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Planlagt t-bane-streik i London avlyst


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Planlagt t-bane-streik i London avlyst [NRK] 2024-01-07

T-banen i London rammes av storstreik [VG] 2024-01-05

T-banen i London blir rammet av storstreik [NRK/NTB] 2023-09-20

Nesten 4 millioner dagsverk gikk tapt til streik [E24] 2023-08-14

Varsler streik på Gatwick [Dagbladet] 2023-08-11

Hva skjedde etter Brexit? [Fri fagbevegelse] 2023-07-28

Leger varsler ny streik i august [Fri fagbevegelse/NTB] 2023-07-27

Tusenvis av pasienter rammes av legestreiken [Fri fagbevegelse] 2023-07-20

Sunak vil bla opp milliarder for å stanse offentlige streiker [Fri fagbevegelse/NTB] 2023-07-18

Sunak vil få slutt på streiker ved å gi lærere lønnsøkning [Utdanningsnytt] 2023-07-14


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Supreme Court rules in favour of care worker victimised for taking strike action 2024-04-17 [Morning Star]

Scotland STUC back worker-led just transition 2024-04-16 [Morning Star]

Unite reaction to latest ONS earnings figures 2024-04-16 [Unite the union]

Dounreay nuclear workers vote to strike 2024-04-16 [GMB]

Glasgow 13th Note workers win tribunal over shock redundancies 2024-04-16 [Unite the union]


Scotland Union cancels STV 24-hour strike amid talks on pay dispute 2024-04-16 [The Herald]

Scotland Union claims striking staff cannot 'speak freely' 2024-04-16 [BBC]

Conservatives failures are costing families with jobs and living standards, says TUC 2024-04-16 [TUC]

Scotland Scottish Trades Union Congress fails to back no-cuts motion 2024-04-15 [Morning Star]

Scottish Trade Union Congress unanimously backs calls to defend postal services and workers 2024-04-15 [Morning Star]

Scotland Workers Winning Together - Over £4.4 Billion Won by Unions 2024-04-15 [STUC]

Unite announces Dounreay power station strike action 2024-04-15 [Unite the union]

NUJ agrees to postpone tomorrow's STV strike following pay negotiations 2024-04-15 [NUJ]

SoA welcomes cross-party parliamentary report on creator remuneration 2024-04-15 [Society of Authors]

Scotland Scottish workers bag £4.4bn in two years, STUC announces at annual congress 2024-04-15 [Morning Star]

Migrant cleaners’ strike threat as they demand same rights as white government colleagues 2024-04-14 [Independent]

‘We’ve been taken for granted for too long’: equal pay strikes by women spread across Scotland 2024-04-14 [The Observer]

GDP Figures: Unite reaction 2024-04-13 [Unite the union]

Examining British police pay and the ‘P-Factor’ 2024-04-13 [polfed]

Unite secures 7 per cent pay win for Clydeport engineers 2024-04-13 [Unite the union]

JW Suckling tanker strikes off after Unite secures ‘excellent’ deal 2024-04-13 [Unite the union]

Journalists at STV on strike again in dispute over pay 2024-04-13 [NUJ]

Unite offshore workers to resume strikes amid ‘escalating’ rota row 2024-04-13 [Morning Star]

‘Workers' rights are on the ballot paper,’ Nowak says as he calls for a Labour government at Midlands TUC 2024-04-13 [Morning Star]

Scotland Scottish Parliament urged to back Labour MSP's safety at work Bill 2024-04-13 [Morning Star]

England Sexism 'worse than ever' at GMB as staff in North East threaten to strike 2024-04-13 [Yahoo]

England Rodri says he needs a rest, as extreme match schedule becomes increasingly demanding for players 2024-04-13 [FIFPRO]

SoA survey reveals a third of translators and quarter of illustrators losing work to AI 2024-04-12 [Society of Authors]

Wales Tata protests: Steelworkers vote to strike over job losses 2024-04-12 [Business Standard ]

Wales Tata Steel workers vote for industrial action 2024-04-12 [BBC]

Wales Steelworkers at the UK's largest production plant vote to strike over job losses 2024-04-12 [ABC News]

England Union Accuses Staffing Firm Of Supplying Agency Workers During Strike 2024-04-12 [Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA)]

Port Talbot steelworkers announce historic strike over Tata plans to cut 2,800 jobs 2024-04-12 [Morning Star]

Unpredictable income means gig economy workers can't take holidays or care for dependants, survey finds 2024-04-12 [Morning Star]

Labour council accused of illegal strike-breaking with agency staff 2024-04-11 [Morning Star]

Trade unions hit by spate of cyber attacks 2024-04-11 [Financial Times]

Scotland Dundee women must get compensation they deserve in equal pay fight, trade union chief says 2024-04-10 [The Courier]

Unite lands a 20% pay increase for easyJet cabin crew 2024-04-10 [Unite]

Wales NHS doctors' strike called off in Wales for government talks 2024-04-10 [Skt News]

Thousands of shopworkers have been assaulted, abused and threatened while the Government dithered and delayed says Usdaw 2024-04-10 [USDAW]

 VIDEO  International Workers’ Memorial Day - 28 April. Remember the dead, fight for the living 2024-04-10 [UNISON]

DWP mental health crisis – Secretary of State and Permanent Secretary refuse to engage with PCS 2024-04-09 [PCS]

NUJ alarmed at increase in incidents with the police and photographers 2024-04-09 [NUJ]

Scotland Politicians invited to 'rat summit' in Glasgow by union 2024-04-09 [The Times]

England Christina McAnea leads applause for successful UNISON strikers 2024-04-09 [UNISON]

Council's email to pay-dispute staff ruled unlawful 2024-04-09 [BBC]

Aslef leader Mick Whelan condemns rail companies over lack of negotiation 2024-04-08 [Morning Star]

Parcleforce drivers to sue Royal Mail over denial of workers' rights 2024-04-08 [Morning Star]

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