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Australia Female players benefit from new Rugby Australia CBA 2018-01-10 [Daily Telegraph]

Australia Superannuation rules for working women broken 2018-01-10 [AFR]

Australia New South Wales Sydney rail meltdown triggered by rushed timetable reforms : Union 2018-01-09 [ABC]

Australia Federal Government 'deliberately saved' $343m in public service pay dispute, union says 2018-01-09 [ABC]

Australia New South Wales Port Kembla coal terminal dispute with workers escalated 2018-01-09 [ABC]

Australia New South Wales Port Kembla Coal Terminal shuts out 60 workers 2018-01-09 [Australian Mining]

Australia Who are the workers now? 2018-01-09 [Challenge]

Australia Domino's new pay deal derailed over failure to bargain in good faith 2018-01-09 [AFR]

Australia New South Wales ACTU calls for lockout law changes in response to Port Kembla coal dispute 2018-01-09 [AFR]

Australia New South Wales Squeezing more out of Sydney’s train fleet leaves less time for maintenance 2018-01-09 [Fairfax Media]

Australia Attack on working conditions linked to teachers’ stress 2018-01-08 [Education International]

Australia Workplace tribunal delays vote on new Domino's wage offer 2018-01-08 [Fairfax Media]

Australia Queensland A Tongan man becomes 14th death while working on Seasonal Worker Program 2018-01-08 [Brisbane. Courier Mail]

Australia New South Wales Port Kembla Coal Terminal locks out 60 workers after CFMEU takes protected industrial action 2018-01-08 [ABC]

Australia How office plants can fight stress and other nasties 2018-01-08 [ABC]

Australia New South Wales 'We feel devalued': Workers picket Port Kembla Coal Terminal after lockout 2018-01-08 [Illawarra Mercury]

Australia New South Wales Domino's Pizza worker shot in armed robbery in Wentworthville 2018-01-08 [ABC]

Australia Protecting theatre workers from sexual harassment 2018-01-08 [MEAA]

Australia MEAA’s Zoe Angus says no excuses when it comes to sexual harassment. Enough is enough 2018-01-08 [Daily Review]

Australia SLOMO laws 'will be nearly impossible to enforce': Police Union 2018-01-08 [WA Today]

Australia 'He's calculated and manipulative, a predator': Craig McLachlan accused of indecent assault 2018-01-08 [Fairfax Media]

Australia New South Wales Port Kembla coal terminal launches unprecedented lockout to counter CFMEU threat 2018-01-08 [AFR]

Australia New ABCC head an organised crime investigator and former AFL umpire 2018-01-08 [AFR]

Australia Sexual harassment isn't a women's issue: it's a workplace health and safety problem 2018-01-08 [ABC]

Australia 'He's calculated and manipulative, a predator': Craig McLachlan accused of indecent assault 2018-01-08 [Fairfax Media ]

Australia New South Wales Rise in truck deaths prompts call for return of road safety watchdog. 2018-01-07 [Daily Liberal]

Australia New IR minister Craig Laundy says business should give workers a pay rise 2018-01-07 [AFR]

Australia New South Wales Port Kembla Coal Terminal workers to be locked out by company 2018-01-06 [Illawarra Mercury ]

Australia Domino's workers to lose regular shifts for 2¢ an hour bonus 2018-01-06 [Fairfax Media ]

Australia New head appointed to Australian building and construction regulator 2018-01-06 [Guardian Australia]

Australia New govt building watchdog appointed 2018-01-06 [SBS]

Australia Indigenous work-for-the-dole scheme slaps 350,000 fines in just two years 2018-01-05 [ABC]

Australia Transport Workers Union says fatal truck accidents are out of control 2018-01-05 [Lithgow Mercury]

Australia New South Wales Don’t want much for $25/hr do you?’: Ad for after-school nanny lists duties including dog walking 2018-01-05 [News Ltd ]

Australia Queensland CFMEU scraps weekend work in landmark deal over building code 2018-01-05 [AFR]

Australia Queensland RACQ renews calls for laws surrounding safety of roadside emergency workers 2018-01-04 [MyGC]

Australia Labour hire firm facing collapse over 'sham EBA' ruling 2018-01-04 [AFR]

Australia Northern Territory Union argues against changing cabotage laws in the Northern Territory 2018-01-04 [NT News]

Australia Queensland JOBS CRISIS: 500 roles impacted by chicken plant closure 2018-01-04 [QT]

Australia The gig economy is taking us all for a ride 2018-01-04 [The New Daily]

Australia Big four banks to cut 20,000 jobs 2018-01-03 [AFR]

Australia Truck drivers on the road too long to stay safe. Explaining how the pay structure triggers these fatalities 2018-01-03 [Fairfax Media]

Australia New South Wales Federal MP must surrender documents about police raid on union 2018-01-02 [Sydney Criminal Lawyers]

Australia 70 years ago today, the 40-hour, five day working week began 2018-01-02 [Fairfax Media ]

Australia South Australia Hospital workers took five extra sick days last financial year 2018-01-02 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Australia How the Keating government agreed to end compulsory APS retirement 2018-01-02 [Fairfax Media ]

Australia Government spend on management consultants balloons as giant accountancy firms cash in 2018-01-02 [ABC]

Australia Early childhood teachers fight gender pay discrimination 2017-12-30 [Sydney Daily Telegraph ]

Australia Unions declare war on fake casual jobs 2017-12-29 [New Daily]

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