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Australia Tasmania NUW dairy workers offer 20pc pay cut to save jobs 2017-11-07 [Weekly Times]

Australia Victoria NUW fights to keep MG factory open 2017-11-07 [Shepparton News]

Australia Coles settles employee's landmark case to axe agreemen 2017-11-07 [AFR]

Australia Australian Capital Territory Families of killed workers shortchanged on compo reform: unions 2017-11-07 [Fairfax Media ]

Australia New South Wales Trickiest hit out as they hit rock bottom 2017-11-07 [Owned Driver]

Australia New South Wales Tip Top accused of pushing bread delivery drivers to breaking point 2017-11-07 [ABC]

Pacific Exploited Pacific workers in Australia face health risks says Australian union aid agency 2017-11-07 [ABC ]

Australia Coles settles massive underpayment case, agrees to fast-track vote 2017-11-07 [Fairfax Media ]

Australia What Australia can learn from Iceland on gender equality 2017-11-07 [Fairfax Media ]

Australia Streets factory workers offer to save the company millions of dollars 2017-11-07 [Fairfax Media ]

Australia CFMEU delegate unfairly sacked despite abusing and threatening co-workers 2017-11-07 [AFR]

Australia Coles settles employee's landmark case to axe agreement 2017-11-07 [AFR]

Australia Battle for Australian content jobs about to get nasty 2017-11-07 [The New Daily]

Australia Victoria Four Esso workers sacked 2017-11-05 [Gippsland Times]

Australia NAB: $6.64 Billion in Profit Rewarded With 6000 Job Losses 2017-11-04 [FSU]

Australia South Australia Tell SAPN management to stand up for SA power workers 2017-11-04 [ETU]

Australia Jetstar outlined their response to the ASU claim 2017-11-04 [ASU]

Australia Your superannuation and retirement are under attack 2017-11-04 [ASU]

Australia Nurses “shut out” of ministerial aged care task force 2017-11-04 [ANMF]

Australia Job-killers: bank workers at forefront of 'massive disruption' 2017-11-03 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Ice-cream wars: it's not just the Young Libs who are weak on industrial relations 2017-11-03 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Victoria BUPA aged care staff continue industrial action over staffing 2017-11-03 [Ageing Agenda]

Australia Aussie unions fight contractor's cuts at gas plant 2017-11-02 [IndustriALL]

Australia Banks aren’t super – ACTU report exposes risks of Turnbull plan to give banks control of more Australians’ super 2017-11-02 [ACTU]

Australia Superannuation theft to get worse under government's changes 2017-11-02 [ACTU]

Australia Jobs NAB’d and profits pocketed: Banks epic sell out of workers 2017-11-02 [ACTU]

Australia Michaelia Cash rebuffs ACTU pay push 2017-11-02 [The Australian]

Australia ACTU calls for minimum wages to be replaced with a new living wage 2017-11-02 [The Morning Herald]

Australia NAB did not consult union about job cuts: National Secretary 2017-11-02 [ABC]

Australia Data breach sees records of 50,000 Australian workers exposed 2017-11-02 [The Times]

Australia New South Wales NSW Young Liberals hold a #cornettocaucus in support of Streets ice-cream 2017-11-02 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Low earners need $80 more a week: ACTU 2017-11-02 [The Australian]

Australia Workers Uniting Statement on Police Repression of Australian Trade Unions 2017-10-31 [USW]

UK Stop the Australian government’s assault on workers’ rights 2017-10-31 [Unite the union]

Australia Union targets ineligible Barnaby Joyce and Fiona Nash over their votes on penalty rates 2017-10-29 [News]

Australia TWU is calling on the Federal Government to properly protect employee drivers 2017-10-28 [TWU]

Australia Airline profits rise while jobs destroyed 2017-10-28 [TWU]

Australia New South Wales NSW Government must fund more police - NSW Police needs 2 ,500 Officers 2017-10-28 [PANSW]

Australia Time for Birmingham to admit defeat on higher education cuts 2017-10-28 [NTEU]

Australia Crumlin Weighs In On AFP Raids on AWU Offices 2017-10-28 [MUA]

Australia ALP To Strengthen Coastal Shipping Policy 2017-10-28 [MUA]

Australia MUA Condemns Turnbull Government Failure On Constitutional Recognition 2017-10-28 [MUA]

Australia NSW disability services privatisation a ticking social bomb – report 2017-10-28 [CPSU]

Australia When we stand together we are always stronger together 2017-10-28 [AWU]

Australia Changing the rules by taking back control: the community reaction to privatisation 2017-10-28 [ASU]

Australia Victoria ANMF calls on Victorian MPs to show compassion & courage in supporting Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017-10-28 [ANMF]

Australia Victoria ANMF supporting campaign for safe staffing in Victorian nursing homes 2017-10-28 [ANMF]

Australia Carnell Report: All talk, no action on safe staffing levels 2017-10-28 [ANMF]

Australia Tackling the TAFE crisis 2017-10-28 [AEU]

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