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Australia The sexual harassment you walk past is the sexual harassment you accept 2018-09-13 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia Queensland A tragic accident on the Kennedy Highway this morning deserves a full investigation 2018-09-13 [TWU]

Australia Victoria Amazon's 'hellscape' revealed in Victorian Warehouse 2018-09-13 [NUW]

Australia Unionist to go back to the classroom 2018-09-13 [NTEU]

Australia MUA fears fatality at VICT terminal at Webb Dock in Victoria 2018-09-13 [MUA]

Australia Boral company to pay paltry fine to CFMEU over threats to sack workers 2018-09-13 [CFMMEU]

Australia Statement on Labor's position on the TPP 2018-09-13 [AMWU]

Australia Enhancing your digital attitude 2018-09-13 [AEU]

Australia ACTU calls on Morrison Government to Back Secure Jobs 2018-09-13 [ACTU]

Australia Rules for working women failing to end workplace sexual harassment 2018-09-13 [ACTU]

Australia Domestic violence leave not enough: ACTU 2018-09-13 [Nine]

Australia A bad day for ACCI at the Senate Inquiry into Industrial Deaths 2018-09-12 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia A possible licence to be safe 2018-09-12 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia Childcare workers spit the dummy 2018-09-12 [City News]

Australia 'Pretty ridiculous': Nine hours a day, five days a week, just to cover the rent 2018-09-12 [The Morning Herald]

Australia 'Pretty ridiculous': Nine hours a day, five days a week, just to cover the rent 2018-09-12 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Bunnings reviews ‘bank-of-hours’ staffing policy after string of complaints 2018-09-11 [The New Daily]

Australia Victoria Every crane in Victoria could be checked after Box Hill construction site death 2018-09-11 [The New Daily]

Australia Government cuts more Centrelink jobs in privatisation drive 2018-09-11 [CPSU]

Australia Government must fix super inequality 2018-09-11 [ASU]

Australia PFA partner nominated for FIFA Diversity Award 2018-09-11 [PFA]

Australia Senators standing up for our elderly residents 2018-09-11 [ANMF]

Australia Fair Fund Now! Week of Action a huge success 2018-09-11 [AEU]

Australia South Australia Premier condemns prison officers who chanted 'scab' at worker during privatisation protest 2018-09-11 [ABC]

Australia New South Wales Sydney Metro rail accident: worker in hospital after falling eight metres 2018-09-11 [The Australian]

Australia Review of West Gate Bridge findings has important lessons for modern infrastructure projects 2018-09-10 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

USA UNI Global Union and IndustriALL Global Union condemn Kimberly-Clark’s lack of respect for workers 2018-09-09 [UNI Global Union]

Australia Workers at Amazon's Australian warehouse claim they're forced to perform bizarre 'cult-like' rituals - and they're too scared to go to the toilet in case their pay is docked 2018-09-08 [The Daily Mail]

Australia Safety At Work Talks – Eldeen Pozniak For more info 2018-09-07 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia ‘We expect better’: Fair Work ombudsman rips Domino’s for underpayments and workplace breaches 2018-09-07 [The New Daily]

Australia Royal Commission Round 6: Insurance 2018-09-07 [FSU]

Australia Victoria Another construction worker killed, two others injured on construction site in Box Hill 2018-09-07 [CFMMEU]

Australia The importance of TAFE 2018-09-07 [AEU]

Australia South Australia South Australian Government takes public sector union to court 2018-09-07 [ABC]

Australia New South Wales Free Bus Trips In Western Sydney Today 2018-09-07 [Triple M]

Australia Western Australia Striking union claims Alcoa yet to reveal full extent of production hit 2018-09-07 [The Financial Review]

Australia Western Australia Alcoa workers vote against EBA, continue strike 2018-09-07 [Platt's]

Australia O’Dwyer joins business in attack on leave rights 2018-09-07 [ACTU]

Australia Victoria Box Hill crane accident puts worksite safety in the spotlight 2018-09-07 [ABC]

Australia Tasmania Chinese plasterers walk off the job at Royal Hobart Hospital job over visa, pay dispute 2018-09-07 [ABC]

Australia Victoria Industrial Manslaughter laws explained to Senate inquiry 2018-09-06 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia Victoria Worker killed, two injured on Melbourne construction site 2018-09-06 [The New Daily]

Australia Record numbers of players supported through PFA Education Grants 2018-09-06 [PFA]

Australia South Australia Budget devastates state’s TAFE sector 2018-09-06 [AEU]

Australia New South Wales Hunter workers join national campaign against Coalition industrial relations 2018-09-06 [The Herald]

Australia Western Australia Union says WA strike has hit Alcoa output 2018-09-06 [Nine]

Australia Threat to deregister construction union is a theat to the rights of us all 2018-09-06 [The Pen]

Australia CFMEU antics spark cross-bench rethink on union strike off laws 2018-09-05 [The Morning Herald]

Australia South Australia Government has delivered a budget with no plan to tackle the impending jobs crisis 2018-09-05 [SA Unions]

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