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Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Striking Dominion workers hold Thanksgiving food drive 2020-10-07 [Unifor]

Canada Ontario Labour Council hopes to chalk up support at Dunlop's office 2020-10-07 [Orillia Matters]

Canada Labour group calls on Fedeli to work on 'a disaster proof social economy' 2020-10-07 [Bay Today]

Canada Ontario Inside and outside a home care union drive 2020-10-06 [Rank and File]

Canada Ontario Itinerant school teachers creating unnecessary COVID-19 risks, experts warn 2020-10-06 [CBC]

Canada British Columbia Whistler union organizer banking on years of advocacy to carry him into office 2020-10-06 [Pique]

Canada The system for protecting Canadian health care workers is broken, report says 2020-10-06 [360]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Webinar – The Dangers of Public-Private Partnerships: Another Muskrat Falls in the Making? 2020-10-06 [CUPE]

Canada British Columbia CUPE 3495, QMUNITY sign off on new collective agreement 2020-10-06 [CUPE]

Canada Ontario Teachers say they’re ‘June tired,’ but it’s only October. Such is the toll of COVID-19 2020-10-05 []

Canada For many workers, reduced hours or pay cuts beat pandemic layoffs. Just ask a WestJet pilot 2020-10-05 [CBC]

Canada Quebec Workers at Davie shipyard exposed to lead during Coast Guard icebreaker refurbishing 2020-10-05 [CBC]

Canada SARS was 'dress rehearsal for COVID-19' but Canada failed health-care workers: report 2020-10-05 [This Week]

Canada Inaugural Leo Gerard Scholarship Awarded at Laurentian University 2020-10-04 [USW]

Canada Alberta UNA proposes reopening collective bargaining on October 16 2020-10-04 [UNA]

Canada Ontario UFCW 175 & 633 resolve human rights grievance against Loblaws 2020-10-04 [UFCW Canada]

Canada Add Your Voice to the Call for Universal Childcare 2020-10-04 [UFCW Canada]

Canada World Day for Decent Work – October 7 2020-10-04 [UFCW Canada]

Canada Saskatchewan This election, Sask. People have the chance to elect a government that will put workers first 2020-10-04 [SFL]

Canada Saskatchewan Lowest minimum wage in Canada increases to lowest minimum wage in Canada 2020-10-04 [SFL]

Canada Quebec The labour shortage: a smokescreen of accountability 2020-10-04 [FIQ]

Canada Unions push for implementation of National Action Plan on Violence Against Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People 2020-10-04 [CLC]

Canada The CFNU mourns the death of Joyce Echaquan, calls for action 2020-10-04 [CFNU]

Canada Investigation into Canada’s management of COVID-19 and health worker safety to be released 2020-10-04 [CFNU]

Canada Delivering Community Power: A New Chapter to Win Expanded Services 2020-10-04 [CUPW]

Canada “Get Canada Working Again with Child Care” Campaign 2020-10-04 [CUPW]

Canada Alberta Instead of helping Albertans, the UCP will be fighting old ideological battles at upcoming AGM 2020-10-04 [AFL]

Canada Support needed for second stage shelters in Canada says study by Women's Shelters Canada 2020-10-03 [NUPGE]

Canada Why does Canada's agricultural industry erase migrant farmworkers from advertising campaigns? 2020-10-03 [rabble]

Canada Ontario Workers at Community Living Ontario join CUPE 2020-10-03 [CUPE]

Canada New Brunswick COVID-19 on St. Stephen's 'doorstep' after Maine mill worker tests positive, says mayor Social Sharing 2020-10-02 [CBC]

Canada Women's History Month: Celebrating heroes ― then and now 2020-10-02 [NUPGE]

Canada Saskatchewan Employee case of COVID-19, staff shortages in maximum security at Sask. Penitentiary 2020-10-02 [CBC]

Canada Airline unions call on Ottawa for $7 billion in loans for ailing industry 2020-10-02 [Now]

Canada Union leaders call on government for financial support of aviation sector 2020-10-02 [Canada Newswire]

Canada Unions and NACC: Trudeau Must Provide Immediate Help for Canadian Aviation 2020-10-02 [Travel Pulse]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Unifor Looking to Resume Negotiations with Loblaw 2020-10-02 [VOCM]

Canada British Columbia CUPE 1004 members at Portland Hotel Society to join BC community health sector 2020-10-02 [CUPE]

Canada Ontario CUPE Ontario and OCHU say wage increase for personal support workers is just the first step 2020-10-02 [CUPE]

Canada Ontario Torstar reverses job cuts following consultation with Unifor 2020-10-01 [Unifor]

Canada British Columbia COVID-19 pandemic leading to higher rates of severe depression, exhaustion in B.C. nurses, study suggests 2020-10-01 [CTV]

Canada Alberta HSAA President calls on Minister of Health to abandon plans to privatize health care 2020-10-01 [NUPGE]

Canada Ontario UFCW locals donate new van to Thunder Bay's Shelter House 2020-10-01 [CBC]

Canada New Brunswick Unifor calls closure of Clinic 554 Higgs' failure to protect New Brunswickers 2020-10-01 [Unifor]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Metrobus, transit union reach tentative deal, averting strike for now 2020-10-01 [CBC]

Canada Ontario National Post newsroom employees apply to unionize with Unifor 2020-10-01 [Matters]

Canada Manitoba Surge in health-care worker COVID-19 cases causing burnout, nurses union says 2020-10-01 [CBC]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Metrobus Workers Reach Tentative Agreement 2020-10-01 [VOCM]

Canada British Columbia A BC NDP government to continue to “level up” wages in a new post-pandemic standard for seniors’ care workers 2020-10-01 [HEU]

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