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Australia Western Australia Chevron gambles on untested laws to halt Australia LNG strike action 2023-09-11 [Reuters]

Australia Industrial relation laws to prevent domestic violence discrimination in workplace have been delayed 2023-09-09 [The West Australian]

Australia Western Australia Chevron evacuates contract crew from Australia LNG project as strikes begin - unions 2023-09-09 [Reuters]

Australia Chevron Australia LNG workers start strike. What happens now? 2023-09-08 [Reuters]

Australia Europe panics at news of Australian gas workers’ strike threat 2023-09-08 [The New Daily]

Australia FWC approves PIA applications for three Qantas pilot groups 2023-09-08 [AFAP]

Australia New South Wales A third of cleaners injured cleaning NSW schools 2023-09-08 [UWU]

Australia Massive Action Vote Authorises Woolworths Industrial Action 2023-09-08 [RAFFWU]

Australia TWU response to Joyce departure 2023-09-08 [TWU]

Australia South Australia Adelaide trams to stop all day on Tuesday 2023-09-08 [RTBU]

Australia Same Job Same Pay laws hit Parliament 2023-09-08 [MEU]

Australia Know Your Rights: Changes to The Professional Employees Award from September 17 2023-09-08 [Professionals Australia]

Australia Creative Workplaces will help to deliver safe and fair jobs in the arts and entertainment sectors 2023-09-08 [MEAA]

Australia Antarctic Division budget cuts leave science on thin ice 2023-09-08 [CPSU]

Australia NAB back-office restructure cuts 222 jobs 2023-09-08 [FSU]

Australia AMWU welcomes tougher limits on carcinogenic fumes in workplaces 2023-09-08 [AMWU]

Australia End of Philip Lowe’s term as RBA governor offers an opportunity for change in direction 2023-09-08 [ACTU]

Australia Western Australia Chevron Workers On Strike At Gas Plants 2023-09-08 [Barron's]

Australia European gas prices soar as Australian workers begin strike 2023-09-08 [The Financial Times]

Australia Chevron LNG workers on strike in Australia after talks end without deal 2023-09-08 [Xinhua]

Australia How LNG Strikes in Australia Will Impact Natural Gas Supply 2023-09-08 [Bloomberg]

Australia Luxury cruise liner MS Caledonian Sky under investigation by Fair Work Ombudsman 2023-09-07 [ABC]

Australia Chevron Australia LNG Workers Delay Strike as Talks Continue 2023-09-07 [Bloomberg]

Australia New South Wales Workers dirty as they face battle to keep schools clean 2023-09-06 [AAP]

Australia Family of Uber Eats rider who died after being hit by truck urges MPs to pass Labor’s gig worker changes 2023-09-06 [The Guardian]

Australia An escalating dispute at major gas facilities in Australia could drive up European prices, analysts say 2023-09-06 [CNBC]

Australia Chevron, unions in final talks before planned Australia LNG strikes 2023-09-06 [Reuters]

Australia ASU secures an improved Enterprise Agreement offer: Get ready to cast your vote 2023-09-05 [ASU]

Australia Qantas CEO handover a chance to rebuild once iconic airline 2023-09-05 [ASU]

Australia Joyce taking off, needs to take his baggage with him 2023-09-05 [ACTU]

Australia Union calls for independent decision maker in aviation sector 2023-09-05 [Sky]

Australia Victoria Rail union threatens strikes across Melbourne train network during busy September period 2023-09-05 [The Guardian]

Australia Australian Workers' Union plans Wheatstone LNG platform demobilization until Sep 29 2023-09-05 [S&P Global]

Australia Employer role in paid parental leave is crucial 2023-09-04 [ACTU]

Australia South Australia Workers blast SA government decision to oppose Southern Ocean wind energy zone 2023-09-04 []

Australia Gig economy workers to get $400m wage boost under Labor’s closing loopholes bill 2023-09-04 [The Guardian]

Australia Chevron, unions begin mediation talks to avert Australia LNG strike 2023-09-04 [Reuters]

Australia Victoria Unions threaten MP ban 2023-09-03 [Country News]

Australia Hundreds of protesting transport workers call on new Aldi CEO to commit to a safe supply chain as federal government prepares to table legislation 2023-09-03 [TWU]

Australia First-ever prosecution concludes this week over Qantas’ targeting of health and safety rep Theo Seremetidis 2023-09-03 [TWU]

Australia Employers to face 10 years’ jail, hefty fines under proposed wage theft laws 2023-09-03 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Merchant Navy Day 2023 remembers sacrifice of Australian seafarers 2023-09-03 [MUA]

Australia Qantas Staff Union Hits Out After Airline CEO Receives $10 Million In Shares 2023-09-03 [Simple Flying]

Global Gerard Dwyer elected President of UNI Global Union 2023-09-02 [UNI]

Australia Talks to avert strike called as Chevron Australia LNG workers reject deal 2023-09-01 [Reuters]

Australia Union plans Wheatstone platform demobilization from Sept 7 2023-09-01 [S&P Global]

Australia South Australia Adelaide Trams industrial action to impact peak morning travel tomorrow 2023-08-31 [RTBU]

Pacific Pacific countries are not 'outposts' to grow labourers for Australia, Samoan PM says 2023-08-31 [ABC]

Australia Aldi back in union crosshairs over safey concerns for transport workers 2023-08-31 [Big Rigs]

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