Public Transportation on Strike in Rome and Naples

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Milan has opened its doors to refugees…but for how much longer 2017-08-07 [Equal Times]

Unions in Italy and Tunisia reinforce cooperation to support migrant workers' rights 2017-07-28 [IUF]

Public Transportation on Strike in Rome and Naples 2017-07-21 [Prensa Latina]

BT Italia workers to strike 2017-07-17 [Telecompaper]

Unions, farmer and civil society groups say 'No!' to CETA 2017-07-10 [IUF]

Nationwide public transport strike 2017-07-07 [The Local]

Two thousand Serbian FIAT workers take strike action 2017-07-06 [IndustriALL]

Pope Francis: Unions are essential to society 2017-06-30 [Catholic News Service]

Transport strike brings 'Black Friday' to Italian cities 2017-06-16 [EuroNews]

24-hour transport strike affecting road, rail, and air travel 2017-06-16 [The Local]

H&M's Employees to Strike in Milan 2017-06-10 [WWD]

Red gold and blood money : the fight to end modern slavery in Italy’s agricultural sector 2017-05-10 [Equal Times]

Red gold and blood money: the fight to end modern slavery in Italy’s agricultural sector 2017-05-10 [Equal Times]

Alitalia faces bankruptcy after employees vote down plan 2017-04-26 [Metro]

Alitalia workers reject rescue plan, pressuring Rome to step in 2017-04-25 [Reuters]

Alitalia employees prepare to vote on rescue deal 2017-04-20 [thelocal]

Alitalia Workers Prepare To Vote On Labor Deal 2017-04-19 [Aviation Daily]

Alitalia reaches preliminary deal with unions for €670 mn labor cost cut 2017-04-15 [Il Sole 24 ore]

A Woman’s Death Sorting Grapes Exposes ‘Slavery’ 2017-04-12 [NYTimes]

Alitalia cancels 60 per cent of flights as workers strike 2017-04-06 [The Globe and Mail]

Alitalia grounds 60 percent of flight due to strike over job cuts, pay cuts 2017-04-06 [EuroObserver]

Alitalia cancels 60% of flights due to strike action 2017-04-06 [Independent ]

Two in five Alitalia flights cancelled in airline's latest strike 2017-04-06 [The Local]

Parliament could allow 3 days of paid menstrual leave for female workers 2017-04-04 [Asia One]

Alitalia’s workers confirming strike on April 5 to challenge 2,037 layoffs 2017-04-01 [ItalyEurope24]

Country could soon offer menstrual leave 2017-03-30 [The Star]

Why Paid Menstrual Leave Might Not Be as Great as it Sounds 2017-03-29 [Glamour]

Italy set to offer 'menstrual leave' for female workers 2017-03-25 [independent]

Flights canceled as French, Italian strikes hit 2017-03-21 [ATW]

Alitalia airline workers confirm April 5 strike over planned cuts 2017-03-21 [Europe Online]

Flights cancelled as Italy airport staff strike 2017-03-20 [The News]

Bowing to union demands Italy curbs labour flexibioity 2017-03-18 [Reuters]

Alitalia unions call strike for April 5 to protest cuts 2017-03-18 [Metro]

Italy govt scraps employment voucher system to avoid union showdown 2017-03-18 [timesofindia]

Base unions to strike against destructive “good schools” law 2017-03-16 []

Pope: ‘Laying off workers for unclear motives is grave sin’ 2017-03-16 [Vatican Radio]

Date set for referendum on vouchers, worker rights 2017-03-14 [Reuters]

Raped, beaten, exploited: the 21st-century slavery propping up Sicilian farmin 2017-03-13 [Guardian]

Violence against women conditions every aspect of our lives 2017-03-09 [The Local]

Women across Italy are on strike - here's why 2017-03-09 [The Local]

Women across Italy won't be working this Wednesday - here's why 2017-03-07 [The Local]

PSI attends seminar on the Human Right to Water in Vatican city 2017-02-23 [PSI]

RMT slams Britain's 'great rail rip off' 2017-02-13 [RMT]

Pompeii workers union protest march banned by Naples police 2017-02-09 [The Local ]

Trade union leader released after three days of protests across Italy 2017-01-31 []

Government's industrial strategy ignores helicopter production, says Unite 2017-01-31 [Unite]

The dark times of the egyptian trade unionism. Talks Kamal Abbas, CTUWS (ENG Version podcast) 2017-01-30 [RadioArticolo1]

Italian base union organiser arrested: strikes across Italy! 2017-01-27 []

A year on, Giulio Regeni death casts shadow over Italy-Egypt relations 2017-01-27 [The Guardian]

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