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USA Ohio The day that destroyed the working class and sowed the seeds of Trump 2017-09-17 [NYPost]

USA Florida The Hurricane Irma Relief Fund for Immokalee and Southwest Florida Farmworker Communities 2017-09-17 [CIW]

USA New Jersey Why does the top teachers union hate Senate President Steve Sweeney so much? 2017-09-17 [NJ]

USA Pennsylvania Penn Highlands DuBois nurses vote down union 2017-09-17 [WJAC]

USA Illinois Union, car dealerships reach tentative agreement that could end strike 2017-09-17 [Daily Herald]

USA Unions and Medicare for all : An idea whose time has come 2017-09-17 [Labor notes]

USA The right-wing has a vast secret plot to destroy unions for good. Here's how to fight back. 2017-09-17 [In These Times]

USA Macy*s to hire 80,000 workers for holidays, fewer than last year 2017-09-16 [CNBC]

USA Management-side Labor Attorney Being Considered for Trump NLRB General Counsel Nomination 2017-09-16 [Labor&Collective Bargaining]

USA New York Union pickets over contract dispute at Hilton Albany Hotel 2017-09-16 [Albany Times Union]

USA Florida Teachers union sues state, alleges *Best and Brightest* bonus system discriminatory 2017-09-16 [News-Press]

USA New York Dozens of unions to join IBEW Local 3 in major NYC rally against Charter Communications amid six-month strike 2017-09-16 [NYDaily News]

USA Florida AFL-CIO Passing The Digital Hat For Irma Victims 2017-09-16 [WFSU]

USA Illinois Labor Board Rules No IL Univ Improperly Raised Parking Fees On Union Members 2017-09-16 [NorthernPR]

USA New Jersey Democratic Senators Blast Union for Supporting a Republican 2017-09-16 [USNews]

USA District of Columbia Metro union decries transit officials’ ‘lazy’ response to recent rise in assaults on bus drivers 2017-09-16 [Wash Post]

USA West Virginia State Supreme Court vacates pro-union injunction in RTW case 2017-09-16 [WVRecord]

USA Recently-Released NLRB Advice Memo Favors Reversal of Precedent on Weingarten Rights For Non-Union Workers 2017-09-16 [Natl Law Rev]

USA California Plan to spend $1.5B in climate money includes boost to possible Telsa Union 2017-09-16 [KCRA]

USA Florida IRMA: Disney to pay union workers for time missed 2017-09-16 [MyNews13]

USA How the Current Tax Code Disfavors American Workers 2017-09-16 [Daily Signal]

USA West Virginia RTW injunction overturned 2017-09-16 [News and Sentinel]

USA New York Building Bridges: Dreams Deferred For more info 2017-09-16 [WBAI Radio]

USA California Union at Last: Westin Long Beach workers reach unionization after two-year dispute 2017-09-15 [Signal-Tribune]

USA Massachusetts Harvard Hopes Trump Will Help It Undermine Unions 2017-09-15 [Labor Notes]

USA Iowa Iowa City rally highlights setbacks to immigrants and workers 2017-09-15 [The Gazette]

USA Florida Disney labor unions ask theme park to pay lost wages after Hurricane Irma 2017-09-15 [Orlando Weekly]

USA Why older workers keep staying on the job 2017-09-15 [CBS News]

USA Google Sued by Women Workers Claiming Gender Discrimination 2017-09-15 [Ad Age]

USA Florida Hurricane Irma hits service workers with more expense, no pay 2017-09-15 [USA Today]

USA Michigan DACA workers would leave a hole in Michigan economy if forced to leave 2017-09-15 [Capital News Service]

USA Superman saved undocumented workers from a racist — and conservative media is mad about it 2017-09-15 [Vox]

USA Illinois Union says Northwestern will not bargain, is violating labor laws 2017-09-15 [Chicago Tribune]

USA Florida Education Assn sues Florida, alleges *Best and Brightest* bonus system discriminatory 2017-09-15 [Tallhassee Democrat]

USA California Capture of The Bay Area Air Quality Control District, BAAQMD Executives, Corruption and Workplace Bullying For more info 2017-09-15 [LVP]

USA California Union Power Is Putting Pressure on Silicon Valley’s Tech Giants 2017-09-15 [Bloomberg]

USA Illinois Union rep expects mechanics’ strike to end within a week 2017-09-15 [The Sun-Times]

USA Massachusetts Boston College Graduate Students Vote In Favor Of Union 2017-09-15 [LAW360]

USA Union dues are a small price to pay for a great living 2017-09-15 [Intelligencer]

USA Washington OPEIU Local 8 strike at Welfare and Pension Inc. continues 2017-09-15 [nwLaborPress]

USA New York Teamsters approve slashing benefits to retired members 2017-09-15 [Reuters]

USA New York State Wide Canvass: No Constitutional Convention - September 23 For more info 2017-09-15 [Hudson Valley AFL-CIO]

USA AFT Survey Shows Strong Parental Support for Public Schools 2017-09-15 [AFL-CIO]

USA Pennsylvania Nurses are unhappy with understaffing at work 2017-09-15 [Inquirer]

USA UAW launches *Build Buy USA* online campaign 2017-09-15 [Detroit News]

USA Missouri Wash Univ Grad Students Criticize Suggestion That Union Activity Could Spell Deportation 2017-09-14 [RFT]

USA Whistling Dixie 2017-09-14 [Huff Post]

USA Harold Meyerson: The Genius of Bernie’s Gradualism 2017-09-14 [Am Prospect]

USA Boston College Grad Workers Thrilled With Their UAW Election Victory 2017-09-14 [Workers Independent News]

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