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Whatssap sues Israel's NSO for allegedly helping spies hack phones 2019-11-10 [Radio New Zealand International]

JLC Joins 12 other U.S. Organizations in Call to Israeli Political Leadership to Oppose Support for Annexation 2019-11-09 [Jewish Labor Committee]

23-year-old construction worker falls to his death in central Israel 2019-11-07 [Times of Israel]

Emergency training, a lifelong gift for foreign workers: New project focuses on training foreign workers to be first responders for medical emergencies. 2019-11-06 [Arutz Sheva]

Tel Aviv court cancels deportation of 2 Israeli-born children of Filipina workers 2019-11-04 [Jerusalem Post]

Fagforbundet ønsker en lov mot handel med varer fra okkuperte områder 2019-10-30 [Fagforbundet]

Embassies around the world shut as diplomats, military attachés strike 2019-10-30 [The Times]

Organised labor versus inequality 2019-10-22 [Davar]

Invisible Workers 2019-10-07 [Haaretz]

Clover Sellout To Israel: Tribunal’s Green Light Conflicts With Human Rights 2019-10-05 [Palestine Chronicle]

Israeli Minister Plugs Housing Contractor Under Investigation for Worker's Death 2019-10-02 [Haaretz]

Milco could appeal Clover conditions 2019-09-30 [Business Day]

WAC-MAAN and Kav LaOved demand to stop automatic dues payments by Palestinian workers to the Histadrut, instead allowing workers to choose to join WAC-MAAN 2019-09-29 [WAC-MAAN]

'If they dump foreign milk here, what will we do?' Unions fume over Clover takeover 2019-09-26 [Fin24]

Prioritizing workers in Israel 2019-09-26 [Davar]

Clover takeover: Competition Tribunal gives Israeli-led group the final go-ahead 2019-09-26 [Fin24]

Pelephone employees will be demonstrating tonight in front of the CEO's home 2019-09-22 [News 1]

Ahead of its planned Israeli takeover, Clover cuts job losses 2019-09-19 [Fin24]

Clover, Milco merger puts 657 jobs on the line 2019-09-17 [Business Report]

Company hires hundreds of workers, orders them not to vote 2019-09-17 [Arutz Sheva]

Israel’s crackdown on foreign workers is driving some families into hiding 2019-09-17 [JTA]

More Palestinians find Israeli work despite conflict 2019-09-16 [AFP]

Decision on Clover buyout to be handed down today 2019-09-16 [The World News]

Clover and Milco hearings continue 2019-09-09 [Dairy Reporter]

In Policy Reversal, Israel Could Deport Foreign Workers, Israeli-born Children During School Year 2019-09-02 [Haaretz]

Israeli Teachers Call Off Strike as Union Reaches Deal 2019-08-30 [Haaretz]

Histradut har vervet mer enn 5000 palestinske arbeidere 2019-08-16 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Cleaning up - the hidden revolution in the corridors of Israel's hospitals: ending contracted employees one workplace at a time 2019-08-14 [Davar Rishon]

More than 5,000 new Palestinian Arab union members in the Histadrut 2019-08-14 [Davar Rishon]

Israeli forces injure 3 journalists at West Bank and Gaza protests 2019-08-10 [CPJ]

Israel must stop harassing Palestinian journalist and grant him permanent residency 2019-08-07 [IFJ]

Construction Worker, Army Contractor Killed in Work Accidents in Central Israel 2019-08-07 [Haaretz]

Thousands rally against deporting Israel-born kids of foreign workers 2019-08-07 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Fails to Implement Rehabilitation Programs for Sex Workers After Landmark Decision 2019-08-04 [Haaretz]

Israel kicks off operation to deport foreign workers, children 2019-07-29 [Ynet]

Israeli soldiers attack journalists with live bullets and teargas bombs 2019-07-26 [IFJ]

Health Ministry chief calls on striking nurses to continue talks 2019-07-23 [Globes]

Israeli Defense Contractor IAI to Lay Off Hundreds of Employees 2019-07-22 [ctech]

Foreign Ministry workers scrap strike as deal signed with treasury 2019-07-22 [Times of Israel]

Israel Aerospace readies to shed 600 more jobs 2019-07-21 [Globes]

Defunded and sidelined, Israel’s diplomats threaten job action 2019-07-16 [The Times]

Airport workers demand apology for wage excess allegations 2019-07-09 [Globes]

El Al worker's union urges employees to join Likud, stirs commotion 2019-07-09 [Ynet]

Leumi workers chief denies agreement on 700 layoffs 2019-07-03 [Globes]

Arkia retracts the decision to dismiss 250 employees as a result of the closure of Sde Dov 2019-07-03 [Israel Financial Insider]

US ‘deal of the century’ legitimises Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people says COSATU 2019-07-03 [The News Lline]

Arkia to lay off 250 after Sde Dov closure 2019-07-02 [Globes]

Histadrut to Call Work Actions If Sdeh Dov Closes 2019-06-30 [Hamodia]

Ben Gurion Border Workers Could Strike Tuesday 2019-06-30 [Hamodia]

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