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Updated: Tuesday 5 December 2023, 02:30:10
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Don't spread fake news - here are some reliable sources:

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak [WHO]

ITUC COVID-19 Resources

Coronavirus Updates [ACTU]

COVID-19 Coronavirus - Guidance for unions [TUC]

Be vigilant - Be prepared - Don't panic [AFL-CIO]

Hazards Magazine - News

Information for Government of Canada employees: Coronavirus disease

COVID-19 Information for Workplaces - Ottawa Public Health

Workers Health & Safety Centre (Canada)

China iPhone factory protests: foxconn workers clash with police [WSJ] For more info 2023-11-02

USA / Michigan Autoworkers are the latest to spotlight the power of US labor. What is the state of unions today? [WFXR] For more info Image 2023-11-02

USA / California Why does starbucks stall union negotiations? because it can. [MotherJones] For more info Image 2023-10-05

USA Lessons From COVID-19 for Protecting Workers in the Next Pandemic [JAMA Network] 2023-06-24

USA / New York NY vaccine mandate for healthcare workers 'null, void' following judge ruling [WKBW] For more info 2023-01-17

USA / New York Nearly $30 Million in Final Excluded Workers Fund Payments to Be Sent to New Yorkers in Need [NY DOL] 2022-12-25

South Africa Numsa welcomes arbitration order in favour of employee dismissed for refusing Covid-19 jab [The Star] 2022-10-31

USA / Oklahoma Starbucks’ Decision to End COVID Protections Endangers Me and Other Baristas [Progressive] 2022-10-29

USA Millions of workers are dealing with long COVID. Advocates call for expanding social safety net [IA Capital Dispatch] 2022-10-23

USA Stress, burnout top concerns for long-term care workers, survey finds [McKnights Sr Living] 2022-09-27

USA Bosses Are Winning The Battle To Get Workers Back To The Office [Forbes] 2022-09-20

Ukraine KVPU Women's Committee: Promoting Convention 190 and joining work on CEDAW alternative report [KVPU] 2020-04-23

Global ‘This is crazy:' Rage boils over at Amazon sites over coronavirus risks [Politico] 2020-03-22

Ireland Face coverings needed in social protection [Fórsa] 2021-04-14

Ireland Return to workplace concerns to be addressed [Fórsa] 2022-02-01

Ireland Rush to introduce face masks in schools is counterproductive [Fórsa] 2021-12-02

Ireland SNAs 'let down' by vaccination U-turn [Fórsa] 2021-03-31

Ireland Vaccinations key to school reopening [Fórsa] 2021-02-24

Ireland Traffic ‘significantly busier' as State exits second lockdown [RTÉ] 2020-12-01

UK / Northern Ireland Ask Your MLAs to Support Musicians During the Covid-19 Pandemic [Musicians’ Union] 2020-09-30

UK Coronavirus Presses Mute Button on Music Industry [Musicians’ Union] 2020-09-22

Ireland Pandemic Unemployment Payment extended to March 2021 [RTÉ] 2020-11-25

Ireland Childcare sector seeks clarity on who to prioritise [RTÉ] 2021-01-04

Ireland Teaching unions considering proposals for reopening of schools [RTÉ] 2021-02-23

Ireland Teacher unions seek clarity over vaccine decision [RTÉ] 2021-03-31

Ireland Withdrawal of goodwill by prison officers over vaccine [RTÉ] 2021-04-16

Ireland Taoiseach suggests some workers could return to the office in August [RTÉ] 2021-06-09

Ireland Construction group warns PUP an issue in return to work [RTÉ] 2021-07-06

Ireland PUP to be reinstated for jobs lost in new restrictions [RTÉ] 2021-12-03

Ireland Government announces expansion of Covid-19 supports [RTÉ] 2021-12-21

Ireland Business and employers' groups react to Covid-19 measures [RTÉ] 2020-03-13

Ireland Financial union criticises refusal by Government to make face coverings mandatory for customers [RTÉ] 2021-01-15

Ireland ISME: Employers want to know if workers are vaccinated [RTÉ] 2021-08-11

Ireland Nurses to begin vaccine training next week - INMO [RTÉ] 2020-12-18

Ireland 4,500 student nurses to receive new grant during hospital placements [RTÉ] 2021-01-04

Ireland 'Close contact' health workers called back to work [RTÉ] 2021-01-13

Ireland 'No moves' to shift teachers further up vaccine list [RTÉ] 2021-01-19

Ireland Pregnant teachers advised to continue to work remotely [RTÉ] 2021-02-26

Ireland HIQA recommends weekly antigen tests in meat plants [RTÉ] 2021-04-30

Ireland Upset among contract tracing staff as HSE defers promotional post plans [RTÉ] 2021-08-18

Ireland Minister 'confident' of measures in place for school reopening [RTÉ] 2021-08-25

Ireland Unions question assurances for pregnant teachers [RTÉ] 2021-08-27

Ireland Thousands of teachers 'will be absent' due to Covid [RTÉ] 2022-01-05

Ireland Staff at Wheatfield Prison test positive for Covid-19 [RTÉ] 2021-01-01

Ireland Minister will 'bow to public health' over priority vaccine for teachers [RTÉ] 2020-11-20

Ireland Teacher unions vote for motion backing industrial action [RTÉ] 2021-04-07

Ireland Pregnant teachers concerned about school return, say unions [RTÉ] 2021-08-13

Ireland Healthcare staff 'disappointed' that booster vaccines have yet to be rolled out [RTÉ] 2021-10-23

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Health workers honoured for work during pandemic [RTÉ] 2022-01-05

USA / District of Columbia Judge Rules COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement For D.C. Government Workers Is Unlawful [DCist] 2022-08-27

South Africa SADTU calls on ANC delegates at Nasrec to assess impact of Covid in education [Eyewitness News] 2022-07-29

Liberia ‘We are workers, not heroes' [GNN] 2020-05-04

USA / Iowa HEROES Act – Part Five in an Iowa AFL-CIO Series: The Role of Unions in the COVID-19 Crisis [IA Labor News] 2020-07-21

USA Unions Mobilize for Passage of the HEROES Act, Condemn Congress for Ending $600 COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits [IA Labor News] 2020-07-24

Canada COVID-19 is Not “Women's Work”: The Case for Universal Childcare [The Law of Work] 2020-08-01

