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Australia TWU slams ATA electiopn process as a stitch-up 2019-01-18 [TWU]

Australia Latsko and Toivonen named PFA Players of the Month for December 2019-01-18 [PFA]

Australia PBS spending decreases 3 per cent 2019-01-18 [Professionals Australia]

Australia Statement on the removal of the MV Mariloula & MV Lowlands Brilliance from Bluescope freight services 2019-01-18 [MUA]

Australia Queensland ATO members in South Queensland 2019-01-18 [CPSU]

Australia Victoria Melbourne Ports: Cease Work Order for Sulfuryl Fluoride Still in Place 2019-01-18 [CPSU]

Australia Chronic Understaffing in Aged Care Is Causing Enormous Pain and Suffering for Residents and Families 2019-01-18 [ANMF]

Australia Consumers paying the price for power privatisation 2019-01-18 [ACTU]

Australia Western Australia 'Officers feared for their lives': Greenough prison guards speak out 2019-01-18 [The Times]

Australia Aged care worker voices must be a vital part of royal commission 2019-01-18 [Mirage]

Australia BHP and Bluescope end an era while seafarers face an uncertain future 2019-01-18 [The Shipping News]

Australia New South Wales Foreign ships and workers to take over the 'golden triangle' iron ore and coal run, leaving 80 Australians out of a job 2019-01-17 [Newcastle Herald]

Australia New South Wales Unions draw strength from 'spectacular victory' at coal mine 2019-01-17 [The Australian]


Australia NAB: Maintaining Your Credit Accreditation 2019-01-16 [FSU]

Australia Labor right to attack rorted working holiday visas 2019-01-16 [The Daily Telegraph]

Australia Australian shipping crews fear for future as BHP, Bluescope contracts near end 2019-01-16 [ABC]

Australia Port giant loses last-ditch bid to halt union strife on the waterfront 2019-01-16 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Newcastle and Hunter seafarers left out of a job as BHP cuts ties with ships 2019-01-16 [The Herald]

Australia Union rages over axed BHP shipping contracts 2019-01-16 [The West Australian]

Australia Queensland Sydney and Brisbane wharfies to take industrial action over push to slash working conditions 2019-01-16 [MUA]

Australia South Australia Potential disruption at Adelaide airport if rates and conditions slashed 2019-01-15 [TWU]

Australia Tower trouble sends warning 2019-01-15 [Professionals Australia]

Australia BHP and BlueScope to Axe Last Two Australian Iron Ore Vessels 2019-01-15 [MUA]

Australia UniSuper Enterprise Bargaining – Meetings Recommence in January 2019-01-15 [FSU]

Australia Building watchdog defends costly cupboard 2019-01-15 []

Australia Hutchison Ports to be the ‘poster child’ for union campaigns 2019-01-15 [The Shipping News]

Australia No criminal charges laid over media tipoff for Australian Workers' Union raids 2019-01-15 [The Guardian]

Australia No criminal charges for anyone implicated in leaking information in the AWU raids case 2019-01-15 [ABC]

Australia #MilestoneMonday: Durante reaches triple century, PFA President joins 250 club 2019-01-14 [PFA]

Australia Know your rights: have you been underpaid? 2019-01-14 [MEAA]

Australia Hutchison Ports to be the 'poster child' for union campaigns 2019-01-14 [The Financial Review]

Australia Wharfies vote to strike over 'attack' on pay and conditions 2019-01-14 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Protection Needed for Drivers 2019-01-12 [TWU]

Australia TWU Critques PC on Super Reform 2019-01-12 [TWU]

Australia Morrison Government Continues To Run Up Empty Excuses For Fuel Security Fail 2019-01-12 [MUA]

Australia Even Management Consultants Have Figured Out That Port Automation Is Chronically Overrated 2019-01-12 [MUA]

Australia Queensland McDonald's faces 'historic' protests over work conditions 2019-01-12 [The Financial Review]

Australia Queensland Staff far from McHappy about breaks 2019-01-11 [The Courier-Mail]

Australia Best in show funds shortlist 'unworkable': industry expert 2019-01-11 [The Morning Herald]

Australia McDonald's Staff Told to Choose Between Taking Breaks or Using the Toilet 2019-01-11 [Newsweek]

Australia Tasmania Health staff off to the UK on taxpayer-funded trip to recruit mental health nurses 2019-01-11 [ABC]

Australia Victoria Life on the breadline: 'Helping others might not be easy, but it's rewarding' 2019-01-11 [The Guardian]

Australia Workforce year-ender: the big issues 2018, and what lies ahead 2019-01-11 [Reuters]

Australia Queensland Young McDonald's workers ‘terrified’ to ask for toilet breaks 2019-01-11 [The Times]

Australia Productivity Commission Recommendations Fail the Real World Test 2019-01-10 [TWU]

Australia Solidarity with striking Broadway actors 2019-01-10 [MEAA]

Australia ABC admits to systemic wage theft 2019-01-10 [ACTU]

Australia Thailand must release imprisoned Aussie footballer 2019-01-10 [ACTU]

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