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Ryanair to recognise unions to prevent pilots' strike before Christmas 2017-12-15 [Guardian]

We’ll play fair, Ryanair’ - global unions respond to airline’s recognition decision 2017-12-15 [ITF Global Union]

ETUC on Summit & Social Pillar 2017-12-15 [ETUC]

Putting quality jobs back on the agenda 2017-12-15 [ETUC]

Unions across Europe want a Brexit deal to work for working people 2017-12-13 [EurActiv]

Ryanair pilots vote for industrial action 2017-12-13 [Deutsche Welle]

Don't Penalize Workers for Retiring Later 2017-12-13 [Bloomberg]

Ryanair pilots to strike before Christmas 2017-12-12 [BBC]

Viktória Nagy elected ETUC Youth President 2017-12-12 [ETUC]

'Platform for Coal Regions in Transition' is good start says ETUC 2017-12-12 [ETUC]

Thirst for Cheap Labor Fuels a Boom in Disposable Workers 2017-12-12 [NYTimes]

Europe gives controversial pesticide glyphosate a five-year reprieve 2017-12-11 [Equal Times]

ETUC On Brexit 2017-12-10 [ETUC]

Safe at Home. Safe at Work.ETUC Briefing Paper 2017-12-10 [ETUC]

Human Rights Day: Unions name and shame Samsung and McDonalds for refusal to negotiate with unions 2017-12-09 [Payrise ]

ETUC on Brexit 2017-12-08 [ETUC]

Samsung & McDonald's among multinationals that flout human rights 2017-12-08 [ETUC]

ETUC reaction to EMU package 2017-12-07 [ETUC]

Ministers agree list of tax havens – only outside EU 2017-12-05 [ETUC]

Ryanair pilots 'remain undaunted, committed' 2017-12-04 [Irish Independent]

EFJ meets MEP Rory Palmer on gender equality in the media 2017-12-04 [EFJ]

Workers Voice November 2017 published 2017-12-04 [ETUC]

Gig corporations take note: EU court rules companies must give workers paid annual leave 2017-11-30 [Reuters]

Amazon workers in Germany, Italy stage Black Friday strike 2017-11-24 [ap]

Unions call for good and safe jobs at Unilever 2017-11-29 [Industriall]

Trade Unions: no more brushing sexual harassment & violence under the table! 2017-11-27 [ETUC]

ETUC welcomes trade union gathering in Vatican City 2017-11-27 [ETUC]

Amazon workers in Germany, Italy stage Black Friday strike 2017-11-24 [The Times-Colonist]

Safe at home, Safe at work. Briefing on ETUC project 2017-11-24 [ETUC]

Workers at Amazon facilities in Italy, Germany plan Black Friday strike 2017-11-24 [The Globe and Mail]

Italian aviation union latest to back Ryanair pilots' collective bargaining push 2017-11-23 [Irish Independent]

EU Eastern Partnership must improve workers' rights 2017-11-23 [ETUC]

Annual Growth Survey – ETUC reaction 2017-11-23 [ETUC]

#TackleFakenews: European Commission convenes expert meeting 2017-11-22 [EFJ]

EU’s Colloquium on Fundamental Rights addresses women and the media 2017-11-22 [EFJ]

Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2017-11-22 [ETUC]

'Safe at Home, Safe at Work' - Briefing on the ETUC project 2017-11-22 [ETUC]

EU proposes two-year plan to close gender pay gap 2017-11-22 [EurActiv]

EU proposes two-year plan to close gender pay gap 2017-11-21 [Reuters]

Good social pillar - now implement it! 2017-11-20 [ETUC]

More than 81,000 citizens call on the European Commission to protect whistleblowers 2017-11-20 [EFJ]

COZZ Advisory Board charts path for Making it Happen in Central Europe 2017-11-20 [UNI Global Union]

EU Social Summit: Fair Pay, Fair jobs for all 2017-11-20 [DW]

Social Summit in Gothenburg - Statement of European Social Partners 2017-11-17 [ETUC]

Luca Visentini's speech at Social Summit in Gothenburg 2017-11-17 [ETUC]

Good social pillar - now implement it! 2017-11-17 [ETUC]

Trade unions at Social Summit, Gothenburg 2017-11-16 [ETUC]

Media Advisory - Trade unions at Social Summit, Gothenburg 2017-11-15 [ETUC]

Incentivising media rights and plurality by supporting good practices in Western Balkans and Turkey 2017-11-15 [EFJ]

The EU’s last indigenous peoples fight for self-determination and land rights 2017-11-15 [Equal Times]

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