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The miners of the mine 'Rodynska' stopped work and demand salary payments For more info 2018-03-13 [kvpu.org.ua]

Miners’ hunger strike is continuing in the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine For more info 2018-02-26 [KVPU]

Ukrainian miners escalate protest against unpaid wages 2018-02-22 [IndustriALL]

9 miners and trade union leaders are continuing the hunger strike in the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine For more info 2018-02-22 [kvpu.org.ua]

Thousands of Ukrainian miners on strike over unpaid wages 2018-02-20 [CNA]

Protests of miners of SE 'Selidivvugillya' are continuing For more info 2018-02-17 [kvpu.org.ua]

Miners of the SE 'Selidivvugillya' have been protesting all night For more info 2018-02-15 [kvpu.org.ua]

Miners of the four mines of the SE 'Selidivvugillya' stopped working and blocked the road in Donetsk region For more info 2018-02-15 [http://kvpu.org.ua/]

The court closed the case of the protest of 94 workers of uranium mine “Ingulska” without considering For more info 2018-02-12 [http://kvpu.org.ua]

Union wins groundbreaking HIV/AIDS module in Europe maritime academy 2018-01-24 [ITF Global Union]

Union wins groundbreaking HIV/AIDS module in Europe maritime academy 2018-01-23 [ITF]

ITF and SOAS offer scholarship on bus rapid transit 2018-01-23 [ITF]

The second court hearings on the case of the protest of 94 miners from mine 'Ingulska' has started For more info 2018-01-18 [kvpu.org.ua]

94 miners are on trial for an underground protest For more info 2017-12-15 [kvpu.org.ua]

Ukrainian miners face searches and strong pressure 2017-12-07 [IndustriALL]

Independent trade union of the PJSC 'Sukha Balka' is facing pressure in the fight for labor rights For more info 2017-12-01 [КВПУ]

President Petro Porochenko: What are you doing to end impunity? 2017-11-13 [IFJ]

Miners of mine ‘Rodynska’ are ready to start a hunger strike underground if wage arrears aren't be paid For more info 2017-11-02 [KVPU]

New wave of protests against unpaid wages 2017-10-12 [IndustriALL]

KVPU applied to the international organizations on the draft Labor code of Ukraine For more info 2017-10-11 [KVPU]

Miners of two state enterprises are protesting the non-payment of salaries For more info 2017-10-09 [http://kvpu.org.ua]

Ukraine transport unions agree steps to build power 2017-09-28 [ITF]

Healthcare workers’ mass protest in Kiev: no to destruction of Ukrainian healthcare 2017-09-25 [PSI]

Crimea: EFJ condemns Mykola Semena’s conviction 2017-09-25 [EFJ]

 VIDEO Coal Mine Workers In Eastern Ukraine Threatened By Rising Water 2017-09-19 [RFE/RL]

 VIDEO Security Officers Confront, Injure RFE/RL Journalists 2017-09-19 [RFE/RL]

Journalist deported to Russia and banned from Ukraine 2017-09-01 [IFJ]

PROFBUD signs new National Collective Agreement in Ukrainian construction sector 2017-08-16 [BWI]

Journalists union attacked by Government MP 2017-08-14 [IFJ]

“We need new ways of organising” 2017-08-04 [Open Democracy]

Ukrainian miners return above ground after pay promise 2017-07-26 [IndustriALL]

IFJ demands answers on Pavel Sheremet killing anniversary 2017-07-21 [IFJ]

Miners remain underground demanding to be paid 2017-07-18 [IndustriALL]

The Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine continues fighting for the decent salary For more info 2017-06-21 [kvpu.org.ua]

IndustriALL calls on Ukrainian government to enforce health and safety in mines 2017-06-15 [IndustriALL]

Railway workers and their independent trade union fight for salary increase For more info 2017-06-15 [kvpu.org.ua]

IFJ/EFJ affiliates seek answers after journalist goes missing in Donetsk 2017-06-14 [IFJ]

Methane explosion in the coal mine ‘Novodonetska’: four miners got serious injuries For more info 2017-06-13 [kvpu.org.ua]

Ukrainian miners continue to protest, demanding better pay 2017-05-17 [IndustriALL]

Mass strikes and occupations by miners 2017-05-14 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

Workers’ protests continue in Kryvyi Rih For more info 2017-05-11 [kvpu.org.ua]

Ukrainian miners achieve salary increases 2017-05-10 [IndustriALL]

In Kryvyi Rih miners from different enterprises protest for raising wages For more info 2017-05-10 [kvpu.org.ua]

Ukrainian miners launch underground protest 2017-05-05 [IndustriALL]

In Kryvyi Rih miners has started the protest underground For more info 2017-05-04 [kvpu.org.ua]

The NPGU demanded decent salaries and decent jobs in Kryvyi Rih For more info 2017-05-03 [kvpu.org.ua]

The March for Safe and Decent work in Kyiv For more info 2017-05-03 [kvpu.org.ua]

The photo exhibition 'For a decent and safe work” has opened in Kyiv For more info 2017-04-28 [kvpu.org.ua]

Sex Worker’s March in Ukraine: “We have the right to work” 2017-04-08 [politicalcritique]

Ukraine’s rocket industry workers seek better fortune in Russia More: http://tass.com/science/939494 2017-04-05 [Tass]

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