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Australia New Authority a game-changer for workers affected by energy transition 2023-05-08 [MEU]

Australia PA Commends the National Net Zero Authority 2023-05-08 [Professionals Australia]

Australia MUA welcomes National Energy Transition Authority 2023-05-08 [MUA]

Australia Shadow APS workforce uncovered 2023-05-08 [CPSU]

Australia Submission to integrity by consultants inquiry 2023-05-08 [CPSU]

Australia Returning the Spirit of Australia to Qantas workers, travellers 2023-05-08 [ASU]

Australia Workers to benefit from a more coordinated and just energy transition 2023-05-08 [ASU]

Australia Taxpayer-funding for aged care must go directly to nurses and care workers – not into providers’ pockets 2023-05-08 [ANMF]

Australia Commonwealth Bank axes 224 staff to boost profits 2023-05-08 [FSU]

Australia NAB’S record profit must result in pay equity for overworked staff 2023-05-08 [FSU]

Australia What goes into making the video games Australians love? 2023-05-08 [Australian Unions]

Australia Important extension of support for single parents welcome 2023-05-08 [ACTU]

Australia Maritime workforce to benefit from Net Zero Authority 2023-05-08 [Daily Cargo News]

Australia Progress on PALM worker proposal for shearing industry 2023-05-08 [Sheep Central]

Australia Labor’s net zero authority wins backing after workers call for help to leave fossil fuel industry 2023-05-08 [The Guardian]

Australia Nurses union fears nursing homes won't pass on 'historic' $11.3 billion budget commitment to boost aged care wages 2023-05-04 [ABC]

Australia Australians in �dehumanising� poverty unable to afford pads or tampons, inquiry says 2023-05-04 [The Guardian]

Australia South Australia McDonald's operator admits to union-busting campaign 2023-05-04 [The Herald]

Australia New payday rule to help stamp out failure to pay super 2023-05-03 [ACTU]

Australia Finance Sector Union calls for job guarantees for Commonwealth Bank staff after job cuts 2023-05-03 [The Courier-Mail]

Australia Western Australia Police search journalists, seize property 2023-05-03 [MEAA]

Australia ‘I Eat Late so I Don't Go to Bed Hungry’: Youth Allowance Punishes People for Going to Uni 2023-05-03 [VICE]

Australia Finance Sector Union calls for job guarantees for Commonwealth Bank staff after job cuts 2023-05-03 []

Australia Victoria Hits and misses at Melbourne’s worker memorial 2023-05-01 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia A-League Women: A season that highlights the players’ generational legacy, grassroots connection, and future opportunity 2023-04-30 [PFA]

Australia Company rushing to negotiate next agreement before expiry of current one sparks red flags for union members 2023-04-30 [ETU]

Australia Union workers at Eraring Power Station call for National Energy Transition Authority 2023-04-30 [ETU]

Australia Unions rally around Australia for better conditions for workers in each state 2023-04-30 [ETU]

Australia Key outcomes at the ETU National Lift Industry Conference 2023-04-30 [ETU]

Australia Payday super touted as solution to stolen funds 2023-04-30 [The West Australian]

Australia Raise the Rate – not a tough choice, but the right choice 2023-04-30 [City Hub]

Australia The continuation of engineered stone can no longer be supported 2023-04-28 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia Western Australia Garbage collectors reject Cleanaway enterprise agreement offer, union warns more strikes could follow 2023-04-28 [The West Australian]

Australia New South Wales Union leader slams new Labor government over pace of pay negotiations 2023-04-28 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Unions, health organisations call for total ban on silica products 2023-04-27 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia New South Wales Sydney Uni NTEU votes to end historic strike campaign, but fight continues 2023-04-27 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia What workers need to know about the Safeguard Mechanism 2023-04-27 [AWU]

Australia The PFA: 30 years of supporting the players and building the game 2023-04-27 [PFA]

Australia Flexible work first test of Govt's model employer pledge 2023-04-27 [CPSU]

Australia Put your best foot forward for a pay rise 2023-04-27 [CPSU]

Australia Major banks ignore community concerns and shut more branches 2023-04-27 [FSU]

Australia Unions, business on board with Labor migration overhaul 2023-04-27 [The News]

Australia ‘The rate is too low’: pressure builds within Labor ranks to raise jobseeker 2023-04-27 [The Guardian]

Australia Lost workers to be mourned Friday 2023-04-27 [The Herald]

Australia Food delivery drivers are overworked and underpaid: Here’s how to help 2023-04-23 [The New Daily]

Australia ETU Qld’s Peter Ong says ‘no’ to AUKUS, ‘yes’ to renewables 2023-04-21 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia Report finds wages gap for women won't close for 30 years without reforms 2023-04-21 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia South Australia Hospo has an harassment problem 2023-04-21 [UWU]

Australia PFA Executive Member and A-Leagues legend Nikolai Topor-Stanley announces retirement 2023-04-21 [PFA]

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