Unions call for Ryanair strike on February 10

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Unions call for Ryanair strike on February 10 2018-01-12 [Reuters]

Ryanair braced for February strike by Italian unions 2018-01-12 [The Local]

Ryanair faces strike by air transport unions 2018-01-11 [Digital Journal]

This Isn’t Work, It’s Exploitation 2017-12-28 [Jacobin]

'An employer? No, we have a master': the Sikhs secretly exploited 2017-12-28 [The Guardian]

Solidarity strike in Parma in support of Nestlé-Froneri workers 2017-12-27 [IUF]

Amazon’s Italian Logistics Workers Will Not Put In Extra Hours In Peak Season 2017-12-24 [Tech Know Bits]

Amazon's warehouse workers maintain overtime ban over Christmas 2017-12-21 [Reuters]

Amazon workers strike for a second time in a month 2017-12-21 [The Local ]

Doctors go on strike all day Tuesday 2017-12-12 [The Local]

Vatican calls world meeting of trade union leaders 2017-12-07 [Catholic Labor Network]

Fisherman 'throws migrant worker overboard' to evade police 2017-12-06 [The Local]

Key Italian newspaper stands by criticism of Giulio Regeni’s supervisor 2017-12-05 [Varsity]

Froneri ice cream workers take their fight from Italy to Nestlé headquarters in Switzerland 2017-12-04 [IUF]

Ikea faces backlash after laying off single mother 2017-11-29 [The Local]

UNI Global Union in full solidarity with Italian and German Black Friday strikes 2017-11-27 [UNI Global Union]

Amazon workers strike on Black Friday, saying they’re ‘physically broken’ 2017-11-26 [il manifesto global edition]

Amazon warehouse workers in Black Friday strikes 2017-11-24 [libcom.org]

Amazon workers on strike in Italy and Germany 2017-11-24 [BBC]

Amazon workers to strike in Italy, Germany this Black Friday 2017-11-24 [CNET]

More than 500 Amazon workers in Europe are going on strike this Black Friday 2017-11-24 [Business Insider]

Amazon faces Black Friday strike in Italy 2017-11-24 [FT]

'Strike Friday': Amazon hit by protests in Italy and Germany on Black Friday 2017-11-24 [Daily Telegraph]

Amazon workers set to strike on Black Friday 2017-11-24 [RTÉ]

Black Friday CHAOS: Amazon workers in Italy and Germany WALK OUT - ‘we want a bonus’ 2017-11-24 [Daily Express]

Amazon Italy workers call Black Friday strike 2017-11-24 [The Local]

Workers at Amazon's main Italian hub, German warehouses strike on Black Friday 2017-11-24 [Reuters]

Italian journalists protest against mafia attack on journalists 2017-11-20 [EFJ]

Interior Minister to meet FNSI over press freedom after serious assault of a journalist in Ostia 2017-11-15 [IFJ]

The terrible truth about your tin of Italian tomatoes 2017-10-24 [The Guardian]

ETUC supports Italian unions on Ius soli & Ius culturae 2017-10-19 [ETUC]

Steelworkers strike over planned job losses after ArcelorMittal takeover 2017-10-10 [The Business Standard]

Workers at troubled Italian steel plant strike over huge job cuts 2017-10-10 [The Local]

Taxi drivers to stage national strike on November 7th 2017-10-08 [The Local]

Solidarity strikers accuse bosses of blacklisting in Bologna 2017-09-27 [libcom.org]

Union moves to represent Ryanair pilots and cabin crew based in Italy 2017-09-26 [Irish Independent]

Warehouse workers' picket ambushed in fascist-mafia attack 2017-09-26 [libcom.org]

Photo gallery: warehouse workers' strike spreads 2017-09-23 [libcom.org]

Warehouse strikes across country as management tear up workers’ rights 2017-09-22 [libcom.org]

Milan has opened its doors to refugees…but for how much longer 2017-08-07 [Equal Times]

Unions in Italy and Tunisia reinforce cooperation to support migrant workers' rights 2017-07-28 [IUF]

Public Transportation on Strike in Rome and Naples 2017-07-21 [Prensa Latina]

BT Italia workers to strike 2017-07-17 [Telecompaper]

Unions, farmer and civil society groups say 'No!' to CETA 2017-07-10 [IUF]

Nationwide public transport strike 2017-07-07 [The Local]

Two thousand Serbian FIAT workers take strike action 2017-07-06 [IndustriALL]

Pope Francis: Unions are essential to society 2017-06-30 [Catholic News Service]

Transport strike brings 'Black Friday' to Italian cities 2017-06-16 [EuroNews]

24-hour transport strike affecting road, rail, and air travel 2017-06-16 [The Local]

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