Earlier start for short-time furlough another union campaign win, says TUC

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CWU anger at ‘provocative’ BT move to attack redundancy terms 2020-05-30 [CWU]

McCluskey: Furlough changes welcome but fragile economy needs further assistance 2020-05-30 [Unite the union]

Earlier start for short-time furlough another union campaign win, says TUC 2020-05-30 [TUC]

North Somerset schools have made right decision 2020-05-30 [GMB]

Covid-19 spreading too fast to lift lockdown in England – Sage advisers 2020-05-30 [The Guardian]

Call for inquiry into why senior Tory helped donor avoid £40m tax 2020-05-30 [The Guardian]

Scientists say it's too early to ease lockdown 2020-05-30 [East London Guardian]

Staff should be individually assessed before going back to work says PCS 2020-05-30 [Morning Star]

Schools for special-needs children will face huge problems if they follow government plans, warns NEU 2020-05-30 [Morning Star]

Workers are more concerned about safety since government’s ‘stay alert’ advice 2020-05-30 [Morning Star]

 VIDEO  Train driver: our goal has to be to fight to protect every life 2020-05-30 [Counterfire]

CWU pushing for better pay and conditions across call centres 2020-05-30 [The Star]

Barrow journalist hounded out of Cumbria for reporting court case 2020-05-29 [The Guardian]

Time running out to save airports at heart of regional economies, warns Unite 2020-05-29 [Unite the union]

Unite says return to London bus front door entry must be subject to strict safety checks 2020-05-29 [Unite the union]

Unite launches campaign to support ‘exploited’ workers in outsourced leisure centres, libraries and gyms 2020-05-29 [Unite the union]

50 Years since Equal Pay Act and the fight goes on 2020-05-29 [PCS]

New agreement to ensure NHS staff in England are paid properly for every working hour 2020-05-29 [UNISON]

NUJ offers solidarity to Omar Jiminez and CNN team 2020-05-29 [NUJ]

50 years on from the Equal Pay Act and there is still much more to do 2020-05-29 [USDAW]

Coronavirus shows working women are still underpaid and undervalued, says TUC 2020-05-29 [TUC]

Equal Pay Act at 50: highly-skilled predominantly women care workforce must be properly valued 2020-05-29 [GMB]

George Eustice calls for workers to get off furlough and return to jobs as Rishi Sunak set to unveil changes to scheme 2020-05-29 [Evening Standard]

British Airways may outsource work of 450 redundant employees 2020-05-29 [The Guardian]

Organise against university cuts 2020-05-29 [Workersliberty]

Covid-19 crisis could set women back decades, experts fear 2020-05-29 [The Guardian]

Labour ‘will not ignore structural inequalities’ faced by BAME workers as study finds they experience greater PPE shortages 2020-05-29 [Morning Star]

Journalist and five-year-old daughter face death threats from far right over coverage of grooming gangs 2020-05-29 [Morning Star]

Government urged to increase sick pay for those in mandatory quarantine for two weeks 2020-05-29 [Morning Star]

Schools are not safe to reopen on Monday, scientists warn as government refuses to backtrack 2020-05-29 [Morning Star]

The Equal Pay Act at 50: a bittersweet celebration 2020-05-29 [Counterfire]

Families of retired miners fear losing out on payouts for industrial disease due to Covid-19 2020-05-29 [ITV News]

Postal workers jubilant as Rico Back gets the sack 2020-05-29 [Socialist Appeal]

Covid-19 couriers vote to strike following victimisation by NHS contractor TDL 2020-05-28 [IWGB]

Courier firm accused of targeting union activists for redundancy 2020-05-28 [Guardian]

Construction procedures place ‘workers at risk’ warns Unite 2020-05-28 [Unite the union]

easyJet jobs threat underlines urgent need for government support for UK aviation 2020-05-28 [Unite the union]

Response to news of potential job cuts at easyJet 2020-05-28 [BALPA]

Anger over Coventry College 'outrageous' U-turn on pledge to protect jobs during pandemic 2020-05-28 [UCU]

Yodel puts drivers at risk 2020-05-28 [GMB]

Kindness in the age of COVID-19 2020-05-28 [UNISON]

England Threat of attack on journalist and family must be lifted immediately 2020-05-28 [NUJ]

NUJ commends Newsnight reporting 2020-05-28 [NUJ]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Expert forecasts unprecedented job cuts after axing of furlough scheme 2020-05-28 [Belfast Telegraph]

Protecting and creating jobs must be a priority in any coronavirus recovery 2020-05-28 [The Guardian]

BBC Radio 4 highlights Post Office Horizon scandal 2020-05-28 [CWU]

Call for tests on ex-miners who die with Covid-19 2020-05-28 [BBC]

Workers need financial support to quarantine for testing and tracing to work, says TUC 2020-05-27 [TUC]

Union membership rises for third year running to 6.4 million 2020-05-27 [TUC]

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