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Uber godtar fagforening [abc nyheter/NTB] 2021-05-26

Uber ansetter over 70.000 sjåfører [Klassekampen] 2021-03-18

Høyesterett: Uber-sjåfører er ansatte og ikke selvstendige [Fri fagbevegelse] 2021-02-19

Storbank beskyldt for å spionere på de ansatte [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-02-21


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Wales Asbestos management in schools 2022-01-22 [Welsh government ]

Hydrogen plant 'massive set forward for green future' 2022-01-22 [GMB]

Anonymous Sexual Harassment Reporting 2022-01-22 [PCS]

Universities will see strike action next month unless employers meet pension and pay demands 2022-01-22 [UCU]

Supporters demand action as Scunthorpe scaffolders prepare to strike 2022-01-22 [Unite the union]

Soaring inflation sparks pay rise calls from unions 2022-01-22 [Evening Standard]

Usdaw members in Argos overwhelmingly vote for a pay deal of at least £10 per hour 2022-01-21 [USDAW]

PCS demands departments consult health and safety reps over workplace return 2022-01-21 [PCS]

Unite welcomes British Volt factory but says UK auto sector needs more gigafactories 2022-01-21 [Unite the union]

Victory for staff as deal reached at West London College over pay and workloads 2022-01-21 [UCU]

Unions criticise scrapping of Plan B Covid measures 2022-01-21 [Zero Covid]

Wiltshire bin strike looms as GMB launches ballot 2022-01-20 [GMB]

First Manchester bus drivers announce fresh strikes in pay dispute 2022-01-20 [Unite the union]

Employers must not let their guard down, says UNISON 2022-01-20 [UNISON]

Prospect member gets significant settlement on brink of tribunal 2022-01-20 [bectu]

Johnson's plans to end compulsory face coverings ‘premature,’ unions say 2022-01-20 [Morning Star]

Government pauses plans to change UK copyright exhaustion framework 2022-01-20 [Society of Authors]

BBC TV, radio and sketch writers win 2% pay increase 2022-01-19 [WGGB]

Taxing wealth of UK’s richest ‘could cover rising health and social care costs twice over’ 2022-01-19 [Independent]

Essex boss made menopause comments before sacking worker 2022-01-18 [BBC]

Government plans to make members pay for pensions shambles 2022-01-18 [PCS]

More universities could face strike action following UCU reballot results 2022-01-18 [UCU]

NEC vows to continue campaigning on pay 2022-01-18 [UNISON]

Manchester bus driver dismissed for being ‘too short’ given job back after appeal 2022-01-18 [Guardian]

Tracey Scholes is back in the driving seat 2022-01-18 [Unite the union]

Telling our stories 2022-01-18 [WGGB]

Rail cleaner Covid heroes ballot begins HomeNewsArticle 2022-01-18 [RMT]

England Delivery drivers stage protest outside McDonald’s in Sheffield in row over pay 2022-01-18 [The Star]

England Economists at Britain’s oldest independent research institute to stage two-week strike 2022-01-18 [The Morning Star]

England Threat to flights as HGV drivers at top Heathrow airline catering company are balloted for strike action on pay and employment conditions 2022-01-18 [Unite]

England Luton airport workers secure pay increase to end pay dispute 2022-01-18 [Unite]

England Two-month strike called as Coventry bin pay dispute escalates 2022-01-18 [BBC]

Future of the BBC – WGGB response 2022-01-17 [WGGB]

Economic forecasters to strike in a row over inflation 2022-01-17 [Unite the union]

TUC: Cutting self-isolation period won’t fix UK’s fundamental sick pay problem 2022-01-17 [TUC]

Wealth of world's 10 richest men doubled in pandemic, Oxfam says 2022-01-17 [BBC]

TUC says more than 250,000 workers self-isolating ‘without decent sick pay’ 2022-01-17 [Guardian]

TSSA demands government 'comes clean' on future for rail 2022-01-17 [TSSA]

NHS staff-shortage crisis needs more than a quick Omicron fix, says Unison 2022-01-17 [UNISON]

England Win! Nottingham bus drivers celebrate “excellent” pay rise 2022-01-16 [Union News]

England Outsourced Croydon Hospital workers protest over Covid sick pay 2022-01-16 [Union News]

British Council staff to be balloted for strike action 2022-01-15 [PCS]

Improved Covid Grant for Welsh Taxi Drivers Welcomed by Unite 2022-01-15 [Unite the union]

Introducing the year of disabled workers 2022-01-15 [UNISON]

PCS warn Home Secretary of application for court injunction to stop pushbacks 2022-01-14 [PCS]

GMB responds to gas grid being ready for 20 per cent hydrogen from next year 2022-01-14 [GMB]

Nottingham bus drivers celebrate ‘excellent’ pay win 2022-01-14 [Unite the union]

London - Next phase of Night ‎Tube strike action goes ahead 2022-01-14 [RMT]

Unite calls on peers to put NHS patients and staff before private sector in bid to halt assault on NHS in England 2022-01-14 [Unite the union]

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