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Israel Israel’s farms need foreign labourers. The Hamas attacks triggered an exodus 2023-11-26 [CNN]

Israel Multi-day humanitarian pause and hostage deal must lead to permanent ceasefire 2023-11-25 [ITF]

Israel 100,000 workers are prevented from their work in Israel. “We are on the verge of a collapse of the Palestinian economy” 2023-11-25 [MAAN]

Sri Lanka Thousands of Sri Lankan workers set to depart for Israel despite war 2023-11-23 [Reuters]

Lebanon Israeli strike kills Al Mayadeen TV reporter and cameraman in Tayr Harfa 2023-11-21 [IFJ]

South Africa Numsa wants Benjamin Netanyahu arrested for war crimes 2023-11-21 [The Star]

USA Miami Beach members travel to Israel to provide aid 2023-11-18 [IAFF]

Israel Seeking Freedom of Choice for Foreign Workers in Agriculture 2023-11-17 [Davar]

Israel Government shuts down first critical foreign media over 'security concerns' 2023-11-15 [IFJ]

Palestine At least 39 Thai migrant workers were killed in the Hamas attacks on Israel 2023-11-13 [Yellowstone Pub Rad]

India Trade Unions Denounce Israeli Call to Replace Palestinian Workers, Urge India to Reject Request 2023-11-13 [The Wire]

India Export of Indian workers to Israel has no legality, say major trade unions 2023-11-12 [The Leaflet]

India Scrap deal to send workers to Israel: trade unions to Centre 2023-11-12 [The Hindu]

Israel IFJ condemns threats to lives based on unproven allegations of photojournalists having prior knowledge of Hamas attack 2023-11-12 [IFJ]

South Africa COSATU statement on Global Campaign against apartheid Israel for war crimes – advancing working-class internationalism and concrete solidarity 2023-11-10 [COSATU]

Israel Mounting pressure and harassment of journalists since the war in Gaza started 2023-11-09 [IFJ]

UK Middle East Conflict: A statement 2023-11-09 [WGGB]

Israel Statement from APWU General Officers on the Conflict in Israel and Palestine 2023-11-09 [APWU]

Israel UNI statement on the war in Israel and Gaza 2023-11-09 [UNI]

Israel Collecting Food, Visiting the Injured, Supporting the Soldiers: Histadrut Works to Strengthen Society 2023-11-07 [Davar]

Australia Unionists for Palestine vow to block Israeli ship from Melbourne, Sydney ports 2023-11-07 []

South Africa Vavi condemns US for supplying arms to Israel in Israel-Hamas war 2023-11-05 [SABC]

Israel Israel sends thousands of cross-border Palestinian workers back into Gaza 2023-11-03 [Al-Jazeerah]

Israel Multinational tech firms from SAP to Intel to give Israeli workers wartime grant 2023-11-01 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Israeli Construction Sector Moves to Replace Palestinian Employees With Indian Workers 2023-11-01 [VOA]

Israel Thai deaths in Hamas massacre spotlight poor agricultural workers from Asia who toil in Israel’s fields 2023-10-31 [CNN]

Israel UN concludes that IDF 'intentionally or recklessly' killed Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh 2023-10-28 [IFJ]

Israel Histadrut Chairman Visits Front-Line Workers in Ashdod: 'You are Doing Holy Work' 2023-10-27 [Davar]

Israel Top rabbis decry attacks on Jerusalem’s Arab municipal workers amid war tensions 2023-10-26 [Times of Israel]

Israel Israel: At least four journalists killed and one confirmed missing since Hamas attack For more info 2023-10-25 [IFJ]

Palestine Fears for thousands of Gazans missing in Israel as workers ‘rounded up, arrested and blindfolded’ 2023-10-24 [The Guardian]

Israel Trapped by debt: migrant workers in Israel unable to escape conflict 2023-10-23 [The Guardian]

South Africa Should labour withdraw from the Agoa summit while Israel bombs Gaza? 2023-10-22 [IOL]

South Africa Govt told to cut ties with Israel 2023-10-22 [Daily Sun]

Israel The ITUC calls for an immediate ceasefire by all parties and the return of all hostages and people held in Gaza and Israel without legitimate legal basis to their homes 2023-10-21 [ITUC]

Israel IFJ calls on journalists to respect the professional principles of the Global Ethics Charter 2023-10-21 [IFJ]

Israel Government to shut down critical media alleged to ‘undermine national security’ 2023-10-21 [IFJ]

USA AFGE Statement on the Atrocities Committed by Hamas in Israel 2023-10-19 [AFGE]

Palestine Journalist Death Toll In Hamas-Israel War Reaches 18; Including 14 Palestinians 2023-10-19 [National Press Club (USA)]

Israel How Thai workers became integral to Israel's economy 2023-10-18 [Nikkei Asia]

USA The AFL-CIO Needs to Wake Up A timid and sorry response to Hamas butchery 2023-10-18 [Tablet]

Lebanon Israeli strike kills Reuters journalist and injures six others 2023-10-18 [IFJ]

Palestine Safety Advisory for journalists covering the war 2023-10-18 [IFJ]

Palestine Palestinian Trade Unions Call for an End to Arming Israel 2023-10-17 [MERIP]

Israel For Gazan workers stranded in Israel, being apart from family is agony 2023-10-16 [Washington Post]

Israel Palestinians in Israel face workplace suspensions over war discourse 2023-10-16 [The Business Standard]

South Africa Minister Pandor calls for boycott of Israeli goods amid ongoing Gaza strikes 2023-10-16 [SABC]

USA Writers Call Out WGA for Not Speaking Out in Support of Israel Following Hamas Attacks 2023-10-15 [Hollywood Reporter]

Israel MAAN Workers Association stands with the Israeli protest movement: 2023-10-14 [WAC]

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