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Norske tog har inngått togavtale verdt 20 milliarder kroner med selskap som driver business i israelske bosettinger [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-01-11

Helsearbeidere hardt ut mot Israel [Bistandsaktuelt/NTB] 2021-05-19

Norsk Folkehjelp og LO: Volden mot sivile palestinere må fordømmes! [LO] 2021-05-12

Uverdige arbeidsvilkår nå dokumentert [LO] 2021-04-15

Internasjonal fagbevegelse hardt ut mot oljefondet [Fri fagbevegelse/NTB] 2020-03-09


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SACP, Cosatu, BDS coalition welcome ruling for Mogoeng to apologise for Pro-Israel comments 2022-01-21 [IOL]

Foreign Ministry workers stop helping babies born to surrogates in protest 2022-01-17 [Jerusalem Post]

Israeli takeover of dairy company Clover is a disaster 2022-01-17 [Palestine Chronicle]

New Collective Agreement Raises Minimum Wage by 16% in Catering Industry 2022-01-16 [Davar]

Norske tog har inngått togavtale verdt 20 milliarder kroner med selskap som driver business i israelske bosettinger 2022-01-11 [Fri fagbevegelse]

COVID czar: 2,000 medical workers currently out due to virus 2022-01-10 [Times Of Israel]

First nationwide collective bargaining agreement signed for Israel’s catering sector 2022-01-10 [IUF]

Israel's economy minister and Histadrut chairman urge remote work amid Covid surge 2022-01-09 [I24]

Court Blocks 10Bis from Firing Union Leader, in Ongoing Labor Struggle 2022-01-07 [Davar]

Clover workers call for nationalisation 2022-01-05 [New Frame]

Foreign Ministry workers raise black flag in protest 2022-01-03 [Jerusalem Post]

Foreign Ministry Union Threatens Shutdown 2022-01-03 [Hamodia]

15,000 Clalit Health Services Workers Set to Receive Wage Increases 2022-01-02 [Davar]

Factory Workers at Teva Pharmaceuticals Declare Labor Dispute Against Management 2022-01-01 [Davar]

Thousands Enrolled In New Histadrut Subsidized Academic Courses 2021-12-30 [Davar]

Finance Ministry Promotes Extension of Paid Quarantine Days 2021-12-28 [Davar]

Merry Christmas in Sakhnin: Christians Preserve Tradition in the Heart of a Muslim City 2021-12-27 [Davar]

The union busting war against Clover workers by Israeli billionaire family 2021-12-27 [Indybay]

Histadrut Celebrates Accomplishments and Looks to the Future 2021-12-26 [Davar]

Electrical Engineering Training for Haredi Women Brings “Huge Potential” 2021-12-20 [Davar]

Wolt Courier Brings Class-Action Lawsuit in Attempt to Set New Precedent 2021-12-19 [Davar]

Cosatu seeks Mogoeng's recusal in hate speech case 2021-12-19 [TimesLIVE]

Minister of Communications Calls for Full Privatization of the Postal Service 2021-12-15 [Davar]

Tel Aviv University Charged for Obstructing Research Workers From Organizing 2021-12-15 [Davar]

Israel's nurses to go on strike over violence against staff 2021-12-13 [I24News]

Nurses declare nationwide strike Wednesday over violence against medical staff 2021-12-13 [Times of Israel]

Strike in all health systems starting Wednesday - Nurses' Federation 2021-12-12 [Jerusalem Post]

Transport Union Head Calls for Swift Action from State following Omicron Outbreak 2021-12-09 [Davar]

The Cooperative Is Back in Style 2021-12-09 [Davar]

Dramatic Wave of Resignations “A Revolutionary Change in the Way that Americans See Themselves” 2021-12-07 [Davar]

Global unions condemn Israeli action 2021-12-06 [RadioLabour]

Bedouin Women Face Disproportionate Hurdles in Employment 2021-12-05 [Davar]

Soldiers’ Pay To Increase by 50% Starting in 2022 2021-12-03 [Davar]

Following Attack by Patient, Nurses in Psychiatric Hospitals Demand Security 2021-12-01 [Davar]

ITUC calls on UN to update list of companies backing illegal settlements 2021-11-29 [Scoop World]

Largest Labor Union Rejects Israel Boycott by 2-to-1 Margin 2021-11-27 [The Algemeiner]

Poultry farmers at Dovev, a moshav on the northern border, see the Finance Ministry’s reforms to the egg market as an existential threat 2021-11-23 [Davar]

COSATU supports SA government’s decision to withdraw backing of Miss SA pageant, as the Miss Universe in Israel approaches 2021-11-15 [COSATU ]

Proportion of Israeli Workers in Unions Rises to 25% 2021-11-15 [Davar]

Authorities fail to stop permit dealers from exploiting Palestinian workers 2021-11-09 [MAAN Workers Association]

Histadrut and Finance Ministry Reach Deal to Raise Minimum Wage 2021-11-07 [Davar]

Israel’s Designation of Palestinian Human Rights Groups as Terrorists is Outrageous 2021-11-05 [UNI Global Union]

Israel’s Designation of Palestinian Human Rights Groups as Terrorists is Outrageous 2021-11-05 [PSI]

Treasury, Histadrut sign deal to raise minimum wage 2021-11-03 [Globes]

Vaccinate the world - 53 top Israeli medical personnel and scientists support a call to waiver IP on vaccines support a waiver on the Covid -19 vaccine 2021-11-03 [Vaccinate the World /طعموا العالم]

Labor deal set to increase minimum wage to NIS 6,000, allow work from home 2021-11-02 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel må trekke tilbake terrorlistingen av palestinske organisasjoner 2021-11-01 [LO]

Israel’s designation of Palestinian human rights groups as terrorists is outrageous 2021-11-01 [ITUC]

Employee Unionization in Israel, 2014–2018 2021-10-31 [Bank of Israel]

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