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Today's news - Queensland

Up to 900 jobs at risk at Gold Coast Jewel development site amid 'unprecedented' problems, union warns 2018-10-04 [ABC]

Hundreds of workers walk off the job at billion-dollar Gold Coast Jewel resort development 2018-10-03 [ABC]

Tragic end for union hero involved in Brisbane’s Black Friday 2018-09-19 [The Courier-Mail]

Delay risk for Metronet train deliveries as Queensland workers strike 2018-09-19 [The Age]

A tragic accident on the Kennedy Highway this morning deserves a full investigation 2018-09-13 [TWU]

Childcare centres to shut doors as workers strike over pay 2018-09-04 [The Times]

Council seeks urgent meeting with IT provider amid wage theft allegations 2018-08-23 [The Times]

Shocking stories of wage theft support QCU’s criminalisation call 2018-08-22 [QCU]

Queensland enforces its labour hire laws while Victoria is still working theirs out 2018-08-14 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Maori man given 'black guy repellant' takes Queensland employer to to court 2018-08-14 [Fairfax]

Murder-accused declared mentally unfit to stand trial for killing of Brisbane bus driver 2018-08-13 [ABC]

Cairns council workers to walk off the job 2018-08-10 [The Daily Mail]

Calls for Queensland to jail employers over 'rampant' wage theft 2018-08-09 [The Guardian]

Union gagged from claiming Milton XXXX brewery under threat 2018-08-07 [The Times]

Families of the Dead speak to government 2018-07-30 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Logan council union members walk off the job over gendered pay claim 2018-07-27 [The Courier-Mail]

Regional Queensland cries foul on penalty rates and corporate tax cuts 2018-06-27 [ACTU]

Labour hire company under investigation, accused of ripping off workers at Qld abattoir 2018-06-22 [ABC]

Mine company's donation see memorial completed in 2018 2018-06-17 [The Bulletin]

 VIDEO XXXX Brewery workers strike, block trucks from Milton site 2018-05-30 [The Courrier-Mail]

Fair Work Ombudsman action sees underpaying boss sentenced to 12-months jail 2018-05-15 [Australian Financial Review]

Aged care standards often 'deplorable', nurses union says 2018-05-13 [ABC]

Unions march in Townsville for Labour Day 2018-05-07 [The Bulletin]

Brisbane's XXXX workers strike again amid tense negotiations 2018-04-26 [SBS]

 VIDEO Council ready to lock doors on striking union members 2018-04-19 [The Post]

Sex workers say current laws put their lives at risk 2018-04-15 [ABC]

Second strike for XXXX Queensland workers 2018-04-11 [SBS]

XXXX workers to walk off the job in Brisbane 2018-03-26 [SBS]

Safety in Work-For-The-Dole gets a hammering 2018-03-06 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Ombusman targets CFMEU and Scabby the Rat in Oaky North fight 2018-02-07 [Australian Financial Review]

Mineral Resources could save Esperance port workers facing 'catastrophe' 2018-02-05 [The Times]

Glencore turns terminator in Oaky North coal fight 2018-01-31 [AFR]

Glencore action to terminate Oaky North agreement is disproportionate 2018-01-31 [CFMEU]

Blue Care Shame: 93 year old lay with broken hip for 24 hours 2018-01-30 [QNMU]

Locked-out Glencore coal miners vow to continue 6-month picket line 2018-01-25 [ABC]

Oaky North miners reject enterprise agreement 2018-01-25 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

MUA Says Paltry Turnbull Cash Injection To Save Reef Ignores Risk Posed By FOC Shipping 2018-01-23 [MUA]

Power station workers donate $4k to Oaky North protestors 2018-01-21 [Gladstone Observer]

Two brothers die after inhaling fumes while cleaning tank at central Queensland business 2018-01-16 [ABC]

Work for the Dole death: 'Put Michaelia Cash on the stand' 2018-01-16 [Toowoomba Chronicle ]

Death of seasonal worker sparks questions about program 2018-01-12 [ABC]

Oaky North workers mark 6 months locked out 2018-01-10 [ACTU]

A Tongan man becomes 14th death while working on Seasonal Worker Program 2018-01-08 [Brisbane. Courier Mail]

CFMEU scraps weekend work in landmark deal over building code 2018-01-05 [AFR]

RACQ renews calls for laws surrounding safety of roadside emergency workers 2018-01-04 [MyGC]

Kangaroo Bus Lines update 2018-01-04 [TWU Queensland]

JOBS CRISIS: 500 roles impacted by chicken plant closure 2018-01-04 [QT]

 VIDEO Locked out over Xmas: CFMEU runs TV ad to highlight Glencore treatment of 2017-12-22 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

Grocon did not pay Queensland subbies for 'six to eight months': CFMEU 2017-12-21 [AFR]

The Father Of A Teenager Who Died Doing Work For The Dole Says His Son Was Made To Work With A Back Injury 2017-12-20 [BuzzFeed]

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