In Israel, a New Tide of Labor Activism Is Fighting Inequality

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High Court Strikes Blow Against Israel’s Most Powerful Labor Unions 2017-07-24 [Haaretz]

98 undocumented Palestinians working in Israel detained by Israeli police 2017-07-21 [Ma'an News Agency]

Social Workers Union chair and members join Thousands protest for equality in Tel Aviv over gay adoption 2017-07-21 [YNet News]

Working in Israel a Palestinian can earn two to three times more pay 2017-07-15 [The Media Line]

East Jerusalem's Palestinian women struggle to get jobs, let alone job rights 2017-07-14 [WAC Ma'an]

37 undocumented Palestinian workers detained, 57 others see permits revoked 2017-07-12 [Ma'an News Agency]

IEC stafffers party hard while company scrounges for cash 2017-07-12 [Ha'aretz]

Histadrut opposes Knesset subpoenas for bank workers 2017-07-11 [Globes Israel]

In Israel, a New Tide of Labor Activism Is Fighting Inequality 2017-07-08 [The Nation]

NGO says bilateral agreements help combat exploitation of foreign workers 2017-07-08 [Jerusalem Post]

Cosatu leader found guilty of hate speech, ordered to apologise to Jewish community 2017-07-06 [Rosebank Killarney Gazette]

Court says SA union leader’s anti-Israel views constitute hate speech 2017-07-06 [Times of Israel]

Histadrut endorses Peretz in Labor leadership election run-off 2017-07-06 [Jerusalem Post]

South African Human Rights Commission Welcomes Equality Court Rulings On Hate Speech 2017-07-05 [All Africa]

Bongani Masuku guilty of hate speech, must apologise to SA Jewish Board of Deputies 2017-07-05 [News 24]

Cosatu's Bongani Masuku must apologise for comments directed at SA Jews 2017-07-05 [Times Live]

South African trade unionist ordered to apologise for antisemitic hate speech 2017-07-05 [Jerusalem Post]

Labor Party members vote to oust leader. Former Histadrut leader now goes into second round run-off vote 2017-07-05 [Ha'aretz]

Former union leader one of seven candidates for top job of Israel Labor Party 2017-07-04 [Times of Israel]

Ernst Young accountants sign collective agreement 2017-07-03 [Globes Israel]

Judges angrily side with striking utility workers - and Gvt strike back 2017-07-03 [Ha'aretz ]

Employer may re-examine union representativeness 2017-06-28 [International Law Office]

Strike of social workers held off because dismissals frozen 2017-06-27 [Ha'aretz ]

Short of IT workers at home, Israeli startups recruit elsewhere 2017-06-27 [Reuters]

Police to grill minister in Israel Aerospace Industries probe over co-Eric on of workers into joining Likud 2017-06-25 [Times of Israel]

Sodastream workers allege being threatened over unionizing attempts 2017-06-18 [972 Magazine]

Gvt buckles to unions guarantees 1250 jobs till 2030 2017-06-15 [Ha'aretz]

Strike Ends At Israeli Oil Refinery Paz 2017-06-13 [RigZone]

50 years of Occupation : A stain on human history 2017-06-08 [ITUC]

Yacimovich asks Tel Aviv court to toss out Histadrut elections 2017-06-07 [Jerusalem Post]

Economy Minister: No help for those who won't work 2017-06-06 [Globes Israel]

Palestine and Israel: increased union cooperation and solidarity 2017-05-29 [IndustriALL]

Incumbent wins Histadrut vote 2017-05-27 [Jerusalem Post]

Taxi drivers block access to Ben Gurion over fare reduction 2017-05-26 [YNet]

Nissenkorn easily retains leadership of Histadrut 2017-05-26 [Times of Israel]

Avi Nissenkorn re-elected for Chairman of Histadrut, Israel’s trade unions’ organization 2017-05-26 [Jerusalem Online ]

Labor union vote count briefly halted over fraud allegations 2017-05-26 [Israel Hayom]

Incumbent likely to win Histadrut leadership election race 2017-05-26 [Ha'aretz]

Court renews vote counting in Histadrut leadership election 2017-05-25 [Ynet]

Nissenkorn set for victory as judge stops vote counting 2017-05-25 [Globes Israel]

Judge stops Histadrut vote count 2017-05-25 [Jerusalem Post]

Histadrut vote count stopped by judge because of alleged irregularities 2017-05-25 [Times of Israel]

Palestinians at Mishor Adumim carpentry unionize with WAC after years of precarious employment 2017-05-25 [WAC-Maan]

SodaStream bringing 74 Palestinians back to work in Israel 2017-05-25 [Times of Israel]

SodaStream rehires 74 Palestinian employees following renewed work permits 2017-05-25 [JNS]

Yachimovitch claims foul play in Histadrut elections 2017-05-25 [Israel National News]

Histadrut chief declares victory in leadership election 2017-05-24 [Jerusalem Post]

Nissenkorn triumphs in Histadrut elections - but challenger claims 'systematic fraud' 2017-05-24 [Globes Israel ]

Voting starts today in bitter leadership battle for Histadrut union 2017-05-23 [Times of Israel ]

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