TUC urges employers to keep workers safe as temperatures soar above 30degC

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Birmingham airport protesters demand chancellor keeps aviation promise and stops regional ‘devastation’ 2020-08-09 [Unite the union]

High street crisis ‘proves danger’ of franchising our Crowns 2020-08-09 [CWU]

PCS consultative ballot of jobcentre and Universal Credit workers opens 17 August 2020-08-09 [PCS]

Consumer concerns over ‘Albert’ and ‘conformance’ – but good news on bonuses! 2020-08-09 [CWU]

Northern Ireland Aviation workers hold protest at Belfast airport 2020-08-09 [RTÉ]

NHS workers are taking the fight to the government 2020-08-09 [Counterfire]

Unite calls for safety action as extreme heat puts crane drivers at risk 2020-08-08 [Unite the union]

Bleak day for staff 'forced out by company greed' will scar spiteful BA indefinitely 2020-08-08 [Unite the union]

British Airways 'forcing out 4,000 staff who love jobs' through 'naked company greed' 2020-08-08 [Mirror]

PCS to launch ballot as Southbank Centre confirms cuts to redundancy pay for hundreds of staff 2020-08-08 [PCS]

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/aug/08/beirut-explosion-lawless-world-international-shipping- 2020-08-08 [Guardian]

TUC urges employers to keep workers safe as temperatures soar above 30degC 2020-08-08 [TUC]

Firefighters pay tribute to the victims of Beirut explosion 2020-08-08 [FBU]

Health and social care must both be public 2020-08-08 [Workers' liberty]

Workers must be aware of dangers when returning to jobs, regional TUCs warn 2020-08-08 [Morning Star]

BT’s forced redundancies an “attack on key workers”, says union 2020-08-08 [Total Telecom]

Midland newspaper group journalists vote for strike action 2020-08-07 [NUJ]

Clearer guidance still needed on face coverings in schools in England 2020-08-07 [UNISON]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Union concern about full-time return to school 2020-08-07 [BBC]

Keep aviation promise and prevent industry being ‘devastated’ 2020-08-07 [Unite the union]

PCS to focus on pay and impact of coronavirus at TUC Congress 2020 2020-08-07 [PCS]

Direction Forward for proportionality in the CWU 2020-08-07 [CWU]

Usdaw expresses concern that an increase in business rates could put more jobs at risk 2020-08-07 [USDAW]

 VIDEO  Builder's Crack: The Movie 2020-08-06 [Reel News]

Scotland Overhaul of Scottish H&S needed post-pandemic, says report 2020-08-06 [EHN]

Ron Singer obituary 2020-08-06 [The Guardian]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Some employers getting staff back to the office 2020-08-06 [BBC]

easyJet base closures `a kick in the teeth' for employees, passengers and vital regional airports 2020-08-06 [Unite the union]

Diageo workers ‘betrayed’ as drinks giant withholds employee shares 2020-08-06 [Unite the union]

Unite's unique support set to reassure extremely vulnerable workers as they return to work 2020-08-06 [Unite the union]

Thousands of NHS workers across the UK will be taking to the streets on Saturday (8 August) 2020-08-06 [Unite the union]

New evaluation system should help government concentrate on delivering for social care 2020-08-06 [UNISON]

August bonus boost for Post Office Admin and Supply Chain members 2020-08-06 [CWU]

Bosses turn up at self-isolating workers' home and bully her into Covid-19 blood test 2020-08-06 [GMB]

PCS exposes contradictory Covid advice from Boris Johnson and the Cabinet Office 2020-08-06 [PCS]

Female doctors in menopause retiring early due to sexism, says study 2020-08-06 [The Guardian]

McCluskey: Starmer's decision to settle is a 'huge miscalculation' 2020-08-06 [Counterfire]

Factories supplying ‘biggest names in fashion’ using Covid as an excuse to smash unions 2020-08-06 [Morning Star]

Report: Factories supplying major UK clothing outlets are engaged in ‘union busting’ 2020-08-06 [Left Foot Forward]

‘Unpaid career break’ plan renews call for council leisure services to be taken back ‘in-house’ 2020-08-05 [Unite the union]

Unite Scotland reaction to potential job losses at Johnstons of Elgin 2020-08-05 [Unite the union]

Campaigners to stage airport demonstrations over closures and redundancies at easyJet 2020-08-05 [Unite the union]

Unite pay victory for Ford contract cleaners at Dagenham and Dunton 2020-08-05 [Unite the union]

Councils forced to pick up the pieces from failing test and trace 2020-08-05 [UNISON]

Offering £1billion ship contract to overseas bidders 'cold-hearted betrayal of British workers' 2020-08-05 [GMB]

Charities and unions call on parliament to suspend Tory MP accused of rape 2020-08-05 [Guardian]

Joint statement in response to rape and sexual assault allegations made against a Conservative MP 2020-08-05 [TUC]

British Dental Association members targeted by hackers 2020-08-05 [BBC]

IWGB wins workers status and rights for gig economy couriers at CitySprint 2020-08-05 [Morning Star]

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