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Today's news - Queensland

$33million boost for Logan Hospital 2019-01-23 [United Voice]

Funding win for new education agreements 2019-01-18 [United Voice]

ATO members in South Queensland 2019-01-18 [CPSU]

Sydney and Brisbane wharfies to take industrial action over push to slash working conditions 2019-01-16 [MUA]

Sweet win for sugar workers 2019-01-14 [The Australian]

McDonald's faces 'historic' protests over work conditions 2019-01-12 [The Financial Review]

Staff far from McHappy about breaks 2019-01-11 [The Courier-Mail]

Young McDonald's workers ‘terrified’ to ask for toilet breaks 2019-01-11 [The Times]

McDonald’s workers told they can’t take toilet or water breaks outside of designated 10-minute periods 2019-01-10 [News.com]

More than one in five Queensland public servants not in permanent jobs 2019-01-09 [brisbanetimes]

Train crew at Australian rail company Aurizon call third 24-hour strike 2018-12-21 [Platt's]

Bris ferry drivers strike over conditions 2018-12-20 [News.com]

Aged Care workers win leave back-pay 2018-12-18 [United Voice]

Brisbane ferry drivers to strike again 2018-12-18 [The Times]

QGAir negotiations landing smoothly 2018-12-16 [United Voice]

Rail workers postpone coal haulage strikes as cyclone looms 2018-12-14 [Reuters]

Aurizon coal trains across Queensland set to grind to a halt this weekend 2018-12-14 [RTBU]

Morrison government caught short on “permanent casual” case 2018-12-14 [QCU]

CFMEU Christmas toy drive falls victim to ABCC rules at Watpac 2018-12-12 [The Financial Review]

Brisbane ferry strike hits commuters 2018-12-06 [9 News]

Brisbane ferry strike to halt city commute 2018-12-06 [News.com]

Ferry disruptions expected as CityCat drivers strike on Thursday morning 2018-12-05 [The Times]

Brisbane Ferry Drivers Go On Strike 2018-12-04 [97.3]

Calls for truck-crash fatalities to be deemed workplace deaths 2018-11-27 [ATN]

Twenty thousand Brisbane workers rally to Change the Rules 2018-11-20 [QCU]

Wage theft is costing the Queensland economy $2.5 billion every year 2018-11-17 [Brisbane Times]

Transport Workers Union demands answers in the wake of fatality 2018-11-16 [Brisbane Times]

Up to 900 jobs at risk at Gold Coast Jewel development site amid 'unprecedented' problems, union warns 2018-10-04 [ABC]

Hundreds of workers walk off the job at billion-dollar Gold Coast Jewel resort development 2018-10-03 [ABC]

Tragic end for union hero involved in Brisbane’s Black Friday 2018-09-19 [The Courier-Mail]

Delay risk for Metronet train deliveries as Queensland workers strike 2018-09-19 [The Age]

A tragic accident on the Kennedy Highway this morning deserves a full investigation 2018-09-13 [TWU]

Childcare centres to shut doors as workers strike over pay 2018-09-04 [The Times]

Council seeks urgent meeting with IT provider amid wage theft allegations 2018-08-23 [The Times]

Shocking stories of wage theft support QCU’s criminalisation call 2018-08-22 [QCU]

Queensland enforces its labour hire laws while Victoria is still working theirs out 2018-08-14 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Maori man given 'black guy repellant' takes Queensland employer to to court 2018-08-14 [Fairfax]

Murder-accused declared mentally unfit to stand trial for killing of Brisbane bus driver 2018-08-13 [ABC]

Cairns council workers to walk off the job 2018-08-10 [The Daily Mail]

Calls for Queensland to jail employers over 'rampant' wage theft 2018-08-09 [The Guardian]

Union gagged from claiming Milton XXXX brewery under threat 2018-08-07 [The Times]

Families of the Dead speak to government 2018-07-30 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Logan council union members walk off the job over gendered pay claim 2018-07-27 [The Courier-Mail]

Regional Queensland cries foul on penalty rates and corporate tax cuts 2018-06-27 [ACTU]

Labour hire company under investigation, accused of ripping off workers at Qld abattoir 2018-06-22 [ABC]

Mine company's donation see memorial completed in 2018 2018-06-17 [The Bulletin]

 VIDEO XXXX Brewery workers strike, block trucks from Milton site 2018-05-30 [The Courrier-Mail]

Fair Work Ombudsman action sees underpaying boss sentenced to 12-months jail 2018-05-15 [Australian Financial Review]

Aged care standards often 'deplorable', nurses union says 2018-05-13 [ABC]

Unions march in Townsville for Labour Day 2018-05-07 [The Bulletin]

This month in labour history

2-01-1879 Sacked Austrialian seamen return to work after a six week strike, with the promise of re-employment over the next two years. [more]

3-01-1974 Forty four Victoria Street squatters, including BLF activist Joe Owens, are arrested as property developers try to clear the area for the construction of three skyscrapers. [more]

14-01-1929 600 union dock workers rushed the scab-filled Mareeba steamship in Port Adelaide. Scabs and police fought the workers, who retaliated with stones, injuring 30 scabs. One scab began shooting into the crowd but was not arrested. [more]

18-01-1929 800 women - mostly the wives of striking Port Adelaide workers - began a march in support of their husbands. The women, many with their children marched to the port to confront scabs, and fought back when attacked by police. [more]

31-01-1912 A general strike begins in Brisbane in support of thousands of tramworkers sacked for wearing union badges. [more]