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Italy Six years a slave: Indian farm workers exploited in Italy 2021-07-14 [AFP]

Italy Defamation law must be reformed 2021-06-24 [EFJ]

Italy An Italian court threatens the confidentiality of journalistic sources 2021-06-23 [EFJ]

Italy Union Leader Killed by Truck Driving Through Picket Line 2021-06-22 [MBT]

Italy Tragic death underscores the need for peaceful negotiation 2021-06-19 [ITF]

Italy Ravenna, port workers refuse to take on weapons for Israel: Stop the war on Gaza 2021-05-25 []

Italy Italian dockers refuse to load weapons for Israel 2021-05-15 [Labour Heartlands]

Italy Italian dockers stop arms shipment to Israel in solidarity with Palestine 2021-05-15 [Left Voice]

Italy Sicilian prosecutors wiretapped journalists covering migration 2021-04-14 [IFJ]

Italy Massive violation of the confidentiality of journalists' sources 2021-04-05 [EFJ]

USA Amazon Workers in Italy Are Striking In Protest of Grueling Working Conditions 2021-03-24 [Vice]

Italy Amazon workers strike in Italy over pandemic-driven delivery demands 2021-03-23 [Reuters]

Italy Cameras banned from Ndrangheta maxi trial 2021-03-03 [EFJ]

Italy United Italian metalworkers sign new national agreement 2021-02-10 [IndustriALL]

Italy MFRR condemns ‘absurd' €10 million lawsuit against L'Espresso magazine by sacked Vatican Cardinal 2021-02-02 [EFJ]

Italy Italy authorises ILO Convention 190 ratification 2021-01-27 [BWI]

Italy Solidarity with Italian women and public workers 2020-12-12 [PSI]

Italy Italian ArcelorMittal workers on nationwide strike for their jobs 2020-11-25 [IndustriALL]

Italy Rolls-Royce workers strike for jobs 2020-11-16 [Workers liberty]

Italy Italian workers fight against closure of Whirlpool in Naples 2020-10-22 [IndustriALL]

Italy The Can-Gatto (Cat-Dog) of Italian Politics 2020-10-11 [Our Times]

Italy A Migrants' Advocate Fights For The 'Invisibles' 2020-08-06 [NPR]

Italy Advocate Reveals The Plight Of Migrant Workers 2020-08-05 [KAWC]

Italy Prato's migrant workforce 2020-07-13 [Le Monde Diplo]

Italy ‘The Invisibles': Unseen footage of Italy's migrant labourers at peak of COVID-19 2020-07-05 [The Africa Report]

Italy Major step forward in push to scrap prison sentences for criminal defamation in Italy 2020-06-11 [EFJ]

Italy Pivotal moment for Italy to abolish prison sentences for criminal defamation 2020-06-08 [EFJ]

Italy Electronics multinational Jabil fires 190 Italian workers during pandemic 2020-05-25 [IndustriALL]

Italy Why Teresa Bellanova, The Farm Worker Who Became A Minister, Now Fights For Migrant Rights 2020-05-13 [Forbes]

Indonesia 11 Indonesian migrant workers test positive for COVID-19 upon return from Italy 2020-05-11 [JP]

Italy A trade union Manifesto for inclusive education 2020-05-09 [EI]

Italy Footballers' union furious at ban on team training 2020-04-29 [RTÉ]

Italy Lockdown pushes digitalisation through in Italian public services 2020-04-18 [PSI]

Italy Measures enacted in Italy to reduce the social and labour impact of Covid-19 2020-04-15 [The Law of Work]

Italy Fiat reaches deal with unions on measures for production restart 2020-04-10 [Economic Times]

Italy Serena Sorrentino: “The same workers that have been attacked by policies aimed at making the public sector ‘more efficient' are now on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19” 2020-04-07 [Equal Times]

Italy Union urges pay deal for lower-league players 2020-04-06 [The Score]

Italy Italian metalworkers strike to halt non-essential production 2020-03-26 [IndustriALL]

Italy Alitalia unions informed of proposals to trim routes and fleet 2020-02-25 [Flight Global]

Italy Airline Strike Postponed Over Coronavirus 2020-02-25 [The Times]

Italy Italian dockworkers refuse to resupply Saudi 'weapons' ship 2020-02-19 [Middle East Monitor]

Italy Workers Refuse to Load Generators On Weapons-Laden Saudi Ship 2020-02-19 [Al-Bawaba]

Italy 'Stop the Saudi arms ship' say Genoa dockers 2020-02-19 [MENA SN]

Italy UNI GS in Italy to learn about sectoral bargaining victories, key issues for country's union movement 2020-02-12 [UNI Global Union]

Italy From sardines to a new language of politics? An interview with Paul Ginsborg 2020-01-10 [Opendemocracy]

Italy Maintenance worker dies at Italy's Sevel plant 2020-01-05 [95.7]

Italy Italian metalworkers strike for sustainable industry 2019-11-04 [IndustriALL]

Italy Union fears FCA-Peugeot tie-up could hit Italian plants 2019-10-31 [Yahoo]

Italy Rome hit by general strike over alleged poor management of capital 2019-10-26 [The Guardian]

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