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Palestine Safety Advisory for journalists covering the war 2023-10-18 [IFJ]

Palestine Palestinian Trade Unions Call for an End to Arming Israel 2023-10-17 [MERIP]

Israel For Gazan workers stranded in Israel, being apart from family is agony 2023-10-16 [Washington Post]

Israel Palestinians in Israel face workplace suspensions over war discourse 2023-10-16 [The Business Standard]

South Africa Minister Pandor calls for boycott of Israeli goods amid ongoing Gaza strikes 2023-10-16 [SABC]

USA Writers Call Out WGA for Not Speaking Out in Support of Israel Following Hamas Attacks 2023-10-15 [Hollywood Reporter]

Israel MAAN Workers Association stands with the Israeli protest movement: 2023-10-14 [WAC]

South Africa NUMSA condemns Biden's reckless defence of fascist apartheid Israel 2023-10-14 [Politicsweb]

Israel Safety and Comfort for Crew Affected by Violence in Israel 2023-10-13 [Association of Flight Attendants-CWA]

USA AFGE Statement on the Atrocities Committed by Hamas in Israel 2023-10-13 [AFGE]

Israel “No Justification For The Murder & Kidnapping Of Civilians,” SAG-AFTRA Says In Response To Hamas Attack On Israel 2023-10-13 [Deadline]

Israel At least one photographer killed and another confirmed missing since Hamas attack 2023-10-12 [IFJ]

USA DGA Statement on the Terrorist Attacks on Israel 2023-10-11 [Directors Guild of America]

USA NAGE Stands with Israel 2023-10-11 [National Association of Government Employees - SEIU]

Germany Solidarität mit Israel 2023-10-11 [Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft]

Israel Government, union announce efforts to aid teachers, students during war 2023-10-11 [Times Of Israel]

USA New York State Public Employees Federation condemns Hamas attacks 2023-10-11 [PEF]

Israel Statement from CUPE Ontario and the International Solidarity Committee on the war in Israel and Gaza 2023-10-11 [CUPE]

Israel Joint EI-ETUCE Statement on Israel and Palestine 2023-10-11 [ETUCE]

Israel Stop atrocities against civilians, ceasefire now 2023-10-11 [BWI]

Palestine Two photojournalists killed in Gaza 2023-10-10 [IFJ]

Israel UNI joins ITUC call for peace in Israel and Palestine 2023-10-10 [UNI Global Union]

South Africa Saftu calls for Govt to enforce sanctions on Israel 2023-10-10 [East Coast Radio]

Israel Questions and Answers on New Public Sector Framework Agreement 2023-08-02 [Davar]

Israel Doctors strike, army reservists ask to stand down amid fury over judiciary changes 2023-07-26 [The Morning Herald]

Israel Israel's 150 largest companies to hold a strike on Monday 2023-07-24 [Arutz Sheva]

Israel Country's top labor union to announce labor dispute, threatening strike over legislation 2023-07-24 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Israel's main union to discuss declaring general strike 2023-07-24 [Reuters]

Israel Likud says no dice to Histadrut proposition: `Completely neuters' the `reasonableness' bill 2023-07-23 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Labor's Michaeli rejects Histadrut proposal: `No compromising on democracy' 2023-07-23 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Public health workers protest overhaul in Jerusalem 2023-07-23 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Histadrut and Business leaders submit a proposal to Prime Minister Netanyahu and opposition leaders aimed at reconciling differences, setting the stage for action if no agreement is reached. 2023-07-23 [Histadrut]

Israel Top labor union holds 5-hour emergency meeting on overhaul, sets compromise deadline 2023-07-22 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Protesters rally outside Histadrut HQ in Tel Aviv 2023-07-22 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Doctors hold 'warning strike,' caution that judicial overhaul threatens health care system 2023-07-20 [The National Post]

Israel Israel: Healthcare workers plan to strike nationwide morning of July 19 2023-07-18 [Crisis24]

Israel 'We're Moving Backwards:' One in Five LGBTQ+ Israelis Experience Workplace Discrimination 2023-07-17 [Davar]

Israel Supreme Court Rules to Protect the Rights of Foreign Workers 2023-07-17 [Davar]

South Africa COSATU Statement on Orlando Pirates game against Maccabi Tel Aviv 2023-07-17 [COSATU]

South Africa COSATU urges Orlando Pirates to stand against apartheid 2023-07-15 [NNN]

Israel Israel's High Court Rules 6-1 Against Confiscation of Overstayed Foreign Workers' Benefits 2023-07-12 [The Media Line]

Israel Court strikes rule retaining welfare funds for overstayed foreign workers 2023-07-12 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel Court strikes down financial penalty that encourage foreign workers not to overstay 2023-07-12 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Israeli High Court Strikes Down Sections of Bill Seeking to Appropriate Migrant Workers' Benefits 2023-07-12 [Haaretz]

Israel MAAN representatives in the Labourstart conference in Tbilisi, Georgia 2023-07-12 [MAAN]

Palestine International protection and justice for the people of Palestine, and an end to illegal settlements, demand Global Unions 2023-07-12 [IFJ]

Israel The Chairman of the Histadrut to the Prime Minister: “Where are you taking the State of Israel? stop the chaos” 2023-07-11 [Histadrut]

South Africa Limpopo Saftu disappointed by Orlando Pirates’ refusal to pull out of match against Maccabi Tel Aviv 2023-07-11 [IOL]

Israel Roads blocked in Tel Aviv as demonstrators march toward Histadrut labor federation headquarters 2023-07-11 [Times Of Israel]

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