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Today's news - Quebec

Labour minister proposes settlement in 15-month ABI lockout 2019-04-19 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

School bus strike in Quebec’s eastern townships set for April 24 2019-04-16 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Turbulence hits union contract negotiations with Bombardier and Airbus 2019-04-13 [The National Post]

Montreal businesses exploit young workers 2019-04-11 [ricochet]

Department took weeks to tell public servants about potentially harmful bacteria 2019-04-10 [CBC]

Nurses strike against 'being taken hostage' for overtime shifts 2019-04-09 [CBC]

Religious symbols: Which groups are for or against Quebec's Bill 21? 2019-04-09 [The Gazette]

Complaining of burnout, Quebec nurses stage overtime strike 2019-04-08 [CBC]

School bus strike in Eastern Townships, affecting 16,000 students, begins Wednesday 2019-04-07 [CBC]

CUPE recommends that municipal maintenance contracts be brought back in-house 2019-04-06 [CUPE]

Steelworkers Take ABI Lockout Battle to Global Stage 2019-04-05 [USW]

ABI rejects negotiated settlement to lockout 2019-04-04 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

ABI Upends Conciliation, Rejects Negotiated Settlement to Lockout 2019-04-04 [USW]

Nurses to strike against mandatory overtime Monday 2019-04-03 [CBC]

Montagnais Hotel workers in Quebec City sign new agreement 2019-03-30 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Teachers, religious groups denounce government's secularism bill 2019-03-29 [CTV]

Religious symbols ban: Legault confirms use of notwithstanding clause 2019-03-27 [The Gazette]

Attempt to gather info on what teachers wear violated charter rights, union says 2019-03-27 [Radio-Canada]

Provincial budget: investment in home care, fears about the private sector's role 2019-03-25 [CUPE]

Steelworkers Submit Counter-Proposal in 14-Month ABI Lockout 2019-03-22 [USW]

Unifor initiative brings together key players in Quebec’s aerospace industry 2019-03-21 [Unifor]

Daycare groups to file 40,000-strong petition opposing CAQ's pre-K plan 2019-03-21 [CBC]

Steelworkers, Bedrock Reach Agreement on Pointe-Noire Pellet Plant 2019-03-20 [USW]

Service members at Indigo Park secure better wages, benefits 2019-03-18 [UFCW Canada]

Municipal workers in Matapédia QC rise up against two new drilling projects 2019-03-16 [CUPE]

800 employees moved from Terrasses de la Chaudière over air quality concerns 2019-03-15 [CBC]

Health care super-agency board a clear sign privatization is on the horizon 2019-03-13 [NUPGE]

14-month lockout at Quebec smelter to continue as union rejects offer 2019-03-13 [CBC]

Montreal FedEx Freight drivers join Teamsters 2019-03-13 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Locked-Out ABI Workers Reject Unilateral Offer, Demand Negotiated Settlement 2019-03-12 [USW]

After 3-year stalemate, STM maintenance workers approve collective agreement 2019-03-11 [CBC]

FedEx Freight Drivers Join Teamsters 2019-03-11 [Teamsters]

MtlLink: Another strike on the horizon in the maritime transport sector? 2019-03-09 [CUPE]

Strike on the horizon at the Université de Montréal 2019-03-09 [CUPE]

Striking part-time workers stall traffic outside Lakeshore Atlas Tube 2019-03-07 [CBC]

Locked-Out ABI Workers to Vote Monday on Company Offer 2019-03-07 [USW]

Locked-out ABI workers to vote Monday on company offer 2019-03-07 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

ABI unionized workers to vote Monday on company offer to end lockout 2019-03-06 [Canada.com]

21 part-time workers at Town of Lakeshore on strike 2019-03-06 [CBC]

With accidents on rise, private snow-removal operators in Quebec pledge to ramp up training 2019-03-05 [CBC]

Locked-Out Workers Ask Quebec Premier: What Are You Doing, Mr. Legault? 2019-03-05 [USW]

ABI submits proposal to end 14-month lockout at aluminum smelter 2019-03-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Employees at third Quebec SQDC outlet join UFCW 2019-03-02 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Premier contrat de travail avec les TUAC pour les salarié(e)s de Riobel 2019-02-27 [TUAC]

Meeting of Quebec Aerospace Industry Key players with Minister Fitzgibbon – One more step in the right direction 2019-02-26 [IAMAW]

CUPW Supports Montreal Bike Couriers 2019-02-26 [CUPW]

Meeting of Quebec Aerospace Industry Key players with Minister Fitzgibbon – One more step in the right direction 2019-02-25 [IAM]

Opposition grows to CAQ cancellation of skilled worker applications 2019-02-25 [CBC]

How ‘essential’ is dock work? Answer could determine if Montreal longshoremen can strike 2019-02-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Food retail members at Metro Plus achieve higher wages 2019-02-03 [UFCW Canada]

This month in labour history

6-04-1980 The Canadian Farmworkers Union holds its Founding Convention at Douglas College and delegates elect FWOC President Raj Chouhan as CFU president. The CFU is Canada's first agricultural workers union. [more]

8-04-1937 In Oshawa, Ontario, 4,000 workers go on strike at the General Motors plant for recognition of the United Auto Workers. They win major concessions, and the strike is often considered the birth of industrial unionism in Canada. [more]

11-04-1972 More than 200,000 public sector workers, organized in the Québec Common Front, begin a ten-day strike. Three leaders are jailed, but the Common Front ultimately succeeds in winning a $100 minimum weekly wage for public employees. [more]

15-04-1903 British Columbia union organizer Frank Rogers, a longshoreman, dies after he is shot while supporting clerical workers on strike against the Canadian Pacific Railway in Vancouver. [more]

18-04-1872 The first issue of the Ontario Workman appears, with the slogan “The equalization of all elements of society in the social scale should be the true aim of civilization.” It also publishes an excerpt on "the normal working day" from Karl Marx's Capital. [more]

18-04-1872 Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald announces a Trade Union Act stating that unions are legal. This is two days after leaders of the Toronto printers, with strong public support in their strike for a nine-hour day, are arrested for common conspiracy. [more]

19-04-1974 In a targeted campaign for pay equity, postal workers begin a seven-day illegal strike that wins women postal code machine operators the same pay as male postal clerks. [more]

23-04-1956 More than 1600 delegates attend the founding convention of the Canadian Labour Congress, a merger of the Trades and Labour Congress and the Canadian Congress of Labour. They call for a national health plan, full employment and a guaranteed annual wage. [more]

26-04-1918 After years of agitation by reformers and unions, the New Brunswick Workmen’s Compensation Act receives Royal Assent. [more]

27-04-1983 As part of its anti-labour agenda, the Alberta government brings in legislation denying firefighters and healthcare workers the right to strike. [more]

28-04-1984 The Canadian Labour Congress establishes the first National Day of Mourning for workers killed or injured on the job. The idea of a Workers' Memorial Day is adopted by more than 100 countries around the world. [more]

29-04-1903 After the militia are called out to patrol the docks, thousands of people rally to support striking longshoremen in Montréal. They win wage increases and recognition of the International Longshoremen’s Association. [more]

29-04-1903 A sudden rock slide at Turtle Mountain kills more than 76 men, women and children in and around the town of Frank in the Crowsnest Pass. From inside the mine, 17 coal miners dig their way to safety. [more]