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Norske tog har inngått togavtale verdt 20 milliarder kroner med selskap som driver business i israelske bosettinger [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-01-11

Helsearbeidere hardt ut mot Israel [Bistandsaktuelt/NTB] 2021-05-19

Norsk Folkehjelp og LO: Volden mot sivile palestinere må fordømmes! [LO] 2021-05-12

Uverdige arbeidsvilkår nå dokumentert [LO] 2021-04-15

Internasjonal fagbevegelse hardt ut mot oljefondet [Fri fagbevegelse/NTB] 2020-03-09


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ITUC condemns killing of journalist by Israeli security forces 2022-05-14 [Scoop World]

Social Workers Union Win Historic Wage Reform 2022-05-12 [Histadrut]

ITUC condemns the killing of journalist by Israeli security forces 2022-05-12 [ITUC]

LO krever at FN lager handlingsplan for palestinske barn i israelske fengsler 2022-05-04 [Fri fagbevegelse]

May Day: The Workers’ Struggle of Today 2022-05-04 [Davar]

ICC case filed over systematic targeting of Palestinian journalists 2022-04-27 [IFJ]

Histadrut Declares Labor Dispute at Ports, After ‘Unilateral’ Move by Transport Ministry 2022-04-14 [Davar]

LO bør legge press på regjeringa i Palestina-spørsmålet 2022-04-08 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Atarot Industrial Zone in Jerusalem Workers demand their rights and start to organize - the full report 2022-04-03 [MAAN Workers Association]

MAAN’s field report on the Atarot industrial zone in Jerusalem has now appeared: “Palestinian workers demand their rights and unionize.” 2022-04-03 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israel to boost number of Palestinian workers from Gaza, Gantz says 2022-03-28 [Times Of Israel]

Israel fast tracks immigration for refugee tech workers 2022-03-28 [Globes]

Report: Israel set to raise Gazan work permit limit to 20,000 2022-03-27 [i24NEWS]

The Nigerian startup hoping to solve Israel’s tech-worker shortage 2022-03-25 [Jewish Insider]

PH hastens deployment of hotel workers to Israel 2022-03-23 [Manila Times]

Palestinian workers in Israel to start getting their wages through Arab banks located in the West Bank 2022-03-23 [WAFA]

Embassies around the world run out of passports 2022-03-17 [The Post]

Histadrut Prepares to Absorb Hundreds of Ukrainian Refugees 2022-03-13 [Davar]

Striking Clover workers occupy IDC offices 2022-03-11 [Indybay]

Histadrut to Provide Humanitarian Aid to the Ukrainian Workers’ Federation 2022-03-09 [Davar]

Solidarity with the people of Ukraine against the Russian occupation A statement by MAAN Workers Association For more info 2022-03-05 [MAAN Workers Association]

Taxi Drivers Unionize: “The Government Doesn’t Recognize Us – It’s Time to Come Together” 2022-03-04 [Davar]

Bennett urges ‘smooth’ integration of Palestinian tech workers at Israeli companies 2022-03-03 [Times of Israel]

Israeli Tech vs. Israeli Unions: Two Local Powerhouses Set to Collide 2022-02-27 [Haaretz]

High-tech Unions Get a Cool Reception in Israel. Could U.S. Example Change That? 2022-02-23 [Haaretz]

Two Construction Workers Are Killed at Tel Aviv’s Park Bavli Towers 2022-02-22 [Davar]

Workers Die and the Government Remains Silent 2022-02-21 [Davar]

The Histadrut headquarters in Tel Aviv. (Photo: Histadrut spokesperson) Histadrut Establishes Watchdog Committee to Investigate Israel's Cost of Living 2022-02-18 [Davar]

Former Cosatu leader Bongani Masuku ordered to apologise to Jewish community for 2009 hate speech 2022-02-17 [News24]

Trade union alliance urges UN to update list of firms linked to Israeli settlements 2022-02-13 [The New Arab]

UN stuck: ITUC petitions UN chief to urgently update Palestine database 2022-02-11 [ITUC]

Expose the businesses aiding illegal settlements in Palestine 2022-02-08 [ITUC]

Histadrut and builders’ association to establish academy for construction and infrastructure professions 2022-02-04 [BWI]

Histadrut labor chief threatens widespread protest as only handful of companies answer government call to not burden consumers during pandemic 2022-02-02 [Times of Israel]

Victory to Clover workers & smash israeli union busting! 2022-01-29 [Indybay]

Clover workers picket in Sandton against Israeli ownership 2022-01-28 [The Citizen]

Court blocks teachers’ strike over canceled quarantine for kids, classes to go ahead 2022-01-27 [Times of Israel]

Workers Economically Hurt by Operation “Guardian of the Walls” to be Compensated 2022-01-23 [Davar]

SACP, Cosatu, BDS coalition welcome ruling for Mogoeng to apologise for Pro-Israel comments 2022-01-21 [IOL]

Foreign Ministry workers stop helping babies born to surrogates in protest 2022-01-17 [Jerusalem Post]

Israeli takeover of dairy company Clover is a disaster 2022-01-17 [Palestine Chronicle]

Labor dispute declared at Leumi HMO 2022-01-16 [Jerusalem Post]

New Collective Agreement Raises Minimum Wage by 16% in Catering Industry 2022-01-16 [Davar]

Norske tog har inngått togavtale verdt 20 milliarder kroner med selskap som driver business i israelske bosettinger 2022-01-11 [Fri fagbevegelse]

COVID czar: 2,000 medical workers currently out due to virus 2022-01-10 [Times Of Israel]

First nationwide collective bargaining agreement signed for Israel’s catering sector 2022-01-10 [IUF]

Israel's economy minister and Histadrut chairman urge remote work amid Covid surge 2022-01-09 [I24]

Court Blocks 10Bis from Firing Union Leader, in Ongoing Labor Struggle 2022-01-07 [Davar]

Clover workers call for nationalisation 2022-01-05 [New Frame]

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