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Above: Kwon Young-Kil, President of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), raises both fists in the air as the crowd cheers at the annual workers' rally in Seoul, 8 November 1997. Photo credit: Eric Lee.

Though not expected to win the election, the decision of the KCTU to run an independent labour political campaign is of enormous significance. KCTU launched the effort in coalition with a number of other independent popular organizations, including the National Alliance for Democracy and Reunification of Korea and Political Solidarity.

Kwon's campaign focusses on such issues as:

  • Democratization of the Korean economy in the face of monopoly capitalism.
  • Ending repression and strengthening of political democracy.
  • Disarmament between North and South Korea, and a "peoples' alternative plan for reunification".
  • Popular alternatives on ecological, gender and other issues.


People's Victory 21 has a twice-weekly newsletter in English. Here are the recent issues:


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