one 2018-11-04 [CommonWealth]

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