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Solidarity with harassed TV reporter Greta Beccaglia 2021-11-30 [EFJ]

Electric vehicle transition puts 60,000 Italian jobs at risk, union says 2021-11-20 [Saltwire]

Italy ratifies the ILO Convention (No. 190) on the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work 2021-11-03 [ILO]

Ex-Alitalia flight attendants strip in labor protest 2021-10-25 [Yahoo News]

Health and care workers face reprisals for speaking out during Covid-19 pandemic 2021-10-22 [Amnesty International]

Italian workers take to the streets against fascism 2021-10-21 [IUF]

Fascists attack biggest trade union confederation 2021-10-19 [Green Left Weekly]

Solidarity with the dock workers in Trieste, Italy 2021-10-19 [WFTU]

Journalists face fresh violence covering ‘green pass’ protests 2021-10-19 [EFJ]

Italy judge suspends trial of Egyptians charged after student killing 2021-10-18 [Reuters]

Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against fascism 2021-10-16 [Al Jazeera]

Maurizio Landini: “Fascism is a European problem, not just an Italian one” 2021-10-16 [Market Research]

Trade unions hold Rome rally against fascism 2021-10-16 [Wanted in Rome]

UNI to march in solidarity with CGIL after far-right attack 2021-10-16 [UNI]

The 11/10 general strike breaks the silence imposed on the working class by bosses, government and unions. Amazon blocked 2021-10-15 [S.I. Cobas]

Following attack on CGIL, pressure mounts to ban fascist group 2021-10-13 [Euronews]

The attack on the CGIL in Italy is an assault on democracy 2021-10-13 [Education International]

It’s time to complete the anti-fascist revolution 2021-10-13 [Solidarity]

Hacker attack on the CGIL site started at the same time as the action against the union's headquarters 2021-10-12 [Italy News]

Solidarity with Italian Labour Movement After Neo-Nazi Attack 2021-10-11 [PSI]

BWI condemns fascist attack on CGIL headquarters in Rome 2021-10-11 [BWI]

Calls rise in Italy to ban pro-fascism groups after rampage 2021-10-11 [Your News Net]

'It was a fascist squad attack, and it is unacceptable,' CGIL head Maurizio Landini 2021-10-11 [CTV]

Italian police arrest far-right party leaders after anti-vax riot 2021-10-11 [Reuters]

Calls rise in Italy to ban pro-fascist groups after vaccine rampage 2021-10-11 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Police arrest far-right party leaders after anti-vax riot 2021-10-10 [Saltwire]

Anti-vax protesters in Rome target PM’s office and trade union headquarters 2021-10-10 [The Local]

Fascists attack CGIL HQ in Rome 2021-10-10 [Al Jazeera]

Attacks to CGIL headquarters in Rome - Message sent by ETUC General Secretary Luca Visentini to CGIL General Secretary Maurizio Landini 2021-10-10 [ETUC]

Anti-vax protesters in Rome target Draghi's office, union's headquarters 2021-10-10 [Reuters]

CGIL headquarters have been attacked and devastated today in Rome during a no green-pass demonstration 2021-10-10 [CGIL]

COVID-19 Health Passes Mandatory For All Workers 2021-09-18 [KPCW / NPR]

After massive mobilization, Italian unions reach historic national agreement with Amazon 2021-09-18 [UNI]

Amazon reaches agreement with trade unions in Italy 2021-09-16 [Yahoo]

The institutionalised exploitation of migrant care workers has been exacerbated by the pandemic 2021-09-09 [Equal Times]

In Italy, the institutionalised exploitation of migrant domestic workers has been exacerbated by the pandemic 2021-09-03 [Equal Times]

COVID-19 health pass mandatory for teachers 2021-08-06 [Saltwire]

Monte dei Paschi job cuts will all be voluntary, union says 2021-08-04 [Saltwire]

Sciopero generale sindacati di Base 18 ottobre 2021-07-19 [SI Cobas]

Six years a slave: Indian farm workers exploited in Italy 2021-07-14 [AFP]

Secret slaves: Indian farm workers in Italy 2021-07-15 [InfoMigrant]

Utility workers on national strike 2021-07-01 [PSI]

Unions break off relations with BNP Paribas subsidiary BNL 2021-06-29 [UNI Global Union]

ETUC Backs Italian Unions Demonstrating for a Recovery of Jobs and Justice 2021-06-28 [ETUC]

Defamation law must be reformed 2021-06-24 [EFJ]

An Italian court threatens the confidentiality of journalistic sources 2021-06-23 [EFJ]

Union Leader Killed by Truck Driving Through Picket Line 2021-06-22 [MBT]

Tragic death underscores the need for peaceful negotiation 2021-06-19 [ITF]

‘How we blocked Israeli ship’ Italian dockers speak out 2021-06-13 [MENA Solidarity Network]

Italian dockers refuse to load weapons for Israel 2021-05-15 [Labour Heartlands]

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