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Today's news - Queensland

Safety in Work-For-The-Dole gets a hammering 2018-03-06 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Ombusman targets CFMEU and Scabby the Rat in Oaky North fight 2018-02-07 [Australian Financial Review]

Mineral Resources could save Esperance port workers facing 'catastrophe' 2018-02-05 [The Times]

Glencore turns terminator in Oaky North coal fight 2018-01-31 [AFR]

Glencore action to terminate Oaky North agreement is disproportionate 2018-01-31 [CFMEU]

Blue Care Shame: 93 year old lay with broken hip for 24 hours 2018-01-30 [QNMU]

Locked-out Glencore coal miners vow to continue 6-month picket line 2018-01-25 [ABC]

Oaky North miners reject enterprise agreement 2018-01-25 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

MUA Says Paltry Turnbull Cash Injection To Save Reef Ignores Risk Posed By FOC Shipping 2018-01-23 [MUA]

Power station workers donate $4k to Oaky North protestors 2018-01-21 [Gladstone Observer]

Two brothers die after inhaling fumes while cleaning tank at central Queensland business 2018-01-16 [ABC]

Work for the Dole death: 'Put Michaelia Cash on the stand' 2018-01-16 [Toowoomba Chronicle ]

Death of seasonal worker sparks questions about program 2018-01-12 [ABC]

Oaky North workers mark 6 months locked out 2018-01-10 [ACTU]

A Tongan man becomes 14th death while working on Seasonal Worker Program 2018-01-08 [Brisbane. Courier Mail]

CFMEU scraps weekend work in landmark deal over building code 2018-01-05 [AFR]

RACQ renews calls for laws surrounding safety of roadside emergency workers 2018-01-04 [MyGC]

Kangaroo Bus Lines update 2018-01-04 [TWU Queensland]

JOBS CRISIS: 500 roles impacted by chicken plant closure 2018-01-04 [QT]

 VIDEO Locked out over Xmas: CFMEU runs TV ad to highlight Glencore treatment of 2017-12-22 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

Grocon did not pay Queensland subbies for 'six to eight months': CFMEU 2017-12-21 [AFR]

The Father Of A Teenager Who Died Doing Work For The Dole Says His Son Was Made To Work With A Back Injury 2017-12-20 [BuzzFeed]

Cook Collliery mine workers go through hell and highwater to receive owed entitlements before Xmas 2017-12-19 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

Coal miners left in the dark 2017-12-15 [Mackay Daily Mercury]

Questions already over new LNP leaders economic credentials 2017-12-14 [QCU]

Pressure mounts for 10 days paid domestic violence leave 2017-12-13 [QNMU]

Save Xmas for the Oaky North mining families 2017-12-12 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

CFMEU slams Qld cabinet as it's sworn in 2017-12-12 [AAP]

Anglo American unfairly dismissed miner over sexual harassment claims 2017-12-12 [AFR]

State voteters opted for stability and certainty over chaos 2017-12-08 [QCU]

George was lying': MP blasted over penalty rates backdown 2017-12-05 [Mackay Daily Mercury ]

Man killed in workplace accident 2017-12-05 [Mackay Daily Mercury ]

Final conference for financial union boss 2017-12-05 [Gympie Times]

Radiologists to be trained to world standard to detect black lung disease 2017-12-05 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

Christmas appeal for Oaky North miners launched with newspaper ads 2017-12-05 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

BMA declines opportunity to progress enterprise 2017-12-04 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

Brisbane Optus Business Centre faces Fair Work suit and $130,000 claim from sacked employee 2017-12-04 [CRN]

Fury as 85 school staff read they had been sacked in newspaper 2017-11-30 [Fairfax Media]

85 sacked from Shalom Christian College just before Xmas 2017-11-29 [IEU Queensland]

Adani mining jobs: Company starts search for workers 2017-11-28 [Brisbane Courier Mail]

PAY DAY: Qld apprentices score 'substantial' wage rise 2017-11-27 [QT]

Apprentices to receive pay rise after Federal Court ruling 2017-11-27 [Brisbane Courier-Mail]

Apprentices in Qld set for pay rise after union win 2017-11-27 [CFMEU Qld ]

Significant win for Queensland apprentices 2017-11-27 [Hall Payne]

Thousands of QLD apprentices owed back pay after Federal Court rules in favour of wage justice 2017-11-27 [ETU Queensland]

Unions to seek $70 million in back pay for apprentices in Qld 2017-11-27 [Courier-Mail]

China will finance Adani mine, insiders say, but it will cost Australian jobs 2017-11-24 [ABC]

Charges over CFMEU protest as ECQ looks into Tim Nicholls attack ad 2017-11-23 [Fairfax Media]

Female first mate entangling the net of male-dominated fishing industry 2017-11-22 [ABC]

AWU Mourns Death of Traffic Controller Overnight 2017-11-14 [AWU Queensland]

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