Canada Towards a “New Normal”: Labour Law Hearings Via Video-conference in the Era of COVID-19 [The Law of Work] 2020-05-24

South Africa NEHAWU at advanced stage of preparing for “Tsaya le tsatsi la leave” action [COSATU] 2020-08-18

South Africa More healthcare workers are getting infected on the second wave of Covid-19 – DENOSA [COSATU] 2020-12-29

Australia Footballers' Voice: Episode 2 – Coronavirus' impact on footballers [PFA] 2020-04-10

Australia Aspro: ‘The players have come together' [PFA] 2020-05-18

Australia Looking after mental health ‘really important' – Williams [PFA] 2020-04-18

Australia Charting a future for Australian aviation – ASU co-hosts aviation forum to plan for long-term future of industry [ASU] 2020-04-17

Australia Thousands attend Australia's biggest ever “virtual rally” on JobKeeper [ASU] 2020-06-09

Australia Jetstar needs to fix front of house rostering – time to show Jetstar that you are united! [ASU] 2020-10-31

Australia Fair Work Commission says: ‘Time to talk to all the unions together Qantas' [ASU] 2020-04-03

Australia Qantas lacks principles on JobKeeper – time to fight for what is rightfully ours [ASU] 2020-07-02

Australia ASU win – Fair Work Commission tells Qantas to talk to ASU about Jobkeeper [ASU] 2020-07-09

Australia A win for ASU Virgin Australia members …but more detail needed [ASU] 2020-04-15

Canada Workers fear being ‘guinea pigs' in test to see if it's safe to re-open [CLI] 2020-05-26

Canada Workers ‘think outside the box' in Covid-19 fight [CLI] 2020-04-21

Canada A Motion on Pharmacare for All Passed in the House of Commons Last Week – And You Probably Missed It [CCU] 2020-03-22

Canada A World to Win – May Day 2020 [CCU] 2020-05-01

Canada COVID-19 Emergency Benefits – Who's Included, Who's Left Out and the Role of Provinces [CCU] 2020-04-08

Zambia Waive tax on electricity – ZCTU [Daily Mail] 2020-04-23

Malaysia MTUC: Easing of MCO ‘too fast and too soon' [The Daily Express] 2020-05-04

Canada / Quebec COVID-19 – New decree from the Legault government: extension of the 8% premium to home care [FIQ] 2020-04-19

Canada / Quebec Inquiry at the Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal (IUGM) and into the disaster at the Herron Residence [FIQ] 2020-04-25

Canada / Quebec COVID-19 – The FIQP appeared before the superior court in an urgent effort to protect its members [FIQ] 2020-05-14

Canada / Quebec The FIQ demands the rollout of safe healthcare professional-to-patient ratios in the CHSLDs in Québec [FIQ] 2020-06-21

UK Can the tsunami of covid work clusters be stopped - Thursday 24th September – 18.00-19.30pm [Hazards Campaign] 2020-09-16

Canada Driving a hard bargain – How COVID-19 has changed things [IAMAW] 2020-11-29

Canada Layoffs in the aerospace industry – A second wave of layoffs is emerging [IAMAW] 2020-10-18

Canada Letter to Ministers Freeland and Garneau: Re-Nationalization of Canada's Airlines – the Time is Now! [IAMAW] 2020-10-22

Canada Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living – Day of Mourning 2020 [IAMAW] 2020-04-25

Canada “No blank cheques” – Clear message from Jagmeet Singh on Support for Aviation [IAMAW] 2020-11-29

Canada / Ontario Strengthening solidarity by reconnecting – in person! [IAMAW] 2020-09-06

Canada The Wage Subsidy Program: Canadian Workers' Lifeline – Not to be taken away [IAMAW] 2020-05-24

Democratic Republic of the Congo Mineros de la RDC reciben bonificación después de hacer huelga [IndustriALL] 2020-06-11

Swaziland “We will be killed by hunger before the coronavirus gets us” [IndustriALL] 2020-05-06

Canada Unifor's Jerry Dias – “Government is starting the long but critical work of economic recovery” [Net News Ledger] 2020-12-02

Australia Save Higher Education Jobs – Snap Protest at Josh Frydenberg's Office [NTEU] 2020-05-27

Australia Morrison's app sales pitch fall flat – but Aussies should back it [RTBU] 2020-05-08

Australia ACT NOW – SAVE Lives, SAVE Jobs, SAVE the Economy [SDA] 2020-03-27

Australia Congratulations NSW on spitting fines – time for the other state governments to act [SDA] 2020-04-21

Australia COVID-19 shopping centres and health advice – a victory for commonsense [SDA] 2020-06-28

Australia Not good enough – retail workers and shops going to wall as they wait to get government support in their hands [SDA] 2020-03-27

Australia Premier shops shut their doors – a disaster for retail workers and the retail sector [SDA] 2020-03-27

Australia Retail re-opening – a decision for the entire community, not individual retailers [SDA] 2020-04-16

Australia Shopping Centre COVID-19 health and safety – time for government to step in [SDA] 2020-06-24

Australia Unfair and unjust – retail workers frontline efforts rewarded with a pay freeze [SDA] 2020-06-20

Canada / Saskatchewan SFL calls on Sask. Party government to make ‘hero pay' available to all workers [SFL] 2020-12-07

UK Postal workers walk out – interview with a CWU member [Socialist Appeal] 2020-04-29

Canada With long-term care, we can't just return to “normal” [UFCW Canada] 2020-06-07

UK Debenhams crisis deepens – Usdaw again calls for urgent talks and for the staff to be treated with dignity [USDAW] 2020-08-17

UK Statutory sick pay is not enough – Usdaw [USDAW] 2021-04-06

UK Government's exemption from self-isolation scheme is in chaos – Usdaw seeks clarification [USDAW] 2021-07-26

Trinidad and Tobago The new normal – layoff until further notice/retrenchment [NWU] 2020-06-06

Australia Disability staff ‘had to ask other houses for hand sanitiser' [7 News] 2020-05-04

USA / New York PSC-CUNY: Tell Chairperson Thompson and Chancellor Matos Rodríguez that PSC Will Fight for Every Job at CUNY [PSC-CUNY] 2020-04-24

Zimbabwe Nurses ‘reluctant' to take COVID vaccine: Union [CGTN Africa] 2021-02-27

Canada / Alberta “Students and education workers would be safer going shopping” [CUPE] 2020-08-25

