The NSW chalkie who rose to rule the industrial world

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TAX BIG COMPANIES, NOT WORKERS AND THE POOR 2018-02-23 [socialist-alliance]

Australian Wages Creep Up in Q4, Business Still Playing Scrooge 2018-02-23 [JG]

Economics 101 - cartoon 2018-02-23 [TJN-AU]

There's more to jobs and growth than a corporate tax cut 2018-02-22 [ABCnews]

Qantas records record first-half profit of $976 million underlying before tax 2018-02-22 []

Vale Zelda D'Aprano 2018-02-22 [ASU]

Australia needs a pay rise 2018-02-21 [ACTU]

Despite bumper profit BHP slashing wages, crying for tax cut 2018-02-21 [ACTU]

Revamped TPP bad for working Australians, good for corporations 2018-02-21 [ACTU]

Collie workers’ six-month strike ends in victory 2018-02-21 [IndustriALL]

Australian tax office staff urged to report colleagues who take long lunches, read newspaper at work 2018-02-21 [ST]

BHP, Thiess wanted to pick a fight with the unions to drive down wages 2018-02-20 [The Age]

ACTU-Labor Accord that helped shape Australia is gone, but not forgotten 2018-02-20 [ABC Online]

The Eureka flag ban proves the system is broken 2018-02-20 [The New Daily]

Exposed: Exxon escapes tax again For more info  ActNOW!  2018-02-20 [ACTU]

Time to vote YES at Virgin Australia 2018-02-20 [ASU]

ASU not satisfied with proposed Bupa Agreement 2018-02-19 [ASU]

ABCC bosses get bumper pay hikes despite government 'wage restraint' Read more: Follow us: @ 2018-02-19 [AFR]

Unions play their cards wrong in hopes for higher pay 2018-02-19 [The Age]

South Australia SA Premier to introduce toughest penalties for wage theft in the country 2018-02-18 [The Advertiser]

Supermarket cleaners exploited in subcontracting rort 2018-02-18 [The Australian]

The NSW chalkie who rose to rule the industrial world 2018-02-17 [SMH]

New South Wales BlueScope workers owed ‘millions’ in super back-pay: Australian Workers Union 2018-02-16 [Illawarra Mercury]

South Australia Court judgement proves need for new wage theft offence in SA 2018-02-16 [SA Unions]

Super bill hands more power to banks 2018-02-15 [ACTU]

Victoria Australian aviation workers told full time jobs will be cut, but casuals retained For more info 2018-02-15 [TWU]

Jetstar EBA 6 offer for members to consider 2018-02-15 [ASU]

CFMEU bailout efforts halted 2018-02-15 [The Australian]

Union officials exposed to personal fines 2018-02-15 [Yahoo 7]

CFMEU official may have to pay fine out of his own pocket 2018-02-15 [The Age]

2018 Balibo Five-Roger East Fellowship Recipients Announced 2018-02-15 [Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA]

Super gender gap persists 2018-02-15 [ACTU]

There's no case for a corporate tax cut when one in five of Australia's top companies don't pay it  ActNOW!  2018-02-15 [ABCnews]

Qantas mega-profits trickle up... not down 2018-02-15 [ASU]

Ejected Qantas delegate accuses TWU officials of ‘retaliation’ 2018-02-14 [The Australian]

Unions can’t pay officials’ fines 2018-02-14 [The Australian]

Western Australia Griffin Coal maintenance workers accept new agreement 2018-02-12 [Collie Mail]

Western Australia Long-running WA coal industry dispute ends 2018-02-12 [SBS]

Western Australia Griffin Coal miners cop mammoth pay cut, await return-to-work date to end six-month strike 2018-02-12 [The West Australian]

AMWU plans for 'round two' of protests 2018-02-12 [The Observer]

Australian Capital Territory Canberra embassies exploiting domestic workers 2018-02-12 [The Age]

 VIDEO Western Australia Union blasts Fair Work umpire as Griffin Coal miners accept huge pay cuts to end six-month strike 2018-02-12 [Now]

More Domestic workers inside Canberra embassies kept in conditions likened to 'slavery' 2018-02-12 [ABC Four Corners]

Turnbull Government realizes free labour force not technically ‘employed’ 2018-02-12 [ACTU]

New South Wales Thousands of NSW school cleaners have a win in fight for job security 2018-02-11 [SMH]

Gas Prices Predicted to Soar by 2019 2018-02-10 [MENA]

Tell the Banking Royal Commission your story – counteract gag orders by Banks on staff and clients  ActNOW!  2018-02-09 [ASU]

Victoria Bendigo union members gather in a show of solidarity against Eureka flag, union insignia ban 2018-02-09 [The Advertiser]

Turnbull attacks own workforce with regressive bargaining policy 2018-02-09 [ACTU]

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