O’Dwyer backs business, betrays working people

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Trade Union Commitment to Ensure Teleperformance Respects Human Rights 2018-10-18 [NUW]

O’Dwyer backs business, betrays working people 2018-10-18 [ACTU]

Western Australia BP’s Kwinana refinery follows in Alcoa’s footsteps, moves to terminate enterprise agreement 2018-10-18 [The Mail]

How is this fair? Australia’s wealthiest CEO is revealed to be earning a staggering 435 TIMES the average salary - as bosses rake in millions while workers' wages shrink 2018-10-18 [The Daily Mail]

Companies instructed to report protesting workers within 24 hours 2018-10-18 [The Australian]

Kelly O'Dwyer intervenes in casual worker test case 2018-10-18 [The Morning Herald]

Tasmania Nyrstar's falling share price, job cuts have unions worried about Hobart plant's workforce 2018-10-18 [ABC]

Workers protest 'exorbitant' CEO pay 2018-10-18 [HCA]

Western Australia WA transport worker accused of leaking staff personal details to union 2018-10-18 [Today]

New OHS conference tries new approaches and succeeds 2018-10-17 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Politics on display in final report of Australia’s Industrial Deaths inquiry 2018-10-17 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Victoria ‘Don’t threaten workers’, unions warn employers ahead of mega rally 2018-10-17 [We Are Union]

McCulloch retires from tertiary union post to settle in Hobart 2018-10-17 [NTEU]

Anti-Poverty Week highlights one million Aussies in need 2018-10-17 [AEU]

Unions welcome call for uniform Industrial Manslaughter laws 2018-10-17 [ACTU]

Change the Rules for fair pay in anti-poverty week 2018-10-17 [ACTU]

Child safety officers protest over pay and conditions 2018-10-17 [The Mercury]

Multidisciplinary analysis of safety culture 2018-10-16 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Employers in push for new category of lower paid casual workers 2018-10-16 [The New Daily]

McDonald’s accused of exploiting young workers 2018-10-16 [The New Daily]

Victoria Women’s unpaid work worth billions 2018-10-16 [The New Daily]

Academics for Refugees: National Day of Action 2018-10-16 [NTEU]

New National Officers take over 2018-10-16 [NTEU]

Results of elections for RTBU National Offices 2018-10-16 [RTBU]

When it comes to teaching history, technology has reinvented the wheel. 2018-10-16 [AEU]

Victoria Unions back Victorian Socialists campaign 2018-10-16 [The Australian]

Victoria WorkSafe acts on allegations of gruelling workplace conditions in a Victorian law firm 2018-10-15 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Law firm warns employers against refusing workers to rally 2018-10-15 [The News]

Union finds Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university staff face racism and discrimination at work 2018-10-15 [NTEU]

Victoria Nation remembers West Gate Bridge collapse 2018-10-15 [SBS]

Fair Work finds sacking of an Esso worker was ‘unfair’ 2018-10-15 [The Times]

South Australia Union bides Viterra’s time 2018-10-15 [The Times]

Call to Action: October 2018 2018-10-15 [Unions ACT]

A landmark case involving the sacking of a food delivery rider held at the Fair Work Commissio 2018-10-15 [TWU]

Western Australia TWU calls on the WA Government to hold bus operator Transdev to account over unfair pay and conditions 2018-10-15 [TWU]

ACTU welcomes new direction on trade 2018-10-15 [ACTU]

One step forward, Two steps back. Hutchison EBA Update 2018-10-13 [MUA]

Cormann nonsense doesn’t hide Coalition’s anti-APS agenda 2018-10-13 [CPSU]

How to attend a Rally to CHANGE THE RULES rally near you 2018-10-13 [CPSU]

Making TAFE 2018-10-13 [AEU]

Labor to invest $14.1b in public schools 2018-10-13 [AEU]

Household budgets squeeze intensifies says new research 2018-10-13 [ACTU]

Political tennis on silicosis begins 2018-10-12 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

By looking at the silicosis tree, we might miss the forest of dust 2018-10-12 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Western Australia Industrial action by bus drivers set to disrupt services in some areas of Perth 2018-10-10 [ABC]

Glyphosate presents an OHS problem but maybe OHS is the path to a solution 2018-10-09 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Labor vows foreign worker crackdown amid TPP union anger 2018-10-09 [The Financial Review]

Unions’ ad campaign targets ‘obscene profits’ and CEO salaries 2018-10-09 [The New Daily]

Ad campaign in Queensland building to national rallies to Change the Rules 2018-10-09 [QCU]

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4-10-1909 Workers in new South Wales join a huge procession for the 8 hour day. [more]

14-10-1981 Dock workers in Darwin start 7-day strike, refusing to load uranium on board “Pacific Sky” for US military use. [more]