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USA Massachusetts Labor unions rally in support of Baystate Franklin nurses 2017-07-21 [Daily Hampshire Gazette]

USA Massachusetts Governor asked to aid MIT janitor detained by ICE 2017-07-21 [Telegram]

USA Mississippi UAW Makes Second Run in Right-to-Work South 2017-07-21 [Wash Free Beacon]

USA Massachusetts Legislature Passes Pregnant Workers Fairness Act 2017-07-21 [Framingham Source]

USA Florida Man Accused Of Shooting AT&T Trucks When Workers Refuse To Move 2017-07-21 [Huffington Post]

USA Southwest Airlines Fires Too Many People, Labor Union Leader Says 2017-07-21 [The Street]

USA Corporate Tax Cuts Skew to Shareholders and CEOs, Not to Workers as Administration Claims 2017-07-21 [CBPP]

USA Florida In the midst of *Made in America* week, Trump private clubs seek visas for foreign workers 2017-07-21 [WBGO]

USA How Factory Workers Are Using Once-Dead Google Glass 2017-07-21 [WUGA]

USA Independent workers need paid leave too 2017-07-21 [Aspen Institute]

USA Mississippi UAW: U.S. Nissan workers would vote for union right now 2017-07-21 [Reuters]

USA Connecticut Blue Hills Hospital Workers Speak Out About Possible Closure 2017-07-21 [Hartford Courant]

USA EPI: CEOs make 271 times the pay of most workers 2017-07-21 [CNBC]

USA AFT President Randi Weingarten Frames David vs. Goliath Battle to Resist Injustice and Reclaim Promise of Public Education in TEACH Keynote 2017-07-21 [AFT]

USA California Uber Driver Says Driving Isn't Worth It 2017-07-21 [KMIR]

USA AFT President Randi Weingarten takes on Besty DeVos - and DeVos strikes back 2017-07-21 [Washington Post]

USA AFT: Teachers, Unions Must Rise Up To Resist The Billionaire Assault On Public Education & Democracy 2017-07-21 [Workers Independent News]

USA Young Workers - Especially Young Black Workers - Have Much Higher Jobless Rates 2017-07-21 [Workers Independent News]

USA Washington First New Farm Workers Union in Half-Century 2017-07-20 [Foodtank]

Canada Trumping NAFTA: Free Trade versus Democratic Planning 2017-07-20 [The Bullet]

USA New York A New Brooklyn Clinic for Hotel Workers Who Enjoy No-Cost Care 2017-07-20 [NYTImes]

USA California San Francisco Wants to Eliminate the Pay Gap for Women in This Generation. But Will It Work? 2017-07-20 [Fortune ]

USA Massachusetts This Massachusetts Nurses’ Union Is Reviving the Strike Weapon 2017-07-20 [The Nation]

USA South Carolina Charleston workers renew region's ties to Highlander Center 2017-07-20 [Facing South]

USA Iowa Democratic gubernatorial hopeful floats $15 minimum wage 2017-07-20 [Sioux City Jrnl]

USA Actors Equity union members defend Obamacare, brace for impact of possible repeal 2017-07-20 [NYDaily News]

USA North Carolina Court Says Uber Drivers Can Proceed With National Misclassification Class Action 2017-07-20 [JDSupra]

USA Ohio Another blow for heartland workers: Slashed pensions 2017-07-20 [CBS]

USA Bernie Sanders and Labor Unions Descend on Mississippi—Will Alabama Be Next? 2017-07-20 [Yellow Hammer]

USA Nissan Workers Targeted By Aggressive Anti-Union Campaign Ahead Of UAW NLRB Vote 2017-07-19 [Workers Independent News]

USA Jobs To Move America Electric Bus Deal: Good Union Jobs, Community & Environmental Benefits 2017-07-19 [Workers Independent News]

USA California San Diego Lifeguard Union Leader Sues City Alleging Retaliation By Fire Chief 2017-07-19 [KPBS]

USA Railroad Workers' Struggles Continue 140 Years after their First National Strike 2017-07-19 [The Real News Network]

USA Railroad Workers' Struggles Continue 140 Years after their First National Strike (1/2) 2017-07-19 [The Real News Network]

USA New Jersey Building Bridges: The Newark Rebellion - 50 Years Later For more info 2017-07-19 [WBAI Radio]

USA AFT, Labor Leaders Rally In DC To Defend Education And Healthcare 2017-07-19 [Workers Independent News]

USA Is Praying For Trump While He Preys On The Poor Theological Malpractice? 2017-07-18 [Workers Independent News]

USA New Jersey Manischewitz to close Newark plant, lay off 169 workers 2017-07-18 [JTA]

USA Tennessee Amid Trump's immigration crackdown, demand for migrant workers increases in Tennessee 2017-07-18 [Tennesseean]

USA Idaho Manure ponds can be deadly for farm workers 2017-07-18 [Idaho Statesman]

USA New York Burberry to pay $2.54M after stiffing workers on overtime 2017-07-18 [New York Post]

USA White House tells firms to use US workers while keeping quiet about Trump businesses outsourcing overseas 2017-07-18 [Independent]

USA California Workers at Disneyland are going homeless 2017-07-18 [Salon]

USA Wisconsin Bill would repeal minimum pay for Wisconsin road workers and allow single firm to design, build highways 2017-07-18 [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ]

USA Trump officials open border to 15,000 more foreign workers 2017-07-18 [Washington Post]

USA Texas Workers' rights group seeks to highlight the other side of NAFTA 2017-07-18 [Texas Tribune]

USA Unions and lawmakers press Trump to protect workers in NAFTA talks 2017-07-18 [Christian Science Monitor]

USA Washington Tech Workers Brace For Seattle's Plan to 'Tax The Rich' 2017-07-18 [NPR]

USA Connecticut State union workers approve concessions agreement 2017-07-18 [WFSB]

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