Canada / Alberta Pay and benefits for long term care workers must be protected — and not just during the COVID-19 crisis [Alberta Politics] 2020-04-14

UK UK unemployment rising ‘faster than Great Depression' [AP] 2020-06-16

Australia ‘Outrageous attack': Thousands to give up overtime pay [Yahoo] 2020-05-05

Australia ‘People are desperate': ScoMo infuriates with JobSeeker statement [Yahoo] 2020-06-30

Australia Aid for ‘scandal-ridden' Swissport needs conditions, says TWU [Australian Aviation] 2020-04-23

Australia TWU urges government to make ‘bold' Virgin move [Australian Aviation] 2020-04-21

USA As pandemic rages, farmworkers say employers are ‘prioritizing production over … lives' [AZ Big Media] 2020-07-17

Canada / British Columbia “Working sick isn't working”: BCFED launches plan to ensure paid sick leave for every worker [BCFed] 2020-07-11

Canada / British Columbia Recovery plan recognizes “people are the economy”: BCFED [BCFed] 2020-09-21

Canada BCFED welcomes federal announcement of new pandemic supports — but it's not paid sick leave [BCFed] 2020-08-23

South Africa ‘We are not respected like nurses': Porters, security guards demand more COVID-19 protection [Bhekisisa] 2020-06-30

USA / Illinois From Librarians To Barbers, Public-Facing Workers Left Out Of Early Vaccination Rounds: ‘Our Jobs Are Essential But We Are Not' [Block Club Chicago] 2021-02-15

USA / Virginia VA AFL-CIO Touts “Huge Win for Workers” as State “Enacts First Permanent Workplace Virus Protection Standards in the Nation” [Blue VA] 2021-01-23

Canada / Alberta ‘Every Canadian is now watching Cargill' [The Financial Post] 2020-05-05

South Africa Banks' coronavirus response ‘underwhelming': unions [BusinessTech] 2020-03-28

South Africa These jobs have been added to the ‘essential services' list during lockdown [BusinessTech] 2020-04-04

South Africa Major strike action planned – with protests starting next week [BusinessTech] 2020-08-21

South Africa Government workers demand an 80% increase in their minimum wage – and at least R36,000 in Covid-19 ‘danger pay' [BusinessTech] 2021-03-24

Canada StatCan says 13% of Canadians aren't working—but the true number is more like 30% [Canadian Dimension] 2020-05-24

Canada ‘Safe Restart' agreement helps pave the path forward [CLC] 2020-07-19

Spain CGT exige al Ejecutivo de Sánchez e Iglesias la equiparación, en relación al Covid-19, de las trabajadoras de Ayuda a Domicilio al personal sanitario [CGT] 2020-10-04

USA / Illinois Coronavirus is rewriting teachers' job descriptions — and unions are paying close attention [Chalkbeat] 2020-04-11

South Africa Hospitals have just enough protective gear to last ‘a few weeks' [The Citizen] 2020-04-08

South Africa Saftu slams bosses for telling workers they're ‘essential services' [The Citizen] 2020-03-28

South Africa Supermarket workers vulnerable to Covid-19 – Saccawu [The Citizen] 2020-04-30

South Africa Local health workers' jobs safe despite Cubans – Mkhize [The Citizen] 2020-04-30

South Africa Safety measures must be in place before principals return to work – unions [The Citizen] 2020-05-02

South Africa / Gauteng Tshwane district hospital PPE ‘in order' [The Citizen] 2020-08-28

South Africa / Limpopo Denosa slams use of Limpopo as nursing ‘training agent for other provinces' [The Citizen] 2021-01-12

South Africa ‘Employers hide test results of Covid-positive health workers' - NEHAWU [The Citizen] 2021-05-14

South Africa Government continues to ignore alcohol sector – FAWU [The Citizen] 2021-01-24

South Africa Nehawu ‘still studying' scathing judgment in PPE matter [The Citizen] 2020-04-14

South Africa Covid-19 fallout: Union alleges SABC manager said ‘self-isolation is not a disease' [The Citizen] 2020-03-29

South Africa SAMA seeks ‘urgent intervention' over Mkhwebane report into 17 public hospitals [The Citizen] 2020-12-25

South Africa Healthcare workers employed in units they aren't qualified for – SAMA [The Citizen] 2021-01-16

South Africa News ‘So much pressure to rush. Schools aren't ready' – teachers' union [City Press] 2020-05-13

USA / Georgia As Restaurants Reopen in Georgia, Some Workers Fear Becoming ‘Guinea Pigs' [Civil Eats] 2020-04-28

Canada Bell Media – CUPE members affected by the pandemic [CUPE] 2020-04-24

Canada / Prince Edward Island “Bold and Necessary” resolutions passed at CUPE PEI's first virtual Division Convention [CUPE] 2020-06-30

Canada / Quebec “Ça va bien aller” – CUPE will make a contribution to La Cantine pour tous [CUPE] 2020-04-10

Canada / Quebec COVID-19 – Better preparations needed in the health and social services system for the 2nd wave [CUPE] 2020-06-09

Canada / Quebec COVID-19 – The situation is becoming worrisome in the CHSLDs of the Lower St. Lawrence [CUPE] 2020-04-16

Canada / Quebec COVID-19 – Town of Rimouski blue-collar workers pitch in to help the CISSS du Bas-Saint-Laurent [CUPE] 2020-04-22

Canada / Ontario CUPE welcomes Ontario government's move towards a legislated care standard – urges swift action on Bill 13 [CUPE] 2020-10-30

Canada / Ontario End profit in long-term care, reinvest in more residents' supports and staffing across Ontario, urge advocates in new “CARE NOT PROFITS” campaign [CUPE] 2020-07-24

Canada / Ontario “Enough talk. We need bold action now.”: a coalition of unions representing frontline health care workers respond to Ontario's long-term care staffing study [CUPE] 2020-08-01

Canada / Ontario “Front-line workers deserve a permanent pay increase”: CUPE Ontario says reopening is time for a new normal [CUPE] 2020-06-25

Canada / Quebec Health care workers exhausted – CUPE slams the Quebec government's authoritarian management style [CUPE] 2020-05-21

Canada / Ontario “If you really think we're heroes don't betray us, by taking away our rights,” say Ontario hospital workers rallying Friday [CUPE] 2020-07-18

Canada / Ontario “It takes a team to care, fix bungled pandemic pay”: 75,000 hospital workers tell Premier Doug Ford on provincial day of action [CUPE] 2020-06-18

