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Australia Gouging students won’t fix funding crisis 2020-06-20 [NTEU]

Australia New South Wales Hospitality union says jail dodgy NSW bosses 2020-06-18 [UWU]

Australia Victoria Wage theft is a crime 2020-06-18 [We Are Union]

Australia Morrison must deliver on latest Inland Rail promise 2020-06-18 [RTBU]

Australia Players’ Perspective: A-League clubs return to training 2020-06-18 [PFA]

Australia Know your rights: contracts and COVID-19 2020-06-18 [MEAA]

Australia Does the ANU really need us to give back our pay rise? 2020-06-18 [NTEU]

Australia Senate establishes inquiry in to Australia Post; members force privatisation commitment 2020-06-18 [CWU]

Australia Fuel security plans must address reliance on foreign oil tankers 2020-06-18 [MUA]

Australia Lessons from lab to everyday life 2020-06-18 [AEU]

Australia Unemployment nears 1 million 2020-06-18 [ACTU]

Australia I believe I lost my job as a medical courier carrying Covid-19 samples for trying to protect myself – now is the time to put people above profit 2020-06-18 [Independent Australia]

Australia Union questions possible links between ATA and competition watchdog 2020-06-18 [ATN]

Australia Contentious Telstra enterprise agreement clears final hurdle 2020-06-18 [CRN]

Australia Government needs to act urgently to ensure successful sale and secure future for Virgin 2020-06-17 [ACTU]

Australia Sally McManus tells CEDA workers need to lead recovery 2020-06-17 [ACTU]

Australia Australia Post cuts threaten 2000 jobs 2020-06-17 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia Union support rallies around Branson-linked Virgin bidder Cyrus 2020-06-17 [The Morning Herald]

Australia TWU calls for ACCC to withdraw jail threat to driver 2020-06-16 [TWU]

Australia Workers won’t accept pay cuts: union boss 2020-06-16 [Inside Retail]

Australia NAB latest company to investigate underpayments to staff 2020-06-15 [The New Daily]

Australia Gov support for aged care cleaners needed 2020-06-15 [HSU]

Australia New South Wales We need permanent firefighting positions and funding to keep the state safe 2020-06-15 [AWU]

Australia AWU applauds move to shore up nation’s fuel security 2020-06-15 [AWU]

Australia Australian Capital Territory ANU’s $6m international student windfall negates need for withholding staff pay 2020-06-15 [NTEU]

Australia National disgrace if iconic Aurora Australis sold for scrap to ship breakers 2020-06-15 [MUA]

Australia Northern Territory Thomas Mayor speaks at Black Lives Matter Rally Darwin 2020-06-15 [MUA]

Australia NAB commences investigation of staff underpayments 2020-06-15 [FSU]

Australia FSU asks for member compliance in NAB investigation 2020-06-15 [Money Management]

Australia Pandemic reunites a not-so-odd couple 2020-06-15 [The Times]

Australia Post Office workers warn Australia Post plans will cause parcel delays 2020-06-15 [News]

Australia Tip-offs point to employers cheating staff on JobKeeper 2020-06-14 [The Morning Herald]

Australia TWU welcomes border re-openings to help aviation industry; calls for standardised protections 2020-06-13 [TWU]

Australia Queensland Organising with health and safety 2020-06-13 [Queensland Unions]

Australia Queensland Prosecutor urged to appeal against suspended sentences for guilty directors 2020-06-13 [Queensland Unions]

Australia Victoria End the Rumours – Keep the Subs in SA 2020-06-13 [Professionals Australia]

Australia Important Update for AWU Steel Members 2020-06-12 [AWU]

Australia Victoria Uni of Melbourne staff reject unfair offer 2020-06-12 [NTEU]

Australia NTEU Statement on Racism 2020-06-12 [NTEU]

Australia Western Australia Academic freedom prevails at Murdoch University 2020-06-12 [NTEU]

Australia Australia Post job cuts revealed as focus shifts from letters to parcel delivery 2020-06-12 [The New Daily]

Australia Australian Capital Territory Casino Canberra misspends JobKeeper 2020-06-11 [UWU]

Australia Airport workers demand Jobkeeper 2020-06-11 [TWU]

Australia South Australia Ambitious Whyalla expansion the shot in the arm Australian manufacturing needs 2020-06-11 [AWU]

Australia Workplace cleaners are on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic. They need enough time to do their job 2020-06-11 [ABC]

Australia Unions, business groups sign up to work on industrial law changes 2020-06-11 [The Times]

Australia Was there slavery in Australia? Yes. It shouldn’t even be up for debate 2020-06-11 [The Guardian]

Australia Media Bargaining Code critical for media survival 2020-06-11 [IFJ]

Australia BHP violates enterprise agreement to change shift system 2020-06-10 [IndustriALL]

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