10 educators who just joined explain why

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AFL-CIO official defends new ACTU Secretary Sally McManus, says Australian Super funds can shape Trump’s corporate agenda 2017-03-27 [Investment Magazine ]

New South Wales Thanks to MUA: Culture shift at Sydney’s ports as women ditch traditional careers for a job on the wharf 2017-03-27 [Southern Courier]

Coca-Cola's Australia-based bottler stifling independent unions in Indonesia 2017-03-27 [IUF Global Union]

New South Wales Senator Doug Cameron speaks regarding the death of Tim McPherson at Barangaroo 2017-03-27 [MUA]

Western Australia FIFO adverts spark anger in regional communities 2017-03-27 [West Australian ]

Third of Australian youth have no job or are underemployed, report finds 2017-03-27 [Guardian Australia]

Casual jobs may scar men’s wages for life 2017-03-27 [The New Daily]

Tasmania Aged care worker recruitment drive targets migrants, young people in Tasmania 2017-03-27 [ABC]

New South Wales Editorial | We need to put a brake on truckies’ road toll 2017-03-27 [Goulburn Post]

New South Wales Goulburn man Adrian 'Ado' Ryan claimed in Wilton truck crash, March 24 2017-03-27 [Goulburn Post]

South Australia Shipbuilder to cut more jobs in Adelaide 2017-03-27 [AAP]

South Australia Osborne ASC Shipbuilding to shed another 22 jobs by the end of May as workforce dwindles on Air Warfare Destroyer project 2017-03-27 [Adelaide Advertiser]

10 educators who just joined explain why 2017-03-27 [United Voice]

A win on penalties by Crikey 2017-03-27 [MEAA]

Victoria Meet MEAA’s new Victorian director 2017-03-27 [MEAA]

Victoria Viv Colmer: Come celebrate a life well lived 2017-03-27 [CPSU]

Baiada backs down after outrage over wage cuts 2017-03-27 [AMIEU Newcastle ]

Penalty rate decision opens door for pay cuts in nursing, teaching and other sectors 2017-03-27 [ACTU]

Nick Xenophon accused of being 'all talk' after failure to make penalty rates submission 2017-03-27 [Guardian Australia]

NDIS as a model for labour market deregulation 2017-03-27 [Newcastle Herald]

Tasmania Not-so fair to be in firing line of Fair Work 2017-03-27 [Launceston Examiner]

'They could not recover any of my money': millions wait for their superannuation 2017-03-27 [Fairfax Media]

Penalty rates cut could cost budget $650m over four years, thinktank says 2017-03-26 [Guardian Australia]

Penalty rate cuts could blow $650m hole in federal budget: Australia Institute 2017-03-26 [Fairfax Media]

Newspoll shows voters want higher penalty rates on Sundays 2017-03-26 [The Australian]

Queensland Gladstone Rio workers cash in thousands from holiday stuff up 2017-03-26 [South Burnett Times]

Victoria Grand prix under fire for offering 'opportunity' to work for nothing 2017-03-26 [Fairfax Media]

South Australia Blackmail, extortion and slavery at a restaurant near you 2017-03-26 [Fairfax Media]

In defence of civil disobedience 2017-03-25 [Saturday Paper]

Penalty rates: Government offers few recommendations to Fair Work Commission 2017-03-25 [ABC]

Workers await rollout of penalty rate cuts 2017-03-25 [AAP]

Turnbull government backs penalty-rate cuts for low paid workers 2017-03-25 [Fairfax Media]

Turnbull government rules out take-home pay orders to mitigate Sunday rate cuts 2017-03-25 [AFR]

Hairdressers could be next to have their weekend pay slashed For more info 2017-03-25 [The New Daily]

Last stand for a once mighty institution 2017-03-25 [The Australian]

It's Time to change the laws for Australian workers 2017-03-24 [Chifley Research Centre]

Penalty rates decision, cutting pay, must not go ahead: ACTU submission to the Fair Work Commission 2017-03-24 [ACTU]

SDA calls for halt to penalty rate cuts to ease hardship on workers 2017-03-24 [SDA ]

Northern Territory Walk for the dole? Indigenous man says payment hinges on 35km daily trek 2017-03-24 [Guardian Australia ]

Northern Territory Gvt launches mission to save NT gas jobs 2017-03-24 [Katherine aTimes ]

New South Wales TWU calls for action following horror crash 2017-03-24 [Big Rigs]

New South Wales Horror truck crash shows need for urgent government action, says TWU 2017-03-24 [TWU]

Fair Work's Record mu Hours app should be withdrawn, says National Farmers Federation 2017-03-24 [ABC]

Malcolm Turnball V Sally McManus: Why he picks on workers but not corporates 2017-03-24 [Melbourne Age]

Hairdressers form union ready to fight against threat to weekend penalty rates 2017-03-23 [Fairfax Media]

Minister Michael McCormack invokes penalty rates to defend generous travel allowance 2017-03-23 [Fairfax Media]

Victoria NGV security guard cash in hand scandal widens to La Trobe University 2017-03-23 [ABC]

Victoria Security guard pay scandal rocks NGV 2017-03-23 [AAP]

Victoria Gallery heist: NGV security guards demand return of $3 million in stolen wages 2017-03-23 [United Voice Victoria ]

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This month in labour history

6-03-1912 The Brisbane general strike officially ends after employers agree strikers will not face victimisation [more]

21-03-1857 Trade unionist and suffragist Alice Henry is born in Melbourne. [more]