Canada / Ontario “It's time for immediate action in long-term care”: a coalition of unions representing frontline healthcare workers respond to Ontario's long-term care commission [CUPE] 2020-07-30

Canada / Ontario “Keep municipal staff working”: CUPE Ontario calls on the province to defend services and workers [CUPE] 2020-04-08

Canada / Quebec Layoffs at the Société des casinos du Québec: CUPE will honour the collective agreements [CUPE] 2020-07-01

Canada More Canadian musicians adding their voice in support of the “CARE NOT PROFITS” advocacy campaign to reinvest profits back into Ontario's long-term care system [CUPE] 2020-08-05

Canada / Ontario University workers and students need more than ‘window dressing' from Ford Government to get through COVID-19 crisis [CUPE] 2020-04-04

Canada / Ontario With pandemic here and deadline fast approaching, CUPE 79 urges City of Toronto to ‘get this right' and conclude negotiations [CUPE] 2020-03-13

Canada Post-pandemic recovery effort should support public good – not private profits [CUPE] 2020-04-22

Canada / New Brunswick “Renewed and reinvented public services” promised in NB Throne Speech [CUPE] 2020-11-18

Canada / Ontario Schitt's Creek and Workin' Moms cast members add their voice in support of the “CARE NOT PROFITS” long-term care campaign [CUPE] 2020-09-11

Canada / Ontario “Something to be thankful for”: CUPE Ontario applauds ONDP's comprehensive plan to overhaul long-term care and home care [CUPE] 2020-10-10

Canada / Quebec STM and COVID-19 – Other CUPE groups to be brought in to lend a hand [CUPE] 2020-04-30

Canada / Ontario University ‘re-opening' announcement yet another abdication of responsibility by Ford Government [CUPE] 2020-06-13

Canada “We haven't been treated the same”: CUPE airline workers call for immediate financial support and access to benefits [CUPE] 2020-04-04

Canada / Ontario “We need more investment, not less”: CUPE Ontario warns against austerity [CUPE] 2020-05-12

Canada / Europe Webinar Series: COVID-19 and long term care – building health justice in Canada and in Europe [CUPE] 2020-10-29

Canada / Manitoba New wage support program is welcome news – Manitoba's crisis in care still needs urgent action like paid sick days [CUPE] 2020-12-04

Canada / Ontario With Ontario health care staff COVID-19 infections rising, study finds they worked under distress, feeling “sacrificed” and violated [CUPE] 2020-12-04

USA / Pennsylvania They Warned OSHA They Were in “Imminent Danger” at the Meat Plant. Now They're Suing the Agency [Daily Yonder] 2020-07-26

USA / Florida Actors' Equity Says Walt Disney World “Retaliating” Over Coronavirus Testing Demand; Disney Says Park Protocols Accepted By Other Unions [Deadline] 2020-07-10

USA / Florida Walt Disney World Expects “Tens Of Thousands” Of Cast Members Despite Actors' Equity Opposition [Deadline] 2020-07-04

UK Responding to the coronavirus crisis – NEU case study [TUC Digital Lab] 2020-04-16

Australia / Queensland COVID-19: Queensland Teachers Union tells Scott Morrison to ‘butt out' of school decision making [Brinkwire] 2020-04-17

Israel Solidarity, unions and the needs of society – Israel's teachers of COVID-19: a case study [Davar] 2020-04-06

Hong Kong “Prohibition on Group Gathering” Suppresses Public Demonstration The Union Front Persist with May Day Street Counters [HKCTU] 2020-05-03

Spain Health workers and unions at Madrid's Ifema field hospital: “It's a disaster” [El Pais] 2020-03-30

Europe EFJ President: “COVID-19 measures must not be used as a pretext to censor journalists” [EFJ] 2020-03-21

Europe Věra Jourová: “Journalists need right working conditions” [EFJ] 2020-05-04

Europe Harlem Désir: “States must support the media financially struggling because of the pandemic” [EFJ] 2020-05-04

Sweden / Denmark Media freedom made in Scandinavia – six examples of best practices [EFJ] 2020-05-06

Europe Almost 90 journalists' deaths caused by Covid-19 in Europe§ [EFJ] 2021-01-06

South Africa Hundreds of journos lost their jobs due to Covid-19 lockdown – report [Eyewitness News] 2020-06-04

South Africa Govt not doing enough to prevent covid-19 cases, deaths in prisons – POPCRU [Eyewitness News] 2020-08-04

South Africa SACTWU: 5.5% wage agreement ‘fair' as employers suffered Covid blow [Eyewitness News] 2021-04-12

Ireland Unions ‘gravely concerned' after 550 healthcare workers are signed off over COVID contacts [] 2020-11-23

Canada / New Brunswick A New Normal – Post Covid-19. What have we Learned? [NBFL] 2020-05-14

USA / Mississippi ‘Alarming rate' of coronavirus infection among grocery store workers, study finds [FOX] 2020-11-01

Liberia ‘Increase health workers' salary' – former Nimba county superintendent urges gov't amid COVID-19 scare [FPA] 2020-04-09

Ghana Coronavirus: Gov't actively discussing possible lockdown – Akufo-Addo [GTUC website] 2020-03-27

Canada / USA Meat plant workers in U.S, Canada worry about ‘elbow to elbow' work, lack of PPE [Global] 2020-04-14

Canada / Saskatchewan Nurses' union urges premier to rethink ‘reopening Saskatchewan' [Global] 2020-04-15

Canada / British Columbia Coronavirus: TransLink service cuts make ‘no sense,' union says [Global] 2020-04-18

Canada ‘A failed venture': Unifor president says Canada needs better long-term care system [Global] 2020-05-25

Canada / New Brunswick ‘It's unrealistic': N.B. nursing home workers union questions long-term care home voting plans [Global News] 2020-08-07

Canada ‘There is just no way to do this': Teachers worry over school reopening plans amid coronavirus [Global] 2020-08-24

Canada / Alberta Union ‘cautiously optimistic' COVID-19 outbreak at Calgary Cargill plant appears contained [Global] 2020-08-21

Canada / Ontario ‘Morale is horrible': London, Ont., nurse alleges equipment issues, lack of break space at LHSC [Global] 2020-12-11

USA / New York As COVID-19 Surges, Some Trader Joe's Workers Say They're In A “State Of Terror” [Gothamist] 2020-11-30

