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Israel Histadrut Chair Arnon Bar-David: “I Will Not Allow a Rich Country with Poor Citizens' 2022-10-11 [Davar]

Israel WFTU solidarity statement with the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons 2022-10-11 [WFTU]

Israel Bezeq International to lay off 50% of workforce 2022-10-03 [Globes]

Palestine Sick pay Fund accumulated in the fund belongs to Palestinian workers and must be returned to them 2022-10-01 [MAAN Workers Association]

Palestine Palestinian women entering Israel to work complain of sexual harassment on the waiting line inside the Checkpoint 2022-10-01 [MAAN Workers Association]

Palestine Palestinian workers’ strike, August 21: a demonstration of power but lacking leadership and direction 2022-10-01 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israel Chairman of the Histadrut Arnon Bar-David in a special message for the Jewish new year 2022-09-25 [Histadrut]

Israel The Hague: Press conference on new complaint to the International Criminal Court 2022-09-20 [IFJ]

Israel Journalist killed by unknown shooter 2022-09-14 [NUJ]

Israel Gett Delivery Driver Files Lawsuit to be Recognized as Employee 2022-09-14 [Davar]

Israel Breaking Down the New Agreement Between Treasury and Teachers’ Union 2022-09-11 [Davar]

Israel The New Frontier of Labor Struggle: High-Tech 2022-09-03 [Davar]

Israel Palestinians working in Israel strike to protest salary payments in banks 2022-08-23 [Al-Monitor]

Israel Israel, Jordan agree to allow workers daily access to Eilat 2022-08-23 [JNS]

Israel Toppled shipping container kills 2 construction workers in northern Israel 2022-08-23 [Ynet]

Israel 2 crushed to death by falling container, 3rd worker killed in fall at separate site 2022-08-23 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Construction worker killed by falling object in Rishon Lezion 2022-08-23 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Palestinians working in Israel strike over demand for bank accounts 2022-08-21 [Reuters]

Israel Israel seeks 1,000 Nepali workers to fill its farming job slots 2022-08-17 [Kathmandu Post]

South Africa NEHAWU condemns apartheid Israeli continued attacks on Gaza 2022-08-13 [COSATU]

Israel Three Immediate Steps to Lower the Cost of Living, and Four More in the Long Term 2022-08-08 [Davar]

Israel Municipal Governments Face a Personnel Crisis: 'There Needs to be a Double-Digit Wage Increase' 2022-08-07 [Davar]

Israel Histadrut: Leiman Schlussel Ltd. to be included in the national consumer boycott 2022-07-31 [Histadrut]

Israel Western Wall Employees Strike Amid Labor Dispute 2022-07-30 [Davar]

Israel Next steps to continue the fight to lower the cost of living in Israel 2022-07-28 [Histadrut]

Israel Salary agreement for employees of the National Road Safety Authority 2022-07-28 [Histadrut]

USA Unhealthy Fixation: How the Largest Labor Union in the United States Is Pushing an Anti-Israel Agenda 2022-07-27 [Honest Reporting]

Israel Histadrut calls for a consumer boycott to fight the rise in the cost of living 2022-07-26 [Histadrut]

Israel Over 500 Israeli tech employees fired in one day, amid ‘bubble’ fears 2022-07-25 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Government Approves Full Privatization of Postal Service 2022-07-16 [Davar]

Israel Salary and grant supplements: a special collective agreement for Partner employees 2022-07-13 [Histadrut]

Israel Wage increses, negotiations, government employees all on the agenga for newly elected House of Representatives 2022-07-12 [Histadrut]

Israel El Al to restore pilots' salaries to pre-COVID levels 2022-07-11 [Saltwire]

Israel El Al pilots sign agreement with Histadrut to return to normal 2022-07-10 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel The road to higher productivity 2022-07-10 [Histadrut]

Israel A special collective agreement was signed for EL AL pilots 2022-07-10 [Histadrut]

Israel Arnon Bar-David: “I will not allow Israel to be a rich country with poor citizens.” 2022-07-07 [Histadrut]

Israel Histadrut secures workers' rights in Ashot Ashkelon 2022-07-05 [Histadrut]

Israel Bereshit packing house joined the Histadrut 2022-07-04 [Histadrut]

Israel Collective agreement for Tara workers 2022-07-03 [Histadrut]

Israel Bus drivers end strike after agreement with government 2022-07-02 [Prensa Latina]

Israel Increase the convalescence allowance for workers in the private sector. 2022-06-27 [Histadrut]

Israel Histadrut brings Israeli and Palestinian businesswomen together to build bridges and talk business. 2022-06-25 [Histardrut]

Israel Retail analytics unicorn Trax to lay off over 100 employees 2022-06-21 [Calcalist]

Israel A Third of Israelis Unwilling to Work or Study with Trans People, Study Shows 2022-06-19 [Davar]

Israel Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists Strike in Protest of Continuing Violence in the Workplace 2022-06-18 [Davar]

Israel Thousands of teachers' assistants in schools and kindergartens to receive NIS 1500 grants for new school year 2022-06-15 [Histadrut]

Israel Dan bus drivers starting salary will be the highest in the public transportation industry 2022-06-15 [Histadrut]

Israel The Future of Education in Israel Will Be Determined by the Teachers' Paychecks 2022-06-14 [Davar]

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