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Today's news - Nova Scotia

Government Not Granting Special Teacher Certificates to School SLPs and Psychologists 2018-06-18 [NSTU]

Feed Our Future: Please bring non-perishable food donations to Local meetings until July 13 2018-06-18 [NSGEU]

Minimum wage hike good for economy, workers and employers 2018-06-18 [NSFL]

CCPA NS 2018 Gala Event 2018-06-18 [NSFL]

Halifax action against workplace racism moving along at snail′s pace 2018-06-16 [Rank and File]

Strike threat delayed at Irving Shipyard, but what will happen Monday? 2018-06-16 [CBC]

Strike delayed as talks resume with Irving Shipbuilding 2018-06-16 [Unifor]

Ottawa keeping tabs on labour dispute at Halifax shipyard 2018-06-15 [Today]

Union at Halifax shipyard building Royal Canadian Navy ships gives strike notice 2018-06-15 [The Globe and Mail]

Irving offers shipbuilders $73K a year, but union says strike threat not about money 2018-06-15 [CBC]

Halifax shipyard workers serve Irving 48 hours strike notice 2018-06-14 [Unifor]

Union at Halifax shipyard building Royal Canadian Navy ships gives strike notice 2018-06-14 [The Province]

Rural mail carriers want pay equity in place before route changes 2018-06-14 [CBC]

Union at Halifax shipyard building Royal Canadian Navy ships gives strike notice 2018-06-14 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Remembering the Cape Breton miner 2018-06-12 [The Post]

Donkin mine operator notably absent from Davis Day ceremony 2018-06-12 [CBC]

Dalhousie University's $55K fee for information requested by union likely a record-breaker 2018-06-12 [CBC]

NSGEU calling for pause on supervision model after attack on guards 2018-06-06 [CBC]

Teachers Union elects high school teacher as new president 2018-06-02 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Frontline Trip Colombia 2018 – We are all Dom Tomis 2018-06-01 [CUPE]

Firefighter asked about oral sex wants inquiry, but government says no 2018-06-01 [CBC]

6-year deals signed for Nova Scotia Community College professors and support staff 2018-05-31 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Transit union members vote to ratify new contract 2018-05-30 [Today]

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh revs up CUPE NS convention 2018-05-29 [CUPE]

‘RIP brother’: N.S. paramedic community mourns loss of veteran paramedic 2018-05-29 [Global]

'That's all it takes, is one spark.' A year of safety violations at Donkin coal mine 2018-05-28 [CBC]

Long Term Care Coordinating Committee to celebrate 25th anniversary 2018-05-23 [CUPE]

Councils of Health Care Unions ratify agreement with NSHA and IWK 2018-05-23 [CUPE]

The NSFL condemns the killings of protesters in Gaza 2018-05-20 [NSFL]

Unions approve process to help resolve issues in N.S. health bargaining 2018-05-20 [Global]

Update: Health Care Bargaining – May 18, 2018 2018-05-19 [CUPE]

When your very own City Hall is a racist employer 2018-05-17 [Rank and File]

Nurses use TV ads to sound alarm over workplace violence 2018-05-12 [CTV]

Employees at the WCB, NSGEU Local 55, vote to strike 2018-05-09 [NUPGE]

Council of Health Care Unions get Strike Mandate 2018-05-06 [NSGEU]

NSGEU president Jason MacLean: “You know why I was stopped. I was driving while Black” 2018-05-04 [The Advocate]

Two arrested after Halifax police intervene at Gottingen Street IWW march 2018-05-03 [The Star]

Health-care unions reach tentative proposal with IWK, health authority 2018-05-02 [CBC]

Unions recommend process to resolve issues in health bargaining 2018-05-02 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Free speech warriors silent in defence of workers 2018-05-01 [Rank and File]

NSFL Statement for International Workers’ Day 2018-04-30 [NSFL]

Day of Mourning ceremony held in Yarmouth to pay tribute to those who have died on been injured on the job 2018-04-29 [Vanguard]

Day of Mourning in Halifax filled with emotion and pleas for safer workplaces 2018-04-29 [The Star]

‘Even one workplace death is one too many’: Day of Mourning observed in N.S. 2018-04-29 [Global]

Day of Mourning ceremony emotional for families, politicians, workers 2018-04-29 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Essential Services Agreement in place for IWK 2018-04-29 [CUPE]

Pregnant nurse attacked while NSHA says investigating safety concerns a waste of time 2018-04-28 [NSGEU]

Pregnant nurse injured in attack by patient, Nova Scotia union says 2018-04-27 [The Chronicle-Herald]

IWK, health-care workers finalize essential services agreement 2018-04-27 [CBC]

Stress of Halifax Infirmary ER crowding taking a toll on staff: union 2018-04-27 [The Star]

This month in labour history

1-06-1986 In Edmonton, Alberta meatpacking workers go on strike against wage and pension rollbacks. One of their slogans is "Gainers makes weiners with scabs". There are more than 400 arrests before an agreement is reached in December. [more]

3-06-1935 Hundreds of unemployed men board boxcars in Vancouver, British Columbia, beginning the historic On-to-Ottawa Trek to protest conditions in the relief camps run by the Department of National Defence. [more]

8-06-2007 The Supreme Court of Canada rules, in a 6 to 1 decision, that collective bargaining rights are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The decision describes collective bargaining rights as "a fundamental aspect of Canadian society." [more]

11-06-1925 Today is Davis Day in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, a memorial day for coal miner William Davis, who was shot and killed by company police during the struggle for control of the Waterford Lake power plant during the historic 1925 strike. [more]

12-06-1934 Immigrant workers go on strike at the Noranda copper and gold mining operations in Québec, led by the Workers' Unity League. Strikebreakers are brought in, and there is no union contract until 1945. [more]

14-06-1912 Union leaders meet at the Lethbridge Labour Temple to establish the Alberta Federation of Labour and encourage solidarity among the province's workers. The meeting is chaired by Donald McNabb, the province's first labour member of the legislature. [more]

15-06-1872 The Trade Union Act comes into force. This is the legislation promised by the prime minister in April in response to the campaign for shorter hours and the arrest of striking Toronto printers. The Act states that unions are legal in Canada. [more]

17-06-1958 In Vancouver, British Columbia the Second Narrows Bridge collapses while under construction, and nineteen lives are lost. It is the city's worst industrial disaster. The bridge is now known as the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing. [more]

18-06-1935 Longshoremen in Vancouver, many of them war veterans, march to protest the use of scabs to unload cargo on the docks. In a three-hour battle, police chase the strikers down on horseback and use tear gas to disperse the protest. [more]

19-06-1938 Relief Project Workers' Union members occupying government buildings in Vancouver are evicted by police. A battle follows. [more]

19-06-1914 A coal mine explosion in the Crowsnest Pass at Hillcrest, Alberta takes the lives of 189 men, mostly immigrants. Canada's worst coal mine disaster leaves 90 widows and more than 250 orphans. [more]

20-06-1959 A sudden violent storm on Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick sweeps away 35 men and boys. The Escuminac Disaster is commemorated at the local wharf by The Fishermen, a monument created by Acadian artist Claude Roussel. [more]

21-06-1919 A silent parade to protest the arrest of leaders of the Winnipeg General Strike is attacked by the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the special police hired by the city. Two men lose their lives on Bloody Saturday, and the strike ends five days later. [more]

27-06-1991 The Supreme Court of Canada issues its decision in Lavigne v Ontario Public Service Employees Union, affirming the constitutional right of unions to spend money on social and political action to advance the interests of workers. [more]