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LO er dypt bekymret over utviklingen i Gaza. Kritiserer Ituc

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Palestina / Israel LO er dypt bekymret over utviklingen i Gaza. Kritiserer Ituc [LO] 23-11-2023

Palestina Mer enn én journalist drepes hver dag [TV 2] 10-11-2023

Palestina Sykepleierforbundet: Bombing av sykehus i Gaza berører oss hardt [Sykepleien] 19-10-2023

Palestina Langvarig lærerstreik i et samfunn i dyp krise [Utdanningsnytt] 03-04-2023

Palestina / Norge Palestinsk LO-leder skuffet over Oljefondet [Fri fagbevegelse] 31-05-2022

Palestina / Israel Norsk Folkehjelp og LO: Volden mot sivile palestinere må fordømmes! [LO] 12-05-2021

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Palestine Nahum Barnea writes on Gazan workers “The Spies that Weren’t” For more info 2024-04-16 [Yediout Ahronot]

Palestine Mener fagbevegelsen må gjøre mer for Gaza 2024-04-13 [Fri fagbevegelse]

International Workers’ Day Appeal of Palestinian Trade Unions 2024-04-13 [Workers]

Palestine A bureaucratic breakthrough for Palestinian workers 2024-04-13 [MAAN]

Unionists call for an end to the war amid catastrophic conditions 2024-04-05 [Education International]

Israel The Palestinian Struggle for Labor Rights in Israel 2024-04-03 [Jacobin]

Israel Sykepleierforbundet, Legeforeningen og Psykologforeningen fordømmer Israels angrep på al-Shifa-sykehuset 2024-04-01 [Norsk Sykepleierforbund]

WFTU GS article: The role of the international trade union movement in strengthening the struggle of the Palestinian people 2024-03-30 [WFTU]

Palestine Extraordinary General Meeting called to debate 3 resolutions - including one on Gaza 2024-03-28 [Society of Authors]

Global IFJ and 38 others urge Media Freedom Coalition member states to act on Gaza 2024-03-27 [IFJ]

Teachers stand by their students amid war and destruction 2024-03-19 [Education International]

Palestinian unemployment rate set to soar to 57 per cent during first quarter of 2024 2024-03-18 [ILO]

Palestine Parliament to vote on ceasefire motion 2024-03-17 [NUPGE]

Palestine Global app-based workers union joins boycott Chevron-branded gas stations in solidarity with Palestine 2024-03-17 [Maktoob Media]

Palestine UN CSW68 – Global Feminist Rally For Palestine – Ceasefire Now!!! 2024-03-16 [PSI]

Palestine MAAN updates EU delegation on its efforts to return Palestinian Workers to work in Israel 2024-03-16 [MAAN]

Severe employment crisis in East Jerusalem ahead of Ramadan 2024-03-16 [MAAN]

Israel Gaza: BWI condemns bombing of General Federation of Palestinian Trade Unions’ building 2024-03-15 [BWI]

Palestine Transport workers unions call for permanent ceasefire in Gaza 2024-03-14 [Peoples Dispatch]

PSI GS: The targeting of Gaza’s essential workers and civilian infrastructure is an attack on us all 2024-03-13 [IUF]

Africa OATUU Commemorates IWD in Solidarity with Palestinian Women 2024-03-13 [OATUU]

The targeting of Gaza’s essential workers and civilian infrastructure is an attack on us all 2024-03-13 [IndustriALL]

Palestine Despite pretentious backtracking, Joe Biden’s hands drip with the blood of Palestinians 2024-03-13 [SAFTU]

India Israel hiring of Indian workers slammed by trade unionists 2024-03-13 [TIndia]

Palestinian trade union HQ bombed 2024-03-13 [TNS]

Palestine Unions hit back at calls for MPs and unions to cut ties with Palestine Solidarity Campaign 2024-03-12 [LabourList]

8 March: IFJ stands with women journalists in Gaza 2024-03-07 [IFJ]

Palestine Labour unions call on government to reverse decision to suspend UN relief agency funding 2024-03-06 [rabble]

Palestine Global Day Of Action On Women's Day For Women Journalists In Gaza 2024-03-05 [Indy Bay]

Palestine Palestinian ambassador to Ireland to address Athlone conference 2024-03-05 [The Independent]

Europe Grave and worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza calls for more urgent EU response 2024-03-04 [ETUC]

Palestine In the framework of the WFTU 2024 Presidential council meeting an extra-ordinary session on solidarity with the Palestinian people was held 2024-03-04 [WFTU]

Palestine HACSU for Peace: Statement 2024-03-03 [HACSU]

UNRWA defunding is disproportionate and dangerous, governments must urgently renew and strengthen funding 2024-03-02 [ITF]

BWI supports UN humanitarian aid and work for Palestinians 2024-03-02 [BWI]

Global IFJ nominates Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate for global press freedom prize 2024-03-01 [IFJ]

BWI supports UN humanitarian aid and work for Palestinians 2024-02-28 [BWI]

Palestine Victoria Social workers take unprotected industrial action for Palestine 2024-02-28 [Green Left Weekly]

Palestine IAM Canada Statement on the crisis in Gaza 2024-02-28 [IAMAW]

Palestine Unions condemn decision to cut funding to UNRWA as Gaza burns and innocents die 2024-02-27 [rabble]

Palestine MAAN and Kav Laoved write to Immigration and Population Authority and demand to reserve a place in the quota for Palestinian workers with a permit who resigned/fired during the “Iron Swords” war 2024-02-25 [MAAN]

Israel Gaza: Nowhere to go 2024-02-22 [UNI Global Union]

Canada CUPE stands in solidarity with Palestinian health unions 2024-02-22 [PSI]

Palestine NUJ activities and resources for the International Day for Palestinian Journalists - 26 February 2024 2024-02-20 [NUJ]

Global 26 Feburary: International Day for Palestinian Journalists 2024-02-20 [IFJ]

For journalism to live in Gaza 2024-02-19 [IFJ]

Palestine CUPE stands in solidarity with Palestinian health unions  ActNOW!  2024-02-17 [CUPE]

International Federation of Journalists: Reporters in Gaza face bombings, hunger 2024-02-15 [UNI]

Gaza’s journalists face hunger as well as bombing 2024-02-15 [BWI]

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