Canada / Alberta “A quiet, gentle, and humble man:” UFCW Local 401 grieves the loss of union leader amid Cargill High River COVID-19 outbreak [UFCW Canada] 2020-05-13

Trinidad and Tobago Unions call for action on ‘errant' employers [Trinidad Guardian] 2020-04-02

Australia Staying open in COVID-19 – Pranel's Story [HSA] 2020-05-02

South Africa Frontline health workers ‘carry the Covid-19 burden' [Health-E News] 2020-05-16

India After four test positive, Punjab ASHA workers ask: ‘Why should we put our lives in danger?' [The Express] 2020-05-04

UK Headteachers in disbelief as Government ‘slashes' laptops for poor pupils on eve of half-term [inews] 2020-10-24

South Africa Schools must be turned into vaccination sites – Sadtu [Inside Education] 2021-07-05

USA How we did it: ‘They think workers are like dogs.' How pork plant execs sacrificed safety for profits [Midwest Ctr for Investigative Reporting] 2020-12-30

Canada PSAC wants feds to provide childcare assistance to ‘critical' public servants [iPolitics] 2020-03-27

Norway Norway's Workers Insisted They Shouldn't Pay for Coronavirus — And They Won [Jacobin] 2020-03-20

Australia “We Can Use This Crisis to Reconceptualize the Economy” [Jacobin] 2020-04-02

USA Teachers and Their Unions Are Demanding Truly Safe Schools Reopening — Not “Ignoring Science” [Jacobin] 2021-02-21

USA A BLS error has made the unemployment rate look lower than it actually is — for 3 months [Journalist's Resource] 2020-06-30

Ireland SIPTU: St Luke's Hospital in ‘dire straits' with 34 Covid-19 patients [KCLR] 2020-12-03

USA / Colorado Kroger plans to eliminate $2/ hr ‘Hero Pay' for grocery workers, UFCW Local Unions respond [FOX] 2020-05-08

USA Covid ‘Decimated Our Staff' as the Pandemic Ravages Health Workers of Color [KHN] 2021-01-05

USA / California ‘They are so greedy': Health care workers protest conditions in Westminster hospital, claim COVID-19 patients are not isolated [KTLA] For more info 2020-07-23

USA / Oregon ‘Slow burn': C.O. health care workers hit hard by pandemic; some move off the frontlines [KTVZ] 2021-04-24

Canada / Ontario ‘No Increase? No Work!' Toronto Health Care Workers Save Pandemic Premium via Job Action [Labour Notes] 2020-07-25

UK Public inquiry into “grotesque” PPE failure needed, says TUC [LabourList] 2020-04-21

UK “Tough new measures” needed before people return to work, says TUC [LabourList] 2020-04-27

South Africa / KwaZulu-Natal uThukela workers down tools due to “lack of PPE” [Ladysmith Gazette] 2020-07-25

Asia / UK Report: Factories supplying major UK clothing outlets are engaged in ‘union busting' [Left Foot Forward] 2020-08-06

USA / California Kroger To Close 3 Stores In Los Angeles In Response To Approval Of ‘Hero Pay' Mandate [CBS] 2021-03-12

South Africa / Cuba Much ado about Cuban doctors – so what's behind their recruitment? [Fin24] 2020-05-02

South Africa / Western Cape Lockdown: Cosatu calls for removal of provincial Education MEC Debbie Schäfer [News24] 2020-04-11

USA / Maine Unemployed Maine workers, advocates warn human suffering will ‘spike' if $600 benefit expires [ME Beacon] 2020-07-11

South Africa / Western Cape Pick n Pay workers lose their jobs for ‘striking' during the lockdown [Mail & Guardian] 2020-04-16

South Africa / Eastern Cape Nurses ‘threatened' after refusing to attend to people in quarantine [Mail & Guardian] 2020-04-20

South Africa / Gauteng L'Oréal workers demand a shutdown of local plant, citing Covid-19 exposure [Mail & Guardian] 2020-06-02

South Africa Teacher unions know their power — and how to use it [Mail & Guardian] 2020-07-17

South Africa Schools to close for a month due to Covid infection surge — Ramaphosa [Mail & Guardian] 2020-07-23

South Africa Community health workers — could Covid-19 finally unlock their role in the NHI? [Mail & Guardian] 2020-11-03

USA / Minnesota ‘Work From Home If You Can' Policy For State Workers Extended Until June 2021 [CBS] 2020-10-22

UK / Scotland Ex-miners asked to sign ‘do not resuscitate' forms if they contract coronavirus [Morning Star] 2020-04-26

South Africa Police left underprotected during coronavirus – unions [MyBroadband] 2020-03-29

Nigeria / South Africa COVID-19 helped us focus more on our people in South Africa – Union [Naija247News] 2020-09-06

Canada / New Brunswick Member Update: COVID-19 – March 27 [CUPE NB] 2020-03-27

Canada / New Brunswick Follow the Ontario Example – NB Needs Standards of Care [CUPE] 2020-11-05

Canada / New Brunswick “Migrant workers are not the risk”: Opposition to Higgs' decision to close New Brunswick borders to new temporary foreign workers [NB Media Co-op] 2020-04-30

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UK New quarantine rules places ‘moral duty' on government to support aviation [Unite the union] 2020-06-08

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UK / England Nottinghamshire Rolls Royce supply chain redundancies ‘nasty shock' to local economy [Unite the union] 2020-06-15

UK SPS Technologies ‘must not exploit the lockdown' to slash jobs and terms and conditions [Unite the union] 2020-06-05

UK Strike ballot as Suffolk company ‘uses Covid-19 as a smokescreen' to shut down depot, says Unite [Unite the union] 2020-06-24

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UK UK government must follow Spain's ‘time critical' support for auto industry [Unite the union] 2020-06-16

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UK ‘Send home Shirebrook workers on full pay' – Unite tells Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley [Unite the union] 2020-03-26

UK Unite statement on CPCS Emergency Covid-19 Card ‘profiteering' [Unite the union] 2020-03-28

UK Agency accused of ‘bad faith' over no furlough pay for 300 workers in Derby and the north east [Unite the union] 2020-05-06

UK Beer delivery ‘summit' called for by Unite to hammer out health & safety blueprint as coronavirus lockdown eases [Unite the union] 2020-05-19

UK British Airways accused of ‘smash and grab opportunism' as parent company accepts one billion Spanish bailout [Unite the union] 2020-05-01

