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Australia Scott Morrison says compensation for volunteer firefighters not a priority 2019-12-23 [ABC]

Canada Ontario “Ontario’s finest” travelling to Australia to help fight deadly wildfires that have already killed two 2019-12-23 [OPSEU]

Australia Grill’d workers reportedly to be paid more following wage scandal 2019-12-23 []

Australia New South Wales 'Act of bastardry': Wharfies Christmas bonus cancelled after smoke haze stopped work 2019-12-22 [Sydney Morning Herald]

India NTEU Statement on the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act and response to student protests 2019-12-22 [NTEU]

Australia Extreme weather – your rights 2019-12-22 [CWU]

Australia APS Review recommendations 2019-12-22 [CPSU]

Australia Fair Work Commission finds that Swissport Agreement is worse than the bare legal minimum 2019-12-22 [ASU]

Australia New South Wales Maritime Union of Australia Newcastle Branch Gives Christmas Gift to Starlight Foundation 2019-12-20 [CFMMEU]

Australia McDonald’s to pay full penalty rates after enterprise agreement scrapped 2019-12-20 []

Australia Welfare recipients won't find out about robodebt refund until new year 2019-12-20 [The Guardian]

Australia New work safety guidelines needed to address heat and smoke: ACTU 2019-12-19 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Australia Western Australia Time to Reinvest in the Public Sector 2019-12-19 [UnionsWA]

Australia Queensland Workers urged to check wages over Christmas break 2019-12-19 [Queensland Unions]

Australia Australian Capital Territory WHS Alert: Extreme hot weather is a health and safety hazard 2019-12-19 [Unions ACT]

Australia Capital works crisis 2019-12-19 [AEU]

Australia Jetstar workers walk off the job for another morning of strikes before Christmas 2019-12-19 [The Advertiser]

Australia New South Wales Reveal air hazard levels for outdoor workers, union says 2019-12-19 [The Mercury]

Australia ACTU pushes nationwide heat safety rules 2019-12-19 [The Herald]

Australia Jetstar workers cancel strike action over Christmas period 2019-12-19 [9 News]

Australia Victoria Businesses, unions climate action call 2019-12-18 [Yahoo]

Australia Queensland Cook Colliery shut down by Bounty Mining receivers, union says workers in the dark 2019-12-18 [ABC]

Australia Jetstar must talk to avoid strike: Union 2019-12-18 [The New Daily]

Australia Car dealership chain admits millions in staff underpayment 2019-12-17 [The New Daily]

Australia Jetstar Pilots’ PIA concludes this Friday (20 Dec) 2019-12-17 [AFAP]

Australia Wage growth forecast exposes Morrison government’s smoke screen 2019-12-17 [Queensland Unions]

Australia MEAA guidelines for reporting hate speech and extremism 2019-12-17 [MEAA]

Australia Victoria Blue collar workers jobs sold down the drain by Premier’s deal with the Greens 2019-12-17 [CFMMEU]

Australia The battle for Rothbury - 90th anniversary 2019-12-17 [CFMMEU]

Australia A big win for a member in need 2019-12-17 [CPSU]

Australia ANMF questions ‘transparency’ in MYEFO aged care funding 2019-12-17 [ANMF]

Australia Labor issues please explain after Peter Dutton appears with AFP in political ad on airport security 2019-12-17 [The Guardian]

Australia Hair salon owners stretched as hairdressers cut loose from industry's underpayment, tough conditions 2019-12-17 [ABC]

Australia Correctional Officers escalate overtime bans ahead of final court week 2019-12-16 [UWU]

Australia Morrison Government continues aged care neglect in MYEFO 2019-12-16 [UWU]

Australia Shelf company - top journalism books 2019-12-16 [MEAA]

Australia PM called on to protect equal pay funding for feminised caring sector 2019-12-16 [ACOSS]

Australia Victoria Judge upholds magistrate's decision not to jail man who attacked paramedics 2019-12-16 [ABC]

Australia MYEFO disappointing, say aged care stakeholders 2019-12-16 [Ageing Agenda]

Australia Jetstar cancels 10pc of January domestic flights as wage dispute intensifies 2019-12-16 [ABC]

Australia Jetstar cuts 10% of January domestic flights amid strikes over pay and conditions 2019-12-16 [The Guardian]

Australia Challenging court ruling granting some workers more sick leave than others 2019-12-15 [Mash Viral]

Australia Jetstar cancels 90 flights over planned strike by Aussie staff 2019-12-15 [The Straits Times]

Australia Qantas Update on Project Sunrise 2019-12-13 [AIPA]

Australia Jetstar Ground Services workers on strike! 2019-12-13 [TWU]

Australia No Happy Christmas for Harris Scarfe workers as the company goes into administration 2019-12-13 [SDA]

Australia On Science meets Parliament 2019 2019-12-13 [Professionals Australia]

Australia Journalists cannot and will not reveal their sources 2019-12-13 [MEAA]

Australia EDVs to return following engineer's review and recommendations 2019-12-13 [CWU]

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