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Australia Western Australia Back to school 2020-09-10 [AEU]

Australia Victoria Aged care staff from largest coronavirus outbreak in Victoria say PPE should have been provided earlier 2020-09-10 [ABC]

Australia Unions Can Win the Fight Against COVID-19 — And Against Neoliberalism 2020-09-10 [Jacobin]

Australia Victoria Union calls on Canberra to consider refinery takeover 2020-09-09 [Bay 93.9]

Australia JobKeeper blamed as Australia's biggest meat processor, JBS, sheds 600 jobs 2020-09-09 [ABC]

Australia Journalist union on Facebook, Google, and who should pay for news 2020-09-09 [CPJ]

Australia Prime Minister must explain Qantas outsourcing revelations: TWU 2020-09-08 [TWU]

Australia New South Wales Constance’s manufacturing excuses are hurting regional communities 2020-09-08 [RTBU]

Australia Virgin Unions win court application to protect members' confidentiality 2020-09-08 [ETU]

Australia Victoria Geelong oil refinery should be nationalised rather than subsidised 2020-09-08 [MUA]

Australia Australian Capital Territory Massive win for union members 2020-09-08 [CPSU]

Australia TAFE's step up for international students 2020-09-08 [AEU]

Australia Vulnerable women and female community workers in jeopardy as funding cuts loom 2020-09-08 [Women's Agenda]

China Two Australian correspondents evacuated from China 2020-09-08 [IFJ]

Australia Community workers in limbo amid funding uncertainty 2020-09-07 [The Age]

Australia Backpackers warn of horticulture industry 'underbelly' of dodgy labour hire providers and illegal wages 2020-09-06 [ABC]

Australia Victoria Union backs staged return to Vic schools 2020-09-06 [The Champion]

Australia Time to rebuild: Nicole’s open letter to the industry 2020-09-05 [HSA]

Australia TWU welcomes new beginning for Virgin 2020-09-05 [TWU]

Australia South Australia Wingard: Transport Minister or sockpuppet? 2020-09-05 [RTBU]

Australia Players’ Perspective: Carpenter’s European win confirms the value of W-League 2020-09-05 [PFA]

Australia Long-term casual employee? Did you know that you may be eligible for long service leave? 2020-09-05 [NTEU]

Australia Seafarers recognised on Merchant Navy Day as pandemic highlights importance of maritime supply chains 2020-09-05 [MUA]

Australia MUA calls on government to ratify ILO Convention C190 2020-09-05 [MUA]

Australia Bain Capital confirmed as new owner of Virgin Australia 2020-09-05 [ASU]

Australia Transport union calls for national aviation plan following Virgin sale 2020-09-05 [The Morning Star]

Australia Agriculture Workers’ Code – no solution without visa amnesty and quarantine support 2020-09-04 [UWU]

Australia Queensland Positive aged care test in QLD highlights risks 2020-09-04 [UWU]

Australia Federal Government backs AWU plan to guarantee affordable gas and save manufacturing 2020-09-04 [AWU]

Australia Statement from ACTU President Michele O’Neil on Virgin Australia sale to Bain Capital 2020-09-04 [ACTU]

Australia Opera Australia and MEAA clash over proposed staff redundancies 2020-09-04 [Arts Hub]

Australia New South Wales Amazon denies it planned to spy on workers in Sydney to stop them unionising 2020-09-04 [The Guardian]

Australia AWU backs potential government gas purchase 2020-09-04 [Pipeliner]

Australia TWU to announce legal action against Qantas over outsourcing of 2,500 workers 2020-09-03 [TWU]

Australia RT health is under threat 2020-09-03 [ETU]

Australia Further service impacts imminent with Australia Post's latest band-aid for resourcing failures 2020-09-03 [CWU]

Australia Roadmap to financing five-star aged-care system released 2020-09-03 [Hospital and Healthcare]

Australia ABC hit by Fair Work Action 2020-09-03 [HRD]

Australia ACTU’s Union Innovation Hub is ASI’s Newest Authorised iMIS Solution Provider 2020-09-03 [ASI]

Australia Opera Australia axings a disgrace, says union 2020-09-03 [MEAA]

Australia Union calls for help to save Australia Post 2020-09-03 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia Proud to be Public campaign 2020-09-02 [CPSU]

Australia No Child Left Behind - National Week of Solidarity 2020-09-02 [AEU]

Australia Historic ruling over employee breaks 2020-09-02 [HRD]

Australia Facebook threatens to ban users sharing news 2020-09-02 [IFJ]

Australia AFAP supports Bain DOCA for Virgin 2020-09-01 [AFAP]

Australia Australian Capital Territory United Workers Union welcomes launch of Early Childhood Strategy for the ACT 2020-09-01 [UWU]

Australia Tasmania Severe reduction in cleaning time at UTAS will cost livelihoods and threaten Tasmania’s COVID-free status 2020-09-01 [UWU]

Australia United Workers Union releases new report detailing issues of workplace surveillance and insecure work 2020-09-01 [UWU]

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