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Scotland Skotsk fagbevegelse jobber tett med klimaforkjempere [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-04-13


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BT staff vote for first national strike in 35 years 2022-06-30 [The Guardian]

The next Mick Lynch? As strike action escalates, these are the union leaders you may come to know 2022-06-30 [Big Issue]

Put effort into resolving dispute, not strike breaking, urges TSSA 2022-06-30 [TSSA]

ASLEF members on London Tramlink hold the line 2022-06-29 [ASLEF]

'Backfiring' UK response to strikes must change, union chief urges 2022-06-29 [Saltwire]

Biggest strike of summer on cards as 115,000 posties begin voting on strike 2022-06-29 [CWU]

The fifth element: Campaigners celebrate a new fundamental workplace right - safe and healthy work 2022-06-28 [Hazards ]

TUC issues workers’ rights warning over post-Brexit trade deals 2022-06-28 [The Guardian]

About 1,500 Post Office workers at Crown branches to strike on 11 July 2022-06-28 [The Guardian]

Ballot papers sent out as Royal Mail workers on brink of strike action 2022-06-27 [London Economic]

Millionar er ramma av jernbanestreik. Likevel er streikegeneralen blitt superstjerne 2022-06-27 [Fri fagbevegelse]

RMT on Grant Shapps claims 2022-06-27 [RMT]

Barristers walk out of courts in strike over legal aid funding 2022-06-27 [BBC]

Public say ‘enough’s enough’ as bosses given even bigger payouts 2022-06-27 [Morning Star]

Tories' 'level up' talk a sham without spending billions more 2022-06-27 [Morning Star]

Tories ‘misled public’ over role in train strike talks 2022-06-27 [Morning Star]

Wales Cardiff Shows Solidarity as RMT Strike Enters the Third Day 2022-06-26 [Voice Wales]

England Rail strikes: Blackpool concern over revenue loss 2022-06-26 [BBC]

Government ‘Misleading’ Over Role in Rail Strikes, Legal Advice Suggests 2022-06-26 [Bloomberg]

‘I don’t want to be an icon’: Mick Lynch on winning the rail strike PR battle 2022-06-26 [The Guardian]

Trade unions: 6 charts showing how membership has changed over the years 2022-06-26 [The National-World]

Enemy within? Hardly... most people see why we need unions prepared to strike 2022-06-26 [The Guardian]

Trade unions across the world tell Grant Shapps: “UK’s reputation is at risk” 2022-06-25 [ITF]

London Underground workers vote to continue strike action 2022-06-24 [Guardian]

BT denies union claims that staff have set up food bank for colleagues 2022-06-24 [Yahoo]

England British Airways Heathrow staff back summer strikes over pay 2022-06-24 [BBC]

Mick Lynch: rail union bruiser who’s more than a match for the media 2022-06-24 [The Guardian]

How RMT boss Mick Lynch became the star of the rail strikes — and all his top moments 2022-06-24 [Evening Standard]

Scotland Royal Mail workers in Inverness and Oban back strike action as union consults 2022-06-24 [Press and Journal]

Government pushes ahead with ‘scab bill’ despite warnings it will endanger the public 2022-06-24 [Morning Star]

Enquiries into trade union membership soar following RMT strike 2022-06-24 [Morning Star]

Union boss Mick Lynch is a media star and Labour has much to learn about why 2022-06-24 [The Guardian]

Arbeidarar på Heathrow i London vil streike i sommar 2022-06-23 [Møre/NTB/NPK]

Heathrow faces summer strikes as unions demand pandemic pay cut is reinstated 2022-06-23 [Guardian]

Strikes cripple Britain's railways, unions warn of more to come 2022-06-23 [Saltwire]

Commuters would be 'mad' to travel by train if employees were replaced by agency staff 2022-06-23 [BBC]

New job: Trainee Economist: PhD work/study post 2022-06-23 [Unite the Union]

Government admits failing to provide oversight of an ‘inadequate’ and ‘poorly operated’ regulatory system pre-Grenfell 2022-06-22 [Inside Housing]

England RMT general secretary Mick Lynch quizzed on whether he's a Marxist amid biggest rail strike 2022-06-22 [Youtube]

Bristol slavery victims recount 'horrendous' abuse 2022-06-22 [BBC]

Brexit will cost UK workers 470 pounds a year, study predicts 2022-06-22 [Reuters]

Airport slot ‘amnesty’ announced as easyJet cuts flights and strikes threatened 2022-06-22 [The Guardian]

Largest teaching union threatens to ballot members in England on strike action 2022-06-22 [Guardian]

Leaders should take a stand against profiteering, not attack hard-pressed workers 2022-06-22 [Unite the union]

Rail chief earns 20 TIMES wage of train guard as more than half of Brits back strikes 2022-06-22 [Mirror]

PCS members pledge to fight for decent pay as inflation hits 40-year high 2022-06-22 [PCS]

Government slammed for planning to reduce control on bosses' pay while calling for restraint in public sector 2022-06-22 [Morning Star]

INFLATION: Government should not be fighting working people taking action to defend their wages, says TUC 2022-06-22 [TUC]

Chesterfield bin strike called off after workers accept deal 2022-06-21 [GMB]

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