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Italian workers protest against open factories as COVID-19 spreads 2020-03-27 [Deutsche Welle]

Covid-19: labour movement struggles to institute social distance between capital's needs and people's health in Italy 2020-03-27 [Global Labour University]

Italian metalworkers strike to halt non-essential production 2020-03-26 [IndustriALL]

Chief Editor under police protection after receiving death threats from neo-Nazi group 2020-03-24 [EFJ]

Dispatch from Italy: Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus 2020-03-22 [Labour Notes]

Unions call for all bank branches to shut for two weeks 2020-03-19 [UNI]

Coronavirus sparks nationwide strikes 2020-03-15 [Publico]

Union secures rights for shop workers in face of coronavirus 2020-03-03 [UNI]

Alitalia unions informed of proposals to trim routes and fleet 2020-02-25 [Flight Global]

Airline Strike Postponed Over Coronavirus 2020-02-25 [The Times]

Italy airline strike postponed over Coronavirus: union spokeswoman 2020-02-24 [Reuters]

Italian dockworkers refuse to resupply Saudi 'weapons' ship 2020-02-19 [Middle East Monitor]

Workers Refuse to Load Generators On Weapons-Laden Saudi Ship 2020-02-19 [Al-Bawaba]

'Stop the Saudi arms ship' say Genoa dockers 2020-02-19 [MENA SN]

Workers refuse to resupply Saudi weapons ship over 'Yemen war crimes' 2020-02-18 [The New Arab]

UNI GS in Italy to learn about sectoral bargaining victories, key issues for country’s union movement 2020-02-12 [UNI Global Union]

From sardines to a new language of politics? An interview with Paul Ginsborg 2020-01-10 [Opendemocracy]

Maintenance worker dies at Italy's Sevel plant 2020-01-05 [95.7]

Journalist Mario de Michele survived gun attack 2019-11-22 [EFJ]

Italian metalworkers strike for sustainable industry 2019-11-04 [IndustriALL]

Union fears FCA-Peugeot tie-up could hit Italian plants 2019-10-31 [Yahoo]

Rome hit by general strike over alleged poor management of capital 2019-10-26 [The Guardian]

Rome public workers strike over state of city, national strike disrupts flights 2019-10-26 [Euronews]

Black Friday Transit Strike Will Impact Rome 2019-10-25 [Vax Before Travel]

4 Indian-origin Sikh men drown in sewage tank in Italy 2019-09-14 [India Today]

Journalists’ union calls on the profession to improve media coverage of femicides 2019-09-13 [EFJ]

ETUC: Italy Leaving Schengen, Means Isolating Itself From Europe 2019-07-09 [SVI]

No to walls, No to Italy outside Schengen, Yes to free movement of people 2019-07-08 [ETUC]

Saving Lives is not a Crime 2019-07-06 [PSI]

Judge orders release of captain who docked migrant-rescue ship 2019-07-05 [ITF]

Carola Rackete: nearly L1m raised to help migrant rescue ship captain arrested after police stand-off 2019-07-03 [Evening Standard]

Are Your Tinned Tomatoes Picked By Slave Labour? 2019-06-21 [Pulitzer Centre]

Giulio Regeni's parents demand Italy recall Cairo ambassador 2019-06-21 [The Guardian]

Unions refuse to load Saudi ship in protest over Yemen war 2019-06-19 [TLE]

Solidarity with striking metal workers 2019-06-18 [Industriall Europe]

Solidarity with striking metal workers 2019-06-14 [IndustriALL]

Italian minister Salvini threatened journalist Roberto Saviano with withdrawal of his police protection 2019-06-04 [EFJ]

Riot police beats up journalist covering Neo-Fascist demonstration 2019-05-29 [EFJ]

Unions mobilise to defend academic freedom 2019-05-25 [EI]

'We Will Not Be Complicit': Protesting Assault on Yemen, Italian Dock Workers Refuse to Load Saudi Weapons Vessel 2019-05-22 [Common Dreams]

Unions refuse to load Saudi ship in protest over Yemen war 2019-05-22 [Zaman]

Italian dock strike blocks deadly cargo 2019-05-22 [Morninh Star on line]

Italian dock workers refuse to load cargo onto Saudi Arabian ship headed to Yemen 2019-05-21 [Daily Sabah]

Italy unions refuse to load Saudi ship in protest over Yemen War 2019-05-21 [Reuters]

Dockworkers refuse to load Saudi cargo ship in anti-war protest 2019-05-20 [Yahoo News]

20,000 Workers participate in General Strike in Italy 2019-04-03 [BWI]

Workers demonstrate outside Aviano. They say a strike is possible 2019-03-31 [The Stars and Stripes]

China's New Silk Road May Hurt Italian Workers, Analysts Say 2019-03-24 [VOA]

Smart working satisfies Maersk employees in Italy 2019-03-07 [The Telegraph]

Milan protesters denounce Italy's right-wing government 2019-03-03 [Deutsche Welle]

This month in labour history

4-03-1919 In the Rome region, the beginning of a peasant movement as veterans move to occupy the land left fallow by big landowners. There are 500 in Ariccia and 3000 in Albano alone. [more]

5-03-1943 The strike at FIAT that marked the beginning of the end for Mussolini starts. Within a week over 100,000 workers were on strike and the armed resistance had begun. [more]

22-03-1920 In a Turin foundry belonging to Fiat, the Internal Commission opposes the time change made the day before. A worker resets the clock to the time of the sun setting off the "Strike of Clocks". [more]

28-03-1920 State of siege in Turin, riflemen and royal guards occupy factories, cavalry, machine guns and armoured vehicles patrol the streets. The bosses want workers to recognize "the foremen appointed by management" as the sole authority in the factories. [more]