Pay rises at ALDI

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Victoria Industrial action likely from council staff in union 2017-08-18 [Wangaratta Chronicle ]

Victoria Workers bled dry continue to strike 2017-08-18 [Border Mail]

Victoria Dorevitch's 600 Vic pathology staff strike 2017-08-18 [AAP]

Vulnerable workers bill provides new powers to investigate strikes 2017-08-18 [AFR]

Pay rises at ALDI 2017-08-18 [SDA]

The gender pay gap is (slightly) down! 2017-08-18 [Women's Agenda]

WA gender pay gap better for wrong reasons 2017-08-18 [Unions WA]

New South Wales NSW National Parks job cuts increase risk of bushfire tragedy 2017-08-18 [AWU]

Virgin's EBA offer falls well short of worker expectation 2017-08-18 [TWU VIC-Tas]

Victoria GrainCorp: Grain handlers begin industrial action 2017-08-18 [The Weekly Times]

New South Wales Federal Court sides with employers to cut mine workers redundancy pay 2017-08-18 [Singleton Argus]

Turnbull Government extends its control & disempowerment of Aboriginal & Torres Strait people 2017-08-18 [ACTU]

How union stakes in ailing papers like the Chicago Sun-Times may keep them alive 2017-08-18 [The Conversation]

Western Australia Peel Health Campus staff spat on, treated after assaults 2017-08-18 [Mandurah Mail]

Queensland Sacked Rocky Aurizon worker pleads case in Canberra crusade 2017-08-18 [CQ News]

Cardboard box and recycling giant Visy launches lawsuit against its workers 2017-08-18 [Fairfax Media]

New South Wales Local workers to unload cargos of wind turbines at Newcastle Port 2017-08-18 [Newcastle Herald]

Pharmacists among ‘most underpaid workers’ in Australia: union report 2017-08-18 [The New Daily]

Tasmania Policy backflip: uniom fight stops lower school age 2017-08-18 [United Voice]

National Union of Workers, United Voice plan to create 'new union model' 2017-08-18 [AFR]

Lifting students’ achievements via increased funding in education, not testing 2017-08-17 [Education International]

ABS workers voice fears over same-sex marriage postal vote in union survey 2017-08-17 [SBS]

Union warns 'rush job': grave doubts at ABS over same-sex marriage survey 2017-08-17 [Fairfax Media]

CPSU Condemns One Nation attack on ABC and SBS 2017-08-17 [CPSU]

South Australia Enough is Enough: Truckies protest Aldi squeeze 2017-08-17 [TWU]

CFMEU plans #ChangeTheRules campaign over bad redundancy laws stealing millions from workers 2017-08-17 [CFMEU]

Vulnerable workers bill in 'delicate' balance 2017-08-17 [Fairfax Media]

New South Wales Cleaners fear being short changed under new contracts 2017-08-17 [Fairfax Media ]

Police probe allegations of fraud in labor union elections 2017-08-17 [Times of Israel]

Tasmania Cadbury to cut jobs 2017-08-17 [C-store]

New South Wales Wharfies' 48 hour stop work over wage cut at Newcastle Port 2017-08-17 [Newcastle Herald]

New South Wales Qube Newcastle workforce to impose 48-hour stopwork over massive wage cut 2017-08-17 [MUA]

Queensland Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project will 'kill someone', CFMEU says 2017-08-17 [ABC]

Victoria Asbestos contamination stops works on Chandler Highway widening project 2017-08-17 [ABC]

Tasmania Mount Lyell mine death: Colleague of Michael Welsh tells of finding 'crippled, bent' machine 2017-08-17 [ABC]

Lib Dem Senator tells Gvt union mergers are none of their business 2017-08-17 [Financial Review]

Wages are going backwards. The rules at work are broken 2017-08-17 [ACTU]

Tasmania Cadbury cuts: About 50 jobs to go from Hobart factory as part of $75m upgrade 2017-08-15 [ABC]

Tasmania Cadbury cuts 50 jobs from Hobart factory 2017-08-15 [SBS]

Shadow economy delivers wage theft, tax avoidance and exploitation 2017-08-15 [ACTU]

You don’t fix wage theft with EFTPOS. 2017-08-15 [ACTU]

Queensland Blue Care nurse given marching orders after 17 years 2017-08-15 [News Mail]

ACTU says black economy report ignores scale and severity of wage theft 2017-08-15 [Guardian Australia]

IMF report shows lower unionisation leads to lower wages 2017-08-15 [Guardian Australia]

Tasmania Government admits backflip on lowering school starting after United Voice poll released 2017-08-15 [ABC]

Domino's uncovers $1.1m in underpayments 2017-08-15 [AAP]

New South Wales Workers sacked by Telstra NBN provider 2017-08-15 [Hunter Valley News]

New South Wales SDA Newcastle and Northern slam NSW Government decision to legislate Boxing Day trade 2017-08-15 [Maitland Mercury]

New South Wales Regional ambulance staff shortage rallies resident fears 2017-08-15 [ABC]

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This month in labour history

2-08-1917 Members of engineering and rail unions across Sydney begin to strike against the time card system, with more workers taking unofficial action the next day. [more]

9-08-1917 The number of workers on strike across Sydney increases to 45,000 when miners and longeshoremen join the action. [more]

12-08-1917 The Australian government informs the people, through the Sunday papers, that "The enemies of Britain and her Allies have succeeded in plunging Australia into a general strike." [more]

14-08-1917 Seamen's Union Vice President W. Daly is arrested and charged with conspiracy to instigate an illegal strike. [more]

16-08-1890 Marine officers walk off their ships in strike action, soon followed by their crews. [more]

23-08-1966 Two hundred Gurindji workers walk off their cattle station at Wave Hill, a strike that will last almost a decade and lead to the passage of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. [more]

24-08-1917 The government declares that the Strike Committee in Sydney shall be considered an illegal organisation. [more]

26-08-1894 Striking shearers burn and destroy the steamship 'Rodney', which had been used to transport scabs on the Darling River. [more]

30-08-1917 First labour martyr Merv Flanagan shot and killed in Sydney during General Strike for yelling 'scab'. His murderer Reginald Wearne ( whose brother was a consevative MP) was never convicted. [more]

31-08-1890 Up to 100,000 workers gather in Melbourne to support the sheep shearers' strike [more]