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Editorial: Their Lives Are Worth Less 2019-05-20 [Haaretz]

Why Israel Isn't Doing More to Prevent Construction Workers' Deaths 2019-05-20 [Haaretz]

Four Workers Killed as Crane Collapses at Construction Site in Yavneh 2019-05-20 [Hamodia]

4 construction workers die in crane collapse, bringing 2019 death toll to 20 2019-05-20 [Ynet]

Labour union youth organization rejects BDS 2019-05-14 [Jerusalem Post]

Australian and Canadian firms pull out of Israeli settler railway 2019-05-12 [Electronic Intifada]

Israel Seeks to Increase Enforcement and Protection for Palestinian Workers in Israel 2019-05-02 [Haaretz]

Ultra-Orthodox Women Work Less, Earn Less, and Not by Choice, Study Shows 2019-05-01 [Haaretz]

Workers protest as historic Beersheba ceramics factory to close 2019-04-30 [Jerusalem Post]

Beersheva: 115 layoffs as Harsa plant set to move to Turkey 2019-04-29 [Globes]

Veteran Israeli Manufacturing Plant Shutters, Workers Up in Arms 2019-04-29 [Hamodia]

Israeli construction worker killed in Haifa scaffolding collapse 2019-04-22 [Times of Israel]

Court orders railway workers to halt sanctions 2019-04-18 [Globes]

Netanyahu: I'll act to prevent strikes on railway, essential services 2019-04-16 [The Post]

Kfar Saba carpentry shop worker killed, in 21st work-related fatality this year 2019-04-15 [The Times]

Editorial The Solution for Labor Disputes in Israel 2019-04-14 [Haaretz]

Laborer Dies in Israel's 21st Fatal Work Accident of 2019 2019-04-14 [Haaretz]

After train workers call in 'sick,' Israel Railways halts service across country 2019-04-12 [Times of Israel]

COSATU welcomes the downgrade of SA embassy in Tel Aviv 2019-04-12 [COSATU]

Firefighters union announced new strike over labor disput 2019-04-08 [Ynet]

Trade Unions sign agreement to protect migrant workers in Israel 2019-04-03 [BWI]

IFJ condemns teargas bomb attack on photojournalist 2019-03-29 [IFJ]

Editorial Israel's Labor Ministry Must Act on Rising Death Toll at Construction Sites 2019-03-21 [Haaretz]

Head of union calls on KKL-JNF to roll back plans to fire minority employees 2019-03-19 [Times of Israel]

Two Laborers Killed, Three Injured in Four Separate Work Accidents in One Day 2019-03-18 [Haaretz]

Train drivers call in sick, despite agreement to scale back strike 2019-03-14 [The Times]

14 people killed in workplace accidents in 2019, six of them at building sites, activists say 2019-03-11 [Times of Israel]

Jordanian Eilat employees in Israel up 33 percent 2019-03-09 [MENAFN]

Histadrut's women's movement-Na'amat's clip on the occasion of IWD 2019 2019-03-08 [BWI]

Musicians Union of Ireland supports Eurovision Song Contest protest 2019-03-08 [SIPTU]

Railway Workers’ Sanctions Could Lead to Delays 2019-03-04 [Hamodia]

Railway workers begin sanctions to protest layoffs 2019-03-03 [Globes]

Hundreds of Israelis Rally at Anti-deportation Event for Filipino Workers 2019-02-23 [Haaretz]

Israel continues deportation of Filipino workers, children 2019-02-18 [i21news]

Settlement fires school’s Israeli Arab cleaning staff after threats from parents 2019-02-16 [Times of Israel]

Workplace Deaths Rose 35% in 2018 as Slots for Inspectors Went Unfilled 2019-02-12 [Haaretz]

SA defends R4.8bn Clover buyout deal 2019-02-11 [Sunday Tribune]

Court Orders Haifa Workers to End Smelly Strike 2019-02-10 [Hamodia]

Haifa Strike Escalates as Teachers Union Joins In 2019-02-08 [Haaretz]

Employment Rate of Haredi and Arab Men Stagnates Despite Advances in Job Market 2019-02-07 [Haaretz]

Dublin NUJ to support Eurovision boycott 2019-02-07 [IMEMCnews]

This Israeli Facebook group is a lifeline for women caught in a cycle of prostitution 2019-02-05 [Global Post]

After collective labor agreement between Teva and the 170 plant workers, Teva selling northern Israeli plant to FIMI Fund for $45 Million 2019-02-05 [Haaretz]

Teva Migada plant workers sign labor agreement 2019-02-05 [Globes]

Israel Recognizes Five Asian Men as Victims of Human Trafficking and Slavery 2019-02-03 [Haaretz]

Standing together to remember the victims of the Holocaust 2019-01-30 [Education International]

Bezeq Israel workers to strd more ike over plan to sell company 2019-01-23 [Reuters]

Cellcom CEO unilaterally announces 250 layoffs 2019-01-21 [Globes]

Israel offering sex workers a new lease of life 2019-01-19 [Ynet News]

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