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Australia Australian Unions Have Recreated 'Three Billboards' For International Women's Day 2018-03-08 [Buzzfeed]

Australia #MeToo, #TimesUp and #OHS 2018-03-08 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia Future of work is what we make it 2018-03-06 [ACTU]

Australia One in 10 women sexually harassed at work: survey 2018-03-06 [In Daily]

Australia Meet Michael O'Connor, now the country's most powerful union leader 2018-03-06 [The Age]

Australia How bad is workplace mental health and what can be done about it 2018-03-06 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia Queensland Safety in Work-For-The-Dole gets a hammering 2018-03-06 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia New construction and maritime super union gets the green light 2018-03-06 [The Age]

Australia Cigarette giant Philip Morris slashes Australian workforce 2018-03-06 [The Age]

Australia Australian women report 'shocking' levels of inequality, sexual harassment in new study 2018-03-06 [ABC News]

Australia One in 10 Australian women being sexually harassed at work, survey finds 2018-03-06 [Guardian Australia]

Australia Fair Work Commission clears ‘super-union’ merger 2018-03-06 [The New Daily]

Australia CFMEU-MUA super-union gets Fair Work approval 2018-03-06 [AFR]

Australia Merger between militant unions CFMEU, MUA approved 2018-03-06 [The Australian]

Australia Update on Fair Work analysis of the Emirates Enterprise Agreement 2017 2018-03-05 [ASU]

Australia Perhaps EAPs need to evolve more 2018-03-05 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia Victoria Safety insights from Return-To-Work Forum 2018-03-05 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia New ABCC chief targets CFMEU 'repeat offenders' 2018-03-05 [The Australian]

Australia Tasmania TWU stalwart Ken Griffin retires as Toll delegate 2018-03-05 [TWU]

Australia 'Shocking' levels of sexual harassment at work, study reveals 2018-03-05 [SMH]

Australia Unions lose public holiday entitlements claim 2018-03-05 [The Australian]

Australia Workers' compensation watchdog threatened with abolition 2018-03-05 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Australia Biggest ever worker survey shows Australians want fair pay, secure jobs 2018-03-02 [ACTU]

Australia Govt sits on land titles privatisation report as opposition grows 2018-03-02 [SMH]

Australia Spotless refusal to pay redundancy to cleaners ruled unlawful 2018-03-02 [afr]

Australia ACTU head Sally McManus optimistic when her global counterparts are not 2018-03-02 [watoday]

Australia Labor plans industrial relations changes to boost wages for low-paid workers 2018-03-02 [theguardian]

Australia Govt accused of eroding IT by outsourcing 2018-03-01 [itnews]

Australia Bill Shorten should cut Labor’s affiliations with the CFMEU 2018-03-01 [theaustralian]

Australia Workers fear the sack and are struggling to pay the bills: union survey 2018-03-01 [theage]

Australia Aus and NZ transport workers must unite their struggles 2018-03-01 [scoop]

Australia Labor has demanded a formal apology from cabinet minister Michaelia Cash 2018-03-01 [bordermail]

Australia The pay paradox Whatever happened to wage rises in Australia? 2018-03-01 [theguardian]

Australia Union Bill did little for women, says ex-ACTU boss 2018-02-28 [The Australian]

Australia Shame Aldi 2018-02-28 [TWU]

Australia Penalty rate cut fails to stimmulate jobs, survey shows 2018-02-28 [Sydney morning herald]

Australia Canon objects to FWC hearing ASU Arbitration Case regarding GPS mobile phone tracking dispute 2018-02-26 [ASU]

Australia Victoria WorkSafe Victoria’s optimism is for the whole community 2018-02-26 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia Federal Council finds MEAA in good shape 2018-02-26 [MEAA]

Australia Fears privatised visa system could see access to Australia ‘sold to highest bidder’ 2018-02-26 [theguardian]

Australia Coles workers vote Yes on new agreement 2018-02-25 [SDA]

Australia 5 top OHS issues for 2018 2018-02-23 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia TAX BIG COMPANIES, NOT WORKERS AND THE POOR 2018-02-23 [socialist-alliance]

Australia Australian Wages Creep Up in Q4, Business Still Playing Scrooge 2018-02-23 [JG]

Australia Economics 101 - cartoon 2018-02-23 [TJN-AU]

Australia PPE review – EyeMuffs 2018-02-22 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia There's more to jobs and growth than a corporate tax cut 2018-02-22 [ABCnews]

Australia Qantas records record first-half profit of $976 million underlying before tax 2018-02-22 []

Australia Vale Zelda D'Aprano 2018-02-22 [ASU]

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