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Israel 5000 education sector workers to receive an employment grant 2023-01-08 [Histadrut]

Israel Agricultural Worker Killed in First Workplace Death of 2023 2023-01-07 [Davar]

Israel Final Count for 2022: 74 Workers Killed in Workplace Accidents 2023-01-07 [Davar]

Palestine Networking on women employment rights in East Jerusalem 2023-01-07 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israel Government Employees Union declare labor dispute following destructive coalition agreement 2023-01-07 [Histadrut]

Israel Palestinian workers at Better & Different food factory in Mishor Adumim unionize with MAAN and demand a collective agreement for better wages and conditions 2023-01-04 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israel A joint statement from Kav LaOved – Worker’s Hotline and MAAN-Workers Association concerning the transfer of Palestinian workers’ pension funds to the Amitim Company. 2023-01-04 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israel MAAN: In the face of the extreme right wing Government, we put forward a vision of equality & a joint struggle of Palestinians and Israelis. 2023-01-04 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israel Hundreds of Nahariya residents protest the cost of living crisis, “Enough! Everything is so expensive here” 2023-01-03 [Histadrut]

Israel At IUGE Conference Bar-David warns the new government and demands workers rights and dignity 2023-01-03 [Histadrut]

Israel Bread and Roses Art Exhibition Raises Funds to Support Arab Women in the Workforce 2023-01-01 [Davar]

Israel New Report Sheds Light on Health and Safety Concerns of Palestinian Construction Workers 2023-01-01 [Davar]

Israel Histadrut to demand 13% public sector pay hike 2022-12-27 [Globes]

Israel YMCA workers demonstrate against management stalling and abuse 2022-12-19 [Histadrut]

Israel Groundbreaking collective agreement for cellular workers 2022-12-07 [Histadrut]

Israel Productivity Rose But Not Salaries, Causing Wage Loss for Average Worker 2022-12-06 [Davar]

Palestine Via dolorosa for Palestinians at the Barta’a checkpoint – MAAN report 2022-12-01 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israel OPINION / Controversy over Government Supervision Exposes Chaos in Early Childhood Daycare Centers 2022-12-01 [Davar]

Israel Histadrut leadership approves NIS 917 million budget for 2023 2022-12-01 [Histadrut]

Israel An end to sexual harassment of Palestinian women workers at the Sha’ar Ephraim checkpoint (near Tulkarm) 2022-11-24 [MAAN Workers Association]

Qatar The Kafala system that chains migrant workers in Qatar exists in Israel too: 200,000 Palestinians are subject to a regime of bonded labour, paying huge sums for work permits. 2022-11-24 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israel Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David Elected Deputy President of International Trade Union Confederation 2022-11-23 [Davar]

Israel Lufthansa workers sign a new collective agreement 2022-11-23 [Histadrut]

Israel Histadrut launches campaign ahead of the International Day of the Fight against Violence against Women 2022-11-21 [Histadrut]

Israel Histadrut youth delegation stands in solidarity in with German workers 2022-11-17 [Histadrut]

Israel Teachers Speak Out on New Wage Agreement: “I Still Can’t Take Out a Mortgage” 2022-11-13 [Davar]

Israel In Groundbreaking Move, Histadrut to Welcome Freelancers 2022-11-13 [Davar]

Israel Histadrut Chair strongly opposes appointing Smotrich as finance minister 2022-11-08 [JPost]

Israel Histadrut to establish a freelance worker division 2022-11-07 [Histadrut]

Israel Healthcare Workers Are Stretched Thin, 'But In Countries with Strong Unions, They Can Make Change' 2022-11-05 [Davar]

Israel Tradition Versus Innovation: The Problems of Palestinian Agriculture 2022-11-02 [Davar]

Israel The 2022 Elections Through an Economic Lens 2022-10-31 [Davar]

Israel Twenty mandates of the pensioners deserve a positive attitude toward their demands 2022-10-23 [Histadrut]

Palestine Palestinian workers’ strike, August 21: a demonstration of power but lacking leadership and direction 2022-10-20 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israel Histadrut Chair Arnon Bar-David: “I Will Not Allow a Rich Country with Poor Citizens' 2022-10-11 [Davar]

Israel WFTU solidarity statement with the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons 2022-10-11 [WFTU]

Israel Bezeq International to lay off 50% of workforce 2022-10-03 [Globes]

Palestine Sick pay Fund accumulated in the fund belongs to Palestinian workers and must be returned to them 2022-10-01 [MAAN Workers Association]

Palestine Palestinian women entering Israel to work complain of sexual harassment on the waiting line inside the Checkpoint 2022-10-01 [MAAN Workers Association]

Palestine Palestinian workers’ strike, August 21: a demonstration of power but lacking leadership and direction 2022-10-01 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israel Chairman of the Histadrut Arnon Bar-David in a special message for the Jewish new year 2022-09-25 [Histadrut]

Israel The Hague: Press conference on new complaint to the International Criminal Court 2022-09-20 [IFJ]

Israel Journalist killed by unknown shooter 2022-09-14 [NUJ]

Israel Gett Delivery Driver Files Lawsuit to be Recognized as Employee 2022-09-14 [Davar]

Israel Breaking Down the New Agreement Between Treasury and Teachers’ Union 2022-09-11 [Davar]

Israel The New Frontier of Labor Struggle: High-Tech 2022-09-03 [Davar]

Israel Palestinians working in Israel strike to protest salary payments in banks 2022-08-23 [Al-Monitor]

Israel Israel, Jordan agree to allow workers daily access to Eilat 2022-08-23 [JNS]

Israel Toppled shipping container kills 2 construction workers in northern Israel 2022-08-23 [Ynet]

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