UK Construction procedures place ‘workers at risk' warns Unite [Unite the union] 2020-05-28

UK Construction workers at Manchester Airport ‘left high and dry' [Unite the union] 2020-05-06

UK Energy giant axing 2,600 jobs is a ‘bitter blow', says Unite [Unite the union] 2020-05-19

UK Leicester SPS Technologies' attacks on jobs and conditions ‘opportunism of the worst kind' [Unite the union] 2020-05-16

UK More than 3,000 Virgin job losses ‘threatens the future of Gatwick Airport', says Unite [Unite the union] 2020-05-05

UK Northwood Hygiene's proposal to close North Wales paper factory ‘premature' says Unite [Unite the union] 2020-05-26

UK Thousands of care workers could be ineligible for £60,000 Covid-19 payment [Unite the union] 2020-05-22

UK Tory donor JCB axing up to 1,450 jobs is ‘a slap in the face' for working people and Boris Johnson [Unite the union] 2020-05-15

UK Biomedical scientists carrying out Covid-19 tests at Lancashire NHS trust ‘short-changed' by £7,000-a-year [Unite the union] 2020-11-02

UK Call for ‘czar' to break PPE logjam in supply chain [Unite the union] 2020-11-23

UK Failure to boost sick pay with advent of new Covid-19 tier restrictions ‘a dereliction of duty' [Unite the union] 2020-11-27

UK ‘Opportunistic' sign language service attacks during pandemic will cause ‘long term misery' for deaf communities [Unite the union] 2020-11-05

UK / England Transport for London funding agreement a ‘fair deal' but challenges remain warns Unite [Unite the union] 2020-11-02

UK Vaccine success needs a second ‘call to arms' and a manufacturing minister to avert PPE fiasco repeat [Unite the union] 2020-11-13

UK Hackney drivers and escorts of disabled children are ‘pathfinders' in national campaign to recognise Covid-19 pressures [Unite the union] 2020-10-05

UK Heathrow's cash mountain should be used to help staff threatened by ‘fire and rehire', says Unite [Unite the union] 2020-10-28

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UK Stop private sector outsourcing, as NHS laboratories ‘sidelined' for Covid-19 testing [Unite the union] 2020-09-16

UK Unite calls for a ‘well-deserved' 15 per cent pay rise or £3,000 for NHS staff in the Covid-19 frontline [Unite the union] 2020-09-11

UK Anger at GE's ‘financial torpedo' on workers' pensions, says Unite [Unite the union] 2021-02-01

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UK Government's ‘risky' schools reopening gamble risks Covid spike, warns Unite [Unite the union] 2021-02-23

UK London bus bosses accused of using pandemic as ‘a smokescreen' for attacks on pay, as 2,200 drivers set to strike next week [Unite the union] 2021-02-20

UK Need for Sunak to extend £20-a-week Universal Credit boost indefinitely [Unite the union] 2021-02-25

UK A probe called for into the boss of Preston firm where workers are owed up to £170,000 in unpaid wages [Unite the union] 2021-01-13

UK Aviation sector ‘crying out' for joined up policies [Unite the union] 2021-01-27

UK London bus drivers ‘once again in eye of coronavirus storm' need vaccine and protection priority [Unite the union] 2021-01-13

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UK Public ‘implored' to follow Covid rules after death of ‘well-loved and respected' Brighton bus driver [Unite the union] 2021-01-25

UK Unite ends BA ‘fire and rehire' dispute by securing deal to avoid forthcoming cargo strike action [Unite the union] 2021-01-27

UK Unite statement on Mayor of London declaring ‘major incident' as Covid-19 sweeps through capital [Unite the union] 2021-01-08

UK ‘Army of 30,000 union reps' ready to promote vaccine take-up in UK's workplaces [Unite the union] 2021-03-06

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador OCI Challenges “Misinformation” as Union Accuses Processors of Benefiting from COVID-19 Crisis [VOCM] 2020-05-02

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India Doctors' Day: Turning Spotlight on Mental Health—1 in 3 Health Workers Report Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD [TWC India] 2021-07-01

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Australia Cuts to Virgin pilot jobs “devastating and sad” says AFAP [AFAP] 2020-08-09

Canada / Alberta Frontline workers are losing out on more than $400 million in ‘hero pay' because the UCP refuses to hold up its end on a cost-shared wage program [AFL] 2020-11-29

Canada / Alberta Alberta lacks ‘surge capacity' in health care system because of past cuts [AFL] 2020-03-22

Canada / Alberta Unions call for ‘circuit-breaker' lockdown, province-wide mask mandate and a ‘zero-COVID' strategy to address mounting COVID-19 crisis [AFL] 2020-11-21

Canada / Alberta Kenney's COVID plan is “inaction masquerading as action,” says AFL [AFL] 2020-11-29

USA Biden: ‘AFSCME workers are holding this country together right now' [AFSCME] 2020-06-14

USA / New York New York child protective services worker was ‘guiding light' during pandemic [AFSCME] 2021-01-21

USA ‘Public service workers are … crucial to fighting this pandemic' [AFSCME] 2020-05-25

Australia Union launches Fair Work Commission case to lift aged care workers' wages by 25%​ [Aged Care] 2020-11-13

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Ireland Covid-19 in meat plants: SIPTU representative reflects on a ‘frustrating' year [AgriLand] 2021-03-26

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UK BALPA response to news of a £1.2bn rescue plan for Virgin Atlantic [BALPA] 2020-08-26

UK BALPA wins major legal victory against Ryanair over ‘blacklisting' [BALPA] 2021-01-16

UK Pilots 'aghast and furious' at £2bn for walking and cycling, when aviation is in death spiral [BALPA] 2020-05-09

UK Pilots union says ‘Fat Cat' bonuses for airline bosses are an insult to staff losing jobs and taking pay cuts [BALPA] 2020-09-05

UK Pilots union sends out a ‘Mayday' distress call amidst tsunami of job cuts [BALPA] 2020-05-01

France Coronavirus: health workers given pay rises worth €8bn [BBC] 2020-07-14

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Ending Covid restrictions in schools would be ‘ill advised', warn education unions [Belfast Telegraph] 2021-08-18

UK Thousands of doctors have ‘little or no confidence' in the NHS' ability to provide safe patient care [BMA] 2020-05-16

