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Australia Renewed Push For a Constitutionally Enshrined First Nations Voice 2018-11-06 [MUA]

Australia South Australia Coroner recommends spotters on construction sites to save lives: Inquest findings into death of Jorge Castillo-Riffo 2018-11-06 [CFMMEU]

Australia National Day of Respect for Public Transport Workers 2018-11-06 [RTBU]

Australia Milestone Monday: Clisby, Antonis hit ton, McKay and Durante reach 250 appearances 2018-11-06 [PFA]

Australia South Australia Job cuts at Port Pirie Nyrstar smelter despite government-aided redevelopment 2018-11-06 [ABC]

Australia Scissor Lift death findings clarify the context of OHS 2018-11-05 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia A new statistical perspective on work-related injuries and illnesses 2018-11-05 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia Australian Capital Territory Canberra Uber drivers face racist comments, poor pay and requests for sexual favours 2018-11-05 [Riot Act]

Australia Union asks who will fix flaws if Telstra sacks tech workers 2018-11-05 [ITWire]

Australia Western Australia Union plays down financial woes as battle with the bosses drags on 2018-11-05 [The Times]

Australia South Australia Anglicare SA makes 43 workers redundant as push for more NDIS funding fails 2018-11-05 [ABC]

Australia South Australia AnglicareSA disability workers made redundant, union claims 2018-11-05 [The Advertiser]

Australia AWU threatens industrial action 2018-11-03 [Racing]

Australia AWU subpoenas another of Senator Michaelia Cash's former staff to stop donations investigation 2018-11-03 [ABC]

Australia Since the Federal Government abandoned the road safety watchdog two years ago, 465 lives had been lost in trucking incidents 2018-11-02 [TWU]

Australia Westpac Group - Results Are In - 90% Vote Yes! 2018-11-02 [FSU]

Australia Morrison announces wasteful and ineffective apprentice scheme 2018-11-02 [ACTU]

Australia War brewing on the waterfront 2018-11-02 [T&L News]

Australia Mental Health of Jobseekers Suffers Under Government Program 2018-11-02 [Pro Bono]

Australia New South Wales Google staff walkout in Sydney over sexual harassment 2018-11-02 [The Financial Review]

Australia Job stability and wages rally stirs debate for southeast MPS 2018-11-02 [The Courier-Mail]

Australia Underpayment problem bigger than thought as few report wage theft 2018-11-01 [The New Daily]

Australia Gay school staff already at risk of being fired, teachers warn 2018-11-01 [The New Daily]

Australia SURVEY: Your rights at work at the NDIA 2018-11-01 [CPSU]

Australia Employers pay most international students half of legal min wage 2018-11-01 [Study International]

Australia Industrial Manslaughter laws? Let’s talk about safety 2018-10-31 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Australia Australian Capital Territory Response to Work safety review 2018-10-31 [Unions ACT]

Australia TWU Calls for Regulation of Stevedores 2018-10-31 [TWU]

Australia Dan Tehan’s ‘fix’ on ARC grants is woefully inadequate 2018-10-31 [NTEU]

Australia Crisis of Academic Freedom Emanates from Former Minister’s Office 2018-10-31 [NTEU]

Australia What does DP World Really Want 2018-10-31 [MUA]

Australia ITF Survey on Seafarers’ Mental Health 2018-10-31 [MUA]

Australia MUA and AWU Sign New Offshore Alliance 2018-10-31 [MUA]

Australia Airservices Australia staff to strike as negotiations remain grounded 2018-10-31 [CPSU]

Australia Bonus Issue front and centre at the Qantas AGM 2018-10-31 [ASU]

Australia The Young Socceroos opportunity 2018-10-31 [PFA]

Australia Teachers, principals have little faith in NAPLAN 2018-10-31 [AEU]

Australia Independent body needed to oversee energy shift: report 2018-10-31 [ACTU]

Australia New South Wales Sydney ferry strike: Delays expected for some commuters 2018-10-31 [9 News]

Australia Australian Capital Territory University of Canberra union members to strike on Thursday 2018-10-31 [Riot Act]

Australia Airservices Australia staff to strike for 24 hours as talks break down 2018-10-31 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Business Council president rejects union push as 'the enemy of job creation' 2018-10-31 [The Morning Herald]

Australia ACCC report sparks TWU concern and DP World defiance 2018-10-30 [ATN]

Australia Union to join key casual work court case 2018-10-30 []

Australia Union slams Optus chief Allen Lew's threats to fire staff over complaints surge 2018-10-30 [CRN]

Australia Major power union wants independent Energy Transition Authority to oversee closure of power stations 2018-10-30 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Government 'must act now' to prepare for coal transition: report 2018-10-30 [The Morning Herald]

Australia Prepare workers for coal closures: report 2018-10-30 [The Australian]

Australia Airservices Australia staff to strike for 24 hours as talks break down 2018-10-30 [The Times]

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