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Photo Essay: Gaza Agricultural Worker Etaf 2019-04-19 [Solidarity Center]

Violent settlers’ assault on the Palestinian unionist Hatem Abu Ziadeh his wife & daughter 2019-04-02 [Challenge]

IFJ condemns teargas bomb attack on photojournalist 2019-03-29 [IFJ]

IFJ calls on Hamas government to stop harassing journalists in Gaza strip 2019-03-19 [IFJ]

Women in union struggle 2019-03-05 [Palestine committee of Norway]

Support the struggle for justice in Palestine 2019-02-19 [PSI]

Israeli navy opens heavy fire at Gazan fishermen 2019-02-17 [Ma'an News]

Abbas Suspends Salaries, Allowances to Over 5,000 Gazans 2019-02-15 [Haaretz]

Israeli settlers attack, injure Palestinian shepherd in Jordan Valley 2019-02-12 [Ma'an News]

Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian farmers, fishermen in Gaza 2019-02-09 [Ma'an News]

CAF rejects tender for Jerusalem 's railway as it traverses '67 border 2019-02-07 [Ma'an News]

Settlers to Palestinian laborers: 'Work with human rights groups and lose your job' 2019-02-04 [+972]

Israel settlers threaten Palestinian workers over cooperation with human rights groups 2019-02-05 [Middle East Monitor]

Israeli forces assault Palestinian workers at Checkpoint 300 2019-01-28 [Ma'an News]

Israeli forces open fire at farmers, fishermen in Gaza 2019-01-22 [Maan]

Thousands of Palestinians Strike in West Bank Over PA Social Security Law 2019-01-16 [Haaretz]

Palestinian Authority pulls staff from Gaza border crossing with Egypt 2019-01-08 [The National]

Palestinian Solidarity: Is South Africa in the Driver’s Seat? 2018-12-14 [Palestine Chronicle]

IFJ condemns Israeli raid on WAFA news agency 2018-12-12 [IFJ]

IFJ welcomes collective agreement strengthening safety of journalists in public media 2018-11-23 [IFJ]

Gaza : Israeli air strikes destroy TV building 2018-11-14 [IFJ]

UNI reminds affiliates of their obligations under UPU Declaration 2018-10-11 [UNI Global Union]

Employees of Barkan factory fear coexistence is in danger 2018-10-10 [Ynet News]

At Site of Terror Attack, Jews and Palestinians Determined to Keep Working Together 2018-10-10 [Haaretz]

UNRWA staff in Gaza strike over job cuts 2018-10-04 [Newsclick]

UN workers strike in Gaza after job cuts 2018-10-03 [France 24]

UN staff pulled out of Gaza over security concerns after job cuts 2018-10-02 [GDN]

Palestine: IndustriALL affiliates build solidarity through capacity building 2018-09-26 [IndustriALL]

UNRWA staff on strike over service cuts on Palestinian refugees 2018-09-25 [Infosurhoy]

Gaza UNRWA workers go on strike to protest layoffs 2018-09-25 [Middle East Eye]

UNRWA staff in Gaza strike over cutbacks, firings in wake of US funding cuts 2018-09-25 [Times of Israel]

UNRWA staff on strike over service cuts on Palestinian refugees 2018-09-24 [Xinhua]

UNRWA staff in Gaza to strike 2018-09-20 [The Monitor]

IFJ condemns the Israeli army’s attack against journalists on Tuesday, denounces the detention of Ali Dar Ali 2018-09-09 [IFJ]

Israeli forces arrest, detain Palestine TV reporter 2018-08-23 [IFJ]

Hamas vows support for UNRWA workers staging ‘mutiny’ 2018-08-10 [The Times]

Palestinians protest UNRWA job cuts in Gaza 2018-08-08 [MEO]

“It’s not a life” – Palestinian workers’ daily struggle with Israeli checkpoints 2018-08-06 [Equal Times]

Claims of violence as Israel deports crew of Gaza aid vessel including trade union leader Treen 2018-08-03 [Guardian]

IFJ condemns journalists' arrests 2018-07-31 [IFJ]

UNRWA announces layoffs due to Trump cut, setting off chaos in Gaza 2018-07-27 [Mondoweiss]

IFJ condemns attacks against media workers by the Palestinian Authority as PJS calls for journalists’ boycott 2018-06-15 [IFJ]

ILO eager to end suffering of Palestinian workers under Israeli occupation 2018-05-29 [KUNA]

BWI Condemns Killings of Palestinian Civilians 2018-05-28 [BWI]

UNRWA workers suspend strike as negotiations continue 2018-05-22 [The Jordan Times]

The right to live and learn in peace must not dim 2018-05-22 [Education International]

Gaza killings must stop 2018-05-17 [ETUC]

UNI GS condemns latest violence and calls for investigation 2018-05-16 [UNI Global Union]

ITUC condemns killings of Palestinian civilians 2018-05-16 [ITUC]

Thirteen journalists injured in bloody repression of Gaza protests 2018-05-16 [IFJ]

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