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Australia Models win private changerooms at this year’s Fashion Week 2019-05-14 [SDA]

Australia Labor arts and culture policy meets with approval 2019-05-14 [MEAA]

Australia Misleading EBA statements threaten Telstra bargaining 2019-05-14 [CWU]

Australia Labor announces APS plans for workplace relations 2019-05-14 [CPSU]

Australia Safe Systems of Work at Home Affairs 2019-05-14 [CPSU]

Australia New My School figures show urgent need for more public school funding 2019-05-14 [AEU]

Australia IDAHOBIT – Friday 17 May 2019-05-14 [AEU]

Australia EB 2019: You’ve Made Your Voice Heard! 2019-05-14 [FSU]

Australia Finance Sector union and CBA in Fair Work Commission tomorrow 2019-05-14 [Mirage]

Australia Rail workers backing Labor’s National rail manufacturing plan 2019-05-14 [Mirage]

Australia ACTU leader to present case for minimum wage rise 2019-05-14 [The Financial Review]

Australia Scott Morrison issues blunt warning over union power under Labor 2019-05-14 [The West Australian]

Australia Delivery riders need realrights at work 2019-05-14 [ACTU]

Australia Labour is vowing to raise wages on first day of government 2019-05-14 [SBS]

Australia Qantas denies exploiting indiginous workers through traineeship program 2019-05-13 [SBS]

Australia New South Wales 60 minutes: Heartbroken parents reveal son crushed by scaffolding yelled for help for 20 minutes 2019-05-13 [9News]

Australia Western Australia WA poll: Working people want a plan on pay, secure work 2019-05-12 [Unions WA]

Australia The forecast Federal Budget surplus, built on the back of a $1.6b NDIS ‘underspend’, showed the country that this Government’s priorities are all wrong when it comes to disability. 2019-05-12 [HSU]

Australia To change the rules, we must change the government 2019-05-12 [ASU]

Australia South Australia Minister for Transport walks all over Eyre Peninsula Grain Line 2019-05-12 [RTBU]

Australia Safety has a price: RTBU calls for adequate staffing 2019-05-12 [RTBU]

Australia Build High Speed Rail and the passengers will come 2019-05-12 [RTBU]

Australia From the CEO: Player Pathway Study 2019-05-12 [Professionals Australia]

Australia Labor commits to solve shipbuilding job losses 2019-05-12 [Professionals Australia]

Australia Have you made an informed decision? 2019-05-12 [Professionals Australia]

Australia Western Australia Murdoch Chancellor refuses to guarantee jobs of whistleblowers 2019-05-12 [NTEU]

Australia ALP Announces 10% R&D Tax Incentive for Collaborative Research 2019-05-12 [NTEU]

Australia Talks recommence with positive indications 2019-05-12 [CWU]

Australia Joint statement - the crisis in Centrelink and Medicare 2019-05-12 [CPSU]

Australia Regional Express EBA approved by Fair Work Commission 2019-05-12 [ASU]

Australia ANMF welcomes Opposition’s pledge for action in aged care 2019-05-12 [ANMF]

Australia Cost Savings = Job Cuts? FSU Demands Answers 2019-05-12 [FSU]

Australia Women most likely to be working multiple jobs: RBA 2019-05-12 [ACTU]

Australia Flight Centre hit with court case alleging underpayment of workers 2019-05-12 [Review]

Australia 'You're too pretty' for construction: Bursting through the boys' club 2019-05-12 [The Age]

Australia Aussies ‘forced to work more than one job to make ends meet’ 2019-05-12 [9 News]

Australia ACTU welcomes ALP plan for federal public service 2019-05-11 [ACTU]

Australia ACTU welcomes closure of corporate tax loopholes 2019-05-11 [ACTU]

Australia Transport workers in Australia hold nationwide protest against ride-share app Uber 2019-05-11 [Brinkwire]

Australia They're loving it! Thousands of McDonald's workers get a payrise as fast food giant finally agrees to higher rates for weekend shifts 2019-05-11 [The Daily Mail]

Australia Foodora backpays AU$3m to some riders for unpaid super and wages 2019-05-11 [ZDNet]

Australia Underpayment as business model: what is wage theft? 2019-05-11 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Foodora owes $8 million to former delivery workers, who will only receive 29 cents in the dollar 2019-05-11 [ABC]

Australia Fears of Home Affairs job losses as government cuts staff budget by $150 million 2019-05-10 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Foodora riders to finally get backpay 2019-05-10 [The West Australian]

Global What She Makes: Oxfam Challenges Australian Brands to Pay Garment Workers Living Wages 2019-05-10 [Eco Warrior Princess]

Australia New South Wales How the 'rebel women' of Broken Hill shaped the minimg town and Australia's early union movement 2019-05-08 [ABC]

Australia Victoria Uni’s using more casual staff: report 2019-05-08 [Brinkwire]

Australia Labor wants to restore penalty rates within 100 days. But what about the independent umpire? 2019-05-08 [The Conversation]

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