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Israel Israel Fails to Implement Rehabilitation Programs for Sex Workers After Landmark Decision 2019-08-04 [Haaretz]

Israel Israel kicks off operation to deport foreign workers, children 2019-07-29 [Ynet]

Israel Health Ministry chief calls on striking nurses to continue talks 2019-07-23 [Globes]

Israel Israeli Defense Contractor IAI to Lay Off Hundreds of Employees 2019-07-22 [ctech]

Israel Israel Aerospace readies to shed 600 more jobs 2019-07-21 [Globes]

Israel Defunded and sidelined, Israel’s diplomats threaten job action 2019-07-16 [The Times]

Israel Airport workers demand apology for wage excess allegations 2019-07-09 [Globes]

Israel El Al worker's union urges employees to join Likud, stirs commotion 2019-07-09 [Ynet]

Israel Leumi workers chief denies agreement on 700 layoffs 2019-07-03 [Globes]

Israel Arkia retracts the decision to dismiss 250 employees as a result of the closure of Sde Dov 2019-07-03 [Israel Financial Insider]

South Africa US ‘deal of the century’ legitimises Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people says COSATU 2019-07-03 [The News Lline]

Israel Arkia to lay off 250 after Sde Dov closure 2019-07-02 [Globes]

Israel Histadrut to Call Work Actions If Sdeh Dov Closes 2019-06-30 [Hamodia]

Israel Ben Gurion Border Workers Could Strike Tuesday 2019-06-30 [Hamodia]

Israel Editorial Israel Must Let the Foreign-worker Mothers and Children Stay 2019-06-20 [Haaretz]

USA JLC joins with nine other progressive pro-Israel groups in urging House of Representatives leaders to pass resolution opposing West Bank annexation 2019-06-20 [Jewish Labor Committee]

Israel Police bust network smuggling Georgian workers into Israel 2019-06-18 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel Airport Workers Suspected of Smuggling Thousands of Georgian Citizens Into Israel 2019-06-17 [Haaretz]

Israel Tel Aviv University to Stop Sending Masters Students From Africa, Asia to Work as Laborers 2019-06-16 [Haaretz]

Israel Labor federation makes move toward public sector strike over pension cuts 2019-06-16 [Times of Israel]

Israel Israel to Deport 100 Filipina Workers With Their Israeli-born Children This Summer 2019-06-13 [Haaretz]

Israel Arab Israeli women joining the labor force in large numbers 2019-06-04 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel Israel’s shameful record on construction fatalities 2019-06-04 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel Israeli bus drivers armed with tear gas after spate of attacks 2019-06-04 [Ynet News]

Israel IBM to fire dozens at Tel Aviv R&D center 2019-05-24 [Times of Israel]

Israel Editorial: Their Lives Are Worth Less 2019-05-20 [Haaretz]

Israel Why Israel Isn't Doing More to Prevent Construction Workers' Deaths 2019-05-20 [Haaretz]

Israel Four Workers Killed as Crane Collapses at Construction Site in Yavneh 2019-05-20 [Hamodia]

Germany Labour union youth organization rejects BDS 2019-05-14 [Jerusalem Post]

Palestine Australian and Canadian firms pull out of Israeli settler railway 2019-05-12 [Electronic Intifada]

Israel Ultra-Orthodox Women Work Less, Earn Less, and Not by Choice, Study Shows 2019-05-01 [Haaretz]

Israel Workers protest as historic Beersheba ceramics factory to close 2019-04-30 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel Beersheva: 115 layoffs as Harsa plant set to move to Turkey 2019-04-29 [Globes]

Israel Veteran Israeli Manufacturing Plant Shutters, Workers Up in Arms 2019-04-29 [Hamodia]

Israel Israeli construction worker killed in Haifa scaffolding collapse 2019-04-22 [Times of Israel]

Israel Court orders railway workers to halt sanctions 2019-04-18 [Globes]

Israel Kfar Saba carpentry shop worker killed, in 21st work-related fatality this year 2019-04-15 [The Times]

Israel Editorial The Solution for Labor Disputes in Israel 2019-04-14 [Haaretz]

Israel Laborer Dies in Israel's 21st Fatal Work Accident of 2019 2019-04-14 [Haaretz]

Israel After train workers call in 'sick,' Israel Railways halts service across country 2019-04-12 [Times of Israel]

South Africa COSATU welcomes the downgrade of SA embassy in Tel Aviv 2019-04-12 [COSATU]

Israel Firefighters union announced new strike over labor disput 2019-04-08 [Ynet]

Israel Editorial Israel's Labor Ministry Must Act on Rising Death Toll at Construction Sites 2019-03-21 [Haaretz]

Israel Head of union calls on KKL-JNF to roll back plans to fire minority employees 2019-03-19 [Times of Israel]

Israel Two Laborers Killed, Three Injured in Four Separate Work Accidents in One Day 2019-03-18 [Haaretz]

Israel Train drivers call in sick, despite agreement to scale back strike 2019-03-14 [The Times]

Israel 14 people killed in workplace accidents in 2019, six of them at building sites, activists say 2019-03-11 [Times of Israel]

Israel Jordanian Eilat employees in Israel up 33 percent 2019-03-09 [MENAFN]

Israel Histadrut's women's movement-Na'amat's clip on the occasion of IWD 2019 2019-03-08 [BWI]

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