This has got to stop. Fast food workers must be treated with respect

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Survey finds fast-food workers spat on, abused and threatened 2018-12-10 [The New Daily]

This has got to stop. Fast food workers must be treated with respect 2018-12-10 [SDA]

#MilestoneMonday – Williams and Khamis reach century of appearances, Butt scores 50thW-League goal 2018-12-10 [PFA]

Scientists working long hours 2018-12-10 [Professionals Australia]

South Australia NTEU warns of 200 job losses in ‘reckless’ Flinders restructure 2018-12-10 [NTEU]

DHS outsourcing 2018-12-10 [CPSU]

DSS round up 2018-12-10 [CPSU]

Tax Office integrity at risk from corporate contracts­­ 2018-12-10 [CPSU]

Tis the season... 2018-12-10 [CPSU]

Labor pursues national interest by opposing visa privatisation 2018-12-10 [CPSU]

Qantas asks employees to work for free this Christmas and New Year 2018-12-10 [ASU]

ANMF Says Parliament Must Act to Pass Staffing Ratios Disclosure Bill 2018-12-10 [ANMF]

Liam O’Brien elected ACTU Assistant Secretary 2018-12-10 [ACTU]

O’Dwyer backs in big business over workers, again 2018-12-10 [ACTU]

 VIDEO  Fast food worker threatened with death over cold cheeseburger 2018-12-10 [9 News]

Domestic violence leave now an entitlement 2018-12-10 [AJP]

Labor to meet unions part-way on pattern bargaining 2018-12-10 [The Financial Review]

'He threatened to kill my family if I didn't remake his cheeseburger' 2018-12-10 [The Daily Mail]

Fast-food workers call for an end to abuse 2018-12-10 []

Retailers join union in calling for customer abuse of staff to stop 2018-12-10 [The Morning Herald]

Unions and labour rights experts call on Ansell to protect worker rights in its supply chains 2018-12-10 [ABC]

Victoria Who’s checking the brothels? 2018-12-10 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australian Capital Territory NTEU ACT Division President Bernie Fisher's reflection on NTEU National Council 2018 2018-12-09 [NTEU]

New South Wales Sign the petition: Say NO to Quantitative Benchmarks! 2018-12-09 [NTEU]

MUA Welcomes Focus on Seafarers’ Mental Health 2018-12-09 [MUA]

MUA - CFMEU participates in 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women 2018-12-09 [MUA]

Government must intervene to protect Hakeem al-Araibi 2018-12-09 [ACTU]

New South Wales A 'Grinch act': Qantas asks staff to volunteer extra hours over Christmas 2018-12-08 [The Guardian]

New South Wales Qantas call for volunteers at Sydney Airport has workers seeing red 2018-12-08 [Stuff]

Fels sets the scene for inquiries into workplace mental health 2018-12-07 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Victoria How to organise a call centre 2018-12-07 [Overland]

New research reveals how Australian journalists are faring four years after redundancy 2018-12-07 [MEAA]

Saying farewell to Fairfax 2018-12-07 [MEAA]

Taking learning back 2018-12-07 [AEU]

An important update on the My Health Record legislation. 2018-12-07 [AMWU]

O’Dwyer stacks independent umpire with bosses 2018-12-07 [ACTU]

Coalition stacking Fair Work Commission with mates, Labor says 2018-12-07 [The Guardian]

Coalition stacking Fair Work Commission with mates, Labour says 2018-12-07 [Guardian Australia]

Western Australia Community Cabinet 2018-12-06 [Professionals Australia]

DPW walks away from negotiations and won’t walk back 2018-12-06 [MUA]

New bill will do nothing to end theft of Superannuation 2018-12-06 [ACTU]

Morrison abandons regions, energy users with Silesia snub 2018-12-06 [ACTU]

Sharan Burrow re-elected General Secretary of ITUC 2018-12-06 [ACTU]

Centrelink contractor Concentrix wrongly cut thousands off welfare in the UK 2018-12-06 [ABC]

Queensland Brisbane ferry strike hits commuters 2018-12-06 [9 News]

Queensland Brisbane ferry strike to halt city commute 2018-12-06 []

Chinese workers fight for a fair go in Australia 2018-12-06 [SBS]

Timeline for PC Mental Health Inquiry 2018-12-05 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Government must listen to concerns on encryption legislation 2018-12-05 [MEAA]

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This month in labour history

1-12-1948 The long ACTU-led campaign to win more time off for workers led to the imposition of the 40-hour work week and the 2-day weekend. [more]

15-12-1882 Tailoresses' Association of Melbourne, Australia's first women's trade union, established. [more]

17-12-1918 A march of members of the Australian Workers Union forces the resignation of the Administrator of the Northern Territory, John Gilruth. [more]

21-12-1916 The Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World) are outlawed. [more]

23-12-1928 An industrial court decides that timber workers must increase their weekly working hours from 44 to 48, a decision that sparks a 6 month long strike. [more]

29-12-1884 Edward Theodore, founder of Amalgamated Workers’ Assn & forerunner of Australian Workers’ Union (AWU), is born. [more]

31-12-1968 John Smith Garden, Australian trade unionist & founding member of Communist Party of Australia, dies. [more]