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Work at Stellantis' Melfi plant halted as logistic contractors strike -union 2022-08-03 [Saltwire]

Telecom Italia eyes deal with unions on more jobs cuts 2022-07-29 [The Financial Post]

Can your boss force you to work during a heatwave in Italy? 2022-07-25 [The Local]

Base unions to strike against destructive “good schools” law 2017-03-16 [libcom.org]

Italian metalworkers demand: “No more deaths at work!” 2018-01-23 [IndustriALL]

‘Agromafia' Exploits Hundreds of Thousands of Agricultural Workers 2018-07-27 [IPS]

Alitalia reaches preliminary deal with unions for €670 mn labor cost cut 2017-04-15 [Il Sole 24 ore]

Froneri ice cream workers take their fight from Italy to Nestlé headquarters in Switzerland 2017-12-04 [IUF]

Solidarity strike in Parma in support of Nestlé-Froneri workers 2017-12-27 [IUF]

MFRR condemns ‘absurd' €10 million lawsuit against L'Espresso magazine by sacked Vatican Cardinal 2021-02-02 [EFJ]

Journalists face fresh violence covering ‘green pass' protests 2021-10-19 [EFJ]

Amazon workers strike on Black Friday, saying they're ‘physically broken' 2017-11-26 [il manifesto global edition]

Maurizio Landini: “Fascism is a European problem, not just an Italian one” 2021-10-16 [Market Research]

‘How we blocked Israeli ship' Italian dockers speak out 2021-06-13 [MENA Solidarity Network]

Milan has opened its doors to refugees…but for how much longer 2017-08-07 [Equal Times]

Serena Sorrentino: “The same workers that have been attacked by policies aimed at making the public sector ‘more efficient' are now on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19” 2020-04-07 [Equal Times]

Black Friday CHAOS: Amazon workers in Italy and Germany WALK OUT - ‘we want a bonus' 2017-11-24 [Daily Express]

Striking food couriers showed “gig economy” capitalists they're serious about their rights as workers. 2017-01-24 [Jacobin ]

A Woman's Death Sorting Grapes Exposes ‘Slavery' 2017-04-12 [NYTimes]

‘The Invisibles': Unseen footage of Italy's migrant labourers at peak of COVID-19 2020-07-05 [The Africa Report]

Italian student was killed ‘for researching Egypt unions' 2018-01-26 [Guardian]

Cristiano Ronaldo's move to Juventus sees struggling Fiat workers go on STRIKE as firm helps pay striker's £500k-a-week wages 2018-07-11 [The Irish Sun]

Amazon Workers on Strike in Italy Over “Frenetic Pace of Work” 2021-02-17 [UNI]

Amazon's Italian Logistics Workers Will Not Put In Extra Hours In Peak Season 2017-12-24 [Tech Know Bits]

Workers' rights are never out of fashion! 2017-01-15 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Alitalia's workers confirming strike on April 5 to challenge 2,037 layoffs 2017-04-01 [ItalyEurope24]

Journalists' union calls on the profession to improve media coverage of femicides 2019-09-13 [EFJ]

Threats against the president of Italian journalists' federation 2020-08-27 [EFJ]

Massive violation of the confidentiality of journalists' sources 2021-04-05 [EFJ]

This Isn't Work, It's Exploitation 2017-12-28 [Jacobin]

Warehouse strikes across country as management tear up workers' rights 2017-09-22 [libcom.org]

Prato's migrant workforce 2020-07-13 [Le Monde Diplo]

Unions Call Dec. 16 Strike to Oppose Draghi's Budget 2021-12-27 [Bloomberg]

Trade unions' response to COVID-19 2020-04-22 [BWI]

Italy's far-right rears its head 2018-03-02 [equal times]

Red gold and blood money : the fight to end modern slavery in Italy's agricultural sector 2017-05-10 [Equal Times]

Red gold and blood money: the fight to end modern slavery in Italy's agricultural sector 2017-05-10 [Equal Times]

With a death toll of thousands, Italy's agricultural sector resembles a warzone 2018-08-23 [Equal Times]

It's time to complete the anti-fascist revolution 2021-10-13 [Solidarity]

Review of Italy's Special Tax Regime for New Resident Workers 2018-07-16 [EU Italian Intl Tax]

Italy, it's time to confront your own rampant racism 2020-06-17 [Opendemocracy]

What's at stake for women in Italy's political crisis 2021-01-26 [Opendemocracy]

Telecom Italia's 4,000 workers face temporary layoff 2018-05-18 [Telecom Lead]

Anti-vax protesters in Rome target PM's office and trade union headquarters 2021-10-10 [The Local]

UNI GS in Italy to learn about sectoral bargaining victories, key issues for country's union movement 2020-02-12 [UNI Global Union]

WFTU condemnation statement on the unacceptable attacks against militant trade unionists in Italy 2022-07-21 [WFTU]

500 flights scrapped due to 4-hour aviation strikes 2022-07-18 [AP]

Cabin crew and air traffic control staff to strike 2022-07-15 [BTN]

Footballers and unions sign agreement to promote health and safety in sports infrastructure 2022-06-23 [BWI]

Footballers and unions sign agreement to promote health and safety in sports infrastructure 2022-06-22 [BWI]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

21-08-1920 Faced with the refusal of industrialists to agree to even a modest wage increase, the FIOM calls for a strike in all metallurgical factories and tells workers to prepare for occupations in the event of a lockout. [more]

30-08-1920 Alfa Romeo's 2,000 workers in Milan find their factory occupied by the military, the next day 400,000 workers occupy nearly 1,000 metallurgy factories across the country. Factory councils take control of production. [more]