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South Africa Cosatu demands Ramaphosa deal with Covid-19 ‘looters' [BusinessLIVE] 2020-08-26

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Global International Workers Memorial Day ‘Protect Workers! Stop COVID-19' [BWI] 2020-04-18

Global Massive protests explode worldwide against “rising tide” of anti-worker policies [BWI] 2020-07-29

Korea (South) Unions to ensure workers' wages as COVID-19 is put “under control” [BWI] 2020-04-04

Global Unions launch “Safe at Home, Safe at Work” campaign [BWI] 2020-10-10

South Africa Frere Hospital is hiding positive Covid-19 cases – Denosa [Cape Talk radio] 2020-06-02

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South Africa Many developing countries have their vaccines already – health workers union [Cape Talk ] 2021-01-05

South Africa Mines not ready to operate during covid-19 – NUM [CapricornFM] 2020-05-12

Canada / Ontario ‘They're like firemen running into the fire with no equipment on,' says president of healthcare worker union [CBC] 2020-03-25

Canada / Quebec Nurse at CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée forced to work with symptoms, then tests positive, union says [CBC] 2020-04-18

Canada / Quebec Info-Santé workers seek more protection after COVID-19 cases confirmed [CBC] 2020-04-11

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador COVID-19 has spared workers at N.L.'s largest poultry producer — but not demand for chicken [CBC] 2020-05-26

Canada / Ontario 2nd worker at Orléans nursing home dies of COVID-19 [CBC] 2020-05-30

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UK 2 in 5 working mums face childcare crisis when new term starts – TUC poll [TUC] 2020-09-03

UK Britain is ‘indebted to minimum wage heroes', says TUC [TUC] 2020-04-01

UK Demands for immediate return of shielding workers would be ‘heartless and reckless', says TUC [TUC] 2020-07-31

UK Food factories could be Covid-19 “super spreaders” this Christmas, warns TUC [TUC] 2020-11-30

UK ​​​​​​​Lowest paid are most likely to have lost income and increased debt in pandemic [TUC] 2021-02-01

UK Mass unemployment is ‘biggest threat facing the UK', warns TUC [TUC] 2020-07-14

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UK TUC: Women have been put in an impossible position during the pandemic  [TUC] 2021-02-09

UK ​​​​​​​Women working in UK garment factories four times more likely to die of Covid-19 [TUC] 2021-02-18

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Australia ‘Sickening' $12M Qantas remuneration as workers face outsourcing [TWU] 2020-09-18

Australia TWU demands ‘aviation keeper' [TWU] 2020-06-09

UK UCU and NUS issue joint statement calling on universities  to move online [UCU] 2020-11-06

UK UCU and NUS issue joint statement calling on universities to move online [UCU] 2020-11-04

Spain La derogación de la reforma laboral deberá llegar de la mano del diálogo social [UGT] 2020-05-22

Canada / Alberta Doctors, health care unions including UNA, call for ‘circuit-breaker' lockdown [UNA] 2020-11-13

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Canadian union plans its ‘one shot' appeal against snow crab price [Undercurrent News] 2020-05-08

Canada / Quebec Unifor welcomes the reopening of the Crustacés de Gaspé plant despite difficult context [Unifor] 2020-05-05

Canada / Ontario Chartwell Retirement Home's ‘profits over people' mindset is dangerous during pandemic [Unifor] 2020-04-14

Canada / Quebec Le syndicat Unifor se réjouit de la réouverture de l'usine Crustacés de Gaspé qui s'opère tout de même dans un contexte particulier [Unifor] 2020-05-05

Global COVID-19: Time for Sport to ‘Build Back Better' [UNI] 2020-10-14

Global Nursing Home Workers Demand a “Shield Against COVID-19” [UNI] 2020-10-03

Philippines Teleperformance workers in the Philippines are enduring “subhuman” conditions [UNI] 2020-04-04

USA UNI to Amazon: “It shouldn't take a lawsuit for you to stop punishing workers for washing their hands” [UNI Global Union] 2020-07-22

Brazil Unisaúde requests urgent changes to Bolsonaro to protect the people [UNI] 2020-04-04

UK “A national scandal” – UNISON on coronavirus death rates of social care workers [Union News] 2020-06-28

UK As the country celebrates the NHS, health unions say: “Time for a pay rise” [Union News] 2020-07-06

UK BALPA warns of impending “death spiral” for aviation industry [Union News] 2020-05-05

UK “Coronavirus will spread like wildfire” – workers calls for construction sites to be shut [Union News] 2020-04-02

UK Dear Tories … why has it taken a global epidemic for you to appreciate trade unions? [Union News] 2020-03-22

UK / England Hospital workers ‘scapegoated' over lack of PPE [Union News] 2020-04-07

UK IWGB calls on Deliveroo to reform “impossible” coronavirus hardship fund [Union News] 2020-03-20

UK NASUWT slams schools “chaos and confusion” [Union News] 2020-03-22

UK One week on … and still Lewisham cleaners wait to be paid [Union News] 2020-03-22

UK Rail unions slam government's “mixed messages” over easing lockdown [Union News] 2020-07-19

UK RMT calls for “unsafe” public transport to be stopped [Union News] 2020-05-14

UK / England RMT calls on Sadiq Khan to ‘meet' Tube cleaners over safety fears [Union News] 2020-05-05

UK “Send pupils and staff home” – NASUWT tells government [Union News] 2020-11-01

UK Ten unions tell governments: “Be careful before you reopen schools” [Union News] 2020-05-05

UK / Scotland UCU criticises Scottish government over “unsafe” university return [Union News] 2020-06-21

UK UCU slams government's “unworkable” Xmas lockdown plans [Union News] 2020-10-15

UK Unions issue ‘Mayday' distress call for aviation industry as Ryanair announces 3,000 jobs at risk [Union News] 2020-05-03

UK “Where is the training? The PPE?” – unions challenge government over coronavirus [Union News] 2020-04-08

UK Wren Kitchens sacks staff … then invites them back after coronavirus crisis [Union News] 2020-03-29

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New Zealand Treasury projections – scary but useful [CTU] 2020-04-18

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UK Call 999 – the terrifying crisis in the ambulance service [UNISON] 2021-08-24

UK End VAT for PPE to help combat ‘national emergency' in care homes [UNISON] 2020-04-15

UK New care home death figures show government claims of protecting the sector ​ring hollow [UNISON] 2020-05-26

