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Ryanair not ‘sincere’ in talks with workers, says union official 2018-10-15 [The Financial Times]

Unions: Ryanair’s base closures are ‘a declaration of war’ 2018-10-13 [irishexaminer.com]

Europe’s transport unions are growing in strength 2018-10-12 [Economist]

Who’s afraid of multiracial Europe? 2018-10-12 [Equal Times]

New report shows that law often denies rights to self-employed workers 2018-10-12 [EFJ]

More democracy at Work! Fix the EU Company law package! 2018-10-12 [ETUC]

Law denies rights to self-employed workers 2018-10-12 [ETUC]

Cancellation of EPSCO Council was a bad decision 2018-10-12 [ETUC]

A trade union victory in protecting workers exposed to diesel engine exhaust 2018-10-12 [ETUC]

Declaration of SAICA Trade Union Alliance 2018-10-09 [UNI Global Union]

Parliament adopts revised EU Audiovisual Directive to ensure media independence 2018-10-09 [EFJ]

ETUC condemns complaint to Court of Justice on Posted Workers 2018-10-06 [ETUC]

World Day for Decent Work – ‘Changes the rules’: TO DO list for EU 2018-10-05 [ETUC]

Unions unite to defend workers’ rights 2018-10-04 [IndustriALL]

Show your support for Ryanair workers! 2018-10-02 [UNI Global Union]

Fighting Cancer Should not be a Trade Secret 2018-09-30 [ETUC]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - September 2018 2018-09-30 [ETUC]

Stand up for our rights 2018-09-30 [ETUC]

Canadian and European trade unions: EU is breaking promises on CETA 2018-09-30 [ETUC]

ETUC solidarity with Ryanair workers on strike today 2018-09-30 [ETUC]

Ryanair cancels around 250 flights amid strikes 2018-09-28 [RTÉ]

Ryanair strikes set to hit over 40,000 passengers across Europe 2018-09-28 [The Mail]

Ryanair to set up French hubs as German pilots join strike 2018-09-28 [Reuters]

Ryanair cancels 250 flights as strike action hits tens of thousands 2018-09-28 [BBC]

The Strike That Could Shape the Future of European Labor 2018-09-28 [The Atlantic]

New brochure examines whistleblowing from the journalists’ perspective 2018-09-27 [EFJ]

The EU General Court denies a group of journalists access to MEPs’ expenses 2018-09-27 [EFJ]

EFJ is not convinced by the Platforms’ so-called “Code of Practice” on disinformation 2018-09-27 [EFJ]

Rival airline staff blamed for Ryanair strikes 2018-09-27 [The Times]

EU orders Ryanair to meet European rules on local contracts 2018-09-27 [Euractiv]

Ryanair lodges competition complaint over alleged interference by rivals' staff 2018-09-26 [RTE]

Ryanair demands that EU investigate rival airline unions, crew and lobby groups 2018-09-26 [The Irish Times]

Ryanair strikes: Airline cancels 150 flights 2018-09-26 [Deutsche Welle]

Ryanair strike: Everything you need to know about September 2018's industrial action 2018-09-25 [The Independent]

Minimum services to be announced after Ryanair fails to halt “biggest ever strike” 2018-09-25 [El Pais]

Ryanair unions in five countries in warning to airline 2018-09-22 [RTE]

Ryanair cabin crew announce more strike action for next week 2018-09-21 [The Portugal News]

Unions adopt the Vienna Declaration to radically overhaul working time 2018-09-21 [UNI Global Union]

Fired Yves Rocher workers take their case to Geneva and Paris 2018-09-20 [IndustriALL]

Ryanair cabin crew in five countries to hold more strikes this month 2018-09-13 [RTÉ]

Ryanair cabin crew in 5 countries to strike Sept 28: union 2018-09-13 [The Digital Journal]

Women leaders share stories of struggle and success #Herstory 2018-09-13 [BWI]

Women Show their Power in Trade Unions 2018-09-13 [BWI]

European Parliament approves new Copyright Directive 2018-09-13 [EFJ]

European Parliament approves new Copyright Directive - major step forward, say unions 2018-09-13 [IFJ]

State of Union underplays social justice 2018-09-13 [ETUC]

Fair remuneration of authors and performers 2018-09-12 [UNI Global Union]

UNI MEI welcomes the vote of the European Parliament on Copyright in the Digital Single Market 2018-09-12 [UNI Global Union]

Ryanair faces its biggest strike ever on September 28 2018-09-11 [The Times]

EU Copyright Directive: we call on MEPs to stand up for journalism 2018-09-11 [EFJ]

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