Who exploded the tear gas at Israeli telecom worker picket line?

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Serving Asylum Seekers, Immigration Authority Launches Job Dispute 2018-02-14 [Haaretz]

Teachers to education minister: 'Stop deportation of asylum seekers' 2018-01-30 [972 Magazine ]

Jerusalem schools to strike for 2 hours after parent hits teacher 2018-01-29 [Times of Israel]

Secretary of State urged to take action in Ahed Tamimi case 2018-01-24 [NUT]

I won't fly refugees to their deaths': The El Al pilots resisting deportation 2018-01-24 [972 Magazine ]

El Al pilots refuse to fly deported African refugee asylum seekers to dangerous countries 2018-01-24 [Jerusalem Post]

Israeli pilots say they will not assist in mass-deportation of Black asylum seekers 2018-01-24 [Think Progress]

Foreign Affairs Ministry Workers Union sanctions could halt all summer flights in Israel 2018-01-24 [Globes Israel]

Court cancels bus drivers’ strike called to protest rider violence 2018-01-22 [The Times]

Bus drivers announce warning strike over passenger violence 2018-01-21 [The Times]

A strategic terror attack - Israel Foreign Ministey Workers Union’s comment on Budget cuts 2018-01-17 [Times of Israel]

Labor pact between PHL, Israel to cut ‘exorbitant’ fees for Pinoy househelps 2018-01-16 [GMA News Online]

Israeli Work Week 2018 to Be Cut by an Hour 2018-01-16 [Hamodia]

ECI reduces number of redundancies to 60 after talks with union 2018-01-16 [Telecompaper]

Who exploded the tear gas at Israeli telecom worker picket line? 2018-01-12 [Calcalist]

Histadrut chief: Teva is spitting in Israel's face 2018-01-11 [Globes Israel]

Histadrut chief: Teva is spitting in Israel's face 2018-01-10 [Globes]

Crisis averted: Jerusalem strike is over 2018-01-10 [Jerusalem Post]

WATCH: Garbage piles up as Jerusalem enters day 1 of municipality strike 2018-01-10 [Jerusalem Post]

Must have been smoking cannabis: Foreign Ministry Union leader’s views on Treasury plans to cut diplomatic budget 2018-01-10 [Times of Israel ]

New York 4 Flight Attendants Sue Delta Over ‘Anti-Jewish’ Bias On Israel Flights 2018-01-10 [Forward ]

The IFJ denounces a ‘dramatic increase’ in media violations 2018-01-09 [IFJ ]

Jerusalem city workers go on open-ended strike over budget fight, layoffs 2018-01-07 [The Times]

Jerusalem workers strike called off as layoffs rescinded 2018-01-07 [Times of Israel]

Jerusalem city workers calls general strike 2018-01-07 [Jerusalem Post]

Shin Bet: Lose your job if your kid thows stones 2018-01-05 [972 Magazine]

Teva admin staff in Israel agree to improved redundancy packages 2018-01-05 [Reuters]

Israel Plans Measures to Ease Way for More Foreign Tech Workers 2018-01-03 [Haaretz]

Israeli Court Orders State Not Deport 14 Children of Foreign Workers 2018-01-03 [Haaretz]

Teva Pharm agrees with workers on closing Jerusalem tablet plant 2018-01-03 [Reuters]

Teva, workers sign accord on Jerusalem factory closure terms 2018-01-03 [Times of Israel]

Union threatens general strike in Jerusalem over budget battle 2018-01-03 [Times of Israel]

Jerusalem Municipality workers protested budget agreements that they say have not been fulfilled by staging a demonstration in front of the Finance Ministry on Sunday morning. 2018-01-02 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel eases entry of foreign tech experts 2018-01-02 [Globes]

Strike ends as Teva delays 33% of Jerusalem layoffs until 2019 2018-01-02 [Globes Israel]

Teva delays 33% of Jerusalem layoffs until 2019 2018-01-02 [Jerusalem Post]

Teva agrees to delay some layoffs at Jerusalem plant 2018-01-02 [Times of Israel]

State owned defence firm plans to move most of its production out of Israel 2017-12-31 [Ha’aretz]

Laying off workers not the solution for Teva 2017-12-30 [Globes Israel]

Gov’t, Israel Electric Corp., Unions Reach Agreement on Reform of Power Sector 2017-12-28 [Haaretz]

Electricity reform moves forward as deal struck with union - hundreds of jobs to go 2017-12-28 [Times of Israel]

Power generation competition deal after Deal with Israel Electric workers after years of disputes 2017-12-27 [Reuters]

Court halts school strike set for Wednesday 2017-12-27 [Times of Israel]

Dozens of Channel 20 workers protest over possible closure 2017-12-26 [Times of Israel ]

Teachers Union calls national strike Wednesday over sick leave rights 2017-12-26 [Jerusalem Post]

Teachers to Strike Over Ministry’s ‘Fancy Footwork Sick Day Ripoff’ 2017-12-26 [HaModia]

Teachers Union calls strike over sick day dispute 2017-12-25 [The Times]

Channel 20 workers invite viewers to protest with them 2017-12-25 [INN]

Teva workers demonstrate outside Galia Maor's home 2017-12-23 [Globes Israel]

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