UK Huge membership rise for UNISON ahead of new recruitment ad campaign launch​ [UNISON] 2020-06-22

UK ​Some employers only paying lip service to Black staff's fears [UNISON] 2020-10-09

UK NHS staff ​urge the chancellor to do the right thing and fund a pay rise [UNISON] 2021-02-26

UK One per cent pay rise “is the worst kind of insult” [UNISON] 2021-03-05

UK ‘Managers are bringing tea to us': inside the 111 service during COVID-19 [UNISON] 2020-03-26

UK ‘Thank you' to all the UNISON members leaving their loved ones to care for ours [UNISON] 2020-04-15

UK Thousands of public service workers contact UNISON with ‘harrowing' stories around protective kit [UNISON] 2020-04-09

UK COVID-19: Black and female workers – more impacted than the rest [UNISON] 2020-05-02

UK ‘We will hold government to account on COVID-19' [UNISON] 2020-06-04

UK UNISON calls on government to act on ‘systemic racism' [UNISON] 2020-06-21

UK British Gas behaviour ‘disgraceful' over new staff contracts, says UNISON [UNISON] 2020-07-17

UK UNISON Equality Survey 2020 – tell us about your experiences during the pandemic [UNISON] 2020-07-19

UK New health body must be ‘fit for purpose', says UNISON [UNISON] 2020-08-19

UK UNISON calls for ‘sustainable and sufficient' university funding [UNISON] 2020-08-14

UK British Gas forces its entire workforce into a ‘fire and rehire' process [UNISON] 2020-09-22

UK UNISON sends a very public festive ‘thank you' to its 1.3m members [UNISON] 2020-12-21

UK ‘Make it a workers' budget,' UNISON urges chancellor [UNISON] 2021-02-23

UK Chancellor ‘ducking decision' to reform social care, says UNISON [UNISON] 2021-03-04

UK ‘It's a relief, a light at the end of the tunnel' – young women and the vaccine [UNISON] 2021-03-14

UK Care home death figures a ‘national scandal', says UNISON [UNISON] 2020-04-14

UK More than a thousand care home deaths highlights ‘shambolic' government response to Covid crisis, says UNISON [UNISON] 2020-04-21

UK Action needed to address higher coronavirus death rates ​for Black people [UNISON] 2020-05-07

UK High Covid-19 deaths among care staff ‘shocking', says UNISON [UNISON] 2020-05-11

UK Scrapping of NHS surcharge for migrant health and care workers ‘long overdue' [UNISON] 2020-05-22

UK Ministers must fix council funding to avoid ​'catastrophic cuts' [UNISON] 2020-07-06

UK Time for fair wage for social care workers on ‘forgotten frontline', says new coalition [UNISON] 2020-11-02

UK School support staff fear ‘big bang' return' to school is a safety risk [UNISON] 2021-03-12

UK ​Health workers increasingly concerned at continued government stalling on NHS pay [UNISON] 2021-07-17

UK Government must bring back Covid funding to safeguard ‘lives and livelihoods' [UNISON] 2022-05-04

Australia Agriculture Workers' Code – no solution without visa amnesty and quarantine support [UWU] 2020-09-04

Australia COVID-19 sparked recession – now is not the time to scale back JobKeeper [UWU] 2020-09-03

Australia ‘Day of distress' as SA aged carers barred from jobs [UWU] 2020-08-28

Australia / New South Wales School cleaning – years of government cost-cutting has put school communities at risk in the coronavirus outbreak [UWU] 2020-03-19

Australia / Western Australia Security guards at Perth quarantine hotels asked to remove masks because it was ‘upsetting and intimidating guests' [UWU] 2020-04-10

Australia Aged Carers Speak Out: ‘Thank You Is Not Enough' [UWU] 2020-09-01

Australia United Workers Union applauds Victorian Government changes for casual workers – calls on the Federal Government to do more [UWU] 2020-11-23

Australia Welcome assistance for ACT temporary visa workers – Federal Government must now follow ACT lead [UWU] 2020-04-28

Australia Welcome emergency support for international students in Victoria – Federal Government must now follow the lead of states and territories [UWU] 2020-05-02

Australia / Tasmania Welcome support for Tasmanian visa workers – Federal Government must now follow Tasmania's lead [UWU] 2020-04-23

UK Unite calls for government to urgently rethink ‘pingdemic' exemption amid fears of long-term damage to UK manufacturing [Unite the union] 2021-07-27

UK ‘Vaccination is not immunisation' as Scottish government announcement criticised by Unite [Unite the union] 2021-07-23

UK Workers frustrated and angry as government fails to get a grip of pandemic and ‘pingdemic' [Unite the union] 2021-07-22

UK Coronavirus – Updated Advice for Members [USDAW] 2020-03-24

USA Workers in a Pandemic Need More Than Being Told to ‘Just Stay Home' [USW] 2021-02-03

Canada / Ontario Simple ‘Review' of Long-Term Care an Injustice to Victims of Deadly Crisis [USW] 2020-05-24

USA Leaked Amazon Memo Details Plan to Smear Fired Warehouse Organizer: ‘He's Not Smart or Articulate' [VICE] 2020-04-04

Canada ‘A matter of human decency': Truckers' union calls on gas stations, rest stops to fully re-open [The News] 2020-04-03

USA Why many ‘essential' workers get paid so little, according to experts [Wash Post] 2020-04-07

USA ‘It feels like a war zone': As more of them die, grocery workers increasingly fear showing up at work [Wash Post] 2020-04-13

USA The meat industry is trying to get back to normal. But workers are still getting sick — and shortages may get worse [Wash Post] 2020-05-26

USA ‘I have never felt so helpless': Doctors, nurses and first responders grapple with the enormity of what they've witnessed during the pandemic's first wave [Wash Post] 2020-06-07

USA / Florida ‘Held hostage': Cruise employees were stuck on a ship and forced to work without pay, lawsuit says [Wash Post] 2020-08-07

USA McConnell helps ‘working families' by killing coronavirus relief. That's rich, Mitch [Wash Post] 2020-10-23

USA ‘Essential' workers are just forced laborers [Wash Post] 2020-05-25

USA / Tennessee Kroger, grocery union calling for government to recognize workers as temporary ‘first responders' [Wate] 2020-04-16

USA Once Heroes, ‘Now Zeros': Frontline Workers Fall Behind On COVID-19 Vaccine Priority List [WBUR] 2021-02-06

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