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Australia Unions push for pay rises amid economic recovery 2021-05-07 []

Australia New South Wales Doctors and nurses call for mandated nursing home staffing and swifter action 2021-05-06 [NSWNMA]

Australia South Australia Gupta deal should guarantee Whyalla jobs 2021-05-06 [AWU]

Australia Electricity infrastructure undermined by $1 billion per year underinvestment 2021-05-06 [ETU]

Australia TWU demands full transparency on public subsidies for Qantas 2021-05-06 [TWU]

Australia Transport Workers’ Union and Virgin Independent Pilots Association to merge, creates pilot division 2021-05-05 [CAPA]

Australia Why delivery workers across the globe are rising up against exploitation 2021-05-04 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia HSA submits evidence in Casual Loading case 2021-05-04 [HSA]

Australia Tudge gives band-aids to private providers but nothing for universities 2021-05-04 [NTEU]

Australia Doctors and nurses call for mandated nursing home staffing and swifter action 2021-05-04 [ANMF]

Australia NBN technicians 'walk off job' as 100+ car convoy headed to NBN Co Sydney head office 2021-05-04 [iT Wire]

Australia NBN technicians strike over pay 2021-05-04 [Information Age]

Australia Victoria Victorian casual relief teachers deserve fair pay 2021-05-03 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia Victoria Unionists help newly abandoned refugees 2021-05-03 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia Government funding announcement forgets workers in early education 2021-05-03 [UWU]

Australia Health workers’ fight against sell-off continues 2021-05-03 [UWU]

Australia Western Australia Cyclone Asbestos Risk Preventable 2021-05-03 [UnionsWA]

Australia World Press Freedom Day 2021: hostility towards journalists is on the rise 2021-05-03 [MEAA]

Australia NBN technicians walk off job as 100+ car convoy heads to NBN Co Sydney head office 2021-05-03 [CWU]

Australia Finance Sector Union respone to Westpac results 2021-05-03 [FSU]

Australia CPSU survey finds most sexual harassment in the public service goes unreported 2021-05-03 [Riot ACT]

Australia Second mercury poisoning incident reported at Chevron's Gorgon LNG project 2021-05-03 [Upstream]

Australia Queensland Pathology staff don hazmat suits for Brisbane Labour Day march 2021-05-03 [The Times]

Australia Vale Benny Carslake, comrade and union stalwart 2021-05-02 [CFMMEU]

Australia Queensland Clarification: Cape & Torres News article regarding bulk carrier Movers 3 2021-05-02 [MUA]

Australia New South Wales Mangoola approval a great win for jobs and community 2021-05-02 [CFMMEU]

Australia #WomenSpeak: Gender-based violence is an occupational hazard 2021-05-01 [BWI]

Australia New South Wales ‘Blood on their hands’: UberEats caught in safety failings over driver deaths 2021-04-30 [The New Daily]

Australia The neoliberal university threatens precarious workers, education 2021-04-30 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia AWU commemorates Union history on International Workers’ Memorial Day 2021-04-30 [AWU]

Australia Increase availability of the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide! 2021-04-30 [ETU]

Australia TES workers win right to bargain Enterprise Agreement for the first time 2021-04-30 [ETU]

Australia Union reports second mercury exposure incident at Barrow Island 2021-04-30 [ENB]

Australia Wages: Fight for what we deserve 2021-04-30 [Green Left Weekly]

Australia Virgin cabin crew vote yes to enterprise deal 2021-04-30 [TWU]

Australia Transport workers’ union National council to push for post-pandemic reform for trucking, aviation and gig economy 2021-04-30 [TWU]

Australia Truckies mark Workers’ Memorial Day 2021-04-30 [TWU]

Australia ACTU writes to Hunt calling for action on failed vaccine rollout for aged care, disability support workers 2021-04-29 [ACTU]

Australia New South Wales Consultation on personal injury insurance options for food couriers begins in NSW 2021-04-29 [ZD Net]

Australia Unions push for free child care as Morrison mulls billion-dollar injection 2021-04-27 [The New Daily]

Australia Victoria International Workers’ Memorial Day 2021-04-27 [We Are Union]

Australia Journalists’ union urges new approach to media regulation 2021-04-27 [Asian Pacific Report]

Australia Postal union says extending pandemic measures would put jobs and delivery service at risk 2021-04-27 [The Weekly Times]

Australia Australia Post board rejects privatisation 2021-04-27 [Yahoo]

Australia Tasmania 4 priority actions to prevent sexual harassment and promote gender equality in Tasmanian workplaces 2021-04-26 [Unions Tasmania]

Australia Tasmania Liberals' public transport conversion a step forward 2021-04-26 [RTBU]

Australia Work is everywhere now, so do staff have a ‘right to disconnect’? 2021-04-26 [The Morning Herald]

Australia New South Wales Insulting: nurses and midwives react to latest pay offer 2021-04-23 [NSWNMA]

Australia 🌏 PFA launches ‘Our Greener Pitch’ 2021-04-23 [PFA]

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