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T-banen i London blir rammet av storstreik


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T-banen i London blir rammet av storstreik [NRK/NTB] 2023-09-20

Nesten 4 millioner dagsverk gikk tapt til streik [E24] 2023-08-14

Varsler streik på Gatwick [Dagbladet] 2023-08-11

Hva skjedde etter Brexit? [Fri fagbevegelse] 2023-07-28

Leger varsler ny streik i august [Fri fagbevegelse/NTB] 2023-07-27

Tusenvis av pasienter rammes av legestreiken [Fri fagbevegelse] 2023-07-20

Sunak vil bla opp milliarder for å stanse offentlige streiker [Fri fagbevegelse/NTB] 2023-07-18

Sunak vil få slutt på streiker ved å gi lærere lønnsøkning [Utdanningsnytt] 2023-07-14

Historisk stor legestreik [Fri fagbevegelse] 2023-07-13

T-banestreik i London [abc nyheter/NTB] 2023-07-06


Arkiverte nyheter

Russell Brand allegations – a statement 2023-09-21 [WGGB]

Alison Spencer-Scragg, Unite the Union National Women’s Officer: Equal Pay Now 2023-09-21 [IUF]

Post Office Horizon compensation – £600k offer ‘not enough’ 2023-09-21 [CWU]

Unite - Plan to delay ban on petrol car sales is ‘kicking the can down the road’ 2023-09-21 [Unite the union]

No winners from government rowing back on net-zero policies 2023-09-21 [UNISON]

Supermarkets are a key target for retail crime – Usdaw calls for action to protect shopworkers 2023-09-21 [USDAW]

Britain’s industrial heartlands being put 'at serious risk' by government’s 'incoherent' and 'reckless' climate politicking 2023-09-21 [TUC]

One of Tories’ biggest ever donors profited from £135m of NHS contracts 2023-09-21 [Guardian]

T-banen i London blir rammet av storstreik 2023-09-20 [NRK/NTB]

UK absent from key international statement on climate action 2023-09-20 [The Guardian]

Britain entering a ‘bleak new era’ of protest crackdowns, says Amnesty 2023-09-19 [Morning Star]

Violence against workers increased during the pandemic in the U.K. – our research shows how it affected them 2023-09-19 [OHS Canada]

What unions must do to beat risk of being under-armed and outgunned 2023-09-19 [The National]

Support the strikes in Northern Ireland 2023-09-18 [PCS]

Scotland Staff at five Scottish universities to strike this week 2023-09-18 [UCU]

Scotland Humza Yousaf urged to intervene on school pay row as workers set to walk out 2023-09-18 [The Record]

Unite launches 'red wall' campaign in push for radical Labour policies 2023-09-18 [The Guardian]

England Solihull strike suspended as refuse workers deliver pay win. 2023-09-18 [GMB]

'Forever chemical' exposure linked to higher cancer odds in women 2023-09-18 [The Guardian]

'Tories have no clue on HS2 - but rail unions have played a blinder with strike dates' 2023-09-17 [Mirror]

Scotland Union leader warms of same mistakes in school dispute 2023-09-17 [BBC]

Wales Tata jobs fears remain despite funding for Port Talbot steelworks 2023-09-17 [BBC]

Social housing giant slammed for ‘strike breaking’ 2023-09-17 [GMB]

Bectu responds to reports of pay cuts at VFX studio DNEG 2023-09-17 [Bectu]

‘The opposite of a just transition’ 2023-09-15 [Morning Star]

Northern Ireland Trade unions call for 'crippling' Stormont debt to be written off 2023-09-15 [Belfast News Letter]

Northern Ireland More than 4,000 Unite members working in the NHS to strike for fair pay and safe staffing 2023-09-15 [Unite]

Northern Ireland Further education lecturers on strike from Monday 2023-09-15 [BBC]

Offshore dispute at Wood Group ends after pay deal 2023-09-15 [Unite the union]

Rail Gourmet workers take strike action on TPE 2023-09-15 [RMT]

Climate change is real, destructive and is an absolute emergency 2023-09-15 [Unison]

London - Council workers across Haringey, Southwark and Newham prepare for strike action 2023-09-14 [Unite the union]

CWU wins unanimous support for ‘Co-ordinating our Movement’ motion 2023-09-14 [CWU]

TSSA responds to Conservative backlash against ticket office closures 2023-09-14 [TSSA]

TUC urged to fight rising authoritarianism amid global attack on worker rights, ITUC leader says 2023-09-14 [Morning Star]

International Equal Pay Day: Trade unions in action 2023-09-14 [ITUC]

Millions of women in UK face severe period pain but symptoms dismissed, survey finds 2023-09-14 [The Guardian]

TUC urged to fight rising authoritarianism amid global attack on worker rights, ITUC leader says 2023-09-13 [Morning Star]

Harman calls on men in trade unions to be ‘active male allies’ in tackling sexual harassment 2023-09-13 [Morning Star]

New TUC President Matt Wrack issues call for a “determined, mobilised trade union movement” 2023-09-13 [FBU]

Mick Lynch calls consultation on railway ticket office closures a ‘sham’ 2023-09-13 [Guardian]

UK firefighters face £15,000 postcode lottery on maternity pay, says union 2023-09-13 [The Guardian]

TUC - Ministers are ‘watching from the sidelines’ as UK economy shrinks 2023-09-13 [TUC]

War 'never in interests of working people' 2023-09-13 [Unite]

UNISON takes COVID-19 inquiry call to TUC Congress 2023-09-13 [UNISON]

Unite calls for urgent RAAC risk-register in NHS 2023-09-13 [Unite]

Opposition to Ticket Office closures passed unanimously at TUC Congress 2023-09-13 [RMT]

Unions fear schools face 'double whammy' threat from dodgy RAAC concrete and asbestos 2023-09-13 [Mirror]

Asbestos campaign group protest at Rugby World Cup 2023-09-12 [Ckydebank Post]

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