Jews-only Work Listing Website Fined for 'Racial and Religious Discrimination' in Israel

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First Chinese construction company gets Israeli contract prepares to bring workers from China 2017-11-13 [Globes Israel]

Histadrut threatens general strike over nursing care insurance 2017-11-07 [Globes Israel]

50 Years Too Many: Ban Israeli Settlement Goods 2017-11-04 [NUT]

Jews-only Work Listing Website Fined for 'Racial and Religious Discrimination' in Israel 2017-10-18 [Ha'arez]

Website fined for encouraging 'Jewish labor' 2017-10-18 [INN]

Sorry Ben Gurion, Israeli court says 'Hebrew Labor' is illegal 2017-10-18 [+972 magazine]

Flights delayed, baggage stuck in brief Ben Gurion seasonal workers’ strike 2017-10-16 [Times of Israel]

More disruptions at Ben Gurion Airport 2017-10-16 [Globes Israel]

Workers' union at Ben Gurion Airport launches surprise strike, refuse to unload luggage. 2017-10-16 [Israel National News]

Labor court freezes Negev Ceramics layoffs for 10 days 2017-10-16 [Globes Israel]

Factory owners use private security guards to keep workers out as Negev Ceramics closes - lays off 130 2017-10-15 [Jerusalem Post]

Tech companies from Israel start contracting in Gaza 2017-10-14 [Al-Monitor]

Exploiting Palestinian workers is not ‘economic peace’ 2017-10-13 [Al-Monitor]

SodaStream helps Palestinian workers by temporarily returning to West Bank 2017-10-12 [JOL]

SodaStream opens temporary production line for PA workers 2017-10-12 [INN]

Is Palestinian ‘green gold’ the next big thing in olive oil? 2017-10-10 [Equal Times]

Workers from Occupied West Bank allowed to enter Israel amid general lockdown 2017-10-08 [Ma'an News Agency]

Some Palestinian workers permitted to enter Israel amid holiday closure 2017-10-07 [Times of Israel]

Israel to Permit Entry of Palestinian Workers During Sukkot Holiday 2017-10-07 [Haaretz]

Palestinian Workers Are Now Unionizing in the West Bank 2017-10-05 [The Nation]

MEAA condemns attack ads by Labor MP 2017-10-05 [MEAA]

Must professional footballers be forced to play/work on Shabbat? 2017-10-04 [Jewish Chronicle ]

Keeping Palestinian Women in Israel on the Economic Margins 2017-10-02 [IMEMC]

Histadrut win. 2.5 years of protests end with pension pay rise for disabled 2017-09-29 [Ha'aretz]

Breakthrough Histadrut agreement wins increased pensions for disabled Israelis 2017-09-29 [Jerusalem Post]

Histadrut Still at Odds with Economy Minister over 4 Long Weekends for Workers 2017-09-28 [Ha'aretz]

Tel Aviv Waiters Are Mad as Hell - and now they're union organising 2017-09-20 [Ha'aretz]

Editorial: firing of thousands of asylum seekers who are doing jobs that Israelis don’t want won’t serve anyone’s interests 2017-09-19 [Haaretz]

Dimona reactor compensates employees with cancer, without admitting guilt 2017-09-19 [Ynet News]

Israeli Court Awards Cancer-stricken Nuclear Reactor Workers With $22 Million 2017-09-19 [Haaretz]

Israeli Tech Sector Workers Mostly Jewish Men From Affluent Backgrounds, Study Finds: Arab Israelis and women majorly underrepresented in the Start-Up Nation 2017-09-14 [Haaretz]

Construction sector deadly for Arab workers 2017-09-08 [Al-Monitor]

Contract labor agreement staves off airport strike at Ben-Gurion 2017-09-07 [Times of Israel]

Histadrut President signs on to lead disabled struggle 2017-09-07 [Jerusalem Post]

Histadrut president signs on to lead disabled struggle 2017-09-06 [Jerusalem Post]

Major Canadian union joins BDS 2017-09-05 [Ynetnews]

New labor agreement signed at Ashdod refinery 2017-09-04 [INN]

Anti-Israel motion adopted by union? 2017-09-01 [Toronto Sun]

After union intervention Teva reduces projected layoffs 2017-08-31 [Jerusalem Post]

Haifa Chemicals workers protest amid fear of layoffs 2017-08-30 [The Post]

Haifa Chemical workers protest amid layoff threats 2017-08-30 [Jerusalem Post]

Teva dismissals cut down following trade union agreement 2017-08-30 [JOL]

El Al settles dispute with maintenance workers 2017-08-30 [Globes Israel]

After Histadrut intervenes Teva suspends dismissal letters to 150 employees 2017-08-28 [Globes Israel]

Teva, Histadrut reach partial agreement on layoffs 2017-08-24 [Globes Israel]

El Al Maintenance Workers Threaten Dreamliner Ceremony 2017-08-23 [Aviation Pros]

How Labor Got Organized in Israel 2017-08-23 [Atlanta Jewish Times]

Police shut down construction site for hiring undocumented Palestinian workers 2017-08-22 [Ma'an News]

Editorial: In Five Hours, Three Dead Workers 2017-08-21 [Haaretz]

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