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Australia ‘Sickening’ $12M Qantas remuneration as workers face outsourcing 2020-09-18 [TWU]

Australia Jobless to face mutual obligation rule despite few job vacancies 2020-09-18 [The Guardian]

Australia Airservices Australia staff sacked for bullying and harassment amid warnings of cultural problems 2020-09-18 [ABC]

Australia Deal between big business and Australian unions sparks fury from employer groups 2020-09-18 [The Guardian]

Australia Qantas outsourcing bid ‘unattainable & unrealistic’: EY report to go before Fair Work 2020-09-17 [AWU]

Australia Queensland Industrial Manslaughter Laws for Resource Workers Introduced Into Qld Parliament 2020-09-17 [AWU]

Australia AWU fighting BlueScope all the way to the Federal Court 2020-09-17 [AWU]

Australia TWU in new call for Cleanaway crash probe reopening 2020-09-17 [Owner-Driver]

Australia Visa move allows Kiwi shearers to nab jobs, says union 2020-09-17 [The Times]

Australia MM Kembla is Australia’s last remaining copper manufacturer 2020-09-16 [AWU]

Australia South Australia TWU in new call for Cleanaway crash probe reopening 2020-09-16 [ATN]

Australia ‘Hypocrisy’: Posties threatened with disciplinary action while corporate ‘volunteers’ praised 2020-09-16 [The New Daily]

Australia We should think twice before asking desperate people to pick fruit for their freedom 2020-09-16 [The Guardian]

Australia Tasmania COVID-19 Recovery Survey Results 2020-09-15 [Unions Tasmania]

Australia Offshore Alliance secures first-ever bargaining process at Legeneering Australia 2020-09-15 [AWU]

Australia Australia wakes up to the great gas rip off, AWU calls for bipartisanship 2020-09-15 [AWU]

Australia ADM: Daily smartphone survey is live, 15% now payable across most sites, understaffing causing fatigue and workplace stress 2020-09-15 [CWU]

Australia Union urges states to set strict conditions for Qantas hq move 2020-09-15 [TWU]

Australia AWU calls for a multi-billion dollar investment in Australia’s refining industry 2020-09-14 [AWU]

Australia Francis Awaritefe appointed as PFA Chair 2020-09-14 [PFA]

Australia New South Wales No opera without us 2020-09-14 [MEAA]

Australia Queensland Lynham leaves a legacy of important mine safety reforms 2020-09-14 [CFMMEU]

Australia Governments fuel security plan misses the boat on shipping 2020-09-14 [MUA]

Australia Menzies Aviation employees need special leave without pay 2020-09-14 [ASU]

Australia TAFE teachers forced to jump through hoops 2020-09-14 [AEU]

Australia Wharfies continue to deliver productivity improvements 2020-09-14 [MUA]

Australia 'Unemployment shock': will workers hardest hit by the pandemic be left to languish? 2020-09-14 [The Guardian]

Australia Ita Butrose asks ABC staff to vote on six month wage freeze 2020-09-14 [Guardian Australia]

Australia Queensland Wage theft now a crime in Queensland 2020-09-14 [Queensland Government]

Australia First claim for 'reproductive leave' gets ACTU backing 2020-09-13 [The Times]

Australia Qantas workers action Sydney CBD 2020-09-12 [TWU]

Australia Queensland Deliberate wage theft can now end in jail time for dodgy bosses 2020-09-12 [Queensland Unions]

Australia Queensland NTEU calls on James Cook Uni staff to vote against proposed loss of 2% salary and superannuation increase 2020-09-12 [NTEU]

Australia Maritime union outlines urgent case for reform at Senate inquiry into Australian shipping 2020-09-12 [MUA]

Australia Statement from Robert Potter on the Resignation of Linda White from the Australian Services Union 2020-09-12 [ASU]

Australia New South Wales Govt calls for resolution in dock dispute 2020-09-12 [Yahoo]

Australia Rio Tinto CEO and execs quit over blasting of aboriginal sites 2020-09-11 [Radio New Zealand International]

Australia New South Wales Sydney truckies rally to protest against NorthConnex toll 2020-09-11 [Big Rigs]

Australia Finance Sector Union reacts to Suncorp job cuts 2020-09-11 [FSU]

Australia Workers rally to save Opera Australia jobs 2020-09-11 [ALM]

Australia Australia Post workers threatened with disciplinary action for exposing parcel backlogs 2020-09-11 [The New Daily]

Australia Western Australia Back to school 2020-09-10 [AEU]

Australia Victoria Aged care staff from largest coronavirus outbreak in Victoria say PPE should have been provided earlier 2020-09-10 [ABC]

Australia Unions Can Win the Fight Against COVID-19 — And Against Neoliberalism 2020-09-10 [Jacobin]

Australia Victoria Union calls on Canberra to consider refinery takeover 2020-09-09 [Bay 93.9]

Australia JobKeeper blamed as Australia's biggest meat processor, JBS, sheds 600 jobs 2020-09-09 [ABC]

Australia Journalist union on Facebook, Google, and who should pay for news 2020-09-09 [CPJ]

Australia Prime Minister must explain Qantas outsourcing revelations: TWU 2020-09-08 [TWU]

Australia New South Wales Constance’s manufacturing excuses are hurting regional communities 2020-09-08 [RTBU]

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